The Myopic Spy

By Specs4ever

There were six of us around the table in the meeting room inside a well-known building in Washington D.C. Five of us were men, all under the age of forty, and the sixth was a very attractive blonde, wearing glasses with very strong looking minus lenses. We were all operatives for a little known government bureau. Our budget was derived from one of the other well-known intelligence groups that for security’s sake must remain anonymous.

“I think that is pretty risky Harry. I know that if we allow Helen to infiltrate the group wearing strong minus glasses, she will likely be able to get close to the ringleader. Everything we know about him has indicated that he has a preference for girls who wear strong lensed minus glasses. But, I still think we should get ourselves a real girl who wears glasses.” I said to my colleague.

“We have no choice but to try this Sid. We don’t have enough time to find and recruit a girl wearing strong glasses. And even if we were able to locate a girl who wears strong minus lensed glasses, we couldn’t recruit her anyway, because the Bureau’s eyesight requirements are a minimum of 20/40 without glasses. How do you feel about this Helen?” Harry asked.

“I’m willing to try it Harry. Sid and I went to see an optician friend of Sid’s yesterday, and she fit me with +13D contact lenses, with –18D glasses to wear over them. I wore them around all last night, and I felt pretty comfortable wearing them. And, I put the contact lenses in first thing this morning, so I have now been wearing them for around 8 hours, and they are beginning to feel very natural, and quite comfortable. The only problem is that when I look at myself in the mirror I look so strange wearing these coke bottles.” Helen told us.

“Infiltrating the group is the only way we can get at “Coyote”. And he wouldn’t even take a second look at a pretty girl unless she was wearing strong glasses. I say we give it a shot.” Cliff added.

Against my objections finally it was decided that Helen would go to a party that evening that we knew the man we had named “Coyote” was going to appear. This man, Vladimir Cortesceau, was one of the people that we knew worked for the Chinese government, purchasing, and stealing secrets that would give China that little edge in getting new inventions into the manufacturing stage even before the US patent office had given their approval, and issued the patents. Coyote, we believed, also had a hand in the heroin and cocaine trade, so the task to bring this man down in any way we could was assigned to our little group. If this had occurred in China, we would have just been able to go out, pick up Coyote, and execute him with no trial, but here in the United States, we had to find evidence that this man was guilty, and build a case against him that we could take to a prosecutor so that the man could have a fair trial. Sometimes I wondered what had ever happened to this country. How was it that the inmates were running the asylum? Coyote didn’t care about human rights. Coyote didn’t care about guilt or innocence. Coyote just cared about Coyote, and he would kill anyone who stood in his way. But we had to give this animal due process under the law.

That night at the party Helen was noticed by Coyote, as we all knew she would be. In the 5 years that Coyote had been under our surveillance we had seen him with no less that 20 very attractive girls. And every one of those girls had worn strong glasses. In one way I felt a bond with this crook, because I too had a very strong attraction to girls who wore thick minus lensed glasses. But, I knew enough to keep my mouth shut, and keep my attraction to myself. When I took Helen to see Carolyn, my optician friend, I had to warn Carolyn to also keep her mouth shut. I knew Carolyn because Carolyn also had a liking for guys who wore thick glasses, and we had run across each other in a bar when we were both out doing GOC ourselves. When we found out we were both pretenders, we had a good laugh, and since that day whenever either of us felt the need for a GOC session, we often called one another and went out together. And, knowing a friendly optician made it a lot easier to buy the glasses and contact lenses that I wanted.

Unfortunately, as I had suspected, our little plan didn’t work. Helen was exposed as a pretender very early in the game, and we were extremely fortunate to get her out alive. But we were lucky, and we still had all six of our agents intact to plan for our next move.

‘Well, you were right Sid.” Harry told me.

“I had a feeling that this man wouldn’t be fooled as easily as we had hoped.” I replied.

“What is our next step?” asked Helen, who was still wearing the –18D glasses.

“We have to find ourselves a real high myope. And why are you still wearing those glasses Helen?” Cliff asked.

“It is really strange Cliff, but after 2 months of constantly wearing these glasses over contacts, I can’t seem to get used to the way things look unless I wear them. I tried to go without them today, but after only an hour I had to put them back in. I had a terrible headache that just wouldn’t go away until I put my contacts in and my glasses back on.” Helen replied.

“I had the same problem Helen. After I did that 6-month impersonation of that crooked financier I bet it took me another 3 months before I could go a full day without my GOC combination. I still like to wear it every once in a while, but now I just do it for a few hours at a time, and there are no lasting results.” I told her.

Since we decided that we needed a real high myope, we needed a way to find the right one. We knew that Coyote wouldn’t go for anyone under about –16D, and while we didn’t know how high a prescription he would be attracted to, Helen and I decided that anyone over about a –25D would probably be too myopic for Coyote. He liked the control he could have over his high myope girlfriends when he removed their glasses and essentially made them blind, and dependant on his guidance. But, he also liked for his girlfriends to be able to see reasonably well when she had her glasses on. So we decided that we would have to enlist a number of foot soldiers to canvass all of the optometrists and the ophthalmologists in the northeast to find a suitable candidate for us to recruit. We needed a young lady between the age of 30 and 42. She had to be between 5’6 and 5’10 tall, very attractive, and she had to require a prescription of no less than –16D, and no greater than –25D. In other words we were looking for someone who would be at the very top of my own list as a candidate for marriage. This was almost a gift to me. I knew that when we were finished with our selection of candidates there was going to be a number of young ladies that I would have the name of, as well as knowing their glasses prescription, that I would be able to contact, and possibly date.

Our search took over a month. We had over 50 operatives canvassing, and reporting back to us. Harry and Cliff had approached the director, and he had gone to the President, who authorized us to hire any candidate that we found suitable, allowing us to offer her a waiver for her below standards vision.

Helen was, even after a month, still having trouble giving up wearing her GOC combination. She had started off not wearing it in the morning, but usually by coffee break she had developed such a headache that she would go to the washroom, and finish off the day doing GOC. Helen was extremely attractive, and I could hardly wait for her to appear after coffee with her glasses on. I would have loved for her to be a real high myope.

Finally we had our selection down to 6 girls, all unmarried, or otherwise attached. We arranged interviews for them all, and after careful consideration we narrowed it down to 3 girls. Cindy was the shortest, barely 5’6. Her prescription was the strongest of any of the candidates. She required –24D in each eye for her glasses prescription, and when we tested her eyesight with her glasses, she was unable to read the 20/30 line. So, we reluctantly dismissed Cindy. However, I made a note of her name, address and phone number. I liked watching Cindy struggle, looking through the strong –24D myodisc lenses in her glasses, trying to read the eye chart. Martha was 5’7 ½, according to her application. She was also a natural blonde, extremely attractive, wearing –16D lenses in a most appealing rectangular black plastic frame. I was ready to give her the go ahead, but Cliff and Harry were more enamored with Mindy. And after seeing Mindy, I had to agree. Mindy was tall, a little over 5’9. She came to the interview wearing a white blouse, tied into a knot in front, exposing some bare midriff above a pair of tight jeans. From behind it looked as though her legs just kept going, right up into her tight little butt. Her glasses prescription was also just perfect for the job at hand. She wore wire framed glasses in a small lens size, with very high index lenses with a prescription of –19D, and when we tested her with the chart, she could see most of the 20/20 line without effort. We had found our girl.

Helen called Carolyn, and Mindy, Helen and I all went over to see Carolyn at her store. We selected 3 frames for Mindy. The first frame was a red one, and while it was a fairly small eye size, we knew that even with the highest index plastic lenses in Mindy’s prescription, there was going to be a good 13mm of edge thickness. And we also suspected that from the front of the glasses, there would be up to ¼” of the lens that had no prescription that would still show at the outside of the frames, giving the glasses a bit of a myodisc appearance. We then ordered a black frame that was identical, and we had tinted sunglass lenses placed into a similar blue frame. I had been outvoted. I wanted a cats eye appearance to the lenses, but Helen, Mindy and Carolyn felt that the rectangular shape was better.

Mindy had to pass all the same training as a normal agent did, except for the visual acuity. We did allow her some leeway in the martial arts training, as we were aware that a very high myope could have retinal detachments in certain instances, but this was only for our protection, as we no longer had any more time to waste. Coyote was about ready to move on, and we wanted to bring him down before he left our jurisdiction.

Mindy was perfect in every sense. She told us that when she was a little girl she had originally wanted to be a police officer, but she had started wearing glasses at age 9, and as her prescription increased, she realized that this was no longer an option for her. So, our offer of a job in the bureau was like a dream come true for her.

Sure enough, Coyote jumped at the bait. Mindy hooked the man, and reeled him in, tighter and tighter. The first thing he did was to check her eyes to find out if she wore contact lenses under her glasses, and once he discovered she didn’t he let his guard down. He was sure that the bureau would not relax their strict vision requirements.

Finally we had enough evidence on Coyote. The arrest was a bit unnerving, but we finally had him under lock and key. Because Coyote had been passing on secrets of military, as well as civilian importance, one of the things he was charged with was treason. And because of his close ties to other countries, his application for bail was denied because he was a flight risk. The prosecutor was asking for the death penalty, and we felt he would get it.

I was in love with Mindy. I figured that she would tender her resignation, and would leave the bureau once this job was finished. But, she was given the option to stay, and she chose to stay. I see her all the time around the office, and she is doing a great job as an investigator. If I didn’t know how strong a prescription she needed, I would never know it by looking at her at work, because she always is wearing contact lenses.

Helen, Carolyn and I still get together once in a while, and go out together wearing our GOC combinations. Every once in a while my wife Cindy will agree to come along with the three of us, although Cindy still can’t figure out what it is about strong glasses that infatuates us. But then again, Cindy is blind as a bat without her glasses, which have increased to –25D since we got married last year. And, yes, I dated, and married Cindy as soon as I realized that Mindy was going to stay working for the bureau. I wasn’t going to let all that hard work and expense that the bureau went through to find me a perfect highly myopic lady to let her slip away.

Specs4ever; Nov 2005