The Myopic Offspring of Albert Lord

by Spces4ever

I was probably around the age of 8 when I first heard my dad and mom talking about a kid named Albert. My dad, a doctor had just delivered a baby girl to an unwed mother, and he was telling mom that the father appeared to be a 14-year-old kid by the name of Albert Llord. And, from what I overheard, apparently this wasnít the first time this Albert kid had gotten a girl pregnant. Two of Albertís offspring had been born to girls under the age of 15, and had been placed for adoption. The other 2 mothersí, and their families were raising another two, and it looked like the most recent mother would raise the newest baby, a boy, as well.

The next time I heard the name Albert Llord was when I was around 12. Again my dad was discussing him with my mother. Apparently Albert was severely myopic, and wore extremely thick-lensed glasses. My father was the only doctor in this small town, and he told my mom that the 5 children that Albert had fathered all required very strong prescription glasses for the correction of high myopia at a very young age.

It was a couple of years later when I happened to meet Albert Llord. I guess he was pretty good looking, but the thing that intrigued me the most was the very powerful coke bottle glasses that Albert wore. I wondered how he could possibly see anything through those little circles in front of his eyes that made his eyes look so tiny and sunken back in their sockets. And walking around town I would occasionally see a number of small children who also wore very similar looking glasses, and I wondered if Albert was the father of some, or even all of these kids.

I graduated from High School, and attended a well-known university. I majored in science and biology, and my specialty was in genetic research. While I was at the university I dated a number of young ladies, and I found that I had a penchant for ones who were very nearsighted. Sometimes it was hard to find them as most of them wore contact lenses, but they were out there, and I managed to find enough to satisfy my needs. Then I graduated as a doctor at the fairly young age of 26, and I returned to my hometown, to finish my residency working under my father. The plan was for me to take over my fatherís practice but after I finished my residency I discovered that I just was not interested enough to become a general practitioner. I was intrigued with the study of genetics, so I managed to apply for and receive a research grant that allowed me to do genetic research, as well as to open up a sperm bank. I did remain on staff at the local hospital, and fortunately another young doctor came to town to take over my dadís practice, so that sort of let me off the hook. Although my parents still expressed their disappointment in me every time they had a chance, they couldnít say too much because I was making quite a bit of money by now.

One of the student nurses at the local hospital attracted me. I was just about to have my 30th birthday, and I knew I was too darned old to be lusting after this young lady, who had barely turned 22. But she was gorgeous, with long honey blond hair, a slim trim figure, nice perky breasts, and a pair of myodisc glasses to die for. I donít know why it is, but at university I had discovered that I was extremely attracted to girls who wore glasses. Strong glasses for the correction of high myopia were my favorite, and this young ladyís glasses fit the bill perfectly. I suspected that she was likely one of the 4 girls that I remembered my father and mother talking about when I first heard the name Albert Llord.

I spent a lot of my free time around the hospital and I would seek out and talk to Sherry every chance I could find. After a few months I felt that Sherry was as interested in me as I was in her. After all, I was a doctor, and my income was going to be quite substantial over the next few years. So, after a couple of years of dating I married Sherry. After I married Sherry I went with her to her annual vision exams, and I was really amazed. At age 24 Sherry had a prescription of Ė40D, and she still could see extremely well. She had no problem passing the vision test at the department of motor vehicles, and easily maintained her driverís license, although her eye doctor required her to have a vision exam every year in case something unforeseen went wrong with her eyes. But she had extremely good retinas, and there was no indication of any possibility of a retinal detachment, so I was quite pleased. And, Sherry didnít seem to be able to wear contact lenses. Yes, she could have obtained contact lenses in her prescription with no problem, however for some reason her cornea was quite steep, and her eyes were very dry, so whenever she tried to wear contacts she would flip them out every time she blinked. I loved it that she had to wear her glasses.

Around this time I did some more investigating of her father and found that Sherryís real father was Albert Llord, although the man her mother eventually married had adopted Sherry, so he was the only real father Sherry knew. Albert had quite a track record for getting young ladies pregnant. He had been married 3 times by now, and at the age of 42 I figured that Albert had fathered 8 legitimate offspring, and about 12 illegitimate ones. He was one of those men who could get a woman pregnant just by looking at her Ė not really, but it sure seemed that way. And the interesting thing was that every one of his known children Ė all 20 of them, wore very strong myodisc glasses for the correction of severe myopia. As well, something else that interested me was that of the children that Albert had knowingly fathered, there were only 4 boys and the other 16 were girls. This was a ratio of 4 to 1 in favor of very myopic girls.

I contacted Albert, and he consented to come in to see me. I did a lot of testing, and I discovered in examining his DNA that he had a genetic mutation that likely caused the high myopia. His father had perfect eyesight, and his mother, who was half African American, and half Mexican, also had very good eyesight. But for some reason something in the combination of these 2 people had created a genetic mutation. And, when I examined Albertís eyes I found that at the age of 42 he required 45 diopters of correction in his glasses. But the totally amazing thing was that Albert, even with the severe minification that Ė45 diopters of correction caused, could see all of the 20/30 line, and even most of the letters on the 20/20 line. This was an amazing feat for someone who was so nearsighted. I was astounded, and when I did a thorough retinal examination on Albert I found that his retinas were in excellent shape as well. As I previously said, I am extremely attracted to very myopic ladies, but I would not like them to be so nearsighted that they were almost blind, which often happens in these cases. Here I had a perfect manner in which to create very myopic ladies who had very good eyesight with the proper correction. So, I suggested to Albert that since his sperm seemed to be extremely powerful, perhaps he would like to sell some sperm to the sperm bank. He hadnít realized that he could get money this way, and although it wasnít a lot of money, he was pleased to earn the extra cash. Over the following 5 years I managed to sell Albertís sperm to about 100 infertile couples that contacted my office directly. Also, I sold enough sperm to impregnate another 150 ladies to quite a number of other fertility clinics. I knew that once the kids reached the age of 3 it would be discovered that they were quite myopic, and I worried a little that this would come back to haunt me.

And of course it did come back to haunt me, but I managed to convince everyone that I had no way of knowing that this manís severe myopia was so dominant that it would take over in every case, creating highly myopic offspring. But once this fact was known I could no longer sell Albertís sperm as good quality sperm. So, just for the heck of it, I placed Albertís picture, along with a number of other pictures of sperm donors on a newly designed flyer that we were sending out. In the description under Albertís picture I wrote: Offspring seem to be about 80% female, and all are very healthy except for severe myopia. After I did this, I honestly felt that Albertís days, as a sperm donor were almost finished. But, the opposite thing happened. Albert was in higher demand than ever before. Many orders flowed into our office with a specific request for the sperm of Albert Llord. And the best thing about this was that now everyone who purchased Albertís sperm did so with full disclosure.

I was quite surprised, and very pleased when Sherry and I discovered that our first-born daughter was also very myopic, and had to be prescribed Ė30.00D glasses when she was 3 years old. It appeared that Albertís myopia was passed on down to the following generation as well, and this was proven when our 3 year old son was also prescribed glasses for 30D of myopia as well a couple of years later. Then when our third child was born Ė another daughter of course, it was discovered that she also required Ė30D of correction at age 3. When I looked into this further it appeared that every child had normal eyesight when they were born. All babies are myopic at birth, then they become a little farsighted, and usually in a normal child a little childhood myopia will develop anywhere between 6 and 8 years of age. But, with Albertís offspring, and the children of his offspring, apparently their eyeballs begin to elongate rapidly between the age of 30 months and 36 months, so that by the time they are 3 years old they require myodisc lensed glasses with a prescription of Ė30D.

Albert had continued to sell me his sperm as fast as I could collect it, and I had a pretty good supply to sell to other fertility clinics. I suspected that after about 10 years of doing this I sold close to 1,000 shots of Albertís sperm. And. Albert had married a 4th time. His wife had given birth to 5 more severely myopic children. Now there were about 1025 children running around with Albert Llordís genetic makeup, and his high myopia. And soon the third generation would begin to arrive. I had already proven with my own children that Albertís myopia was the dominant gene. So, it was highly likely that the third generation would have 2,100 or so children with severe myopia. And, I might be around to see some of the 4th generation, which could possibly increase the myopic offspring to about 4,200 severely myopic children. But the thrilling part to me was that by the time the 5th generation came around; there was a good possibility that Albert Llordís descendants would number about 8,400 myopic children. And, it also seemed that the 80% girl ratio was still correct, so this meant that there would be about 6,720 severely myopic girls in the 5th generation.

As time went on I discovered that I was correct about most of my assumptions. The children started out around age 3 with Ė30D of myopia. By the time they were in their early 20ís, their eyeball had lengthened enough to require a prescription of Ė40D for their glasses. And then in their mid to late 30ís they would jump to Ė45D, which was the strongest prescription they would require for the rest of their life.

I was pretty pleased with myself for recognizing the potential of the sperm of Albert Llord, and for helping to bring these severely myopic offspring into the world.

Specs4ever March 2007