My Queen of Myopia

by Specs4ever

I had recently begun a job as an insurance adjustor, and while I was in the field most of the time, investigating claims, and getting repair quotations, at least one day a week, the firm required my presence at the main office, which was located in a large high-rise office building in a major city. To say that I hated being there was an understatement, as I didn’t really understand why my presence was needed. But, the money was good, and I managed to bite my tongue, and present myself, freshly groomed, and very professional looking, every Thursday morning at 9:00 am. But, the end result of my meetings and training sessions always left me feeling that it was a wasted day.

At lunchtime one Thursday noon, I left the building and wandered the street on my own. I grabbed a soft drink, and one of those greasy, Polish, heart attack city sausages from a street vendor, and sat in the park people watching. When I was about half finished, a very pretty young lady sat down on the bench next to mine, and ate her lunch from a brown paper bag. As I glanced at her, she really caught my eye. She was tall and slim, about 5’ 7”, with long golden curls, striking bright blue eyes, very smooth peaches and cream complexion, and a significant bust line. After she finished her lunch, she threw a few breadcrumbs to the birds, and got up. I watched her head over to a bookstore near my office building and enter. I thought that she was worthy of a second look, so I decided that it was time to shop for a new paperback. I had looked carefully at her fine hands, with their long slim fingers, and had noticed the absence of any rings. So, assuming that she was not married, and that maybe, if I played my cards right, I might have a chance with her. After a reasonable interval, I went over to the bookstore.

When I entered the bookstore, she did not seem to be around. I casually glanced up and down the aisles, but there was no sign of her. I hadn’t taken my eyes off the door since she walked in. There was no way she could have disappeared on me. Oh well, time enough to check for a new novel, but I would soon have to head back to work. I found a book I wanted to read, and as I walked over to the cash register, I looked at the cashier, who had come out of the employee’s only door, while I was selecting my book. It was my blonde angel. So, I walked up to her cash register, gave her my best smile, and said a friendly “ Hello.”

She smiled back and said, “Oh, my luncheon companion. Did you follow me?”

“Yes, I was smitten by your beauty, and I wanted to find out your name, address and phone number.” Bold, but I hoped it might work. At the very worst she might take it as a joke.

“Elizabeth is all you are going to get for right now Sir,” came her reply.

“I can see the Elizabeth from your name tag, so you are not really releasing much information. Would you care to divulge more details over a drink and dinner after you get off work.”

“Maybe some other time. I must get your purchase rung up, before a line develops.”

At least she didn’t completely brush me off. She scanned the bar code, but the register told her that the code wasn’t valid. Then she read and entered manually the bar code number. Number not on file, read the display on the register. She casually took a little pocket magnifier that she wore on an elastic affair around her wrist, and held it over the small print of the price tag. She entered the number, rang up my purchase, gave me back my change, and thanked me very much. I don’t know if the “Thanks, and come back again soon” was the standard comment given to all customers, or if it held a special meaning for me. I could only hope.

The following week had me looking forward to my boring day at the office. I could hardly wait for lunch, but I purposely took my lunch ½ hour later than I had the previous week. I went directly to the small park, and started to eat the sandwiches I brought. I had only been there a few minutes, when she appeared. I knew that she had taken a pretty short lunch break last week, so I thought that she likely went from 12:30 until 1:00. I was thrilled that I had been correct in my thinking.

She had on a short black skirt, and a black sweater with a colorful pattern on the front. The sweater emphasized her breasts, and her long blonde curls accented the black of the sweater. She was as pretty this week as she had seemed to be the first time I saw her. I fell in love with her large, bright blue eyes as she looked at me, and smiled.

“Hello Elizabeth. Come and join me here in the world of fine outdoor dining,” I called.

She came over, and sat down beside me. Shyly, she said, “So you finally decided to return to this restaurant.”

I explained about my job, and that the corporate bigwigs only require my presence one day a week. We casually conversed about life in the city, and we stayed on safe ground as far as politics and religion went. She told me she had to run to get back to work, and I was sorry that the time had passed so quickly. So, I invited her out to supper at a real restaurant that evening. To my surprise she accepted the invitation, but since the store didn’t close until 6:30, she wasn’t available until after 7:00. This meant I would have a couple of hours to kill. However, I was sure that my date would be worth it.

Dusk had fallen, and there was a nip of the fall chill in the air by the time 7:00 rolled around. I had spent some extra time at the office, and I had positioned myself in front of the bookstore at 6:45. Right at 7:00 p.m. Elizabeth came out. I called to her, and she walked over to where I stood. She took my hand, and told me that she wanted to go to a very good restaurant that was just around the corner, so I walked hand in hand with Elizabeth to the restaurant. She ordered a glass of white wine, and I had a beer while I looked at the menu. She didn’t even open the menu.

“If you have been here so often that you know the menu by heart, help me out here, and tell me what you recommend,” I said.

“Oh, I don’t know the menu by heart, I just know what I want tonight,” she replied.


“Salad with oil and vinegar, a rib eye, done medium well, baked potato, and broccoli with cheese sauce is my favorite,” she replied.

“You can hold the broccoli, but if I can get corn, or carrots, or any other veggie, that also sounds good to me,” I answered.

The waiter came and took our order, and we enjoyed a pleasant evening. When we were finished, and we went back outside, she put her arm around my waist, and we walked back to the parking garage at my office, where my car was parked. I suggested a movie, but Elizabeth declined, saying that she needed her beauty sleep. So, I drove her home, walked her to the door of her apartment, and as I was saying goodnight, I asked her if she would like to do the movie thing on Saturday night. Her reply was that she was willing to go out with me Saturday, but she would rather go dancing. So, I agreed.

We had a great time at the dance. Elizabeth was either a very good dancer, or somehow my feet managed to work the way they are supposed to at a dance, as I was impressed with what a good job I had done by keeping on my own two feet, and off hers. When I took her home after the dance, she let me kiss her at her door. So far, it was going like a storybook romance.

The following 3 months were a lot of fun. We dined, and danced, and saw a couple of movies. We walked in the park on Sunday afternoons. We went to the museum, the zoo, and the art gallery – all places I was going to go, but never had found the time. The only thing I found a little strange was that when we were at the movies, Elizabeth always wanted to sit very close to the screen, much closer than I really wanted, but I let her lead the way. She was very affectionate when we were out together, and always walked with her arm around my waist, or hand in hand. But the affection seemed to diminish at the door to her apartment, as I had not even been able to wrangle an invite in for a cup of coffee. I wasn’t worried about this, as I had no set schedule – you know, like on date 17, I was going to sleep with her. But, I was curious why the affection only went so far.

Then one Thursday, I left work a little early, as I had to do an appraisal on a wrecked car in the area. On my way, I stopped by to see Elizabeth, to tell her that I would try to be back to pick her up at 7:00, but if I weren’t there at 7:00, to wait for me and I would only be a few minutes late. When I met with our client at the body shop that her car had been taken for repairs, I found her to be a very pretty young lady, with something familiar about her, wearing what was probably the thickest, strongest pair of glasses I had ever seen in my life. Her name was Connie Miller, and she had been insured with our firm for about five years, and this was the first claim she had ever made. Nor was this incident her fault either. She had been broad sided when a car ran a stop sign. I did make a comment on her eyesight, and she replied rather defensively that her vision with glasses was quite good, and she seemed a little upset that I would question her eyesight, when the accident was obviously not her fault. I calmed her down, and told her that I had never seen anyone with glasses as thick and strong as hers were, and since she was a safe, and licensed client, I didn’t question her eyesight, I was only curious. We determined the cost for the necessary repairs, and I authorized the body shop to use only new parts, and, since Connie had a rental car, I requested that the repairs be done as quickly as possible. I was back to pick up Elizabeth, who I was by now calling Beth, right at 7:00.

“Boy, did that last client ever wear strong glasses. The lenses were very thick, sticking out on both sides of the frame,” I told Beth. “Her name was Miller, Connie Miller. Your last name is Miller too isn’t it?”

Beth’s face seemed to loose a bit of color, and then she said, “Pete, would you mind very much if we just had a quick dinner tonight, and then go back to my apartment?”

Would I mind? I had wanted an invite to her apartment for a good couple of months now. I wondered what had brought this on. We had a nice supper, and, although Beth seemed very preoccupied, I enjoyed myself. I was, of course, thinking about later, and maybe spending the night sleeping with her. We drove to her apartment, and went up to her door. For the first time since I had started dating her over 3 months ago, I was invited in. Beth pointed me to a lazy boy chair, and told me she would get some coffee started, so she headed for the kitchenette. Soon the aroma of fresh coffee filled the air, and Beth came out with 2 cups. She sat one down beside me, and she sat on the corner of the couch, facing me.

“Pete, I have to talk to you before things go any further between us. I like you very much, and I refuse to be hurt again, so I must tell you something about myself, and my family. The girl you met today with the very thick glasses is my sister Connie,” she said.

“Connie has the best eyesight of the three of us girls. I wear contact lenses, and Connie can’t, but even with glasses Connie can see far better than I can. Do you remember when you came into the store the first day we met in the park?”

“Yes, yes, I remember that day well. That was the day I fell in love with you,” I told her.

“No, what I am referring to is when you bought the book, and the scanner wouldn’t pick up the price, and the bar code numbers didn’t work. I almost died when I had to get out my little magnifying glass, but I thought that the magnifier would be less noticeable than me holding the small print on the price tag very close to my eyes to see it clearly. The times we went out to dinner, I held your hand until it was really dark, and then after dark, I put my arm around you, and walked with you holding me closely. This was mostly because my night vision is even worse than my day vision, and I didn’t want to trip, and make a fool of myself. And, in the restaurant, I just chose a meal that I knew would be on the menu, as I didn’t want to pull out my magnifying glass in order to read the menu. I put off going to movies as long as I could, as I have to sit fairly close to the screen to see well, so that is why we went dancing a lot. I have quite poor eyesight Pete, and I just didn’t want to scare you away before you got to know me, and like me,” Beth told me, her voice trembling a little as she talked.

“Darn it Beth, you know I like you very much,” I replied.

“And, I like you, as well. But every boy I have ever gone with has dumped me, because of my poor eyesight and the looks of my ugly, thick myodisc glasses. I hoped that you might be different, because I have noticed that when we were out together you always seemed to give girls that were wearing glasses a second, closer look. So, I hoped that you might be a guy that likes girls wearing glasses. But, even if this is not the case, I knew that I would eventually have to tell you about my eyes and glasses, and now that you have met Connie, I felt that I shouldn’t try to hide the truth from you any longer,” Beth responded.

I was a little stunned by her statement that I always seemed to give girls that wore glasses a second look. I really couldn’t remember doing this, nor had I ever really thought that girls with glasses were more attractive. I figured that that maybe it was just wishful thinking on Beth’s part.

“Will you put your glasses on so that I can see you wearing them?” I asked.

“No, not tonight. I would rather have you remember me without glasses, if you choose not to go out with me again. Maybe next time,” She told me.

Well, I supposed that sleeping with Beth was not on the agenda for tonight, so after we finished our coffee, and made some small talk, I took my leave, promising to call her the next day to make plans for the weekend. I suppose that she was thinking that I might not call, and I have to confess that I did do a lot of thinking the rest of that evening, and the next morning. I really wasn’t sure that I could handle marrying a girl with glasses even stronger than the ones her sister wore. But, in the end, I decided that until I saw Beth wearing glasses, it really wasn’t fair to make a decision. And, darn it all, she was very pretty and I liked her as a person. It really wasn’t her fault that she had poor eyesight. So, I called, and we decided that we would go dancing again Saturday night.

Saturday evening was a lot of fun, and when I drove Beth home, she invited me in for coffee again. She went off to the kitchen, and I went to use the bathroom. Heck, I might as well admit it - the real reason was to see if I could spot her glasses, but there were no glasses around. I opened the door to the medicine chest, and on one of the shelves there were about 6 vials of contact lenses. I looked at them, and saw that 3 of the vials had –28D on them, and the other 3 had –28.50D. I had gone out with a girl one time that wore a –3D contact lens, and she seemed pretty helpless without them. Beth must be really blind. I went back to the living room, and Beth came out with the coffee. On the serving tray, beside the cups of coffee was a pair of fine oval shaped, gold wire rimmed glasses. Beth passed me my coffee, then took her own cup, and set it on the table. She then picked up the glasses, and handed them to me.

“Well, you wanted to see my glasses last time, and I told you that you would have to go out with me again first. You did that, so here are my glasses for you to look at,” Beth said.

I picked up the glasses. The lenses were as thick as Connie’s, if not thicker. They looked very strong. I opened them, and put the lenses up to the light and looked through them. There was only a very small area in the center of the lens that was clear, and looking through this area, I had to move the glasses about 2 feet away from my eyes to see things across the room, which appeared extremely small.

“They are blended myodiscs, commonly called superlenti, or formlenti lenses,” she told me. “ They are about the only thing that a person with my prescription can wear.”

“Will you put them on for me?” I asked.

“ I can’t really do that, nor do I want to. If I put them on, it will have to be after I take my contact lenses out, as the prescription is so strong it would be impossible for me to see anything through them,” She told me.

Well, how about wearing them for me the next time we go out together?” I asked.

“Will there be a next time?” was her question.

“ Sure, why not,” I replied.

“Let me think about it. I haven’t worn glasses out in public for many years – not since I was about 12 years old.”

We spent a little bit of time hugging and kissing on the couch – really the first bit of petting we had done so far. Soon, it was late enough that I felt that I should leave, so, after making a date to go walking in the park the next day, I left.

I thought a lot about Beth’s glasses and her obviously poor eyesight. They did look very strong, but I did not think they were really ugly. I hoped that she would wear them the next day. I also thought a lot about what Beth had said about me giving girls with glasses a second look. I thought about all the girls that I had gone out with, and then of the ones I went steady with. Out of almost a dozen steady girlfriends, 9 of them had worn glasses, or contact lenses. A couple had worn pretty strong glasses, nothing like Beth’s, but the part of the lens that stuck out to the back of the frame was fairly thick. Was it possible that I did like girls that wore glasses? If this were the case, I think I had just found my queen of glasses.

The next day when I went to pick Beth up, she opened the door slowly. I looked at her and she was wearing her glasses. She did look very different, but she was just as pretty wearing her glasses, as she was without them, and I told her so. She took them off and looked at me and said that she could not even see me. Without her glasses I was just a vague blur. She put them back on and we walked over to the park, and headed down one of the trails. As we were walking, I was thinking that when she took her glasses off, I was really aroused, thinking about her being completely blind without them and being completely helpless.

“You will have to hold my hand all the time, Pete. My vision is really weird with my glasses. My strong prescription distorts everything so much more than my contact lenses do. Everything seems so much smaller, that it is like I am 10 feet tall and everything is much farther away. Also, I can only see clearly through a very small area in the center of the lens,” she told me.

After we had finished our walk, I told her that I loved her just as much wearing her glasses, as I did before I knew she had glasses with such strong lenses.

“If we marry, and have children they will likely be as nearsighted as I am, if not worse.”

“Well, we will cross that bridge when we come to it. With all the research on genetic engineering going on, I am sure that this problem will eventually be able to be fixed,” I responded.

The plan for supper that evening was for us to go to her parent’s home. I guess she had wanted to see if I would stick with her before she took me home to meet her folks. Her mom and dad seemed to be very nice people. Her dad wore glasses that were quite thick, but were definitely not as strong as Beth’s. Connie was there, and was surprised to see that her insurance adjustor was the boyfriend her older sister had been talking about for the last few months. I looked a little closer at Connie’s glasses, and saw that they were not the same as Beth’s. The circles were clearly visible in Connie’s glasses. Beth’s younger sister came down the stairs with her guide dog, and I was introduced to Anthelia, who was called Lee for short. Lee was a knockout. I thought that Connie and Beth were both gorgeous ladies, but Lee had them both beat.

“I gather that Lee is blind,” I mentioned to Beth when we were sitting by ourselves in the living room.

“No, she still has some useable vision, although her corrected vision is worse than 20/200. She has been schooled at home since she turned 13, when her vision became too poor for her to learn in a classroom environment. When she turned 16 her vision was not very good with glasses, so she just took off her glasses, got Elvis, her seeing eye dog, learned Braille, and told everyone that since she was legally blind both with, and without glasses that she might just as well be blind without wearing the heavy, unusual looking glasses. She still will put her glasses on to work on the computer and will still try to read once in a while, but for the most part, she just goes around blind, using Elvis and Braille. I am a lot more fortunate. My vision is, with contacts, correctable to around 20/40. It isn’t as good as Connie’s, who has corrected vision that is better than 20/30 with glasses, very good for such a massive prescription as she has.”

“Connie can’t wear contacts?” I asked.

Beth then told me, “Connie has very dry eyes, and she really can’t wear contacts. She is very fortunate that she can see so well with her glasses. I am very fortunate that I can wear contacts, because my vision is a lot worse with glasses. My prescription for glasses is over –40D, and my visual acuity is only about 20/70. They can’t even get a proper lens prescription for me, because the machines that they use have to use a whole bunch of lenses to get up to my prescription, and once you put 2 or 3 lenses together, the combined power isn’t really all that accurate. All they can do is to come as close as they can. Then, they make the glasses, and see if I can see out of them. Sometimes they have to make as many as 4 lenses before they get one pair that works good enough. And, it is really hard for me, as I have to go for almost a week wearing glasses before my vision adjusts properly.”

“So, by wearing glasses for me today, you have done something that you normally wouldn’t have even considered doing,” I responded.

I had realized that Beth had worn her glasses just so that I could be able to accept her in glasses. I did have mixed feelings, but she did look quite attractive to me, with or without glasses, so I told her exactly how I felt, and she accepted my position. I asked her about her families vision problems, and she told me that the severe myopia is inherited. The females in the family all have very high myopia, and the males, like her Dad, are also myopic, but not nearly as severely. But, both the men and women pass down the gene. Her grandmother, and her aunt were legally blind from high myopia, like Lee, and her uncle, and her father both had around the same prescription. And even though her mom had very good eyesight, the defective gene was dominant. So, if we were to marry, and have any children, it would be best if they were boys.

Having seen Beth wearing her glasses, it was a lot easier after that for me to assist her when she needed help. I still held her hand when we were walking, and I still held her close at night. When we went to a restaurant, she was no longer embarrassed to get out her magnifying glass to read the menu. And, we rented a few movies, and watched them back in her apartment instead of going to the theatre. But the best part was after the movie was over, and I was lying in her bed, anticipating her walking out of the bathroom, wearing nothing more than those super strong glasses. The first time we made love, she had wanted to leave her contacts in until we were finished, and I let her. But she had drifted off to sleep, and I had to wake her up, and make her go to the bathroom to take her lenses out. Her eyes were so fragile that I didn’t want anything to happen to what little vision she had, and if she slept in her contacts, they would almost glue themselves to her corneas. Sure, a lot of solution would rewet them, but I thought that this was dangerous for her corneal health. So, the next time she took out her contacts, and came out of the bathroom with only her glasses on. It was strangely arousing to me, knowing that she was blind and helpless without her glasses, and while I would never have taken her glasses from her, the thought still aroused me. The first time we made love, while she was wearing glasses, she had wanted to remove them, but I told her to leave them on, so that she could see. I promised not to smudge, or smear them, and I found that I loved looking at her minified eyes through the very powerful lenses. Sometimes, with her permission, I would gently remove her glasses, and I would kiss her beautiful large blue eyes, telling her that my wish was that my kisses would make her eyes see better. But so far, they never have.

Specs4ever; with editing by Aliena

Dec. 2001