Naked With Glasses

by Specs4ever

I was walking through the mall, heading in the general direction of the only independent optical shop that was shown on the directions board. As I walked up to the store, a fairly attractive bleached blonde in her early thirties came out of the store, and as she turned towards me, I noticed that she was wearing a pretty strong pair of glasses.

The glasses were obviously polycarbonate lenses, and while they were fairly thick on the outside edges, the edges were rolled and polished, making it hard for even an experienced optic observer like myself to get an accurate guess of the prescription.

Meeting a lady such as this is what I had been hoping for as I headed towards the store, and I tried my best to do a casual about face and follow her in my most carefree manner. She headed to the food court, and ordered a coffee, and a bagel. I also got a coffee, and sat down a couple of tables away, facing her, so that I could get a better look. She ate the bagel, had a couple of sips of the hot coffee, and removed her glasses.

She brought the glasses up to within about four inches of her right eye, and with her left eye closed she looked the glasses over carefully. I thought I saw a teardrop from the corner of her eye, and down her cheek, taking a bit of the eye makeup with it, and leaving a dark line on her face. She folded her arms, held her glasses in one hand, and laid her head down on her folded arms. I knew that something was making her pretty upset, and I wondered if the glasses had anything to do with her sorrow.

After a minute or so she raised her head, and wiped her cheeks with a napkin, smearing the mascara all over her cheeks. She put her glasses back on, and took another drink from her coffee. I looked over at her, and said "Hey, it's too nice a day to be sad, but just so you know, you have smeared your mascara all over your cheeks."

She looked at me, and I guess I didn't look too threatening, as she glanced at my glasses and said "I see you wear glasses. How long does it take to get used to them?" "I don't think you ever really get used to glasses, as they are always an inconvenience", I replied. "But, with a prescription like yours, or mine, unless you wear contact lenses, glasses are an essential part of your life."

She invited me to come over and join her, so I did. As I sat down, I could tell from the minification of the lenses that her prescription was pretty close to the -18 that I was wearing. We had quite a long glasses conversation, and when we exchanged glasses she was surprised to find that my lenses were very close to the lenses that she wore.

My lenses are a high index plastic, and have a very good anti-reflective coating, so they don't look that thick. She wanted to know all about my lenses, so I told her, and she was ready to take me back to the optical shop to show my glasses to the optician so she could order exactly the same lenses. I wasn't quite ready to do this, so I stalled the conversation as long as I could, finding out as much as possible about her.

Her name was Candy, and she had always worn contact lenses. When she was first forced to get glasses, she tried to wear them for a couple of days, but hated them so she then went around in a myopic fog until her parents agreed to get her contact lenses. A few months ago, after 24 years of contact wear, she had had her first bit of trouble with her lenses, and got the glasses that she was now wearing just so she could rest her eyes from the constant wearing of the lenses. These glasses, which she told me were OD -18.50 x -1.00 x 180, and OS -18.25 x -1.25 x 95, were only the second pair of glasses she had ever owned.

I mentioned that it must have been quite a shock to her when she picked up the glasses, and saw that they were coke-bottle thick. Her reply was that she was floored that her glasses looked that bad. She knew that she had very poor vision without her lenses, but she was so used to the contacts that the distortion and the reflections were almost impossible to get used to. And her peripheral vision was very poor now, due of course to the thick edges of the lenses.

A few days ago her contacts had really started to bother her eyes again, so she had worn her glasses during the day, but had put her contacts in to go to work each night. Finally, last night the torture had become too much to bear, so she had left work early, and had come to see her doctor this morning. Her doctor had advised her that she had a bad infection in both eyes, and that contacts were out of the picture for at least a month - maybe forever. That is why she had been crying, as she felt that without her contacts her job would be gone.

Just then a revelation struck me: "Kurvacious Kandy Kan Dance." I blurted out. "You've seen me" she replied. "Just on posters. I'm not really into strippers and lap dancing" was my reply. We went on talking for a few more minutes, and then I told her that I felt that she would have no problem being naked, with thick glasses. I advised her that there were a lot of men that liked ladies that wore glasses. In fact, I even suggested that she get an even thicker pair of glasses - a pair that looked totally outrageous.

With that suggestion we went back to the optical store together. Candy wanted a nicer looking pair of glasses to wear, so I told the optician what my lenses were, and she phoned a couple of labs to see if she could get the lenses. She could, so we found Candy a nice small oval frame that really suited her face. Then we explained the problem of Candy being a dancer/stripper to the optician, and that since she was going to possibly have to wear glasses permanently, it was my opinion that she should accent the thickness, and make the glasses so outrageously prominent that they would look like stage glasses.

The optician thought I was a bit strange for this suggestion, but as she thought about it, she decided that it just might work. So we picked a bright red frame that was quite oversized for the prescription that Candy needed. We then figured out the approximate curves for the lenses so that the frame would take the full lens at its optimum thickness.

I did not want a myodisc effect. It took a few calls to the lab, but finally we decided on a -8 front curve, with the balance of the prescription in the rear. The one lab had a couple of lens blanks of regular plastic in stock that were a full inch thick, so that is what we went with. The lab manager was also a bit shocked at the request, but after I talked to him about my reasoning, he finally agreed. He started to work on the lenses right away, and after Candy paid for the glasses, we went for a drive over to the lab.

The lab manager turned out to be one of Candy's customers, and once he found out they were her glasses, he really got his people working on them. When the glasses were ready, I was right. They were the most outrageously thick glasses I had ever seen. Candy put them on, and we found a radio station that was playing a bit of bump and grind type music, so she did a strip act for us there in the lab. She had all the right moves, and really looked great. The glasses turned me on, and I could tell that they had the same effect on the lab manager.

So, we were off to retrieve Candy's car from the mall. I talked her into wearing her new glasses, and she was amazed that the vision was better through the thick lenses that through her other polycarbonate ones. But every time she looked in the mirror, I could see her shudder at the thoughts of being seen wearing the glasses. I dropped Candy at her car, and she asked me if I would follow her over to her apartment. She changed glasses to the polycarbonate lensed ones, and led the way to her place.

I had told her about the recent death of my wife, and that I was a bit bored with things. I had sold my business to be with my wife for the last few months, and now time was dragging a bit more than I wanted it to. And, I am only in my early fifties, so I needed something to keep me occupied. Candy had, I think, decided that she was going to help me occupy my time, but I was going to let her lead the way slowly.

We went up to her apartment, and Candy changed into her dancing costume. The oversized thick glasses went on, and I was totally hooked. She stripped to the music, and had me stand up and join her. Soon we were both naked except for our glasses, dancing together in the living room of her apartment.

I had always wished that my wife had worn glasses, as I am turned on by girls that wear glasses. But she didn't so this was the first time in my life that I had been able to indulge in my fantasy. And what a fantasy it was.

Unfortunately everything must end, and long before I was ready Candy was telling me that if she was going to go to work, she really had to shower and get ready. She showered first, and while she was doing her hair, I had my shower. She wanted me to come to the club with her for moral support, so we went together in my car. We walked in the door, and her boss took one look at her oversized thick glasses and asked her what the blazes she thought she was doing. She explained about her trouble with her contacts, and about my suggestion, and finally he came around to letting her work wearing glasses. I think that since she was the best dancer he had, that his choices were limited.

Well, the reaction from the customers was quite favorable. Our old friend, the optical lab manager, was there, and I saw him talking to quite a few of the other patrons. I suspected that he was telling them that Candy was absolutely blind without her contacts or glasses, and that they really were a necessary addition to her costume.

By the end of the evening, when all the tips were added up, Candy informed me that she had earned as much wearing glasses as she normally did before. I was surprised when we got back to her apartment that she wanted me to come in, but she was quite insistent, and soon we were back to where we had left off earlier.

It was a few days before Candy's other new glasses were ready, but once she got them for normal day to day wear, she seemed to feel better about having to wear glasses. And, at the club she had tried to wear the thin glasses one night only to be asked to put her other glasses back on by her customers.

The month without contacts was up, and Candy went back to her doctor. Her eyes had recovered, and he allowed her to wear contacts again, with the condition that she had to wear glasses at least part of the day. So that night Candy went back to the club wearing contacts.

It was amazing. The crowd, over the past month had changed. Oh, sure there were still quite a few of the old original crowd, but there were a lot of new faces. Business had been up considerably for the last 2 weeks, and Candy was earning more money in tips than ever before. She came out on the stage with her contacts in, and I kid you not - the crowd booed her. I couldn't believe it. They were all shouting for her to put on her glasses.

She put on her glasses, and hasn't taken them off since.