Never Too Old

by Specs4ever

I went over everything that I had assembled on my bed, and I took my list and put little check marks against every item I had on the list I had been preparing over the last 3 months. This was going to be my only chance, and to forget something now could lead to a catastrophic failure. Finally every item on my list had a check mark beside it. Now I could pack everything into my backpack. I placed a few items of clothing in first, although clothing wasn’t high on my priority list. Then the coins and the jewelry went in. Then I put in the 6 bottles of plus contact lenses in a +14D and a +16D prescription, along with some solution and a few pairs of my own –14.00D lenses in a bubble wrapped metal container. Finally I put in a pair of –18.50D glasses that I had purchased to have ready for my next increase in my myopia. I was going to be wearing my own –17.50D glasses that I had purchased the 60’s style metal frames from e Bay in preparation for the trip. I hoped the glass lenses would make the journey safely, and I had plans to strap my glasses tight to my face with a croakie.

Now I had to write one last e-mail. It was a quick simple one, and I hoped the recipient would understand my cryptic message. “David, I am going through the gateway. I hope I will see you in ’64. Love, Jessica.”

I wondered as I sent the message if I was doing the right thing. I had met David online over 6 years ago. At the time I was 16, and he was 58, and in the 6 years there had never been anything romantic between us. In fact, David always kidded me that he could easily be my grandfather. Over the past 6 years David had helped fuel my obsession. Ever since I was a small girl I had a burning desire to be shortsighted. When I was 10 years old I convinced my mother to take me to see an eye doctor, because I was getting terrible “headaches.” The doctor examined my eyes, and told my mother that I might be very slightly nearsighted, and that I really didn’t require glasses at this time. But he ended up giving me a prescription for glasses, and my mother put it away safely in her purse, as she had decided that she would first have our family doctor examine me to see if he could find another reason for my “headaches” before she bought me glasses.

Of course our family doctor couldn’t find any reason for the headaches, and when he was told that I had been given a prescription for glasses his advice was to have the prescription filled and see if the headaches stopped. In the meantime I had taken the prescription that the eye doctor had written from my mother’s purse. It said -.25 for both eyes. I took a pen with the same color of ink and I extended the 2 so that the bottom of the 2 came into, and obliterated the dot. Then I placed the dot between the 2 and the 5, and I added a 0 at the end. When I was finished my prescription now read –2.50 for both eyes. I had taken a very big chance, and fortunately I was lucky. My mother had never even looked at my prescription, and I don’t think she even looked at the slip when she handed it to the optician at the store where we went to get my glasses.

When I got my new glasses I was very worried. I had a hard time to make my eyes focus through the lenses. But when I was asked how everything looked I told the optician and my mom that I could see much better with the glasses. The next few days were very hard. I had never really had any headaches until I tried to wear these glasses all day. But, I managed to keep them on for the first week, and by the end of the week I was able to see fairly well, and the headaches had gone.

For the first 6 months I wore the glasses constantly. When I took them off it would take a few minutes for my eyes to come back to normal, but they always did, and after about 10 minutes without my glasses I could see everything clearly without them again. I was disappointed, but I still kept wearing the glasses. I think it was around the time of my 11th birthday that I took the glasses off, and I noticed that things stayed blurry without my glasses. Now I was happier.

By the time I was turning 12 my mother decided I should have another eye examination. I was worried, because I knew the doctor would notice my stronger lenses. So, the day before my exam I conveniently fell while riding my bicycle and destroyed my glasses. When I left the doctor’s office I had a new prescription for –1.50D for both eyes. I didn’t want weaker glasses, but I didn’t know what to do. Again fortune smiled on me. On our way to the mall my mom was called back to work because of an emergency, so she gave me some money to use as a deposit to have my new glasses made and dropped me at the opticians. I walked on past the opticians, and went to the food court and sat at a table where I could change the prescription slip. Now my prescription read –4.50 for both eyes. Then I went in and selected a new frame, and ordered my new glasses. They told me that I could have them in an hour if I waited, so I called mom, and she told me that she would be back to get me and pay for them within that time. Again I found the new glasses to be quite strong, but this time I knew what to expect, so it didn’t seem to be as hard for me to get used to them.

By age 14 I was still wearing the –4.50D glasses. I have always been an avid reader, and I had heard that reading a book wearing your glasses with the book held as close to your eyes as possible would make your eyes worse. So, as soon as I could make my eyes focus through the –4.50D lenses I started to bring my book as close as possible. Now I really couldn’t see things in the distance very clearly, so I told my parents that I thought I needed new glasses. My mom wanted to make an appointment with the same doctor, but I suggested that we could use the doctor at the optical store, and she agreed.

This time my real prescription was –5.25D for both eyes. I knew I wasn’t going to have a chance to get a stronger pair of glasses so I just ordered a pair of glasses in my own prescription. Then, after another year of intense close up reading, I required another increase, and at age 15 I was wearing a prescription of –6.50D. By age 16, when I first started to correspond with David I legitimately needed –7.50D for my most recent prescription.

I know it is going to sound crazy, but I had written that I had started my own myopic progression, and that I wanted even stronger glasses in the future on a website devoted to vision. I received a number of comments telling me that I was crazy, and a number of comments that suggested that I was likely naturally myopic, and had not done anything to make myself myopic. One person suggested that he understood, and he posted his address if I wished to send him a message. So, I did, and that began a 6-year flurry of e-mails.

David was an interesting man to correspond with. I told him far more about myself than I ever thought I could reveal to anyone. And in turn he told me all about his own life, and his obsession with high myopia. Then, to my surprise he offered to send me three pairs of glasses. One pair was in a –9.25D prescription, another pair was a –10.75D prescription and the third pair was a –12.25D prescription. It took a while before I could manage to arrange another eye examination, but when I did I was able to convince my parents that I now needed to wear the –9.25D glasses. Since the other two pairs of glasses were in exactly the same frames, within a year and a half I was wearing the –12.25D ones. It was around this time that I had been reading a series of books that involved time travel, and although I knew it was complete fiction I began to fantasize about going back in time, to when David was young, and still a single man. It didn’t hurt my thoughts at all when David sent me a picture of himself at age 26, and I could tell that, even though he wasn’t really a glasses wearer, he was an extremely good looking man. I wanted a guy who was tall, good looking and wore strong glasses. David had 2 out of 3, and I knew his obsession for glasses would be more than enough to meet my third criteria.

A year after I started to wear the –12.25D glasses fulltime he sent me 3 more pairs of glasses. One pair was –13.75D, another pair was –15.25D, and the third pair was –16.75D. All these glasses again had identical frames, and I soon discovered that he was correct in doing what he had done. After I had another eye exam, and was able to convince my parents that I now had to wear the –13.75D glasses I found out that no one else really noticed what glasses I was wearing, even though the lens thickness was a little thicker in the stronger pairs. I was even able to go around wearing the –16.75D glasses over a pair of + 5D contact lenses, because my own real prescription was about –12D back then.

It took me almost a couple of years before I felt really comfortable wearing the –15.25D glasses full time. I did try to wear the –16.75D ones without contact lenses underneath, but they were still too strong, so I was thinking that I would likely have ended my myopic progression with the –15.25D glasses. But David still must have had hopes, because he then sent me a pair of –18.50D glasses. I was eventually able to wear the –16.75D glasses, and I wore them for a little more than a year. But still the –18.50D glasses seemed to be a little stronger than I could easily tolerate. So, I placed a bid on an internet auction and bought the oval gold frames. Then I took them to a local optician and using a forged prescription slip I ordered myself the –17.50D glasses that I was presently wearing. I felt they were a little too strong for me, but it was not really hard to wear them. I had received a number of compliments on these glasses from friends and co workers, because they were an actual pair of 60’s gold wire framed glasses, and I had the optician use regular crown glass for the lenses, so they were quite thick and strong looking, but even so they looked quite good on me.

I left school, and I took a job as a travel agent when I had turned 19. I was earning very good money, because I got a lot of commissions, and some very nice tips as well. My parents and I had a falling out and I no longer lived at home, but instead I rented a furnished room near my work. During my time working as a travel agent I discovered that there were a number of places around the world that people had mysteriously disappeared from. So, I got thinking more and more about the possibility that a person could move around in time.

I discovered that there was a place in Scotland, near Loch Ness where a number of people had supposedly vanished mysteriously over the years. I also wondered if the reason for the Loch Ness monster could be that the waters of Loch Ness might be hiding a black hole, and the sightings of the monster might really be a creature from the past that had come through the black hole and was just popping its head out for a look around. Then I found that there was another location in Tibet, and one in Jamaica where a number of disappearances had occurred. Then I discovered an area in Washington State where there had been a number of Sasquatch sightings that also was known for the disappearance of people. Also known for Bigfoot sightings and disappearances is an area of Humboldt County in California. So again I wondered if the Sasquatch and Bigfoot had come through some form of time travel or time warp. But my biggest shock was when I discovered that there was an area right in my home state of North Carolina, in the Singletary Lake State Park that had experienced a number of mysterious disappearances.

So, I rented a car and I drove up to Singletary Lake. The first few weekends I searched I found nothing, but on my 4th trip I discovered a circular area that was surrounded by stones. These stones really had no reason to be there. They were not part of a natural rock formation, but instead looked to have been placed there with great care. And, there were some strange symbols crudely drawn on the rocks. I tried as hard as I could to decipher what was written. One symbol appeared to be a key, and another symbol showed the sun divided in half with the rays coming from the top. Another symbol was reversed, with the suns rays at the bottom. Of course I read into these symbols what I wanted to read into them, but I felt that the key symbol meant that these stones were a gateway. And the symbol of the suns seemed to indicate the summer solstice and the winter solstice. If indeed this was the gateway to another time I assumed that it would only open on December 20 and June 20. I wanted to try this as soon as possible. However, I wasn’t ready yet.

It took me a lot more research before I could even begin to put my plan into action. My first worry was how I would manage to go back exactly 43 years. For my plan to work I was going to have to appear in David’s life in 1964, before he finished school, got trapped in the workforce, and got married. And, then the burning questions in my mind were; “Would he want me? Would he find me attractive enough? Would he be able to accept my thick glasses, and be able to sell the idea that he wanted me as his wife to his mother?” He had often written in his letters that he would have given anything in the world to have met me when he was just a year or so older than I was now. So I had to go, on my gut feeling that if I pushed him in the right direction he would want me very badly.

The worry about where I would end up gradually disappeared. I read a number of books on time travel that seemed to indicate that a person could go back in time to meet someone they loved, and cared deeply for in order to change something in that person’s life for the better. I definitely felt that I loved David, and I knew I could guide him in a direction that would make his life much more pleasant if I was his wife. So, my preparations intensified. I could not go during the winter solstice, but my goal was now the summer solstice. And, if things didn’t work out, I figured I could always return. However my next move was going to make the return hard.

I purchased a lot of good diamond jewelry. Oh, I didn’t have the money to pay for it, but I was able to obtain some credit cards with decent limits that enabled me to do this. And, I started to collect silver coins from 1964 and before. I managed to acquire over $500.00 of silver coins, but again it was at a high cost to my credit cards. I wasn’t worried about paying off my credit cards because with luck the card issuers would never be able to find me to collect their money.

I was going to have a problem with my identity though. I had no idea how I would be able to get the necessary documentation to give me what I needed. I searched on the internet, and then one day I discovered something that might work for me. In the early summer of 1964 a young girl of 22 went missing. Her purse was the only thing that was found, and now 43 years later her body still hadn’t been discovered. She had been a student nurse, and like me was quite nearsighted. A couple of years later a man had been arrested for killing 12 girls, and he had confessed to her murder, although when he attempted to lead the police to the location of her body it was no longer there. I made sure I knew all the details. This might just work in my favor.

So, I was finally ready. I shouldered my heavy backpack, and I drove my old car to Singletary Lake State park. I wanted to be there the night before the summer solstice, just in case. That night I slept in the center of the circle of stones, but nothing happened. So, I managed to spend the following day reading a good book, and by the time night fell on the evening of the summer solstice I was ready. I didn’t go to sleep that night. At midnight I was standing in the center, when all of a sudden there was an intense flash of light, and howling winds battered me from side to side. The winds knocked me to my knees, and I eventually fell to the ground unconscious.

When I woke up everything was still and peaceful. The birds were chirping in the trees, and the warmth of the daylight warmed my stiff body. I wondered if I had been successful, but I didn’t spend too much time worrying about that. My biggest concern was that my glasses had traveled safely with me, and they had. I reached up and slid the croakie up over my head in order to remove it from my glasses. I relished the blur I saw when I removed my glasses. There probably isn’t another 22-year-old girl anywhere in the world that loves her myopia as much as I do. I had to bring the earpiece of my glasses to within about 8 centimeters from my eyes to see clearly enough to remove the croakie from my left earpiece. Then I had to repeat the procedure with the right earpiece. Now that the croakie was removed I toyed with my glasses for a minute, and I brought them slowly up to the end of my nose.

Anybody who is severely nearsighted knows that there is a point where all you can see clearly is the outline of the lenses. Then as you bring them closer to the end of your nose the area of the lenses starts to show outlines of things through them that become a little clearer, and then as you slowly slide the glasses up your nose everything gradually comes into focus. I love this point. The feeling is so intense, and I wouldn’t trade being as blind as I am without glasses for anything in the world. As long as I have my glasses on I do not feel in the least bit handicapped.

I gathered my backpack, and strapped it to my back again. I walked out of the forest in the direction of the parking area, and when I saw the cars in the parking lot I was thrilled. Every car there was from the early 60’s. I tried to read the year on the license plates, but I couldn’t see clearly. This was strange. Before I went through the gateway I was, to the best of my reckoning, still at least more than –1D over corrected. Now I had to hold my glasses right tight to the bridge of my nose to see clearly. Then it came to me. This is where the croakie held my glasses tight to my face. When I came through the gateway my vision adjusted to the prescription I was wearing, and now I would need to have my glasses uncomfortably tight to my face. I hadn’t counted on needing new glasses. This was an expense I really couldn’t afford. I knew I had my –18.50D glasses in my backpack, but the frame style was nothing like anyone wore in the 60’s. This pair of glasses was a high index plastic lens in a plastic frame, and I knew they would look out of place.

I think I lasted for about 15 minutes of squinting before I broke down and got my –18.50D glasses out. I put them on and was so glad to have the slight overcorrection again. If anybody commented I would just have to tell them I had gotten these glasses in Europe. No one would know the difference, and I just couldn’t stand not being able to see well.

There was a newspaper in a box, and I leaned down to see if I could read the date. It read June 20, 1964. I was thrilled. Everything had worked out. Now all I had to do was put my plan into action. I had to be in West Chester Pennsylvania before July 7th, as that was when Wendy Jacobs’ purse was found. She had disappeared the evening of July 5, 1964, so I had a window of opportunity there that I was sure I could use.

I had 2 weeks to get from White Lake North Carolina to West Chester Pennsylvania. I had to hitchhike from White Lake into Clinton, and then from Clinton into Dunn, but then I was able to take a bus north into Wilmington, Delaware. In Wilmington I took some of my coins to a bank and changed them into bills, as my backpack had gotten a bit heavy carrying $500.00 of coins. I stayed at a YWCA in Wilmington through the July 4th holiday, and then the morning of July 5 I hitchhiked north up 202 into West Chester. I got a room in a motel in West Chester, and fortunately I was within walking distance of where Wendy’s purse was found.

I woke early on the morning of July 6, and I headed to where the newspaper accounts had reported that Wendy’s purse was found. Sure enough, it was there. I felt a little guilty taking it, because now I would become Wendy, and her parents would always wonder why she had run away from home. But, I could never meet them, so they would have to suffer. However, there was one thing I could do to prevent any of the other 9 girls from getting killed. Sharon Lake was the 4th victim of Garry Stacey, the killer of Wendy. I knew when and where he was going to attempt to abduct Sharon, so I phoned the police, and I told them his name, and that he was going to try to kill a Sharon Lake. I explained that he was the killer of 2 other girls, and I gave the police their names, where they were killed, and where the bodies were buried.

By following footprints I had discovered where Garry had hidden Wendy’s body. In order for my ruse to work I was going to have to hide it somewhere that it could never be found. There was a municipal incinerator nearby, so that night I carried Wendy’s body to the incinerator, and I managed to place her inside the blazing fire pit. Now I was Wendy Jacobs.

Back in my motel room I looked through Wendy’s purse. She had a pair of prescription sunglasses, and I tried them on. Wendy was quite nearsighted all right, and even though her lenses looked to be fairly thick I could see very little through her glasses. They were far too weak for me, and I estimated that they were probably around –10D. According to the picture on her driver’s license Wendy was a little heavier than me, and she wore her hair shorter. But her general facial features were close to mine, so I figured I could just tell people that I had let my hair grow, and had lost some weight. The main thing was that Wendy and I were very close to the same height, and we both had green eyes. Her license was restricted to the wearing of glasses, and that was a good thing, because it was very obvious from the thickness and the cut in of my lenses that I really needed to wear my glasses to see past the end of my nose, and it would be impossible for me to drive without them.

The next day I took a bus from West Chester into Philadelphia, and then I took a train to New York City. I stayed in New York for a few days, and then I took a bus to Buffalo New York. From Buffalo I took another bus to Toronto, Canada, where I hoped to meet up with David in a little over a month from now. He would be in Toronto the first week of September to start university.

I had asked David a lot of questions about his life in Toronto, so I knew where he had lived. I managed to rent a furnished room that was one bus stop further north from where he would be getting on his bus every morning. On nice fall mornings I could walk to his stop and hopefully ride the same bus as he did to the subway station. Then we could ride the train downtown. I knew he couldn’t help but notice me. I am quite attractive, and have long flowing brown hair. I have a trim body, a nice tight butt, and a decent pair of breasts. And, hopefully by the time I met David I would have my new glasses. With my prescription of –18.50D done in the plastic lenses of the 60’s I would have very thick lenses. If I wanted to avoid myodiscs I would likely have to settle for regular lenses done with about a –6D front curve, making my lenses very biconcave, and still very thick.

The next thing I did was to find an eye doctor to get an eye examination. I had been wearing my –18.50D glasses ever since I had come through the gateway, and I knew they were no more than strong enough, although I didn’t know why my eyes had deteriorated so much in only a couple of months. I wore the –18.50D glasses almost to the office door, and then I quickly changed to my –17.50D ones. I knew the doctor would not believe my explanation that my glasses had come from Europe, because the only index for the CR39 plastic that was available in the 60’s was 1.49, and my –18.50D ones were 1.67 index. Also, the –18.50D glasses had an anti reflective coating, which was also not available yet. I hated to wear the old –17.50D glasses. Everything I looked at in the distance now appeared quite blurred.

The doctor examined my old glasses, and advised me I had a very strong prescription. Like I didn’t know that? Then he asked me if I was having trouble seeing, and I told him everything was a major blur if it was more than a few feet away. When he asked me my age, and I told him that I was 22, he seemed surprised with how bad my eyes were, and that my eyes were still getting worse, but then he led me into the examining room. I know he started with my old prescription, and when he asked me what I could see I told him I could see the big E clearly, but everything on the next line was a bit blurred. He asked me if I could read it anyway, so I read off the FPT for him. I could see the next line well enough to read it, so I did. When I got to the 4th line down I could almost read it as well, but I told him I couldn’t, and he expressed amazement. Then he moved me down to what I presumed was the 20/20 line, and I really could see nothing. He started clicking the lenses in front of my eyes, and finally the letters came into focus. I didn’t say anything, but I moved my head back from the machine slightly. Then he clicked a couple more lenses in front of my eyes, and I told him that I could see all the letters quite well now. Of course he asked me to read them to him, and when I did he was satisfied.

He advised me that my prescription had gone up –2.50D from my old glasses and that I would now need lenses with a prescription of –20D for my new glasses. I could hardly believe what he had said. I had often told David that I would be satisfied if my eyes got close to –20D, and now they were there. Then the doctor tried to convince me that I should be wearing contact lenses. I asked him the price, and when he told me I choked and told him I just couldn’t afford that right now. The lenses and the fitting would cost almost $500.00 in 1964 dollars.

This eye doctor had a selection of frames in his reception area, so I decided I would order new glasses. The receptionist was also the optician, and she helped me find a frame I liked. Then she told me that with my prescription the only lens choice I was going to have would be a myodisc. I knew what a myodisc was, and I was really looking forward to wearing myodiscs. I knew David would be more than thrilled to see me wearing myodiscs. So, I ordered plastic myodiscs, with a fairly small bowl size. She called it a button though. Apparently the only place that could make these lenses for me was a company called Imperial Optical and they were right down the street. The receptionist phoned them, and ordered the lenses, telling them that it was an emergency, as I had just broken my old glasses. I felt it was an emergency all right. I hadn’t realized that my prescription had climbed quite so much.

Three days later I got the call at my rooming house that my glasses had come in from the supplier. So I grabbed a bus to the subway, and took the Red Rocket downtown. I had been wearing my –18.50D glasses during the waiting time, and I could hardly tell they were a little weak for me. They didn’t seem so weak that I was going to need another –-1.50D, but I was happy to be getting myodiscs. I changed to my –17.50D glasses just before I reached the store, and I went inside and walked up to the reception desk. She took my new glasses out of a case, and she removed my old ones. She gently placed the new myodiscs on my face, and pushed them tight to the bridge of my nose. It was then that I realized that the 3 or 4 millimeters that I had pulled my face away from the machine had likely resulted in me getting an increase of about –1.50D in my prescription. She had me look around, and when I was doing so I moved the glasses ever so slightly away from the bridge of my nose. That was better. She wanted to know if they needed any adjusting, and I told her they felt fine. I paid the balance of my bill, and I headed back to my rooming house.

As I walked to the College subway stop I found that I was having a little trouble keeping my eyes inside the circles. I knew immediately when I reached the edge of the button, as everything then went extremely blurry. This was going to take some getting used to. But, from past experience I knew it would only be a few days before I felt very comfortable wearing them.

The downtown had just released all the workers, and when I crowded onto the subway car there were no seats available. I stood, facing the window glass, looking at my reflection in the dark glass. A couple of the stations were above ground, and I couldn’t stare at my reflection anymore, so I looked around the car. I am sure I saw a couple of fairly good looking men in business suits giving me a good once over, and when I looked one of the guys right in the eyes he looked right back at me. I wondered what he was thinking. In my other life, back in 2007 I had only ever seen a handful of people who wore glasses with myodisc lenses. I knew that there were likely just as many people, if not more who wore myodiscs in 1964, because contact lenses were so cheap and easy to wear in 2007 that I was sure that most of the people who would be myodisc wearers wore contacts. But still, even in 1964 a very pretty young girl wearing glasses with myodisc lenses was a rarity, and I felt a warm glow come over me.

The next morning I went back downtown. I was applying for a student nursing position at Wellesley Hospital, and since I was an American student I hoped that I could work around the red tape. Fortunately it was a lot easier to work and study in Canada in 1964. I could never have done it this way in 2007. I had my position, even though the head nurse, a very attractive looking African American lady commented on how strong my glasses were. I later found out that her daughter, who was very close to my age, also wore myodiscs, so that might have helped me obtain the position.

Soon I settled into a routine. I had 3 more weeks to wait before David arrived in Toronto to begin university, so I threw myself into my job. It was on a Tuesday morning in early September that I realized David would be riding the same bus as I was within the next day or so. The bus pulled up at the next stop, the stop where David would be getting on, and I glanced at the passengers as they came through the door. My heart stopped. There was David paying his fare. He walked down the aisle, and as he approached I saw him stare at me. I quickly moved over, and told him that he could sit down, and he did.

I could see that David was trying not to be too obvious about it, but he was staring at my glasses out of the corner of his eye. He was painfully shy, but I knew that, so I was prepared to draw him out. When the bus pulled up at the subway he asked me where I was going, and I told him. He suggested that he would love to ride downtown with me, and I agreed that that would be nice. When we were getting close to my stop he managed to ask me the question I had been waiting for.

“My name is David. Would you be willing to give me your name and phone number?” David asked.

“Sure, my name is Wendy Jacobs. My number is 486 2374. You can call me before 8 pm if you want to call.” I replied as the train drew to its normal screeching halt.

“Wendy, 486 2374. Is that right?” David asked as he wrote it down.

“Yes, don’t loose it now. Call me sometime.” I replied as I left the train.

That evening the phone rang for me. It was David, and we talked for a while. Since we both lived in boarding houses we could not monopolize the phone, and before we hung up we agreed to meet at his bus stop in the morning. We saw each other for a few days, and I could easily tell that David was infatuated with me. I knew my myodiscs had been my biggest asset, attracting David like no other girl could ever hope to. But within a short period of time I knew that David was falling in love with me as a person, and my glasses had only been the initial part of the attraction.

I had to work Saturday, so David met me downtown after work, and we went for something to eat, and then a movie. We rode the bus back north, and David walked me to my door. The following day we were going to go to a friends place in Willowdale, a northern suburb of the city. I was ready for David when he arrived to pick me up at 8 am. We walked out to Bathurst Street, and we caught a bus north to Finch, arriving there an hour or so later. We met David’s friends Pete and Al, and there was a third guy with them that David had never met before. Gary was tall, and blond with curly hair, and was wearing strong glasses with a prescription of at least –15D, maybe more. I knew without him telling me that David had never met Gary before because of the way he kept looking at Gary whenever he thought no one was watching him. David was staring at Gary’s glasses with envy, and I knew what was going through his mind. I had the same thoughts for years, whenever I saw someone with a prescription stronger than mine. But now, my prescription was suitably strong, and there was very little chance of me seeing another girl my age with a stronger prescription than mine.

We had a lot of fun. Pete and Al and Gary had picked up their girlfriends, and we had gone to a popular beach area for the day. Gary and his girlfriend rode with Al and his girlfriend and David and I rode with Pete and Jennifer, his girlfriend. After we ate hamburgers at a burger place called Harvey’s, Pete and Jen offered to drive David and I home. When we arrived back at my house David dropped me off, and Pete took him home.

The following morning when we met at our normal time at the bus stop David told me that Pete had complimented him on finding such an attractive and nice girlfriend. But he also told me that Pete had commented on how it was a shame my eyes were so bad. I wasn’t insulted though, as I knew that a lot of people would think this way.

I had brought a few pairs of –14D contact lenses with me through the gateway. I had also brought a supply of plus lenses for David, so that I could have him do GOC later. But now my eyesight had deteriorated so rapidly coming through the gateway that –14D would do me no good. I knew that I would need close to –16D contacts now, as my glasses were still a little too strong. It wasn’t worth the chance of going back through the gateway though, so I would just have to make do with wearing glasses until I could save enough money for the hard plastic contact lenses that were on the market in 1964. There were a few other things that I wished for. I would have liked to have a cell phone so David and I could call each other more. I missed my mp3 player, however most of the songs I would have liked had not yet been sung, so I guess I missed them also. And I missed my computer, and the internet friends I had. But so far everything that had happened had far surpassed my wildest dreams.

David was talking about taking me north, to his hometown to meet his family for the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday. That is when I made my first gaffe. I suggested that we should wait until I had enough money to get contact lenses, and could go through the 6 weeks of getting used to them. That would have been all right if I had stopped there, but when I said that his mother would not like me if she saw me wearing such strong glasses I saw his face take on a funny look. He asked, and I replied that he must have told me that his mom didn’t like it when he brought home a girl who wore glasses. That sort of satisfied him, but I knew his mind was working overtime trying to remember how and what he had said. We were not yet close enough for me to tell him the truth.

So David went home for the long weekend by himself. I was able to work, but I missed him terribly. I was determined that I would be wearing contact lenses by Christmas. When David returned I told him that I had almost enough money saved for contact lenses, and he surprised me by offering to give me the balance. This indicated that he had missed me very much in the three-day absence.

Two hours the first day. Three hours the next day, increasing an hour per day until I reached a ten or twelve hour wearing day. Go without contacts one day a week to rest your eyes. Never use tap water, but instead use a special saline solution to rinse the lenses, and use a special soaking solution to keep the lenses in overnight. I was very adept at putting the lenses in my eyes, but they were (expletive deleted) painful. The day I first put them in I thought I was going to die from the pain. I could barely wear them the 2 hours. The doctor suggested that I might want to go for a few days of two hour wearing first, and I agreed with him. But my vision was very good wearing them. I had worn my –20D myodiscs for almost 3 months when I went back to be examined for contacts, and without any cheating on my part the doctor told me that my glasses prescription was still perfect for my eyes.

Thanks to David in 2007 I knew that the change of my focal length to go from a –18.50D prescription to a –20D prescription was only 5mm. This is only a small change, especially when you consider that a child who increases from –1D to –5D has a change of 800 mm in their focal length. Any further changes to my focal length would result in much stronger prescriptions, and although I really liked my present prescription, and had always dreamed about being a –20D myope, I didn’t really want to go to a much higher prescription in the near future. So, I was probably going to have to change some of my habits, the worst one being that I brought everything up very close to my glasses, and now my contact lenses to see.

The first little while I wore my contact lenses in the evening when I was at home. By the time I got up to the six-hour wear time I had to change my routine though. I wore my glasses to go downtown with David, and then when I got to work I would insert my lenses. I was taking a lot longer to get used to wearing my contacts, but I was comfortable with the way I was doing it. Then I reached a point where I was wearing them for more than the 8 hours a day that I was at work. I compromised for David and I would wear my glasses first thing in the morning for the ride downtown. Then I would wear my contacts when we rode home together. But before long that ended, and I was now wearing my contact lenses for 12, and even 14 hours a day. I know David was disappointed, and I actually was as well, but we both knew I had to do this. One look at my strong myodiscs and David’s mother would do her best to destroy our relationship. I wasn’t going to hide the fact that I needed glasses. David and I had that worked out. If the subject of eyesight ever came up, or if she noticed my contact lens paraphernalia I was going to tell her that I was nearsighted like her mother. David told me that that would shut her up.

By now I knew David was not going to many of his classes. He had not said a word to me, but when I asked him about it he told me that he just lost interest in the course of studies his parents had chosen for him. I suggested that he drop out, and get a job. He asked where, and I suggested the big optical lens-grinding lab that had made my myodiscs for my optician. I knew the name of the company, and I had found their factory, a big 4-story building not far from where we were. David protested that he could not disappoint his parents. I told him that he could choose to follow his heart, and do what he was interested in now, or he would end up disappointing his parents at a later date anyway. He agreed that he would consider that after we went north for Christmas, so I let it lie.

By now I was up to a full day of wearing my contact lenses. I was supposed to go without contacts one whole day every week, so at first I chose the day that David and I spent together. Then after I reached a point of wearing my contacts from the time I got up to the time I went to bed I started to wear my glasses every other day. I had to keep my eyes accustomed to my lenses, but I didn’t really want to wear contacts. I was a devoted glasses girl, even though I knew I couldn’t see nearly as well with my glasses as I could with the contact lenses.

Our Christmas visit with David’s parents went very well. His 2 sisters and his brother were very nice to me, and his parents seemed to accept me as well. I did bring up the fact that I wore contacts, but it seemed to be a non-issue, whereas I am sure that my glasses would have been a real issue. I wore my contact lenses the entire 10 days we were there. The first day I paced the steps from my bedroom to the bathroom, walking it a few times with my eyes closed. And it worked. I never once had to pull my glasses out. I was a little upset with David, because I had hoped that he would tell his parents that he was dropping out of school. But he couldn’t seem to find the courage to broach the subject. I could see why. The fact that David was going to follow his father’s footsteps into the family business was a given in the family, and his decision not to would have spoiled the mood of the holidays. He did have a chance when he was asked how his grades were, but he merely said he hadn’t been doing too well in some of his subjects.

When we returned to the city I insisted that David should advise the school that he was not returning. He wasn’t going to do it willingly, and I could see that. I had missed my window to return to 2007, but I was determined I wasn’t going to stick it out if he was going to be such a wimp. Finally I made a decision. I had to tell him the truth.

Fortunately David was quite a reader, and while he liked mysteries the best, science fiction was definitely part of his reading. So, I told him the story of how we had met, and how he had helped me become much more nearsighted by his gifts of stronger glasses. He was incredulous. There had been an issue of 5 quarters a year by the government. Each state had their own special quarter. I brought one of these quarters with me, and when I showed David the Montana 2007 quarter I had gotten a few days before I came through the gateway he finally realized I was telling him the truth.

“But what if I can’t make a living for us?” David asked.

“Honey, you don’t realize that you will never have to make a living. With the information I have in my mind from the future we can make a killing in the stock market. Or, if you like I can show you property to purchase that will make us a fortune. Money is not going to be a problem for us.” I replied.

“Are you sure?” David asked.

“Yes, I am sure. And, I also know how badly you want to wear glasses. I could tell how envious you were of Gary and his strong prescription the day we met him. You are likely a little too old to manage to attain much myopia, but I think we could get you a little bit of overcorrection that might stay. When you were in your 40’s you did manage to overcorrect to be able to wear a –10.25D lens in your right eye and a –8.00D lens for your left eye, but you lost that when you were almost 50.” I advised him.

He was excited about that idea. “How can we work it so that I can become nearsighted?” David asked.

“You are naturally –2.50D in your right eye and you are +0.50D in your left eye. Most emmetropic eyes can handle +0.50D without any correction, but for you to get glasses that are your correct prescription I can guarantee that you will not wear them.” I said.

“How do you know my prescription? Even I don’t know my prescription. And what do you mean I will not wear glasses if I get them?” David said incredulously.

“We discussed it in our conversations in the future. With your left eye you can see the 20/15 line on an eye chart. If they put a lens in front of your right eye to correct your natural myopia in that eye you will be able to get 20/20 vision in that eye. But, your left eye will still be better than that if they use a plain glass lens, so they will give you a +0.50D lens and it will lower your left eye’s visual acuity to 20/20. You will not like this. And you have gone since you were 12 years old without binocular vision, so you will not like wearing glasses that seem to make your vision worse.” I replied.

“What do you suggest? Or rather what would I have told you that I should have done at my age?” David asked.

Now he was getting the picture. Almost everything I knew I had learned it from him during our 6-year relationship.

“What I think you would have suggested is that we get you a pair of glasses with a prescription of –2D for your right eye. And for your left eye we should start with a prescription of - 0.50D. You will be able to tolerate that, and although you will not like wearing glasses with such a low prescription we have to try to bring your eyes a little closer together. With a weaker than needed right eye prescription the right eye will not be able to overcome the clarity of overcorrected vision from the left eye. And hopefully after doing this for a few months we can increase the prescription in your left eye even further. Maybe we might have to bring your right eye up a little then, but maybe we won’t. Only time will tell.” I replied.

David wanted to start this vision training right away. But I managed to convince him that he should wait until he was working at the Lens Lab. So the first day he could David went to the registrar and advised them he was leaving university. Then he applied for a position at Imperial Optical. He was fortunate. There was a job available, and he took it. Cleaning the lens grinding machines was not going to be a glamorous job, but it was a foot in the door. And if he did a good job I was sure they would teach him how to set up the machines, and then he would be able to grind the lenses.

David waited until after he had received his first paycheck before he called his parents to tell them he had dropped out of school and had gotten a job. His father had been a Colonel in the army during the Second World War, and he knew one of the head people at the company, but when he asked David if he should call his friend David asked him not to, so I guess he agreed. David did say that he seemed a bit upset at him though.

Back then there were no 1-hour optical stores. The closest thing to it was a company called Public Optical, which was owned by the company David worked for. There were also no photocopiers, and a mimeograph machine just wouldn’t make a decent blank prescription slip. I had thought of this when I went to my own eye doctor, and I had lifted a couple of blank slips from a prescription pad he had lying on a table next to the phoropter. I told David that I had them, but we wanted a few more, so David went to have his eyes tested by another doctor. He managed to lift a whole pad without this doctor noticing. So we wrote David out a prescription and we took the prescription to Public Optical where David could get a 25% discount. We ordered David a nice looking heavy black-framed pair like Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison wore. David wasn’t happy with the weak appearance of the lenses though. He felt better after I explained to him that he had to start somewhere.

One afternoon when David picked me up at the hospital he was quite excited. He had been shopping at an army surplus store on Church Street before he came to meet me, and he told me that the older gentleman that looked after him was wearing a pair of myodiscs. I was wearing my myodiscs that day, and David wanted to take me back and show me the gentleman, so I went back with him. I wasn’t that excited, but still it was nice to see another myodisc wearer. I could have told David that if he really wanted to I had a way that he could wear myodiscs from time to time as well, but I wasn’t sure he was ready for the plus contact lenses I had brought with me.

After 6 months of wearing glasses David felt that he still hadn’t gained any myopia. But I knew that his eyes were now accustomed to having a mild minus in front of them, so I suggested that we increase the power of the left lens to –1.00D. We did that, and for the next six months David wore these glasses constantly. Now he noticed that the vision in his left eye was not quite as sharp as it had been when he took off his glasses. Then we increased the left lens to –1.50D, and increased the right lens to –2.25D. I was pleased that David reported that his right lens was still just a little blurry. It had to be that way for at least one more prescription change.

By this time David and I were planning to get married. Wendy had actually been in nursing for a year in Pennsylvania before she was killed, and her credit had transferred with me. I only had another 6 months of training to go through before I would be a nurse. And, once I finished my training I would not be able to work in Canada, but if we were married I could either remain in Canada, or David could be sponsored by me to enter the USA.

For our wedding David chose a nice oval shaped pair of gold wire framed glasses. I was going to wear my contact lenses, because I just didn’t want any problems with David’s mother. She would know about my strong myodiscs soon enough. Although, I wasn’t sure I should stop wearing my contact lenses. Since I had gotten them my prescription had stabilized. This might have been due to the fact that I was now 24, and my prescription likely would have stabilized anyway though.

The wedding went well. We had gotten married in David’s hometown, at the church he had attended when he was younger. I had told his parents I was an orphan, so that explained why I had no relatives to invite. However the hall was filled to capacity for the reception and the wedding dance. David’s mother had made a bit of a fuss about the fact that David was wearing glasses for his wedding, but I told her it didn’t really bother me. She finally shut up about it when I mentioned that her own mother was quite nearsighted, and that maybe the myopia had skipped a generation. And it also helped that David’s younger sister was now wearing glasses, although she took them off for all the wedding pictures.

Now David and I could live together without his parents being upset. We had gotten an apartment together after he dropped out of school and started working. His parents hadn’t known I was living there with him though. Things were much more straight-laced and proper back in the mid 60’s.

David was very sexually inclined. I know I turned him on just with my looks, but I also made sure I wore my glasses every evening after supper. So, most of our sexual pleasures were done with me wearing my myodiscs. We had taken precautions to prevent a pregnancy, because I had explained to David that we needed to acquire some money to invest first. I had sold my diamonds, and had invested the money in stocks that I knew were going to increase significantly in value, and they had not disappointed me. Our nest egg was growing. Because of the war in Vietnam David and I had decided to remain in Canada. But in 1969 we went to California and visited some of his relations there. I knew what was going to happen to property values in Long Beach, so we purchased a small house close to the ocean. David’s cousin was willing to make sure the house was rented, and make sure that any necessary repairs were done, so we paid him 2 months rent a year for this service. David could not believe it when I told him that we would be able to sell this house for well over a million dollars after the turn of the century.

David was doing quite well at the Optical company. He was now making specialty lenses, and I wanted him to make me a pair of glass-lensed myodiscs in a very small bowl size for me. I had my eyes examined, and was very surprised to find that I did need a slight increase to –21.00D. But when David brought home my new glasses I was very pleased with them. And, I also purchased a new pair of contact lenses as well. I wasn’t too upset about the increase, as it had been 5 years since my last one.

David had done quite well with his own prescription over the last 4 years. We had fed him a steady diet of –0.50D increases for his left eye and it had reached –4.50D. His right eye had slowly been moved up to –5.00D, and he seemed to be able to see quite well with both eyes together. So, I figured that it might be time for a little more. The next time we added –1.00D to each eye, and David was quite comfortable with that prescription. I had worn –3.00D stronger than I had required more than once, but I didn’t want David’s eyes to experience any rejection.

A couple of years later David had climbed steadily to –8.00D in his left eye, and his right eye was –8.50D. He wore regular plastic lenses in a fairly large frame, and even with plano fronts his glasses now looked quite strong and thick. I never saw him without glasses anymore, as they were the first thing he put on in the morning, and the last thing he removed at night. A few days after David had gotten this pair of glasses we drove north to visit his parents for the day. It was David’s 30th birthday, and they wanted to have us up for it. David asked me to wear my glasses as well, so I did. Much to his mother’s credit she did not say a word, either about the obviously strong appearance of David’s new glasses, or about my extremely strong myodiscs. I am not sure if this meant that she must have really liked me in order for her to not say a word about my glasses.

This might have been because both of David’s younger sisters were now wearing fairly strong glasses. His closest sister who was 4 years younger had developed quite a bit more myopia during her 4 years at university, and her glasses appeared now to be also around –8D. And I knew that his youngest sister had been avoiding getting glasses when she was 17 at the time of our wedding, because I had noticed her squinting like crazy to try to see things. At the time I had commented on the fact that she likely needed glasses, and she had agreed that she had been hiding the fact that her eyesight was very poor for a couple of years now. She then told me that she was going to get glasses soon, because she wanted to be able to drive, and could not hope to even come close to passing the eye test. When we met her that weekend I was a little surprised to see that her glasses appeared to be somewhere in the range of –10D or –11D. She had completed her university studies, but was studying law, and all that studying had taken its toll on her eyesight

Our plan for David was to have him receive 2 more increases before his next birthday. He would then be 31, and he would be wearing –10D for his left eye, and –10.50D for his right eye. After seeing the amount of myopia that both his sisters had developed I now felt that there was a pretty good chance that we would be able to get David to this point, and maybe beyond, as I also knew that to maintain a –10D prescription he would have to wear –12D for a while, and he would then likely drop back. He would have loved to wear glasses as strong as I wore, but we both knew this was not a possibility. I did hope that his myopia was not just his cillary muscle working overtime, but had indeed translated into actually lengthening his eyeball. But we would not know for sure for a few years.

Another thing we had planned for the next year was to start a family. I went off the birth control pills that I had been taking. The doctor had advised that we wait a few months after I finished taking the pill before I became pregnant. This was hard for us to do. We were used to sex at least 3 nights a week, and often we would spend all Sunday morning in bed. But we managed to abstain for a few months. David made me promise to let him make me a new pair of glasses to wear in bed with him, so I agreed, and when he brought them home for me I was amazed at how incredibly thick they were. The frame size was bigger than I was used to, but of course around this time the new larger plastic frames were coming into style. The myodisc bowl was about twice as big as the 20 mm that I had been wearing, and the lenses appeared to be a full 1” thick at the outside edge. And the temples were hinged well back from the frame, so that even with such an incredible lens thickness they would close. And when I looked at the front of the lens it was not perfectly flat, but instead appeared to indent inward. I couldn’t wear these in public. They looked awful.

“If you wear your new glasses I will take you to Shrivners tonight.” David said.

Shrivners is my absolute favorite restaurant. “I can’t wear these David. They look terrible. I will look ugly.” I protested.

“You are so gorgeous babe you can’t possibly look ugly. They are the most modern looking frames I could choose. Won’t you wear them for me?” David almost begged me.

With David begging me to wear the glasses and with an offer of a supper at Schrivners I was sufficiently bribed. I tried the glasses on, and David fitted them to my face. For such thick looking lenses they were amazingly light. I liked the fact that I had much better peripheral vision with the larger 40mm bowl size. And after I wore them for a while I actually started to like the softness of vision I had through these lenses. It is hard to explain, but some glasses seem to make you work your eyes, and others just make your eyes relax. That is what these glasses seemed to do for me.

I showered, and got dressed. When I first started to make myself nearsighted I had not thought about the fact that when I became quite nearsighted I would not be able to see well enough to apply makeup. But once I realized that I just accepted that fact. And now, with a –21D prescription my focal length was 47mm. This means that I have to bring an object to within 47 mm of my eye to see it without glasses, and when I look in a mirror without glasses my focal length is cut in half because of the distance from my eye to the mirror and back. So, I just accept the fact that applying makeup is out, and I haven’t regretted this a bit.

I did feel very self-conscious wearing my new glasses. I know I received a number of stares, and I told David that I didn’t like it, but he told me that he thought I looked fantastic, so I should just ignore everyone else. After we returned home we celebrated with an evening of lovemaking, because our few months were over. When we woke up the next morning David asked me to put my new glasses on again for him, so I did, and we had sex again. After we showered together David wanted to take me shopping. What girl doesn’t want to go shopping? Well, I didn’t feel much like going to a mall wearing my new glasses, but again David insisted. I wore them for him all day Sunday as well, but on Sunday night when he wanted me to wear them to work on Monday I flatly refused.

“I am not going into work looking like someone who is visually handicapped David. You know that I love being as myopic as I am. You know that I worked hard to become as myopic as I am, and you know that I wouldn’t trade my myopia for 20/20 vision for anything in the world. But these glasses are downright ugly. They scream blind lady to anyone who looks at me. You must be able to make me a nicer looking new pair of glasses than this.” I said.

“We made a pair exactly like those only last week for a lady who is just as myopic as you are.” David said.

“Glasses like this will be the main reason so many high myopes will go to full time wear of contact lenses David. If I won’t wear them in public no one else will either.” I replied

“Will you wear them for me around the apartment?” David asked.

“I will if you want me to.” I replied.

“I want you to Wendy. Now will you wear these to work tomorrow?” David asked.

He pulled a glasses case out of his briefcase, and opened it to reveal a similar frame style. However the frame was a bit smaller, and the myodisc button was probably closer to 30 mm or less. This cut the lens thickness by over 50%. He handed them to me, and I put them on. They fit perfectly without any adjustment, and they had the same softness to the lenses that the other glasses had. I liked them much better than the original pair.

“Yes, I can wear these David.” They don’t look nearly as bad.” I replied.

“I love you for yourself Wendy. But you also must know I love you for your glasses as well.” David said as he carefully removed my glasses and kissed both my eyelids.

I put my other really thick glasses back on, and we retired to the bedroom. The next day I wore my new, nicer looking myodiscs to work. And nine months from that weekend I had a baby girl. Now, no matter what happened I would stay in this lifetime forever.

Now my man would never get to be too old for me.


Sept 2007

P.S. Be forewarned. There might be a sequel.