Once Upon A Sunny Day

by Specs4ever

My little obsession about wearing strong minus glasses has of late dictated my life. When I first discovered this amazing possibility of wearing plus contacts in order to be able to wear strong minus glasses, I was not in a position to be able to do so frequently. As the owner of a small business, all I could do was to pop in the contacts as I left home, and wear the glasses into work, which was about a 30 minute drive. When I was doing this, I would prolong the drive to about 45 minutes, stopping on the way, always at the same spot, for a coffee to go. But, when I got down the street from the parking lot, I would change to my own contacts, which were at the time a moderate minus.. And some days, I would not even wear the contacts at all, but would go the whole day using my -1.50 eye for what distance I could see and the other eye for up close. Then, to drive home again, I would revert to the plus minus glasses over contacts combination. And, anytime I had to drive into the next major city, I was in heaven, as it meant that if I left home in the morning, I was good for a couple of hours of glasses wear.

I sold my business, and became a salesman, on the road about 4 days a week. Most of the people I called on had only seen me in glasses, as this new job gave me the freedom to wear what I wanted. Due to vanity, and not wanting to seem to have too poor eyesight, I usually wore a pair of glasses that were a 18D . I have a fair collection of glasses, ranging from sunglasses to a really thin pair of very high index glass, that I would put on to visit my customers. There were at least 3 days a month that were spent driving, with no contact with customers, and on these days I would plan to wear my strongest glasses that were feasible from a visual point of view. This was a pair of -30 myodiscs, or another blended myodisc pair that was of high index glass. I had pretty well established my stopping points, and I was no stranger by now in most of the places I stopped for gas and food. And very few people gave me a second look, although I must admit that I would usually change from my thicker plastic myodiscs to the thinner, more pleasing looking pair.

Why bother you might ask. Well, sometimes I wonder myself, but I love wearing glasses. I get a thrill out of meeting a lady wearing a strong prescription, minus preferably, and conversing with her on a mutually acceptable topic, glasses of course. And, it has been my experience in the past that you have to be prepared at all times. I can't go walking through a mall, spot a lady with glasses and slip into the nearest washroom to put in contacts. By that time, she would be long gone, and the trail would be cold. So, I find that I like to wear them all the time. And, as far as visiting my customers, I might add that while I am waiting for the purchasing agent to meet with me, I have had some great glasses conversations with some secretaries. But, it is not always easy to do this. Some days my eyes reject the contacts, and I find that it is all I can do to wear them for my allocated time. I have even called on some customers "wearing contact lenses" on days that I couldn't stand wearing the plus lenses any longer. Usually it is on these days that I will run into a high minus that I really want to talk to, and if I have the nerve, I will do so without the aid of the glasses, telling her that I wear strong minus contacts.

Today was one of the -30 days. I had left the motel early, as there was a mall that I wanted to spend some time in. I wasn't hungry enough for breakfast when I drove past my usual stopping place, so I decided I would try another place. It was a bright sunny day and as the sun had been pounding me in my face for a while I decided I was ready to stop. I spotted a freeway sign for a small restaurant at the next exit, so I pulled off, and parked my car. I changed glasses, from the thick myodiscs to my high index blended, glass myodiscs, and I walked inside.

One thing I notice when wearing strong prescription glasses is that upon walking from bright sunshine into an even fairly well lit room, is that the glasses don't seem strong enough in the dim light, and I couldn't see as well as I did out in the sun. But, by pushing my glasses tight to my nose, I could again see fairly well. I spotted a table in the non smoking section, and sat down. I glanced around for the waitress, and saw her making entries into a computer behind the till. She did not look fat from behind, but she was plump. I could see the beginnings of a roll around her waist. Her hips were a bit heavier than they could have been, and when she turned around I could see that her breasts gave a meaty bounce. I glanced at her face, and spotted glasses, but she was in profile. I waited anxiously for her to turn and walk to me, as she was grabbing a glass of water and a menu, and I was the only customer. She filled the water glass, and turned and walked my way. She wore glasses all right. The frames were plastic, and they fit her face like a fine leather glove on a slender hand. She had come into my visual range, and my heart started to pound. The lenses were myodiscs, and the amount of minification and cut in indicated a substantial prescription. I stared, amazed at my luck in stopping at this place at this time.

She noticed that I was staring, and she said," Yes sir, they are thick!"

With that she noticed my glasses, which are not really obvious until you get close enough to see the blended circles.

"My gosh!" she said, "Yours are pretty strong too."

She took my order, and gave it to the cook. She brought me back a coffee, and I asked her to sit down if she could. She did, and she was full of questions about my glasses. I took them off, and handed them to her. She removed hers, put mine on, and passed me her glasses, which I tried on. Her head size was about the same as mine, so there was no problem with fit. I couldn't see anything in the distance with her glasses, but up close they were great. She was sliding mine down her nose, trying to find the point that everything becomes clear. She was just below a little bump on her nose when she exclaimed, "Oh my Gosh, they are stronger than mine." I already knew that, and I would have been disappointed if mine hadn't been stronger.

My order was ready, and she went to get it. I was getting extremely aroused thinking about her. She seemed to have fairly good vision with glasses, and this along with the thickness of the lenses that she wore just suited my fetish tastes. There were no other customers, so she came back and sat with me, while I ate. I learned that she had been married, but was now divorced. She had a 10 year old son, who was very nearsighted, and also wore thick glasses. Her ex husband had been a high myope as well, and unfortunately had not been too smart. He was now serving a few years in upstate New York for armed robbery, and had been caught when the police took the witnesses description of the robber with the thick glasses. Seems his mug shot was fairly well known to the police, and his picture was the first one they showed the people that he had robbed..

"I guess, he should have worn contacts," she told me. "Or else stayed doing honest work, but he was pretty lazy and wanted to make a quick buck with no work."

Her name tag read, Tara, so I introduced myself. Just then the door to the restaurant opened, and another lady in the same uniform as Tara walked in. It was her replacement, and Tara was off work in a few minutes, so I asked her what she was doing, as I had a bit of free time on my hands. She had shopping to do, so I offered to come with her. We walked out to my company car, and she expressed amazement that I could drive. I explained that my visual acuity was fine, and that I passed the state eye test with ease.

As we drove to the grocery store, I glanced over at her when I noticed her removing her glasses. She gently rubbed the corner of her eye with one finger, then went to the outer edge and rubbed it. Then she moved her finger to the bottom of her eyeball, and rubbed around there. It was almost like the way I did it, when I was wearing contacts. I dismissed the thought immediately. It just wasn't possible. After shopping, we headed for her trailer. While she was putting the groceries away, I noticed that she had a computer, and a phone line ran into the back of it. I yelled at her to ask her if she minded me turning it on and checking my e mail. She told me to go ahead. The computer fired up, and asked for her password. "Anything," she said. I immediately typed in "anything", but it was rejected, so I typed in "Anything" and Windows immediately opened, and I went to her internet hookup. It connected, and I checked her "favorites" list. Eyescene popped into view, and I thought again of the possibility. I went in to Eyescene, and checked the recent postings, then I went on to hotmail, and checked my messages. None, so there was no urgency to answer anything. She came out of the kitchen, and I casually mentioned that I noticed that she visited a site I found quite intriguing.

She knew immediately that I meant Eyescene, and I noticed a blush come on her face.

I said, "You don't really need to wear those glasses, do you."

Sheepishly, she said in a low voice, "No".

I didn't know if I should let her know that I was a phony high myope as well, but for the moment, I decided to not admit it. I asked her why she did it, and was amazed to have her admit to a very powerful glasses fetish. She had married her ex husband because he wore strong glasses, and she would not consider getting married again unless her new beau wore strong minus glasses. I asked her about her son, and she explained that he really was very nearsighted, and that one of the reasons that she started wearing such strong glasses was to draw attention away from him. I thought that very noble of her, but I knew that the reality of the situation was that she just got a kick out of it.

We talked a lot more about Eyescene, and the various people on it. I asked her if she ever joined in the chat room, and she said that she had on a couple of occasions, but had given a different name each time. I questioned her as to whether she had ever posted, and she said that she had not. When I asked her if she would like to meet anyone from there in person her face lit up.

"I would love to meet Chris, the guy that runs it. Then I would like to talk to Bobby. Puffin seems nice, and writes some really neat stories. I feel badly for Aliena, and Nancy. But most of all, I would like to meet the guy that, through his short stories, and his information on the scene, got me enough information to do the "glasses over contacts."

"Who is that," I queried.

"Specs4ever" was her reply.

"Meet Specs4ever?" I added.

Specs4ever: Originally written in 1998, and submitted to Lenslover to appear on Smudge Report, but it got lost somewhere. So, I dug it out again, and Aliena has now given it a quick polish.

June 2003