The Perfect Girlfriend

by Specs4ever

A month after I broke up with my girlfriend Amy I started to date another girl in her class at school. Unfortunately this led to hard feelings between Amy, and my new girlfriend Tanya, but I figured that this was something that the two of them would eventually have to sort out. I liked Amy, and she was very pert and pretty, with a bubbly personality. And, she wore glasses, which is the main reason I had been going with her. I discovered at an early age that I liked girls wearing glasses, and as a result I tried to date only girls who wore glasses. Why then you might ask did I leave Amy for Tanya? Amy wore glasses at the age of 15 that were around –7D with a little bit of astigmatism. Tanya, who was also 15 didn’t wear glasses, and it looked like she would probably never need them.

Unfortunately Amy had a little bit of a bitchy side. She was fairly demanding, and sometimes tried to order me around. I didn’t like that, and I made sure I rebelled every time she was too demanding. Of course, she didn’t like that, and the end result was a bit of verbal sparring, which I felt I didn’t need in my life. After all, at 16 years of age I had the whole world in front of me. After Amy and I broke up I suppose I asked Tanya out just to spite Amy. I knew Amy and Tanya were sort of friends, and when I asked Tanya if it bothered her that she and Amy were not speaking to each other I liked it when Tanya said. "Oh well, it’s her loss."

I think Tanya knew I was attracted to girls who wore glasses. Every girl I had dated – all 2 of them, had been glasses wearers. So, I suppose it didn’t surprise Tanya when I picked out a pair of sunglasses with heavy dark frames, and wide temples for her to try on.

"I like them, but if they were the ones that went light inside and got dark when you were outside I could wear them inside for you also." Tanya said.

"That would be perfect, but we would have to get them at an optical store, and I think we would have to have a very weak prescription for the lenses." I replied.

"Would that do anything to my eyes?" Tanya asked.

"No, it shouldn’t. If you were to wear a really weak prescription and your eyes did start to get a little bit nearsighted it would likely indicate that you were going to be nearsighted anyway. But if your eyes are strong enough, then it wouldn’t do any harm." I told her.

So, that is how Tanya got a pair of glasses. I had taken an old prescription blank of my mom’s, and had used white out and made copies when I got my own first pair of glasses. I wrote myself a prescription for –1.50D, because I had read on the Internet that people under the age of 25 could tolerate wearing a prescription of up to –3.00D over their real prescription. And they were right. I had no problem wearing my transition lenses from the time I was 15 until the time I went for my beginner’s permit. I couldn’t wear them at night around home, because my parents might have noticed, but I wore them to school for the entire day. Then I would wear them at home until my parents came home, and sometimes I would wear them after supper when I was studying in my room. When I originally went to the one-hour optical store on a Saturday no one even questioned my home made prescription.

When I went for my beginner’s permit I could no longer pass the eye exam. So, my mom made me an appointment with her eye doctor, and I had a real examination. Sure enough, -1.50D was the prescription the doctor gave me to have filled. And when I left the optical store this time I was wearing –3.50D for my lenses. I went back and passed the vision exam for my learner’s permit wearing my old glasses, and now my license was restricted to the wearing of glasses. Now that I was almost 17 I could probably have increased my prescription beyond the –3.50D, but I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

Then I wrote out a prescription for real lenses for Tanya. Her new glasses had transition lenses with a prescription of –0.50D for each eye, and when she put them on she could see as well without them as she could with them. But she was game to wear them all the time. I knew the prescription was pretty minimal, but I still enjoyed seeing her wearing them. Her mom didn’t say anything about Tanya wearing glasses because she thought they were just sunglasses, but Tanya told her that she had a problem with glare from the TV and the computer screen so she wore them pretty well all the time.

A few months later Tanya wanted to get her learner’s permit. Of course the vision exam was one of the first things she had to take.

"I thought you told me that these glasses wouldn’t do anything to my eyes?" Tanya asked.

"No, what I said was that if you had a tendency to be a little nearsighted these glasses would bring any latent myopia out. What happened?" I asked.

"Without glasses I failed the eye exam. With glasses the man said I was borderline. I could barely see all the letters on the 20/40 line. He told me that I should have my eyes examined, and I should get new glasses before I start my driving lessons. And my permit is now restricted to the wearing of glasses." Tanya told me.

"Wow, that means that you must have developed another –0.75D of myopia. I read somewhere that if you are 20/40 that is what your prescription needs to be. So now you need –1.25D glasses." I replied.

"How do you know all this stuff?" Tanya asked.

"I read a lot about myopia on the internet. And, to be truthful I really like the thought that you need stronger lenses for your glasses. I like you a lot better as a person than I did Amy, but I have to tell you I sure liked her glasses." I said.

"Could I have glasses as strong as Amy’s?" Tanya asked.

"Maybe, if we started right now and increased you as much as possible every 3 or 4 months. You don’t really mean that though do you?" I queried.

"What do you think of Mrs. William’s glasses?" Tanya asked.

"She is the Queen of glasses. I love the way her glasses look on her." I replied.

Mrs. Williams was the history and geography teacher at our high school. She wore gorgeous wire framed glasses with lenses that were very high index, but had to be at least around –15D or better. I was pretty good in history, but I made sure I went and asked her as many questions as I could think of about the day’s lessons just so I could get a good look at her glasses. I suffered withdrawal symptoms every weekend, and could hardly wait for history class on Monday.

"Could I ever wear glasses like that?" Tanya asked.

"Probably not. Amy could likely have her prescription get that strong if she pushed it, but for you to end up with that much myopia you would have had to start wearing glasses by age 7 or 8." I told her.

"Could I try?" Tanya asked.

"Talk to me. Tell me what is going through your mind. You are making me guess, and I am afraid I will give the wrong answer." I said.

"I am not sure. I have just realized that I am going to be a glasses wearer, probably for the rest of my life. And, I don’t like the looks of these weak lenses. So, I was just wondering how I could get stronger ones." Tanya told me.

"I don’t know if it will work or not. But I have read that someone our age can accommodate to the wearing of lenses that are about –3.00D stronger than they need. If they wear these lenses for a month they will get used to them. After the second month the strong lenses will start to accelerate the real myopia, and by the end of the third month the person should have increased their myopia by –1.00D. But this will only work up to a certain point. And you will likely reach age 21 or 22, when myopic progression usually stops without getting as high as Mrs. Williams." I said.

"So how do we get started?" Tanya asked.

"Are you sure that you want to do this? Once we start there will be no going back." I advised her.

"I think so. Yes, I know so!" Tanya exclaimed.

"Well, I suggest that we buy you a new frame, and have new lenses of –4.00D placed in the frame. But the transitional lenses only go up to around –10D, so we might be better off getting clear lenses. Are you going to tell your mom you need glasses?" I asked

"I guess I should. It will make it easier. And if I tell her she will give me the money for the glasses. I don’t suppose you have any extra money?" Tanya asked.

"Well, if your mom pays for the –4.00D glasses then I will find the money somewhere for a second identical pair with –5.00D lenses. Then after a few months, hopefully 4 or less, we can switch glasses, and have new –6.00D lenses put in the first pair. If it all works the way it should we might have you wearing –8.00D by the time you are 17." I said.

Our plan went perfectly. Tanya got her mom to make an eye appointment for her, and I went to the optometrist’s office with Tanya, as her mom was working. Then we took another prescription blank, filled it out ourselves, and got Tanya her new –4.00D glasses. We chose a wire frame this time, although I would have rather had a heavy plastic frame. We were going to have to change lenses a few times, and with a plastic frame it was too hard to put lenses into without breaking it. Tanya’s mom thought her new glasses looked pretty strong, but she just accepted the fact that Tanya now needed glasses.

Tanya was really good about wearing her new glasses. But when we tried after 3 months to switch her to the –5.00D glasses she wasn’t ready. I think she still wasn’t ready at the end of 6 months, but she was so stubborn she switched anyway. I took the original glasses, and had the new –6.00D lenses placed in the frames. I kept the original –4.00D lenses for testing her vision at a later date.

The –5.00D glasses didn’t take Tanya quite as long to get used to. I really couldn’t understand this, but after another 5 months Tanya was now able to wear the –6.00D glasses. I got –7.00D lenses placed in the frames, and again kept the –5.00D lenses. Tanya was now 17, and she was a little disappointed we had missed the –8.00D timeline, but I told her that this wasn’t an exact science, and she was going to have to be patient.

I didn’t want to be left out, so I changed my lenses to –5.50D. Tanya hadn’t realized before this that I was also trying to bump my prescription, and she was a bit surprised. But she went along with my desire.

It took another 5 months before Tanya was able to switch to the –8.00D glasses. Her mom noticed that she had gotten new lenses, because the front of the –8.00D lenses were completely flat. But she didn’t get too suspicious, and she gave Tanya the money to pay for her new lenses, so we were then able to go out and buy the –9.00D lenses for the next upgrade. For some reason Tanya was able to switch to the –9.00D lenses after 3 months. She found them much easier to adapt to than the other ones. With this I had hopes that we might be able to get Tanya wearing –10D before her 18th birthday. And it happened. The day before Tanya turned 18 she started wearing the –10D glasses.

But once Tanya had started wearing the –10D lenses her myopic progression seemed to stall. Yes, when we tested Tanya’s eyes using the –7.00D lenses in her glasses she was as nearsighted as my old girlfriend Amy had been. But no matter what, we couldn’t seem to get Tanya to see perfectly with the –8.00D lenses. She was still overcorrected. It took a whole year before there was any movement in Tanya’s prescription. Finally she could see 20/20 with the –8.00D lenses.

At this point I tried to talk Tanya into just sticking to wearing the –10D glasses. I was convinced that her eyes had deteriorated as much as they ever were going to, and I knew that now it was highly unlikely that Tanya would ever reach the –15D prescription that Mrs. Williams had. And, really I didn’t care if Tanya ever reached more than the –8.00D prescription she now had. Yes, I liked strong glasses with flat fronts and plenty of power rings. But, we could only go so far, and I had realized that we might reach an impasse even before we had gotten to –8D. I was proud of my girlfriend for trying as hard as she had, and for reaching the –8.00D point.

I think I mentioned before that Tanya had a stubborn streak. Well, when I told her that we should probably quit where we were at now she would not accept this. She insisted that we go to the next higher lens. So, now Tanya was wearing –11D in her glasses. I loved the looks of these lenses, but I knew that she was struggling to be able to see. I had placed our –9.00D lenses into the other frame, but we had gone 6 months without even trying to see how close Tanya had come to being able to see 20/20 with these –9.00D lenses. I guess I really didn’t want to know that our little myopic push was failing. Finally Tanya made me bring out the –9.00D glasses. I was surprised, and a little dumbfounded. Tanya couldn’t read the 20/40 line, and when I suggested that she lower her glasses on her nose she could see even less. This meant that Tanya had accommodated to the –9.00D lenses, and had gone up about another –0.75D.

So, we skipped the –12.00D lenses and went directly to the –13.00D lenses. This was the first time we had ever done this, and Tanya was almost 20 years old. This didn’t fit with anything I had read, but of course with induced myopic progression, there are no rules. And from a point where Tanya’s myopia had been stalled, now it took off like wildfire. By the time Tanya reached her 20th birthday we were able to change her lenses to –14.00D. During the following year we managed to fit in 3 prescription increases. Now her lenses were expensive. We were forced to get high index lenses just to keep the thickness down, and we were spending almost $250.00 every 4 months for new lenses. This was cutting into our spending money quite heavily, and I had not been able to increase my prescription any more because we didn’t have enough money. And, Tanya’s mom had noticed that her glasses were getting very thick and strong looking, so she booked an appointment with a specialist. Tanya was worried about this. She felt the specialist could tell what we had been doing. But, she went off for her appointment wearing the –14.00D glasses, which according to our tests gave her close to 20/20. The specialist did a cyclographic refraction, and Tanya left the specialist’s office with a –14.75D prescription. We had just purchased Tanya new –17.00D lenses only a few weeks earlier. But this time Tanya’s mom paid for new lenses that were –18.00D. Tanya’s mom spoke with the specialist, who told her that Tanya’s eyes were healthy, just very nearsighted.

I always thought that Tanya and I got along really well. I adored her, and I constantly told her so. But one day Tanya and I had an argument. She was doing quite well in her studies at the university, and she was considering taking a summer job that was going to take her over to Africa and be a teacher’s assistant in a school there for the summer. I didn’t like the idea that she was going to be gone over the summer, and I told her what I thought about the idea. And the more reasons I thought of for her not to go, the more Tanya was determined that she was going to go. Finally she told me that if I was going to be that controlling, she wanted nothing more to do with me.

Of course I was crushed. But the more I tried to convince Tanya that I loved her, and wanted nothing more for her than her happiness, the more she rejected me. I thought that she would come back to me when she returned from Africa in the fall, but when she came back she wouldn’t answer my phone calls, nor would she return any of my messages. Finally I realized that I was going to have to move on with my life.

Tanya was such a perfect girlfriend. I had been with her, and assisted her through every stage of her increasing myopia. Together we had developed the most wonderful highly myopic girl I could ever have found. And, the more I looked around, the more I realized what I had lost. There is no easy way to find a highly myopic girl. 99.9% of them wear contact lenses in any circumstance where I might meet them. I was constantly on the lookout, and I did find a couple of girls to date that were around –10D or so. But neither of them could hold a candle to Tanya.

A couple of years had passed. I had no contact with Tanya during this time. Mutual friends had informed me that she had loved her summer in Africa, and had gone back the next summer, but had not enjoyed it as much. I knew that by now Tanya would have graduated with her degree, and I suspected that she had likely found another boyfriend.

I was in the mall one day when I saw a young lady walking in front of me. She was tall, and had long straight auburn hair that was tied into a ponytail. I walked behind her for a minute, enjoying the way her hips moved gently from side to side as she walked along. I drew closer, and I could see from the temples of a pair of glasses that fitted over her ears that this lady wore glasses. As I drew closer I could see that the temples were very wide, and I couldn’t really get a view of the lenses, so I stepped up my pace to walk by her. I was going to get a little in front of her, and then turn around and walk back towards her.

"Mark, is that you?" a voice asked.

I turned around and died. It was Tanya. "Tanya, you are looking fantastic. And you are still wearing the same glasses." I said.

"I need new ones though. These are a little too weak for me now." Tanya replied.

Tanya and I tried to talk at once. "You first." I said

"I am sorry for what I said to you Mark. I just couldn’t see myself living the rest of my life in this part of the world without taking a chance to see what other people live like." Tanya said.

"And I am so sorry for making you think I was trying to control you. I really didn’t mean to try to do that. I just didn’t want to loose you, and I ended up loosing you anyway." I replied.

"Have you married yet Mark?" Tanya asked.

"Nope, couldn’t find another you." I answered. "How about you?"

"I was engaged to a guy in the Peace Corps, but that ended when I wouldn’t return to Africa this summer." Tanya replied.

"So we are both still single and unattached then. Would you consider taking it up where we left off?" I asked.

"You will have to give me some space Mark. You must realize that I need to be able to do my own thing." Tanya replied.

"I will honestly try my best. That is all I can tell you." I replied.

So, we continued walking around the mall together. I held Tanya’s hand in mine for the first time in over 2 years, and it felt great. And when I looked at Tanya I loved seeing her in her glasses. Tanya told me that she was at the mall to see her eye doctor in an hour, so we shopped until it was time for her appointment. While she went in for her exam I waited in the lobby, and after about 20 minutes Tanya came out with a slip of paper in her hand. I could hardly contain myself waiting for her to show it to me. When she did I was surprised. Her new prescription was –18.75D.

"Are you going to order new glasses today Tanya?" I asked.

"I probably should. But I have heard that this place doesn’t do a very good job with high prescriptions." Tanya told me.

I thought about this for a minute. I didn’t know if I should tell Tanya the truth or not. After we had broken up I tried to increase my own prescription by wearing –6.50D lenses in my glasses. But I couldn’t seem to make my eyes adapt to these lenses. Oh, sure, I could wear them, and I did all of the time, but I knew that there had been no movement in my prescription for the 2 years I had been wearing these lenses. I had ordered a couple of pairs of glasses from the Internet about 6 months ago. One pair was a medium index plastic lens in a wide rectangular black plastic frame with heavy temples much like the pair Tanya was wearing now. The other pair was in regular old thick plastic in a red rectangular frame, also with thick temples. The prescription in both these pairs was –20.00D, a full –1.25D stronger than Tanya had just been prescribed. I knew I couldn’t admit that the reason I had ordered these glasses was so that I could put them on and wear them when I was having a little fun with myself, by myself. Yes, my face is red even thinking about admitting it. I was wearing these glasses around when I was releasing my sexual tensions by using my right hand. If I told her about them she might think I was trying to push her into even stronger glasses. I didn’t want to make her think I was trying to control her in any way. I didn’t want to loose this special lady again.

"I’ve got a couple of pairs of glasses that you might want to take a look at before you order new ones yourself." I said.

"Where are they, and what prescription are they?" Tanya asked.

"They are at my apartment, and they are –20.00D for each lens. And the PD was ordered for you, as I didn’t have anyone else to fantasize about wearing them." I replied.

"So what is this? Come back to my apartment and look at my glasses collection?" Tanya asked with a laugh in her voice.

"Sort of. But you are probably the only girl in the world that I could show them to, and know you wouldn’t think I am a nut case." I replied.

"And I am also the only girl in the world who is enough of a nutcase herself that I would wear a pair of glasses that are stronger than my real prescription." Tanya replied.

So, we had ourselves a quick bite to eat, and Tanya followed me over to my apartment with her car. She had not driven when we were going together before because she was usually strongly overcorrected, but I figured that she had waited until her prescription reached a point where she could see 20/20, and had passed the vision exam.

I was a little bit nervous about showing Tanya the red pair. They had come from the supplier with polished edges, and I hadn’t cared for the highly polished look. So, I had removed the lenses from the frame, and had used some 600 grit sandpaper to carefully sand off the polished area. Now they looked all white around the edges, and they actually looked pretty thick. But I needn’t have worried. Tanya took a look at both pairs of glasses, and she immediately grabbed the red frames to try on. She looked at herself in a mirror, and it was obvious that these glasses were attention grabbers because on a beautiful girl they looked fabulous. Sure, some people would look at Tanya wearing them and think that it was terrible that her eyesight was so bad that she had to wear such thick glasses, but I loved her appearance, and Tanya seemed to rather enjoy it as well.

"Don’t you think they are a little too thick looking?" I asked.

"Mark, you know I can easily wear contact lenses if I want to. I chose to wear glasses, and I like wearing glasses that are so obviously thick and strong that everyone stares at me." Tanya replied.

"So, does this mean that you have no regrets about what we have done to your eyesight"" I asked.

"No, I have no regrets at all. You probably remember the one thing that I wanted when I first had to wear glasses was to have my lenses look thick enough that people could tell that I really needed them." Tanya said.

"Yes, I remember, and I am pretty sure you have succeeded." I replied.

"Well, I succeeded so well that a couple of guys that I went out with wanted me to wear contact lenses." Tanya told me.

"So did you?" I asked.

"Not likely. I worked very hard to obtain my myopia. I see no reason to hide it behind contact lenses, so I told these guys to take a hike." Tanya said.

I knew that Tanya was indeed my perfect girlfriend and I couldn’t loose her again. So I managed to take things slow and carefully for a few months. Her attitude seemed to have changed a bit as well, and one night when we were making love in my apartment she confessed to me that she didn’t want to loose me again either, because I loved her glasses as much as I loved her. And then she added that she loved her glasses almost as much as she loved me.


March 2007