The Poker Player

by Specs4ever  

Angela had a beautiful body with soft natural blond hair and dark blue eyes. However, all the beauty that nature gave her did not include her eyesight. Her very beautiful blue eyes were very nearsighted. Since she was a young child, she had to wear very strong glasses or contact lenses to correct the severe myopia in her eyes. She had gotten her first pair of glasses when she was 2 years old. When she was 10, she had to wear a correction of - 9 diopters to be able to function. It was as if the more curvaceous her body got, the worse her eyes became. By her 18th birthday her prescription had reached -18 diopters. To Angela's eye doctor, it seemed that her eyes worsened according to her age. Even though she was extremely nearsighted, Angela was still fortunate, because she had excellent vision wearing either contacts or glasses. By her 20th birthday Angela’s eyes needed a correction of -20 diopters for each eye. But finally that was the point where her vision stabilized. Angela just celebrated her 28th birthday with her annual vision examination and her eyes have not gotten any worse.

Angela had finished university with a master’s degree in economics but had been unable to find a good job, despite her education and beautiful appearance. She had been having trouble with her contact lenses, and had been forced to wear her strong glasses to some of her job interviews. She felt that possibly her strong glasses drew more attention than her gorgeous body, and she figured that they might have been the reason why she hadn’t been hired.

Angela decided to move to Las Vegas. In the past, she had been hired as a model at a convention called Vision Expo that was held there once a year. She had worked as a glasses model and had liked Vegas and wanted to remain there. She had become a dealer and was now a star in one of the smaller Casinos. A lot of gentlemen wanted to play strip poker with her. Of course, the gentlemen didn't strip themselves. They had to put money into the pot, while Angela put in some of her wardrobe. But Angela was very good at her job and had never had to completely strip herself. So far, all she had had to remove was her blouse, and she would continue to play wearing her bra. She knew that all the men spent more time looking at her thick glasses and they would hardly notice her skillful fingers arranging the cards in a more positive way for her. For most of the men that were playing poker with her it became quite an obsession to see Angela completely stripped. They often chatted amongst themselves after the games, and they agreed that maybe they should hire a professional poker player to get Angela to remove more of her clothing.

But before they could put their plan into action, a new player showed up one evening. They had all lost a substantial amount of money and Angela had not even taken her blouse off so far. No one had spotted the stranger as he slipped into the storage locker of the gambling hall. Jackson had entered the casino from a side entrance and had taken 5 sets of freshly sealed poker cards from a shelf in the storage room, replacing them with sets of cards that appeared to look identical to the ones he had taken. Jackson grinned as he got away unnoticed. The cards he had left were professional cards that revealed to the expert which card the other members of the round held.

Jackson had asked the other players and Angela, if it was ok if he joined them for a round. Angela had nodded her consent and one player of the former round had lost enough for this evening and so Jackson sat down facing Angela. As he looked at Angela, Jackson thought, “she really has a stunning body and those glasses also are really something”. He had liked her and her glasses the first time he saw her a couple of weeks ago. Soon afterwards, he had started working on his plan to beat her at strip poker and maybe get her glasses for his collection. Jackson had this thing for girls who wore glasses and as far as he could remember, he had only dated women with strong glasses. Maybe this time, if he played his cards right; he might end up with this lovely lady with the very thick glasses.

Jackson had put a huge amount of money on the table and he could see that Angela’s eyes became a little larger behind her thick -20 lenses. “Lets start,” she said, pushing her heavy glasses up close to her nose. Jackson could see the reddened indentures the glasses had left on the sides of her nose. Jackson asked for a new set of cards before they started. Angela called for a new deck, and one of the couriers brought them to her. Jackson watched this happen with anticipation, hoping that he would get a chance to play with one of his prepared decks. Angela shuffled the deck, and handed the deck of cards to Jackson to cut the deck. He was very pleased to see that it was one of his specially doctored sets. He split the deck, Angela began to deal the cards and they started to play their game. Jackson decided to play it cool and let Angela win the next two or three rounds. As she dealt, Angela thought that this Jackson guy was the first man that didn’t stare at her thick-lensed glasses, but instead seemed to prefer to look at her full breasts and her long legs. Maybe this will be the first evening where I return home in a robe, she thought, being a little amused at the thought of it.

She realized that things were a little different this time when she lost the top of her two-piece dress during the next round. The bids went even higher during the next round and she had to put her blouse into the pot to see Jackson’s cards. Jackson had taken only one card and the remaining two players had folded. Angela thought that her double pair might do the trick and unbuttoned her blouse and put it on the table.

“Very well,” said Jackson, “I hope you can beat my four aces.

“No,” said Angela, putting her double pair on the table, “you can enjoy looking at my bra now.” For the next round, Angela had to decide if she would put her bra into play or if she should bet her skirt instead. It seemed incredible to Angela, because she never before had to go this far. It was almost as if Jackson could see her cards. She knew that he couldn't see her cards reflecting off the lenses of her glasses, because she had always spent the extra money for the super anti reflective coating for her lenses. Maybe she thought, “It’s only that this isn't my lucky night tonight”. A few rounds later Angela sat at the table, wearing nothing but her panties and her glasses. After a smaller winning streak, she had been able to regain her bra and she decided to go on. She had reached a point where she thought she could only win. Oops, she had lost again, losing her panties. She now sat completely naked at the table. She had never been in this situation, before. The only thing she had left that she could play with now was her glasses.

“Well,” said Jackson,” it seems that Angela has lost the game for tonight.”

Angela said “ok, Jackson one last game for tonight. You ante up all your money and my clothing that you have won so far.”

“And if I do that, what will you put in the pot?” asked Jackson, interrupting her.

“These,” said Angela pointing to her glasses.

“OK,” said Jackson, “that’s fine with me.”

Angela had hoped that he would not agree and would let her keep her glasses. But, Angela had always been fair in her job, so far, and after all she had earned a lot of money from these men.

“Will you put your glasses on the table then,” said Jackson, ”so that we can

begin our last round.”

“Oh, I am afraid I cannot. You must let me keep them on for the last play, because I can't see a anything without them,” Angela said with a slight trace of sarcasm in her voice.

“Ok, I understand your point, Angela, but should you lose the game, I will take them from you,” said Jackson, who was enjoying her beautiful naked body, looking at her breasts and the lovely nipples, her slender neck and her smooth as ivory skin.

Again Jackson had the better cards. Angela saw that the worst had happened, she had lost her glasses too. She was completely stripped now. She removed them and carefully put them on the table. She could not focus her eyes and her surrounding world was completely in a big blur, leaving only colorful smears for her eyes to see. Not one of her fellow players came to her assistance to try to convince Jackson to give her glasses back. They all seemed to enjoy the defeat of the formerly invincible Angela. Angela felt for her purse to see if she had her contacts or her spare pair of glasses in it. No glasses, but she did find her contact lens case. Jackson had collected the money and clothing that he had won. He opened his briefcase and stored all the items into it, paying particular attention to Angela’s strong glasses. Meanwhile Angela had taken her lens case out of her purse and tried to insert her lenses. One compartment had not been closed properly, causing the storage solution to leak away. Her left lens was completely dried out. Oh super, she thought, I can only use one lens. But at least it will be enough to allow me to get home. Angela had to close her left eye, because she was unable to see anything with it. “Oh, she looks so sexy”, Jackson thought. Angela got up and walked naked towards her locker to get her white robe out and to call a taxi to bring her home. Jackson saw that it was an ideal moment to put part two of his plan into action. He followed Angela and asked her if he could offer her a drink at the bar.

“If you offered me a pair of glasses,” she replied with a grin, “I would have appreciated it more, but to show you that I'm not a bad loser, after all, I will accept your offer.”

Angela had a glass of wine, and Jackson had a beer. Angela told Jackson her sad story about her poor eyesight and that she was unable to find a job as an economist and that she had ended up as a strip poker player. They seemed to get along well and when Jackson offered to give her a ride home, she gladly accepted.

“You know, I'm a little tired of this job anyway and maybe tonight was just a sign for me to end it now that I've lost everything in one evening,” Angela told Jackson.

Angela gave Jackson the directions to her condo and sat quietly in the car as they drove to her place. Angela had really enjoyed talking with Jackson and he appeared to be a rather handsome, well-mannered gentleman. Soon they reached Angela’s condo and it was time to say goodbye. Jackson walked Angela up to her entrance, because he wanted to make sure she arrived safely. She opened the door. Jackson said, “Good night,” and was about to leave when he turned around and asked if he could kiss Angela goodnight. She said nothing, which Jackson took for an invitation. He bent down and gently kissed her lips. Angela was so surprised that she couldn’t offer any resistance. But when his lips touched hers she felt a wave of warmth running through her body. Her arms came up and she hugged Jackson. She heard herself saying, “Oh Jackson come in with me.” Jackson said yes that he would come, but that he had to get something out of the car first. Soon he was back with his briefcase and gave Angela all of the things she had lost in the poker game, including her glasses. Quickly she removed her right contact lens and was wearing her glasses again, but not her white robe....

Two months later they were happily married.......

Specs4ever, from a story by Andy, with final editing by Aliena