Poor Judgment

by Specs4ever

I was so mad I was spitting nickels. At least that is what my dad always used to say when he was extremely angry. And, that is about the way I was right now, so my dadís favorite expression sure seemed to fit the situation. I probably wouldnít have been so upset if I could have come up with a snappy witty comeback, but I just couldnít think of one; I was so completely flabbergasted.

What did that old biddy think when she looked at my kids, and me and asked me if it had been a wise choice for me and my husband to have children? She must have thought we had poor judgment, but as far as I was concerned it was the skinny old hag that had the poor judgment to say anything. I bet I am still upset about this even after I tell Peter.

I guess what I should have said was that she might have been better off if she directed her remark at my parents. After all they were the ones who started it with me. If they had never had me, then I wouldnít have met Peter, and we wouldnít have had kids.

You see, my parents were both high myopes. They had met in university, fallen in love, and had married. Then I was born. It didnít take long before it was discovered that their myopia was passed on down the genetic chain to me, as by the age of 3 I was wearing glasses that were almost as strong as my dads. It took me another 10 years before I caught up to my motherís prescription of -17D, and now at 31, with 3 children of my own, I have to wear a prescription of -25D just to see anything more than a couple of inches past my nose.

I wore contact lenses for a few years, but when I was in university I had a falling out with my contacts. They hurt my eyes so much I could no longer wear them, and it was discovered I had a very bad case of dry eyes. So, I had to wear glasses, and it wasnít too long after I graduated that I met Peter. He was a wearer of strong minus glasses, but his prescription was like my dadís Ė around -10D or so. I have never been positive of this, but I think that Peter has a thing for girls who wear strong glasses, because he always seems to give anyone with a decent prescription more than a casual look.

After we were married it didnít take long for me to become pregnant, and shortly after our first anniversary I gave birth to Kristen. Then 2 years later we had Josh, and about 18 months ago we were blessed with our third and final child, Angela. Kirsten was almost a year old when we discovered that she was very nearsighted. Her first glasses were about a -20D prescription, and now that she is almost 5 she is wearing myodiscs with a prescription of about -23D. Josh took after his dad, and his first glasses were much weaker Ė only about -12D. Angela was the one I was worried about though. At 6 months Angela had to get her first glasses, and now at a year and a half Angela is wearing -27D myodiscs.

I think the kids look terribly cute, even though they have to wear very strong glasses. I had a pretty good idea they might be very nearsighted, and I have to tell you that never once did I ever consider that others might think that we should not have had children. Telling me I shouldnít have had kids was just like telling me that I had not deserved to be born. I certainly do not think that wearing strong glasses will ruin my kidís life. After all I have had a pretty good life so far. I know that the initial degree of myopia has increased a lot during each generation, but then again so have advances in vision care. My mother wore myodiscs when she was 16, and she has worn them ever since. I did have myodiscs for a few years, but recently I got a nice new pair of glasses with glass hi index lenses, and they are not myodiscs, although they do give a little bit of a myodisc look when viewed from head on, but that is just the minification. Mom and dad do not have any retinal problems, nor do Peterís parents. Neither Peter nor I have any problems with our eyes other than being extremely nearsighted.

So, as, I said, I am spitting nickels over what that lady said. I think she should have kept her mouth shut, donít you?

A very short story by Specs4ever

Dec 2009