Pregnant Myopia

by Specs4ever

I have always been interested in girls who wore glasses. I think this was probably because my mother and my older sister wore glasses, and the first thing I remember is being told not to grab mommy’s glasses. My mother and my sister Janice, who was 6 years older than I was, were nearsighted, as I learned at a later date. They could not see things very far away without their glasses on. Neither my mom, nor my sister wore glasses that were really strong. My mom had a prescription of around -6D for all of her adult life, and my sister still wears a prescription of around -7D. But at the time strength didn’t matter to me. All I knew was that I liked women who wore glasses.

The attractiveness of ladies wearing glasses has stayed with me all of my life. When I was a senior in high school my steady girlfriend was a glasses wearer, and I expected to marry Gail, and have a couple of children together. However Gail was a reluctant glasses wearer. She needed her glasses to see much of anything, as her prescription was around -8.50D, and she always complained about how blind she was. But then Gail discovered contact lenses, and after that she was always wearing contacts. We had moved in together after we graduated from high school, but something was preventing me from asking her to marry me. Finally I was given an ultimatum to either marry her, or move on. So I married her.

I guess this was not the right thing for me to have done. We were married for almost 4 years, and by the time I was 25 Gail had decided that she was going to have laser surgery so that she no longer needed to wear glasses. No matter how hard I tried to convince her that this could be a dangerous step she believed the surgeon and was convinced that it would be a minor procedure and that she was an excellent candidate. And fortunately for Gail, she was one of the successful ones. If she had any of the problems that occurred in so many other people she never uttered a word of complaint, and actually she often told her friends how wonderful it was to be able to go around without glasses and be able to see everything.

I am afraid that this step is what ended the marriage on my part. We only lasted another 6 months after her surgery before I moved out. I know it is a stupid reason to break up, but I just couldn’t enjoy sex with her knowing that she would never again have to wear a pair of nice minus glasses.

Fortunately we had not started a family, and Gail was actually earning more money than I was. So we split everything right down the middle, and I let Gail keep the house, even though we had some equity in it.

Over the next few months I saw Gail around town frequently and we were quite friendly to each other, but there was no desire by either of us to get back together. Gail had been seeing one of our high school classmates who had gone to university to become a lawyer, and he had graduated and returned to town to work with a local law firm. When she told me that she and Stuart were going to marry, I congratulated her with all my heart.

I kept telling myself that Gail wasn’t the only fish in the sea, and I became quite adept at spotting a young lady who wore glasses from any distance. But a lot of them wore contact lenses, so I wasn’t having much luck until the day I spotted the girl from my insurance office wearing glasses in the mall. I managed to work my way over to where she was shopping without looking too obvious, and when she looked my way I merely said hello to her. I did notice however that she did not wear an engagement or a wedding ring, and I noticed that her glasses appeared to be a little thicker than my ex wife’s had been before the surgery.

The next time I could come up with an excuse to stop by my insurance broker’s office I did so. She was usually behind the first desk, and she generally looked after anyone who came though the door. Today was no exception, and she looked up from her work and greeted me as I came in. I explained to her that I needed to change my policy slightly, so she got out my file, and we made the necessary changes. I thanked her very much, and I got up to leave.

“Catherine, I notice that you are not wearing a ring. Would that mean that you are not attached?” I asked.

“That would be correct. I am not even dating anyone at the moment.” Catherine replied.

“I would be honored if you would have dinner with me some evening. If you are free Friday there is a darned good fish fry at Captain Ken’s.” I said.

“I like fish, so I will take you up on your offer. I get off work at 5, and it takes me about an hour to get ready. How be I meet you there at 6 sharp.” Catherine replied.

“I would be happy to pick you up and take you home.” I replied.

“I have a rule. I never accept a ride from my first date. If there is a second date we can discuss your picking me up then.” Catherine replied.

“That is probably a pretty safe rule. I will see you at Captain Ken’s at 6 o clock Friday.” I replied.

Of course Catherine had not been wearing her glasses at work, and I had no expectations that she would wear her glasses to dinner. My supposition proved to be correct when I saw her come in the restaurant door door. She did look lovely and I admired her trim figure as she followed the girl over to my table.

I could go into long details about our courtship, but I think it will suffice to say that Cat and I had gotten along well enough on our first date that there were many more dates over the next few months. We had dated for almost a year when I asked Cat if she would marry me, and she accepted. We planned a small wedding for early in the fall and eventually we returned from our honeymoon to take up housekeeping in a rather small 2 bedroom home that we had purchased together a couple of months before the wedding.

We had gotten the house for quite a good price because it was in need of a lot of work. Before the wedding we were able to spent a lot of our time together fixing up the house so that it was ready for us to live in it as soon as we got back. While Cat very seldom wore her glasses on the days that she was working at the insurance office she didn't seem to hesitate at all about wearing glasses when we had to get down and dirty with the work on the new house. I suppose she probably expected a comment from me the first time she showed up at the house wearing her glasses, but I really didn't say anything other than to remark that she looked great even in her old work clothing. She had been very careful to mention to me that she was terribly nearsighted and had to wear glasses or contact lenses shortly after we began dating, and I mentioned that I had seen her wearing glasses before and that the fact that she needed glasses didn't bother me at all. This was the correct thing to say, and after this nothing was said about her glasses. Of course I liked it a lot when she showed up wearing them, but I knew better than to pressure her to wear them more frequently.

After we were married Cat wore her glasses a lot around home. She even wore them to work a lot more than she had previously. Sometime after we celebrated our first anniversary Cat mentioned casually that she wasn't seeing things quite as clearly as she previously had, so she thought she might need stronger contacts. I would have said: "forget the contacts, and just get a new pair of glasses", but again I wisely kept quiet.

Although I was doing my best to avoid any mention of glasses or contacts I was unable to contain my curiosity after Cat returned from the eye doctor. So I asked her what her prescription was now, and I also asked her if her glasses had gotten stronger.

"My new prescription for my right eye is - 11.50 x - 1.00 x 90 and my left eye is -11.25 x -1.25 x 90. My right eye went up -0.75D and my left increased -0.50D. So I was right in thinking I needed stronger glasses again. And now I am way past the limit to have laser surgery." Cat said.

"Had you been thinking of having surgery?" I asked.

"Not really. I might have if you had said too much about my glasses, however you seem to accept the fact that I have poor uncorrected eyesight, so as long as I can wear glasses or contacts and still see well I see no reason to chance an operation on my eyes. I have heard some pretty bad horror stories about some surgeries that went wrong." Cat replied.

"My ex wife had the surgery and hers came out perfectly – for her. I tried to talk her out of it, because I had also read a number of stories about bad results, however she wasn't in a mindset that she could be talked out of it." I said. 

"But you didn't like it that she no longer needed glasses did you? Is that the reason you split up?" Cat asked.

"Not really. As you know both mom and Lynn wear glasses, and it didn't bother me that Gail wore glasses. I had a feeling though that she wasn't satisfied with being married to a mechanic who always comes home with dirty hands." I told Cat.

When Cat got her new glasses I loved the frames she had chosen. She got the medium index lenses, and there was an even thinner lens choice available, but the cost would have doubled and Cat just didn't think it was worth spending that much money on a pair of glasses. Even though she hadn't splurged on the thinner lenses for her new glasses she received so many compliments on them that I was thrilled when she started wearing her glasses a lot more than she was now wearing her contacts. I actually liked the bit of edge thickness that was showing, and I loved the cut in when I looked at her face straight on. And there were a lot of power rings when I glanced sideways at her glasses. I was more than happy with her glasses.

It had been about 6 months after she got her new glasses when she missed her period. We had not been trying, nor had we been doing anything to prevent a pregnancy so it was not a surprise when she went to the doctor in the second month and the pregnancy test came out positive. We were actually thrilled with the idea of having a child, and so were our parents, as both our parents wanted grandchildren.

Everything was going well, and Cat was in her 5th month when she came home from work one evening and announced that she needed to have an eye exam. I didn't think too much about it, as it had been almost a year since she had gotten her new glasses. She couldn't get an appointment with her eye doctor for a couple of weeks and the afternoon of her appointment I offered to go with her for her exam. I was a little surprised when she accepted and she actually wanted me to drive her, as she felt her eyesight had gotten bad enough that she shouldn't be driving.

We both got a shock when the doctor told Cat that her new prescription needed to be -14.50 x -1.50 x 90 and -14.75 x -1.75 x 90. Neither of us had expected that large an increase in only a year. Her doctor told us that occasionally a myopic women might have jumps in their prescription during pregnancy and once in a while they even have further increases if they are breastfeeding. 

Cat and I talked about what we should do for her new glasses. Cat didn't think we should waste a lot of money on thin lenses if there was a possibility her prescription would increase even more, and since she was the one who was going to have to wear the thicker regular plastic lenses I went along with her wishes.

When Cat picked up her new glasses she was a little upset that they looked so thick. But I reminded her that the girl at the optical store told her exactly how thick regular plastic was going to be in her new prescription, and the glasses were actually a little thinner than I thought they would be. She needed the new glasses so badly that the objections were soon overcome, and it didn't take long for her to accept the thickness. I actually liked the appearance of them a lot., but of course I didn't say anything more than to tell her she looked beautiful wearing them.

Shortly after Candace was born Cat mentioned that her eyes seemed to have gotten worse again. I asked her if she wanted to book another eye exam, but she suggested that she should hold off for a little while longer, because the doctor had said that sometimes the increased myopia that was associated with pregnancy would disappear after a while. I didn't want to tell her that I hoped it would stay, and that I wished her glasses would get even stronger, as I knew that would cause trouble.

Another month went by, and finally Cat couldn't stand it any longer. She could see to read perfectly, but she told me that if she looked up at anything it was just a blur, so I knew that she was likely going to need another sizable increase. This time we were able to get an appointment within a week. Now her new glasses were going to be -17.50 x -1.50 x 90 and -17.50 x -1.75 x 90. Her other frame; the one I had liked so much, had the temples set back far enough that they would take lenses that were really thick, so we decided that we would have new regular plastic lenses put into that frame. When we picked up the glasses her lenses were thick chunks of plastic, and they stuck out at the back of the frame by almost 3/4". Again, I loved the appearance, but Cat wasn't at all impressed with the thickness.

I would have been quite happy if this was the last increase that Cat had, but such was not the case. Shortly after Cat finished breastfeeding Candace, and just before she was considering returning to her job we went back to her eye doctor, who announced that Cat's myopia had taken another large jump. This time her prescription was right at -20D for each eye, and her astigmatism had lessened slightly, dropping to -0.50D in both eyes.

I knew that this time her glasses would not look very nice if we got the lenses done in regular plastic again. I had done a bit of research on the internet, and I felt that if we went for regular plastic Cat would be forced to get a lens type that was called a myodisc lens. But I knew that this would not go over well with Cat, so I suggested that we take a chance that her increases had ended and we should get the highest index plastic that we could for her new prescription. She didn't want to spend the money, but finally I convinced her that we should.

When her new glasses came in, and she put them on she was much happier with the high index than she ever would have been with a myodisc lens. And even though I think I would have liked a myodisc lens, I was willing to make a sacrifice if Cat could be happy.

Nothing has been said about Cat getting a new pair of contacts, and I have purposefully not brought the subject up. We have talked about having another child, and I am thinking that I almost have Cat convinced that having her myopia jump so much during her first pregnancy was just a freak occurrence. However I have hedged my bets and I have told her that it didn't really matter to me if we didn't have another child, but even if we did have another child and her eyes got even worse, it would not bother me at all. So, maybe I will get a chance to see if Cat is the type of person who has the type of myopia that tends to increase significantly when a woman is pregnant.

Specs4ever: April 2012