Pretty Little Angel Eyes

by Specs4ever

I still remember what a mess it had been. The day had not started well, and I hoped the rest of that day wouldn’t be ruined because of it. I had called my mechanic from work the previous day, and made arrangements to drop my car off at his garage early in the morning. He had promised to meet me, to drive me to the train station so I could get to work reasonably close to my normal time. The 15 minutes he was late had set my stomach churning, and had made it probable that I would be late for an important meeting. As I was sat on the train I remember wondering what else could go wrong. But now, 10 years later I remember that day as if it were the best day of my life.

The train slowed as it approached the next station. Normally, if I were to ever take the train this was where I would have gotten on, as it was only about a 15-minute walk from my apartment. I watched the passengers get on, and I spotted a thin, shapely young lady with dark hair walk my way. She was carrying quite a load in her backpack, and I immediately thought that she was a student at one of the downtown university campuses. She walked my way, and I glanced at the Buddy Holly type sunglasses she was wearing. They were tinted a medium brown, and my first glance registered flat fronts to the lenses. I took a closer look, and sure enough, there was quite a substantial correction in the lenses. She stood close to me, her heavy backpack making her body sway with the motion of the train. My eyes caught her eyes, and I indicated that I would give up my seat for her. She came over and slid into the seat I gave her. I stood over her, watching her as she took out some books from her backpack, and I knew I had made the right decision when I saw her remove a glasses case and pull out a pair of rimless clear lensed glasses with lenses so thick I immediately wondered how she had gotten them made. At this time rimless glasses were just coming into fashion, and I had wanted a pair, but no optician would even consider ordering me a pair in my –12.50D prescription. So, I was still searching for a frame I liked, and until I found one I was wearing my contact lenses. Actually, even if I had been able to get a pair of rimless glasses in my prescription, I likely would have kept wearing my contact lenses anyway.

The train continued on its way, and I stood swaying and watching as the young lady read her book, her glasses between 9 and 12 inches away from the pages. I liked that. This showed that she still had lots of accommodation, and her prescription could possibly reach even higher than the –15D I figured she was. Passengers were getting on, and the train was becoming very crowded, but I was fortunate; the lady next to the girl wearing glasses got up, and I immediately slid into her seat. I didn’t have much time, since I was also disembarking at the nest stop.

“Whew, didn’t realize how rough it is standing on this thing.” I said.

She looked up from her book and said, “Thanks for giving up your seat. It is impossible for me to try to study when I have to stand.”

“Oh, you’re welcome. I don’t ride this thing very often, and now I know why. I like your glasses. I have a pretty strong prescription also, but all the opticians I went to have told me that they couldn’t do anything for me in a rimless pair. Where did you get yours?” I asked.

“I ordered them online, from Hong Kong,” came her reply.

“Online? You mean on the internet?” I asked.

“Yes, on the internet. I’d tell you more about it, but this is my stop,” was her reply.

“I get off here as well. Here is my card, with my phone number. Could you call me tonight and give me the information?” I asked.

She took my card, and headed into the sea of disembarking passengers. All of a sudden my day was looking good, really good. I no longer cared if I was a few minutes late for my meeting.

My name is Damon, Damon Willis. I am a tall, lanky Caucasian male, and I had just celebrated my 24th birthday. At the present time I was unattached. No Damon, tell it like it is. Not only was I unattached, I really had never dated. I was too darned shy around girls. I don’t know if I had managed to impress the young lady this morning or not, but if I did, it would have been the first time in my life I had impressed anyone other than my subordinates at the office. I have this thing for glasses, but I had never managed to meet a girl who wore glasses that attracted me. It all started in first grade, when Kevin, my friend from kindergarten showed up on the first day of school wearing glasses. Every chance I got I bugged Kevin to let me wear his glasses. That was pretty easy, because Kevin hated wearing them. I couldn’t understand why Kevin had to wear them. When I had his glasses on I could see just fine wearing them, and when I took them off, I could see just fine without them.

Before the end of the school year Kevin got new glasses. His prescription had doubled, and although I no longer remember for sure what he told me, I think his first prescription was around –1.50D or maybe –1.75D. Now, according to what he told me, Kevin could no longer see without his glasses with the new prescription and he wore them all the time. Kevin gave me his old glasses. It took a while before I got the courage to tell my mom that Kevin had given me his old glasses because I could see better wearing them than I could without them. We didn’t have much money, so even though my mom was upset that I was wearing Kevin’s old glasses she got an eye chart from somewhere and made me stand back behind a line and read the eye chart. By now I had been wearing Kevin’s glasses enough that I could easily read the eye chart with them on, and mom just figured that these glasses were good enough for me to wear until she got enough money to have my eyes tested properly.

When Kevin and I were about to start 3rd grade, Kevin again got new, stronger glasses. Again he gave me his old ones, which I wore as religiously as I had worn his previous pair. By the end of grade 3 I could no longer see clearly when I took the glasses off, so I was beginning to understand why Kevin had to wear glasses. And, I was waiting for the chance to wear the pair Kevin was presently wearing.

That was when my mom finally got the money to take me for my own eye exam. She didn’t want the doctor to know I had been wearing someone else’s glasses, so she made me take my glasses off before we got to the doctor’s office. I hated to do this. Everything was such a blur now. When my examination was finished the doctor told my mom I should be wearing glasses all the time, as my eyes were fairly bad. I didn’t know what my prescription was, because mom had folded the piece of paper the doctor gave her, and put it in her purse. After we left the doctor’s, she let me put my glasses back on, and told me that as soon as she got her next pay she was going to get me a pair of glasses of my own. As soon as I could I took the piece of paper from mom’s purse. It read –1.75 x –1.00 x 175 and –1.75 x –1.25 x 180. The more I looked at the piece of paper, the more I wanted to change the number 1 at the beginning to a number 4. So I got a pen that had the same color of ink as the doctor had used, and I practiced for hours changing a 1 to a 4. Finally I did it for real. If I had gone to the optician’s without a pair of glasses on my face the optician would likely have noticed something was wrong. But since I came in wearing a pair of glasses that was already a fairly strong minus, they just ordered my glasses for me without a problem.

When I showed up at school wearing my own glasses Kevin wanted to try mine on. My glasses were stronger than Kevin’s were now. I didn’t realize this at the time, but my correction for astigmatism was fairly strong, and it made it impossible for Kevin to see with my glasses. But it didn’t matter to me. Now I had my own glasses, and even though I was overcorrected by –3D, I was easily able to overcome this, and see clearly. I did lots of close work, which I am sure helped me become dependant on my new correction.

It wasn’t as easy for me to increase my prescription any further. I wore these glasses for the next 2 years, until after my 12th birthday. I was devastated, and pretty darned helpless when I broke them playing ball. Fortunately for me there was a new eye doctor in our area, and she was offering a special on the eye exam, if you purchased new glasses. I remember sitting behind the machine with the lenses. I am sure that this new doctor started with my existing prescription, and I remember doing my best to force my eyes to see through the lenses she put in front of my eyes. I even pulled my head as far back from the machine as I could. Finally she was finished.

“His new glasses have to be a bit stronger Mrs. Willis. The distance has increased, but fortunately his astigmatism is a little lower in both eyes,” she said.

I didn’t get a chance to see my prescription this time, because mom ordered my new glasses there in order to get the special price. But a few days later when I went to get my new glasses by myself I was also given the prescription. Now my real prescription was –6.75 x –0.50 x 180 and – 6.50 x – 0.75 x 180. I knew as soon as I put them on that I had been successful in getting slightly stronger lenses than I had needed, because the familiar pull was there on my eyes again. I don’t know why I wanted this. Everybody else that I knew that wore glasses dreaded the fact that they needed stronger and stronger lenses each time they went for an eye exam. I was thrilled, and even though my glasses were pretty thick for a 12 year old, I wanted them to be even thicker. I was unable to see anything without them, so I figured that it wouldn’t be any different if they were thicker.

As I grew older I tried my best to increase my prescription. But it wasn’t easy. Over the past 12 years I had only been able to increase my prescription up to –12.75 x –0.50 x 180 and –12.50 x –0.75 x 180. I tried everything. As soon as I started earning my own money I forged prescriptions and wore glasses that were a good –3D stronger than I needed. But my eyes wouldn’t cooperate. I could tolerate the stronger glasses without a problem, but other than a total increase of –6D over 12 years, I hadn’t managed to get the increases in my real prescription that I had wanted. Then when I went for my first job interview, I didn’t get the job. So, before I went for my next interview, I went to the doctor and got a pair of contact lenses. I got that job, and I have always wondered if the reason I didn’t get the first job was because I was wearing fairly thick glasses. After I started wearing contacts, I felt that possibly I had tried to increase my glasses prescription too much at one time, so I had recently been trying to overcorrect my contact lenses by –0.50D, and I was sure I was getting results.

Now I had found a young lady who was everything I wanted. Her glasses were gorgeous. My day at the office dragged on, and finally when I rode home that night on the train I looked everywhere, but to no avail. I am sure I spotted her in the crowd ahead of me when the train arrived at my station, but I couldn’t get through the crowds of people to get anywhere near her. My only hope was that she would call me that evening, however she didn’t.

My car was repaired and ready to go for the following day. But I was drawn to the train, so I walked the 15 minutes to the station, making sure I arrived at the same time as she would have arrived yesterday. I waited, searching the crowds until the last possible moment before I squeezed onto the train. I silently cursed myself for putting myself in this position. My day at the office went slowly, and my ride home wasn’t any better than my ride to work had been. That night when I got home I fired up my computer, and went online, searching for eyeglasses suppliers in Hong Kong. I found one. They had rimless glasses, similar in appearance to what my dream girl had been wearing. I had been waiting long enough. My last eye exam had again given me a slightly lower prescription than I had wanted, so I had bumped my contacts to –11.50, and I had been wearing them for the past 6 months with no problem, so I was ready for glasses.

I filled in the online forms. I put in –13.75 x –0.50 x 180, and –13.50 x –0.75 x 180, and I selected the frame I liked best. I ordered the highest index lens available, and I ordered the anti reflective coating. Then I gave them my credit card number to place the order. I also ordered a pair of Buddy Holly style sunglasses, with a brown tint similar to what my dream girl had been wearing. I got a confirmation of my order, and I was given a delivery date of 3 weeks.

When I showed up at the station the following day she was standing on the platform, waiting for the train. I came up beside her and stood there, waiting for her to look around.

“You didn’t call me.” I said.

“Hi Damon. I’m sorry. I meant to, but I have been snowed under the last couple of nights, and I just didn’t think of it until it was too late to call.”

“Well, you have me at a disadvantage. You know my name, but I don’t know yours.” I replied. Actually my heart was pounding with excitement that she actually remembered my name.

“My name is Angela, but my dad has called me Angel for so long I usually answer to that.” Angel replied.

“You certainly are.” I replied.

Angela looked at me quizzically. “I am what?”

“An angel, an angel of loveliness.” I replied.

Angel blushed. “I certainly am not. I can’t seem to do anything with my hair. My breasts are too small, I am too skinny and I am next thing to blind without my coke bottle glasses.”

“Well, you are an angel of loveliness to me. I see a very pretty young lady, who doesn’t realize how attractive she is.” I replied.

“Well, thank you kind sir. Are you hitting on me?” Angel asked.

“I most certainly am. I would be most honored to have your phone number.” I replied.

Just then the train pulled up, and we boarded. Angela and I sat together all the way downtown, and her books stayed in her backpack while we talked. I was definitely smitten, and it appeared that Angel was attracted to me as well. We discussed many things, but Angel was very curious as to my glasses prescription, especially after I told her that my contact lenses were –11.50D. So I told her the prescription of the new glasses I had just ordered, and she told me that her glasses were stronger, with a prescription of –15.50D for each eye.

“You don’t wear contacts?” I asked.

“I might have, if my mom hadn’t made such a fuss about how thick my glasses were, and how bad my eyes were. She was really campaigning to have me wear contacts, and I just decided that I liked wearing glasses, so why should I get contacts to please her. No one in our family has ever needed glasses, so I think she is ashamed of me.” Angela replied.

“No one in my family ever needed glasses except for reading glasses either. I started wearing contacts when I went job hunting after I graduated. I am pretty sure I was passed over for a couple of jobs that I applied for because I was wearing my glasses. I am just about ready to go back to glasses though.” I told her.

Angel gave me her phone number, and I promised to call her that evening to get the name of the website where she ordered her glasses. I was pretty sure that I had found the correct site, but I didn’t tell her that I had already ordered glasses. When I did call her I was pleased that I had found the correct site, and we talked for quite a while, until she told me she had to get off the phone, as she had studying to do.

That was the beginning of our relationship. From that point on it got better and better, and soon Angel was telling me details about her eyesight. It sounded a little strange to me when she first told me, however I had no reason not to believe her. Angel had first gotten glasses at the age of 10, and she thought her first glasses were about a –1D. She had the normal increases that every myope experiences, and by the time she was 16 her real prescription was –5D. Angel was a little unusual, as her eyes were exactly the same prescription, and she had no astigmatism at all. She was also a very unusual person in that she didn’t like the looks of the lenses in her glasses she had presently been wearing. They didn’t look strong enough. So, at age 16, Angel had doctored her prescription, and had gotten glasses with a prescription of –8D, a full –3D stronger than she required. Unlike my eyes, which had not taken well to a –3D increase, Angel’s eyes had cooperated wonderfully. By the time Angel was 17, she had been able to move up to a –10.50D prescription, although she was still at least –3D overcorrected. It took her a bit over a year to adapt to the –10.50D, and then she moved on to a –12.50D prescription just after she was 18. She had worn this prescription until she was almost 20, and had then gone up to a –14D prescription. What amazed me most was when she told me she had ordered 3 pairs of glasses from the internet supplier, all with the same rimless frame, and each pair had –1.50D stronger than the other pair. I couldn’t believe how she had done this, but she told me that she had filled the prescription information in as her having required a prescription of –17.00D, with a trifocal add of +3D and a 50/50 split for the trifocal. Then she had requested that they make up single vision glasses for each part of the prescription. She had worn the –14D glasses for almost 6 months, and had then switched up to the –15.50D glasses she was presently wearing. And what was fantastic about it was that she was planning to go up to the –17D glasses as soon as she felt that she could comfortably wear them.

I knew I had to marry Angel. She was exactly what I wanted for a wife – a pretty, very nearsighted girl. I didn’t care that Angel had forced her myopia on her eyes, because I had done exactly the same thing, and I was still doing it, although at a much smaller rate for my increases. I loved the fact that Angel’s eyes were able to adapt well to a much stronger prescription than she required, and I liked it even more when I asked Angel how strong a prescription was strong enough. Her reply was that she was willing to go until her eyes wouldn’t take it anymore.

We did get married after Angel graduated the following year. By the time of our wedding Angel had been wearing the –17D glasses for about 6 months. She felt that she wanted to move up to –18.50D glasses for the wedding, so we ordered her 2 identical pairs of glasses. One pair was a –18.50D prescription, and the other pair was in a –20D prescription. I loved the appearance of both these pairs. The stronger pair didn’t really look any stronger than the –18.50D pair, because we had ordered the highest index available. The frames were a thin silver wire frame, with thin double arms that were hinged at the top and bottom of the temple. And there was no wire rim around the lenses at the side of the face, but instead the lenses were held in place with the fine nylon line. After we received the glasses and Angel tried to wear them, unfortunately she didn’t feel that she was quite ready for the increase, and since I wanted her to be able to see what was going on; I agreed that she should just continue wearing her –17D glasses for a while longer.

Angel had been taking a history major, with the intention of becoming a teacher. But her second was economics, and since I had my masters in economics, and was working for a large financial institution, I was able to arrange an interview for Angel with one of the banks I dealt with. She was hired, and after a lot of training she became the loans manager for a downtown bank. I gave up my apartment, and we purchased a condo that was much closer to where we both worked. By the time we had been in the condo for 6 months Angel had successfully managed to move herself up to the –18.50D glasses we had originally purchased for our wedding.

By the time we celebrated out first wedding anniversary I was never certain which pair of glasses Angel was wearing. I know that whenever she was outside in bright light she wore the –20D glasses as much as possible. I know she often wore them when we walked to work together, and I think most of the time she changed to the weaker glasses once she got to work. Then, by the time we celebrated our second anniversary she was wearing the –20D glasses all the time. I wanted to ask her if she was going to order a new pair with even stronger lenses, but I didn’t want her to have the feeling I was pushing, so I didn’t say anything. I did know that she had spotted a girl that worked at one of the banks who was wearing myodiscs, because we had talked about myodiscs that evening after she returned home. I told Angel that she was right at the point where she could probably get myodiscs in her present prescription if she wanted to, and although this seemed to me for a perfect opportunity for her to tell me she wanted a stronger prescription, she said nothing.

Sometime that second year we also decided that we wanted children. We had been experiencing a wonderful sex life, but now it got even better. After almost a year without success, we decided we would go to a fertility clinic for testing. There wasn’t a real problem, other than I had a low sperm count. The doctor at the clinic suggested that we could have my sperm implanted, but after a great deal of discussion Angel and I decided we would look into adoption. After all, babies are not nearly as much fun as they are made out to be.

We registered with a couple of adoption agencies, and we had looked at a number of kids. After about 6 months had gone by one of the agencies gave us another call, and we came in to find the 2 girls that would soon become our daughters. All we had to do was see a picture of Danielle, the oldest one who had just had her fourth birthday a month previously. Danielle wore glasses. They were not very strong, probably about –2D or –2.50D, but they were glasses, and that was just what we wanted for a daughter. Rebecca, the younger was 19 months younger than Danielle, and both Angel and I hoped that Bekki would follow in her sister’s footsteps and we could have 2 nearsighted girls.

Angel took a leave of absence from her job, so that she could stay with the kids until they were used to being with us. One day, shortly after the girls had come to be with us, I returned home to find Danielle wearing new glasses. We hadn’t known what her prescription was, and we had discussed getting her a new pair so she could have a spare pair, but I hadn’t realized that today was the day of her eye exam. I looked closely at Danielle’s glasses, but her prescription wasn’t that easy for me to tell what it was just by looking at the lenses. I wanted to think they looked a bit thicker.

“I see Danni has gotten her new glasses.” I said.

“Yes, she needed a slightly stronger prescription. And so did I.” Angel said, a smile beaming across her face.

“Wow, you have really gotten yourself up over –20D with all your overcorrecting. That is amazing. What is Danni’s prescription?” I asked.

“Well, I’m not exactly dancing for joy about my increase. I only went up to –20.50D. Danni went up a whole diopter to –3.50D. We got her new glasses immediately. And the doctor said that Bekki appears to be a bit nearsighted as well, but he didn’t want to prescribe glasses yet. He did say that it wouldn’t hurt if Bekki wanted to wear her sister’s old glasses to watch television if she seemed to be sitting too close to the screen.” Angel replied.

“What are you going to do for your new glasses?” I asked.

“I’ve already ordered a pair. The optician at the store where we bought Danni’s new glasses was very nice, and quite knowledgeable. With her help we chose a frame that I liked. And when I told her that I liked to wear my glasses a little bit away from the bridge of my nose, she adjusted my prescription so that my glasses would be a little bit stronger to compensate for that distance.” Angel replied.

“You don’t wear your glasses pulled away from the bridge of your nose. You like them tight.’ I answered.

“She doesn’t know that.” Angel responded.

“So what did you order for lenses?” I asked.

“I ordered one pair with myodisc lenses. Then I ordered another pair with hi index glass lenses. And I left my prescription sunglasses there to have new lenses put in them. They are just going to be a cheap plastic myodisc lens. She was really good Damon. She knew that the myodiscs should be made in a flat carrier, with my normal flat front base curve to give me the best vision, as well as the best appearance.” Angel said.

A couple of weeks went by before Angel’s new glasses were ready. The girls and I went with her to pick them up. The hi-index glass ones looked good on her, but I knew they would feel like a lead balloon on her nose. I was right. The plastic lensed myodiscs also looked great, and Angel was amazed at how light they were. Of course her old sunglasses looked much the same, except now you could see the myodisc circle in the lens.

Bekki was being a real handful. She had started off wanting to wear Danni’s old glasses whenever she watched television. I suppose she had overheard Angel and I talking about this possibility, and I also think that the fact that Angel, myself and Danni wore glasses full time made her want to wear glasses as well. She was now raising quite a fuss if anyone tried to take her glasses off. This went on for quite a while, and finally Angel suggested that she should take the girls both in for another eye exam, since it had been about 6 months since Danni had gotten her new prescription. Angel was going back to work shortly so I agreed that it would be a good idea to know if we should let Bekki wear Danni’s old glasses as often as she wanted to.

The following evening when I came home from work both our girls were sporting new pairs of glasses. Danni’s lenses seemed to be stronger than her old ones had been, but when I looked at Bekki’s new glasses I knew that her prescription was a substantial one, as the front of her lenses were flat.

“I see that the Beck really needed glasses after all.” I said to Angel.

“She certainly did. Her prescription is –6.50 x –1.00 x 80, and –6.25 x –1.25 x 95. And Danni had another –1D increase as well, so her prescription is now –4.50D. There isn’t any question now as to whether Bekki should wear glasses or not. She is pretty myopic for a 3 year old, and the doctor told me that she could have more increases, so that is why she was immediately placed into glasses with a plano base to the lenses.” Angel told me.

“And what about yourself?” I asked.

“Oh, the doctor just told me that I should wear these glasses right up against the bridge of my nose, and I should be good for a while longer.” Angel said.

Angel returned to work, and the kids were fine at day care. We hadn’t worried about taking any precautions when having sex, because we didn’t think that my sperm were strong enough to get Angel pregnant, so it came as a shock to us when Angel ended up pregnant. Our doctor laughed about it, and told us that he had seen this happen many times before. We were both happy; although we had felt that raising 3 kids would be a strain on our finances. But when the ultrasound showed that this baby was a boy we were ecstatic.

By the time the baby was born both Angel and I were thankful that we had adopted our first 2 kids. There was no way Angel was ever going to go through this again. She was too tiny and petite to have any more kids. But we were fortunate, and our son Cody was a perfectly healthy 8 lb child.

Over the next few years our girls had the normal increases in their prescriptions. I had reached the limit of my increases, so I didn’t have any increases, and at age 10, Cody still didn’t need glasses. My pretty little angel eyes had also reached her maximum, and she was no longer able to increase the strength of her glasses either. Everything was wonderful.


August 2008