The Private Four Eyes:

by Specs4ever

It had been a struggle for Kristen to see the writing on the blackboard for much of her early school years, even sitting in the first row. Any attempt to sit farther back gave an impossible blur. Oh, sure, early in the fall, after she had had her yearly eye examination, and had gotten her new glasses, or her lenses replaced, her ability to see the board greatly improved, but most years, by Christmas time, she was again fighting to see, squinting her eyes behind her fairly thick lenses. And, as her glasses got thicker, and stronger, with little improvement in visual acuity, her classmates teased her about her poor eyesight. But, Kristen didn’t seem to really be affected by the teasing, as she had soon realized that she couldn’t see without glasses, and she accepted that she would always have to wear glasses if she wanted to see.

As a young child, Kristen had dreamt about becoming a firefighter, or a stewardess, or a police officer. But, as her nearsightedness increased, she began to realize that her dreams were not ever to become a reality. And, when in the Girl Scouts, she was unable to participate in any of the activities that required her to remove her glasses, it was suggested that she should leave her troop, and join the Girl’s Disabled Troop, because of her poor eyesight. Soon after this, she realized that she would likely be unable to find a position in the health care field too, or any related fields.

Kristen was a good student, and even with her corrected eyesight needing such frequent changes, she was able to get good grades. However, her parents didn’t have the necessary funds to send her to University, and unfortunately Kristen’s grades weren’t quite enough for a full scholarship. So, when her senior year in high school finished, Kristen was out of school, and looking for work. Naturally, one of her first steps, before she attempted to find a job was to go for her annual eye exam.

Her eye doctor said, “Well, Kristen, it looks like you are going to be able to wear the same prescription for at least another year. You are still able to see the 20/40 line with your present prescription, about as good as you have been doing the last 5 years. I think this is almost a record for you, to go for a year without a prescription increase. It looks like your progression may have finally slowed down.”

Kristen was quite pleased. Her –18D lenses were the old thick, plastic type, as her parents hadn’t wanted to, nor could they afford to spend the extra money for the new high index lenses when Kristen needed a new prescription so often. So Kristen ordered herself a new pair of glasses, with the thinnest possible high index lenses, using the money that her Dad had given her for graduation, along with some of her own savings from her after school and summer jobs. When the new glasses came in, Kristen was amazed at how nice they looked. While she was waiting for them to be made, she almost wished that she had spent the extra money and bought herself a pair of contact lenses, but now that she put the new glasses on, and looked at herself in the mirror, she was pleased with her choice. Yes, her doctor’s office had a money back guarantee if she couldn’t wear the contacts they fit her for, but for now this would remain an option for Kristen in the future.

Kristen’s first step was to take a secretarial course at her local community college. She graduated with top marks, and was able, through the college placement services, to obtain a job with a fairly large law firm. Her first few weeks were interesting, as she was just learning to do her job. But, once she began typing the legal papers, she found it boring. Just when she was about to give her notice, she was asked if she would fill in for the girl who located missing people. Kristen seemed good at this, and was able to track down people faster than the other girl, so Kristen was asked to stay in this position, after the other girl came back from maternity leave.

But, when Kristen turned 20, she found that she needed another increase in her already substantial prescription. Her new prescription was –19D for both eyes with some astigmatism correction. Her new glasses corrected her vision close to 20/30, but her doctor warned her that she could expect further increases, if she continued doing a lot of close work.

“I don’t expect that you will quit reading, or doing close work Kristen, but I want to advise you to wear your old glasses anytime you work on the computer, or do any reading or any close work for extended periods of time. There is no proof that bifocals slow down the progression of high myopia, but a lot of people that have worn bifocals have found this to be the case. And, if you want bifocals, I have written an add onto your new prescription form, so you can make this choice yourself,” Kristen’s doctor told her.

Kristen felt that her old glasses would suffice for close work, so she ordered new glasses with single vision hi index lenses, along with a new pair of very dark sunglasses. This meant that Kristen always had 3 pairs of glasses with her, but she didn’t mind, as she absolutely had to wear her glasses full time to see.

After another year spent tracking down missing people, Kristen was again starting to get a bit bored. She had met an interesting man through work who suggested that Kristen join his Private Investigation firm. Kristen thought that it might be a hoot. She would have to take, and pass the state exam, but she would then become a private eye – a private eye with terrible eyesight.

Kristen studied for the exams, and she passed the aptitude part of the exam with flying colors. She was worried about the medical exam and whether she would pass the eye exam part. The medical doctor who examined her for her physical, had her go to her own eye doctor to have her visual requirement verified as he saw that she was wearing very strong glasses. Dr. Paul found that Kristen did need a substantial change in both the strength and axis for her astigmatism correction and that this gave her nearly 20/20 corrected visual acuity, sufficient to qualify for the job. It did seem to give these professional folks a good laugh to see a person who couldn’t see much of anything past the end of her nose without her glasses, becoming a private eye. The one joke that she really didn’t like was when it was suggested that she would now be a “private four eyes for hire”.

Kristen joined the investigative firm, and as usual she excelled at anything she did. Her first job was locating fathers and mothers who had skipped out on child support, and she did well at that. Then, she tried a bit of fieldwork, trying to obtain evidence that could be used in divorce proceedings against cheating spouses. She was also doing surveillance work for large companies who wanted to make sure that any employee that was off work with a compensation claim was actually disabled. But Kristen soon realized that her corrected vision had again dropped, and it wasn’t quite good enough for long distance surveillance, even with an expensive pair of binoculars that she could use with her glasses. So, she elected to try tracking down people who were behind on their car, furniture, and appliance payments. When Kristen would show up to repossess something, her thick glasses would quite often cause one of the clients that she had located to make an unkind comment. Kristen usually made light of this, as she knew that these people were just lashing out, but deep inside her, it did bother her, just as the teasing had bothered her in school. She couldn’t get away from the fact that she was truly blind without her thick coke bottle glasses.

So, Kristen went back to Doctor Paul, and discussed with him the different types of eye surgery that were available. He told Kristen that she shouldn’t even consider laser eye surgery because of her severely high myopia, but that there was a new procedure in which a lens is implanted in front of a person’s own lens in their eyes that would either reduce the prescription in her glasses, or would eliminate the need for glasses altogether. She was told to think about it.

While Kristen was debating whether it would be worth her while to do this, she was given the task of locating a man who was behind in his allowed 3 payments on his new Mustang convertible. One of the things that Kristen was taught was never to confront the client when taking possession of their automobile. At this time, all she had to do was to make one more effort to collect the back payments. So, she waited patiently for the owner to come home to his new apartment. She saw him drive in, park the car, and head for his apartment. After he had been inside for a few minutes, Kristen knocked on his door, and when the client opened the door Kristen thought that he was the most gorgeous guy she had ever seen.

She had a little trouble getting the words out, as she was a bit tongue-tied with his appearance. “Hi, I’m Kristen, with ABC Financial Services, and I am here to see if you could bring your payments up to date on your car.”

He was obviously embarrassed with the situation. “Come in, and I will get you the cash for at least one month’s back payment. I lost my old job a couple of months ago, and I finally got another one this past week. I had to move, and I needed every cent I had to get set up in this apartment.”

This wasn’t the way things were supposed to be handled. For one thing Kristen was not supposed to go into any one’s place. “I had better wait out here while you see if you can scrape the funds together. And, I really am supposed to collect all 3 months of the back payments.”

He had gotten his composure back, “Well, there is no way I can come up with any more cash than one payment. I actually was going to send in a money order tomorrow to pay the one payment, but they will just have to wait for the rest of the money that I owe. You needn’t worry about coming in, as I assure you that I am harmless, although it has been a long time since I saw such a gorgeous young lady with such lovely glasses like yours.”

Kristen couldn’t believe her ears; “You call my coke bottle glasses lovely?”

“Yes, I do. I am strongly attracted to pretty girls who need, and wear glasses. You are very attractive and I can see that you definitely need your glasses. As you already know, my name is David, and I would love to take you out for dinner,” David said.

“This is very interesting,” Kristen said, “All my life I have had to wear thick glasses to see, and no one has ever told me before that they were attracted to me because of my glasses. I haven’t had my dinner yet this evening. So, I will accompany you to dinner only, if you agree to let me pay my own way. You need all your money to catch up on your car payments.”

Kristen and David had a wonderful time that evening. David suggested that Kristen look at a few Internet sites that dealt with the glasses fetish, and Kristen realized that David was very serious about liking her because she wore thick glasses. He couldn’t take his eyes off her all evening, and when Kristen changed to her older, lower strength glasses to read the menu, David asked her if he could examine her glasses. He also asked her to let him see her without glasses for a minute, so she agreed, and she went bare eyed for a little bit longer than she would have liked to when she changed back to her normal glasses. And, not once did he make a joke about her being a private eye with lousy eyes.

Kristen suggested that since she was supposed to collect all 3 months back payments for the car, that it would be better for her, if she told the company that she had not been able to contact him yet. Then, if David used a wire transfer service to send the car payment to the finance company, they would contact Kristen’s company, and tell them to leave David alone for a while longer. So, together they found a Western Union office, and sent off the payment.

“Now you are good for several more days. They talk loud, but they won’t do anything, as long as you stay current within two months,” Kristen told David.

Kristen had talked to David about her considering having the new lens implant operation, and she could see that his expression changed. He tried not to show it, but Kristen could tell that it would definitely affect the way he felt about her.

“If your eyesight is as good as it seems to be with glasses, why would you want the operation?” David asked.

“I haven’t met any nice men who could see the real person behind my glasses yet,” Kristen said.

“So does this mean that if you found someone like me who liked you with your glasses, you would consider forgetting about the operation?” David asked.

“Well, that means that you would have to ask me out again. But, I will put it another way. If you and I were to date on a regular basis, and if I knew that you really liked me with glasses, I would not have the operation. After all, any operation is a risk, and I know I would be better off without taking the risk,” Kristen replied.

So, Kristen and David started to go together steadily. Kristen found that she really liked David, he was very kind and considerate, and she felt that she was falling in love with him. At David’s request, Kristen continued her work as a Skip Tracer, but she became more of an office person, and spent most of her time locating the people for someone else to contact. And, once David had been working for a while, he was able to keep his car payments up to date. To save money for a house, after they had dated for a few months, they decided to share an apartment together; so Kristen moved from home to David’s apartment. Kristen had saved quite a lot of money living at home with her parents, but she chose not to disclose that to David, as she wanted to use the money to help buy a home if they were married. Or, on the other hand, if their relationship didn’t last, she still wanted to have enough of her own money to have an operation on her eyes.

But, the relationship did last and when Kristen was 24, she and David got married. They chose a small church wedding, and had a small reception, so the cost was not too much of a burden on Kristen, or her parents. By this time, Kristen and David together had saved a reasonable down payment for a home, so they purchased one, and Kristen added her savings to the down payment. Kristen and David wanted children, so they were very pleased when after a few months Kristen found that she was pregnant. During her pregnancy, Kristen noticed that her distance vision wasn’t as good as it had previously been, so after the baby was born, and the nursing was finished, Kristen went back to Doctor Paul.

“Well, Kristen, we must add another diopter to your prescription. That brings you up to –20D. I thought that your eyes had stopped changing, but I suppose this change might be due to your pregnancy,” Doctor Paul told her.

“What do you mean due to pregnancy, doctor?” Kristen asked.

“Well, it doesn’t always happen Kristen, but sometimes myopic women become even more nearsighted during pregnancy. It seems that the higher the myopia you start with, the greater the chances are for a significant increase. It is mostly due to hormonal changes in your body, and sometimes the increased myopia goes away after you are finished nursing and your body returns to normal, but sometimes it remains. I think that if you had come to me earlier, we might have found that your myopia would have had even more of an increase than just –1D,” Dr. Paul told Kristen.

“What will happen if I have another child, Doctor?” Kristen asked.

“Maybe nothing, but it is quite possible that your myopic progression could increase again, maybe even substantially,” Dr. Paul told her.

Kristen left the doctor’s office a bit depressed. She had counted on having at least 2 children. To cheer herself up, and knowing that David would love to have Kristen wearing myodiscs, Kristen ordered her new glasses with myodisc lenses. The optician wanted to sell Kristen blended myodiscs, but Kristen refused. Then the optician suggested lenticular lenses, with a biconcave front, and a plus rear carrier. But Kristen had learned from searching on the Internet that this wasn’t as good an option as a straight small circle myodisc, with a plano front, and a plano rear carrier, so this is what she ordered.

When she went home, she told David, “My glasses had to have an increase up to –20D. The doctor feels that this was caused by hormonal changes while I was pregnant, and he also fells that it might happen again, if we should have more children.”

David was concerned. “I don’t want you to go blind or have your eyes get any worse, Honey. I guess we better not plan on having any more children.”

“Well, I have been thinking about this very seriously after the doctor told me the possibility of getting more myopic with another pregnancy, but I have decided that I really don’t care how bad my eyes get, as long as I can see pretty well with glasses. I have decided that we will have at least one more child,” Kristen told him.

Kristen hadn’t mentioned a word to David about ordering myodiscs, so when her new glasses were ready, she casually mentioned that she would be a bit late for dinner, as she was getting her new glasses that afternoon.

Kristen was excited when she tried on the myodiscs and a little anxious to see how they looked on her. When she looked at the glasses before she tried them on, she was pleased that they were so much thinner at the edges than regular glasses. She put them on, and looked at herself in the mirror. They looked a bit funny she thought, with a negative lens set into a positive lens, but David had raved about girls with myodiscs, so she would just accept them. When she got in her car and tried to drive, she found that when she moved her eyes to the edge of the center visual lens, as she tried to see in traffic, things became blurred. She thought that this is what they meant about having a lack of peripheral vision. So she became conscious about moving her head instead of her eyes, and keeping her eyes inside the circle. By the time she got home, she was feeling very comfortable with her improved vision with her new stronger glasses.

David took one look at her new myodiscs, and was ecstatic. He loved them. That evening David asked Kristen to leave her glasses on while they made love. Sometimes she had done this for him with her other glasses, but tonight their lovemaking reached new heights.

It wasn’t long after that Kristen became pregnant again. This time Kristen required an increase of nearly 2 diopters, during her pregnancy. She chose not to order new glasses, and she went around in a bit of a myopic blur. When their second child was born healthy, Kristen and David decided that any further increases in Kristen’s prescription were too big a chance to take, so they arranged to not have any more children. However, after she finished nursing the second child, Kristen could no longer continue going around in a fog. So, she went back to her doctor, and it was discovered that she required a rather large increase in her prescription. She now needed OD –24.50D –2.00D x 180, and OS –24.25D –1.75D x 165. Kirsten’s new myodiscs were thicker and the lenses looked very strong, with significant reflections from the center lenses and significant minification, so Kristen and David were glad that they made the decision to have only 2 children. David did tell her that he liked her in her new, stronger glasses, and again he asked her to leave them on when they made love, and again, it was an exceptional night.

Kristen stayed at home and raised their children. Once both children reached high school age, Kristen and David felt that Kristen could return to work. While she was raising the children, Kristen decided that she would spend some time researching the subject of myopia, and myopic progression. Kristen was an only child, and neither of her parents had required glasses. Of Kristen’s Aunts and Uncles, there were only a few low minus prescriptions, and actually only her father’s sister, who wore a low minus, was her only blood relative that wore glasses. So, it was a mystery as to where Kristen’s poor eyesight had come from. And so far, neither of their children needed glasses. Kirsten did find one report that mentioned recessive genes for high myopia and that when both parents carry the recessive genes nothing happens, but when the two recessive genes, one from each parent, are expressed together, the result was high myopia. She also found that premature babies have a high incidence of high myopia, and she remembered that she had been born one month prematurely. So, even though the exact cause of Kirsten’s high myopia was not known, she now had a couple of explanations that might have caused it.

After about 2 years, Kirsten asked Dr. Paul about getting glasses with regular lenses with bifocals, as she was having some difficulty reading with the myodiscs and was developing eyestrain. Dr. Paul said that it is not common, but he knew of an optical shop in Montreal, Canada that did make high prescriptions in regular lenses. He said that they would be very thick, but he would order a pair for her if she wanted him to. Dr. Paul added +2.5D bifocals in small sized oval lenses. When they arrived, Kristen found that the lenses were very thick, close to an inch, but she had picked out a nice frame that suited her appearance and they seemed to look nice on her. When David saw them, he fell in love all over again. He now wanted Kristen to wear them every time they made love. One time, he joked that with Kirsten’s myodisc glasses and her very thick, coke bottle glasses, they could have had a whole flock of children!

Specs4ever, with editing by Aliena

November 2003