Progress Is Progression:

by Specs4ever

Every couple of days I managed to be over on the south side of town right around lunchtime, and it rapidly became my habit to stop by one of our local fast food establishments to purchase the least fattening selections I could select from their menu. I soon became a regular, and I started to recognize the people who worked behind the counter. I used to like watching Terry, a tall, skinny redhead who wore a decently strong pair of minus glasses. Terry was very efficient, and could work the cash register, as well as the drive through window without missing a beat. I wondered why a young fellow like Terry would be working such a dead end job at the ripe old age of 18 or 19, and when I asked him one day I discovered that he was indeed taking courses at night at the local community college.

I didn’t often stop by on Saturdays, but one Saturday I was in the area, and I was hungry, so I went in. Terry was working the counter, and a younger girl was working the drink machine, filling the sodas for the drive through, and the counter. Her hair was almost the same shade of red as Terry’s, but where Terry was almost too thin; this young lady was quite tall, but extremely heavy. She also wore glasses, like Terry did, and they appeared to be a lot weaker. The pale pink color of the oval plastic frames did nothing for her complexion, and the oval shape of the lenses were as close to shouting out that they were totally wrong for the shape of her rotund face as they could possibly be. I would have gotten her a pair of deep burgundy, or maybe solid black rectangular frames. But her prescription was only around –6, possibly as high as –7D, but not likely. She did appear to be narrowing her eyes, and squinting to read the order board that was in front of her, so I suspected that a new pair of glasses might be in order.

A few days later I was in another store, and I saw Terry, and this same young lady walking together. Terry spotted me, and said hi. He then introduced me to the girl, who turned out to be his younger sister Jody. Normally girls who wear minus lensed glasses intrigue me, but I couldn’t see anything about Jody that interested me in the least. Her glasses were not strong enough, and she was far too overweight. Possibly if her prescription were to double I could be interested, but that wasn’t likely to happen, even if she was at the prime age for myopic progression. And, since I am in my 60’s, any interest I would have would be merely out of curiosity.

I saw Terry at work a few times over the next month, but I didn’t see Jody. Probably she worked after school, and possibly on weekends. One day when I was in I noticed that Terry had gotten new glasses. Now the front face of his lenses was flat, which indicated that he had gotten stronger lenses. I casually commented on them, and he told me that he and Jody had both needed new glasses badly. So, just for the heck of it, I managed to drop by for lunch on the following Saturday. Terry wasn’t there, but Jody was, and she was manning the cash register. She recognized me, and greeted me by name. Now her glasses were more interesting for me. She wore black, rectangular shaped frames, with the wide temples. Her new lenses actually looked to be a little stronger than her brothers. The fronts were flat, and there was a significant amount of cut in. I suspected these glasses were likely in the –9D area, and if they were Jody had quite a jump in her prescription, but of course I couldn’t ask.

A few months later Terry disappeared from the counter. I asked where he had gone, and was told that he had gotten a job working with computers in the city. I went in the following Saturday, hoping that Jody was still working, but I didn’t see her. This was no big deal, because I really had no interest in a dumpy young high myope.

Time flew by. Spring turned into summer, and then fall arrived. Before I knew it I was at the mall doing some early Christmas shopping. I went into a department store, and as I glanced around I noticed a tall, fairly heavy redhead who was wearing quite strong glasses. As I looked at the lenses in the glasses I figured they must be pretty close to about –12D. The more I looked at the chunky redhead, the more I figured that she must be Terry and Jody’s older sister. It had only been a few months since Jody had gotten new glasses, and there was no way that her prescription could have doubled in only a year. I walked up to her and went to ask her if she was related to Terry, who used to work on the other side of town at the Super Burger. Just then I noticed her nametag. It said Jody.

“Oh Jody, I almost didn’t recognize you. You looked older, and I thought that maybe you and Terry had an older sister. How long have you been working here?” I asked.

“Almost 6 months now. I will be here after school and on weekends until I finish Grade 12 in May. Then I am not sure what I will be doing. I have applied to the College to become a medical secretary, and if I am accepted I will probably continue working after school.” Jody replied.

We chatted about Terry, and how he was doing with his computer course. I was interested of course, but I didn’t say a thing about her glasses, and their increased power. Now that I knew Jody worked at this store I planned to shop here a lot more frequently, even if I seldom made a purchase.

And, I did just that. At least one afternoon a week found me wandering through the department store, and I would usually manage to spot, and say hi to Jody. Every once in a while I would also wander in on a Saturday. Jody became quite comfortable chatting with me, although I was still a bit afraid to say anything about her eyesight. I would have loved to tell her that her choice of frames for these glasses was terrible, and that I would be glad to buy her a better looking pair, but again I wisely kept my mouth shut.

Saturday morning I stopped by for coffee with my Harley friends. The talk of the day was of a rider most of them knew quite well, although I really couldn’t put a face to the name of Dan Block. Everyone assured me that I knew Dan, and that I had been on a couple of Patriot Rider rides with him. Apparently Dan had suffered a serious heart attack the previous evening, and he was on life support at the local hospital. Dan had a dump truck, and a small dozer and bobcat, but now, if he lived, he would be unable to work for a while. Everyone knew I had been a heavy equipment operator before I retired, and they were pushing me to offer to help Dan’s wife Molly out to keep Dan’s business going until he was back on his feet. I had planned to let my commercial driver’s license expire, but I still had a few months to go before I had to take another medical, so I was still good to go. I tried. I honestly tried to get out of offering my help. But all of these guys were good friends, and they were making me feel like I was letting them down. Finally I was worn down to the point where I acquiesced. Pete was the one who knew Dan the best, so the plan was that Pete and I would drive out to Dan’s house in the foothills, and Molly and I could talk over my offer to help her out.

We drove out to Dan’s place after I took my Harley back to my house. As we drove in the yard I spotted a familiar car. I hadn’t wanted to admit this before, because I might be considered by some to be almost a stalker. I had waited around the store one evening for Jody to get off work, and I had taken careful note as to which car she drove away in. Of course, since the grey caravan was so nondescript a car I had written down, and memorized the plate number. I told myself that the only reason I did this was so that I could tell if Jody was working before I went into the store. And, I had never followed Jody home, nor had I ever learned her last name, so finding Jody’s car at the Block residence was a shock to me.

Jody answered the door, and she was surprised to see me. Pete explained that we were friends of her dad’s, and we would like to speak to Molly. So Jody went off to get Molly, who invited us inside. Looking at the pictures inside, as well as looking at Molly made me realize where Terry and Jody got their red hair from, because Molly had hair the exact same shade. There was a picture of Dan and Molly, and once I saw it I knew who Dan was. If the guys had told me that Dan was a heavy guy with strong minus glasses I would have known him immediately. Molly also wore glasses with a prescription of about –6D, so both Jody and Terry had inherited their myopia from both parents.

Molly was overwhelmed that Dan’s friends would offer to help out like this. I felt like mentioning that they had the easy part. They had merely offered my services, and I was the one who would be doing the hard labor. But I knew I would have done this anyway, as soon as I knew Jody was involved.

I spent some time on Sunday going over the equipment and familiarizing myself with it. Any competent operator can usually jump from machine to machine without too much trouble, and I liked to consider myself very competent. After I had done this I went to the house to speak to Molly, but Jody was home alone, as Molly was at the hospital with Dan. Fortunately Jody knew where her dad kept his work schedule, and together we were able to determine the jobs that had to be done. I phoned the first customer, and they were now as ready for me as I was for them.

Molly was home the next morning, and she came out into the pre dawn to greet me. I asked about Dan’s condition, and Molly informed me that they had taken him off the ventilator the previous afternoon, but he was still in a drug-induced coma, and the heart machine was doing the work of pumping his blood for him. She hoped that by that afternoon they could take him off that machine, and if his own heart could do the work they could then bring him out of the coma, and try to determine what the next options were.

I worked harder than I had worked for years during the next couple of weeks. Dan seemed to be coming along well, so I was hopeful that he would get out soon, and either put the equipment up for sale, or would take over the paperwork again himself. Molly and I were not having much fun with this part of the business, and I have to admit that I much preferred to be told what to do.

Just when we thought Dan was out of the woods he suffered another heart attack. This time he didn’t survive. When a man in his early 50’s dies, it is much harder to take than when someone in their 80’s passes on, and this case was no exception. The funeral was extremely well attended, and Pete rode Dan’s bike at the head of the procession, with the flag flying at half-mast. After the services I spoke to Molly, and I offered to keep things going until a buyer could be found for the business. I had completed all of the work that was scheduled, so it wasn’t a big surprise when Molly told me that she wasn’t interested in keeping the business going. As soon as we could we would take the equipment to auction.

Molly also placed the house and the shop on the market. She explained to me that she really didn’t like living 14 miles from town, and she wanted to buy a smaller house close to everything. There are a lot of people who do like living in the country, so it didn’t surprise me when the house had a lot of action. A few days later I loaded up all the equipment, and took it to the auction lot. Jody came up to bring me back. I could tell she was having a problem reading the road signs after she drove by the first turn we needed to make. I am evil. My first thought was to make her struggle through it, and find her own way home, but I just didn’t have the heart, so for the rest of the trip home I made sure I gave her a lot of advance warning as to which turn to take.

“Are you having trouble reading the signs Jody?” I asked.

“I can’t really see them until I get up fairly close. I think I better tell Mom I probably need new glasses again. I was hoping I wouldn’t need stronger glasses just yet, because these ones are pretty thick.” Jody replied.

“I am sure I remember you having a couple of other pairs of glasses since I first met you, and that was only a couple of years ago. How often do you need new glasses?” I asked.

“I think this is my 3rd pair in less than 3 years. I got my pink ones when I was 15. They had a prescription of around –6.50D. Then I got my black pair when I couldn’t pass the eye exam for my driver’s license, and they were –8.50D. Then I got these about 6 months ago. They are –11D, and I am sure they already are much too weak for me.” Jody replied.

“I think I remember the black framed ones. They looked a lot better on you than those glasses do. Those glasses are too narrow for your face, and the earpieces have bent the center of the nosepiece out so that your glasses look to be bent in to your nose from the sides.” I said.

“I liked the black ones too. I want to get another pair of them.” Jody replied.

“Who have you been using for your eye doctor?” I asked.

“I have been going to Doctor Stockwell, but he never seems to make them strong enough for me. I can only see clearly for a few weeks after I get a new pair.’ Jody replied.

“I have heard that Doctor Bosner is pretty good. Maybe you should try him.” I answered.

I had heard that Doctor Stockwell was reluctant to give a younger person their full prescription from a number of people. Doctor Bosner was just the opposite. I knew of a couple of acquaintances whose children had used Doctor Bosner. Both were 14-year-old girls, and both had started out with about a –2D prescription. Within a couple of years both girls were wearing glasses full time and they now had prescriptions of around –4D, with every indication that they would go higher.

“I think I will, as soon as I can get an appointment.” Jody replied.

“Well, I know of a couple of online eyeglasses sites that do a pretty good job on a pair of nice glasses for a reasonable price. If you need a new prescription I will order you a couple of pairs of your choice with the thinner lens option. And I am sure that we can get a pair with the wide black temples, and the rectangular frames.” I told Jody.

She seemed quite pleased with my suggestion. When we got back to her home Molly had a surprise for us. She had accepted an offer for the house, but the problem was that they would have less than a month to give the purchaser vacant possession.

“If you and Jody want to move in to my house for a few weeks until things are settled with the estate, I have a split bedroom home, and you two could have the guest section. There is a set of doors that lock, so you would have your privacy.” I said.

Molly insisted that she couldn’t do that, but then she realized that until things were settled with the estate she wouldn’t be able to purchase another house. Rather than loose the sale, she finally agreed, and over the next few weeks I helped Molly pack up and move all their possessions to a storage locker. Jody was busy at work, but she did manage to find time to see Doctor Bosner, and have her eyes checked. I was not surprised to see that Erin required a significant increase. Her prescription had climbed from –11D up to –13.50D. Since she wasn’t quite 18 yet, I figured that she would have about 3 to 5 more years of progression, although I considered it likely that the larger increases she had been experiencing would slow down.

Molly and Jody finished cleaning out the house well before the date of the sale, and had to move into my home. One of the first things I did was to order Jody two new pairs of glasses as I had promised. Jody, and Molly were surprised that I knew so much about fitting glasses, so I had to explain that I had worked after school at an optical lab when I was younger, and I had also dated an optician for a while. This explanation satisfied them. I measured Jody very carefully. Her pupillary distance was only 62, but because she was so big and heavy, her facial width was going to require a frame that was quite wide. I explained that she would need a frame with a width of around 145 mm. This would require a lens with a width of about 54mm, and the few frames that she liked that were that wide had a bridge size of 20mm. The plastic around the temple edges added about 10 mm, and the plastic at the nose added around 6 mm to enable us to get a frame this wide. With her narrow pd, I was afraid that even using the thinnest lenses we could purchase for a reasonable price would still give us a pretty thick lens edge, but after explaining this to Molly and Jody I got the approval to order Jody both pairs we had chosen. I ended up placing the order for 3 pairs. The third pair was ordered as sunglasses, with regular plastic lenses. And I managed to increase Jody’s prescription up to –14D for all 3 pairs. I really wondered what they would do about shaving off the back of the regular plastic sunglasses lenses, because I knew they would be almost ¾” thick if they didn’t.

The new glasses arrived in less than 2 weeks. Both of the expensive clear lensed pairs had a part of a circle that had a low minus power at the temple edge that was about 3/8” in width, and the lenses themselves were a good ½” in thickness. When Jody tried both pairs on I thought the amount of cut in was fantastic. The only drawback was that the lenses made her eyes look tiny and piggish, but she was thrilled with how well she could now see, so I think she just accepted that this was what it had to be. Even with the widest frames possible I still needed to bend the temples away from her face near the hinge, and then I had to bend them the other way again back towards her ears. I fitted all 3 pairs as close to her eyes as possible, and I made it so they didn’t slide down at all. Jody spent the rest of the day looking at things that had previously been a bit blurred. And she loved the fact that she now had prescription sunglasses, even if the lenses were a good 3/4” thick. They had made the regular plastic lenses the full thickness of the lens blank.

Around this time Molly got a phone call from her brother back east. Their mother had fallen and broken her hip, so Molly was going to have to go back to help her. She was a little apprehensive about leaving Jody with me at my place, but I had been so helpful to them since Dan died that she finally decided I wasn’t going to attack and rape her daughter. I drove Molly to the airport, and promised that Jody and I would call her every night.

Jody seemed quite comfortable living at my place. She could easily have kept to herself, and only come out of her room for meals, but she often sat at the kitchen table doing her homework, and chatting with me while I prepared supper for us both. It was then that I realized why Jody was probably experiencing a lot of her myopic progression. When she was reading, or doing her homework I bet her nose was no further than about ten inches away from her work, and she would often draw even closer without realizing it. When I noticed this I remembered watching her when she was working at the cash register at the department store, and thinking that she drew everything far too close to her eyes for comfort. It was around then that I started to wonder how much Jody’s myopia would progress if she continued the habit of drawing so close to everything while wearing her already strong glasses. She did almost nothing with regard to distance viewing. Driving her car was the only task that she preformed that required her to see at any distance, and I suspected that driving around town, where she knew every street without looking did not really exercise her eyes for far away objects. I decided to experiment.

I purchased, and set up a treadmill in an unused corner of my living room. I mounted a television very close to the treadmill. When I started using the treadmill, Jody decided that she would like to exercise a bit herself. I asked her what her weight was, and she told me that she was 247 pounds the last time she had weighed herself. So, just for the fun of it we checked her weight. She was shocked that she had gone up to 265, and she was not adverse to the idea that she should give loosing weight a concentrated effort. She decided that she would really like to get her weight down to around 150, which for her 5’10 height would have been very good. I was willing to help her and we changed her diet, which had been high in carbohydrates, and refined sugar, and starches, to food that was a lot healthier. I surmised that some of her myopia was caused by her poor diet, and I thought that her myopia would not increase as much with her diet change, but her poor visual habits were well ingrained.

Jody used the treadmill a lot. And her eyes, looking through her thick lenses, were glued to the closely mounted television screen while she walked. With the change in diet, as well as exercise, her weight started to drop. She was quite pleased with herself when she dropped the first 10 pounds, and within a week she dropped below 250. She graduated from high school with honors, and she expressed no disappointment to not having been asked to the prom. She had been overweight for so long that she accepted that she was not attractive to boys. I actually felt sorry for her, because she really was a great kid.

Molly had been back east for a couple of months now. She flew out to visit Jody, and Terry, who came back from University to stay at my house that weekend. My house was crowded, and I didn’t want it to stay this way. I didn’t mind having Jody living there, but with 3 others in the house it seemed that there was always someone around.

Terry arrived before his mother, and he was a bit surprised when he noticed how thick and strong his younger sister’s glasses now were. Terry himself was wearing a prescription that was somewhere around –10D, but Jody’s –14’s definitely looked a lot stronger than his did. I had wondered how long it would take for Jody to become accustomed to the extra –0.50D I added to her prescription. I had read that a progressing myope could be expected to increase as much as –3.00D a year and Jody had been climbing between –2.00D and –2.50D a year by my reckoning. So it wouldn’t have surprised me at all if Jody had completely grown into the –14D glasses now.

Molly and Jody talked a lot over the weekend. Molly had decided that she was going to live with her mother until her mom passed away, and she wondered if Jody would like to come back east and live with them. I was included in the conversation, and I told them both that I enjoyed having Jody live with me, and that she was welcome to stay while she went to college. Jody decided that she wanted to stay, so that was settled. Molly went back east, Terry returned to the city, and his university courses and Jody and I had the house just for us again.

During the summer Jody worked a full week every week at the department store. I had anticipated that she would not experience much myopic progression over the summer, because she didn’t have to do any studying. But I hadn’t counted on Jody’s appetite for reading. When she wasn’t exercising, and watching the very close television set she was sitting in the recliner with a book jammed in front of her glasses. I have a large clock hanging on the living room wall. This clock is so big and readable that from the recliner chair where Jody usually sat a person would have to have worse than 20/100 vision to be unable to see the time. I could tell that Jody’s eyesight had now gotten a lot worse, because now instead of looking at the clock to see the time, she was looking at her watch.

I had purchased a little flipper that held 4 lenses, ranging from –0.25D through –1.00D. So I convinced Jody to hold the –1.00D lens over her glasses, and try to read a snellen chart. She had to put the –0.50D lens along with the –1.00D lens to be able to read the 20/20 line, so I knew her eyes would now require a prescription of at least –15.50D. When she did get an appointment with Doctor Bosner, she was given a new prescription of just that. I added an extra –0.50D, and ordered her a pair of –16.00D glasses. Then, after explaining to her what I was going to do, I also ordered a pair of the same frames with –17.00D lenses, and another pair with 18.00D lenses. When the order arrived I fitted the –16.00D glasses to her face, which by now was a lot thinner, and didn’t require any bending of the frames at all. I gave Jody the other 2 pairs of glasses, with the instructions to switch to the next higher prescription if she felt she needed it. I also told her that she should tell me when she felt she needed another eye exam.

One evening, about 3 months after Jody had gotten the 3 pairs of new glasses she casually mentioned to me that she was again having a problem seeing clearly.

“Well, why don’t you get the next stronger pair out.” I suggested.

“I have already been wearing the strongest pair for a few weeks.” Jody replied.

I just about choked. “You’re kidding me – right.” I said.

“No, I’m not. I made a bit of a mistake. I felt I needed a stronger pair, so I got a pair out, and tried them on. I could really see well with them, so I thought they had to be the next stronger pair. Then yesterday I felt I had better change to the strongest pair, because my vision was again starting to be blurred. When I put on that pair I discovered that I had skipped the in between pair, and I had already been wearing the strongest pair.” Jody said, her face glowing as red as her hair in embarrassment.

I again got out the eye chart, and the flipper. Jody was correct. She needed at least another –0.50D over the –18.00D glasses to be able to see clearly.

“This is terrible Erin. According to this you have gone from –15.50D up to –18.50D in 3months. That is –1.00D every month. If you kept that up for the whole year you would need –15.50D plus another –12.00D for a total of –27.50D of correction.” I said.

“Well, if that is what it is going to be, then I will just have to keep getting stronger lenses.” Jody replied.

“I wish it was that simple Jody. You have reached the point where it is going to be extremely difficult to correct you to 20/20 already. As your glasses become stronger the minification factor of the minus lenses will make everything so small that you will no longer be able to see the 20/20 line. And if your progression continues, you might not be able to pass the eye test the next time you need your driver’s license renewed.” I replied.

“Then I will just have to have eye surgery.” Jody replied, seemingly complacent about the problem.

“Again there is a problem. With your present prescription you are way above the limits for lasik surgery. Your only choice would be a lens implant. Right now the strongest lens on the market that can be implanted is about –15.00D. This would correct all of your existing myopia, because a contact lens of –15.00D is about the same as a glasses lens of about –18.00D or so. But your eyes seem to be getting worse and worse. You could have the lens implant, and then you could have lasik surgery to correct about –6D more of myopia, but what if your progression doesn’t stop there?” I asked.

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of that.” Jody replied.

“Another thing is that no doctor will operate on your eyes unless your prescription is stable for at least 2 years. Your prescription seems to be changing weekly.” I added.

“What can we do?” Jody asked.

“First thing will be to make you another eye appointment. Maybe Doctor Bosner might have some suggestions.” I said.

We did just that. Jody and I explained what had happened with the mistake in the 2 stronger pair of glasses, and while the doctor was a little put out that we had ordered stronger glasses than he had prescribed he soon got over it. He actually was intrigued with the progression of Jody’s myopia. He had never seen a case with so much, and so rapid a progression, although he told us of one little girl patient of 6 years of age he once treated that had gone from a –4D up to –14D within a year. However this little girl had progressed up to –20D in her teens, and then her progression had stopped.

According to Doctor Bosner’s testing equipment, Jody now required –19.25D. That was even more progression than a diopter a month, as it had just been a little more than 3 months since Jody had tested at –15.50D. I mentioned that it would likely take 2 or 3 weeks for Jody to get new glasses, and this time it was Doctor Bosner who suggested that I place the order for a prescription of –20D. So, we did just that. We had to order myodiscs for this prescription though, and when they arrived Jody was a little upset with the appearance. However she soon got over it, because she could now see again.

I was beginning to think that maybe I should try to do something to help Jody’s eyesight from deteriorating further. Doctor Bosner hadn’t seemed to be significantly upset about her progressive myopia, and he seemed to shrug off our concerns. “Your eyes will stop getting worse when they are ready to stop,” is what he said to us. I started gradually. The first thing I did was to move the television well away from the treadmill. Then I suggested that maybe Jody should wear a lower prescription pair of glasses when she was reading, or doing close work. She had been a little worried over what I had told her prior to her last eye exam, and I suppose that her concerns about failing her eye exam at the time of her next license renewal helped provide a little impetus.

I don’t know if my efforts were what helped or not, but when Jody went back to see Doctor Bosner in 3 more months her prescription had only gone up another –1.00D. When he tested her with –21D lenses, the doctor was amazed that Jody could still manage to read the 20/20 line. He felt that because Jody had only a spherical prescription, the lack of astigmatism was why she was able to see so well.

We ordered Jody new glasses again. I had hopes that her progression would slow down, so I also ordered her a new pair of sunglasses. Jody was wearing her old –20D glasses for all of her reading, and while I would have liked to see her with another –1D less for close work, at least these were better than wearing her full strength glasses. Also, I had managed, with a great deal of persuasion, to get Jody to move her face back a bit from her reading material.

Jody had continued her exercise program faithfully. And, every evening she and I would go out for a walk around the neighborhood. Because her weight loss was very slow I suppose I really didn’t notice that she was a lot thinner. She was too comfortable around me though. One evening she came out into the living room wearing only a loose robe – and her ever present –21D myodiscs of course. Her robe came open and I gazed at the lush body of a very tall, rather pretty looking almost 20-year-old lady. From then on I could hardly stop looking at her, but instead of being repelled by her excess weight, now I am ashamed to say that I lusted for her ripe young body. The next day she was wearing a pair of new, tight fitting jeans when we went for our walk, and I asked her how far she was from her goal of 150 lbs. It was not a big surprise to me when she told me that she had reached it.

When Jody was big and heavy, I had not had the least bit of sexual attraction towards her. Now all I could do was pray that some guy noticed how attractive and fit she looked. I needed her to have a boyfriend in her life, and I needed this to happen soon. I knew if I were to try to make a move on her it would spoil a beautiful friendship, and I was more in need of a high myope friend than I was of attempting to have a sexual relationship with a 20-year-old girl. It was difficult, but over the following year, as Jody drew closer to her 21st birthday, I managed to hide my feelings towards her. It certainly was difficult, especially when her prescription increased –3.00D over that next year, and now her newest glasses were –24D myodiscs. We were very happy though that her massive increases seemed to have slowed down, and while –3D increase in a year is a lot to most people, to Jody it was almost nothing. I wasn’t sure if it was our new program that was working, or if it was just natural, as Jody still seemed to be bringing her reading material too close to the end of her nose. But at least she was doing that with a pair of weaker glasses, so maybe it had slowed her progression.

Jody was all set to give all of her old glasses away, so I helped her box them up, and I offered to drop them off for her. I hid the box so it wasn’t easily located; as there was no way I was going to let this collection get broken up. I hate to admit it, but I kept out one pair for me to keep in my bedroom, and often at night I would put them on, and think of Jody, releasing my sexual tensions at the same time.

During her final year at school Erin had a couple of further increases. Each time she needed another –2D, so by the time she graduated, her latest prescription was –28D. Now she was 22, and heading out into the work force. She was very relieved when she was able to pass her vision test at the DMV with flying colors, so her driver’s license was now good for another 5 years. Even Doctor Bosner was amazed at how well Jody could see with such a strong prescription, and he published something about Jody in an optometric journal.

Jody easily got a job, as medical secretaries were in demand. During her first year of working her prescription increased again, but only by another –2.00D during the whole year. Now her newest myodiscs were –30.00D, but she still wore her old ones while she was at work, and changed to her newest prescription for driving. It was around this time that she met Kyle, an articling lawyer. Kyle was a really decent kid, and they were a good fit as a couple. Kyle was 6’2, and very trim, so he was taller than Jody. And, he seemed to readily accept the fact that Jody wore strong glasses and had very poor, almost non-existent uncorrected vision. I had hopes that maybe Kyle might be one of us, and was attracted to Jody because of her glasses, but of course I never asked.

Kyle and Jody had gone together for 2 years by the time they decided to get married. Jody had a slight prescription increase each year, and now at age 25 she was wearing –32.00D myodiscs. The plans for the wedding were going full steam ahead, and I was thrilled when Jody asked me to give her away. It was a Saturday night, and was the night before Molly was to arrive for the wedding in 2 weeks. I said goodnight to Jody and headed off to bed.

During the predawn hours I woke early and went to the bathroom. I returned to bed, and as I was lying there in a sort of half awake half asleep stage I felt a presence in my room. There was a person getting into bed with me. This body drew closer, and I was kissed on the lips. Of course I responded, and I reached out to hug and draw a firm young naked body closer to my wrinkled old one. I opened my eyes and stared directly into a pair of tiny eyes hidden behind the thick strong myodisc lenses that I knew belonged to Jody.

“What are you doing Jody?” I asked.

“I owe you so much for all your help, and I know you have wanted me for a few years now. So I decided that I want you to be the one to be my first.” Jody replied.

“Honey, I love you, but I love you like a daughter. I can’t do this.” I said.

“Oh yes you can. I know you have been fantasizing about this for a few years now. I also know you kept an old pair of my glasses for you to use when you have sexual tensions.” Jody replied.

With a gift offer like this I just couldn’t refuse. It was a wonderful feeling, although I was glad that Jody would be leaving to move into her own house in a couple of weeks. I was very happy for Jody, and this gift she had given me would stay in my memories for the rest of my life.


Mar 2008