Project Dream Machine

by Specs4ever

Jason finished writing the last lines of his very special computer program.  This program was designed to hook you up to your computer to help you dream whatever you wanted to dream. The device to do that consisted of a comfortable leather helmet, very similar to the old time helmets the first pilots worn to fly in open biplanes. Inside the helmet were almost 150 electrodes touching your head. The electrodes transmitted very weak electric waves directly into your brain during sleep. In this way you could watch a movie if you wanted to.  The only difference from watching it at the cinema was that it seemed to you that you were right in the middle of the action. The movie could come either from a normal VCR or, if you wanted your dream to have better quality, from a DVD. It was also possible to specify what your role in the movie would be. This was what Jason had planned to test that night. The next step would be that you would no longer need the movie. You would be able to write a plot directly into your dream machine, and you would actually seem to live in your dream. If this project were a success Jason would be a very wealthy man.  No one would even think about buying a Nintendo or a play station anymore.

Jason called his assistant Danielle in, telling her that he had removed the last bugs from the program. Danielle was still very skeptical about the dream machine. She looked at the last lines of the code on Jason's screen. The image of the monitor reflected from the thick lenses in her glasses.  Danielle really hated her glasses. Unfortunately for her she was not a candidate for contacts because she had very dry eyes.  And, while she could possibly have laser surgery, the surgery would only reduce the strength of her lenses, so she felt that with all the unfortunate experiences some people had been having with the surgery that it was best that she just stick with her glasses. Jason didn’t dare tell Danielle that he found her very attractive wearing glasses because she always become very angry if you brought up anything about her glasses.

“Well,” she said, “with these small alterations in the program code your dream machine might just work. When are you going to try it?”

“Maybe tonight,” said Jason, thinking of the DVD's in his desk drawer, but they were ones he'd better made sure Danielle wouldn't ever see.

Danielle herself was also anxious to try out the machine. She already knew which dream she would program for herself.  Of course Jason would play a major role in it.  In her dream she would be able to get rid of her heavy coke bottle glasses. Danielle had gotten her first glasses when she was two and a half years old. Back in those days she had needed a prescription of – 8D. Now she was 28 years old and her glasses had reached -25 D. Luckily enough she hadn’t needed any increase in her prescription during her last 3 annual checkups. She was also fortunate that she had no astigmatism and with glasses she had a 20/20 visual acuity. She had tried myodiscs in her previous pair of glasses but had gone back to a normal lens design, because she preferred the better peripheral vision with normal lenses. Although the thickness, and the weight of her lenses bothered her quite a lot she had no choice other than to accept her thick glasses if she wanted to see what was going on around her.

So it was very clear to Danielle what she would select to dream if Jason let her try the machine at a later state of development.  She would go out and date Jason, and not be dependant on her ugly thick glasses. So far in her life she had only been able to see naked men in pictures. Danielle had a nice and very attractive figure, and was very pretty without her glasses. All of her previous partners wanted to remove her glasses before they started making love. She never saw anything more than a fleshy blur of her partners when they were naked. There was no way for her to put her glasses back on her face during sex.  Sometimes she would have liked to see their dicks penetrate her, instead of only sensing it. At these times she desperately longed for her hated glasses. And then there was this mild panic while she searched for her glasses the morning after. Her lovers were not always attentive enough to leave her glasses where she could find them easily.  Danielle felt her panties wet at the mere thought of the possibilities of the dream machine, should it ever work properly.

Jason had also made another interface card for the device and was going to install it in the computer. Tonight he would take computer and helmet home to test it again.

An hour later Jason had finished installing the new interface into his computer and was preparing to leave. He opened the door to Danielle’s office to tell her that he was leaving. Danielle sat behind her desk and turned her head in his direction. She was not wearing glasses at this moment, but was cleaning them, which she did twice a day. She didn't look through her glasses as other people normally do when they clean them, to inspect the results. It was useless; as Danielle couldn't see how successful her cleaning had been until she had her glasses back on close to her eyes.  Jason thought that she must have been crying a little, because her eyes were a bit red and wet, too. Danielle said goodbye to Jason, and put her glasses back on.  Now she was the real Danielle thought Jason, as he left.

At home Jason set up everything for his test. He put the desktop case of his computer in a safe place under his bed and connected all the cables to it. He switched it on and started running several tests. Everything seemed to be fine.  Finally he put the DVD into the CD drive of his computer.  It was a new Danish porno production, which was only available at a ridiculously high price on the black market. The leading star, Grit, was a stunning blonde girl who wore very strong glasses. He typed a few more characters into the computer, instructing the program that Jason wanted to be the male counterpart of Grit in the movie. After he had finished programming the computer Jason went out to a deli to eat a sandwich and have a glass of wine because it still was too early to go sleep and dream.

A couple of hours later Jason was home and had a nice shower before preparing for his sleep. It was 10:30 pm when Jason finally put on the leather helmet and fastened the leather strap under his chin. He finished the procedure by putting on special goggles that contained several colored light emitting diodes. They would go on and off in a special pattern that would allow him to attain maximum relaxation before the program started with the dream inducing sequence. The software started and the L.E.D.’s started with their soft and colorful blinking.  It was so relaxing.........

There was a knock on the office door. It must be my stupid half blind secretary.  Grit is not worth the money I pay her. I must get rid of her. She is unable to type a letter without mistakes. This will be her last chance now, Jason thought as he called her in. Lets see if she's capable of performing a good blowjob instead.

“Jason, this is the printout of the letter you asked me for,” she said, blinking her barely visible eyes rapidly behind her thick-lensed glasses.

Jason looked over the printout and spotted the same typos he had previously told her to correct.

“Grit, what shall I do with you. You're so stupid I have to do all my office work myself Tell me at least one reason why I shouldn't fire you!” exclaimed Jason angrily.

Grits face blushed and her heavy glasses started sliding down her nose. She pushed them up again with a nervous gesture and came closer.

“Oh Jason. don't fire me. You know I can't see well and I know I should have gotten my new, stronger prescription for my glasses by now.  I oversaw the typos again, sorry boss.”

“Answer my question Grit.  I want to know only one good reason why I shouldn't fire you?”

Grit came closer again and unbuttoned the first two buttons of her white blouse that was exaggerating the fullness of her breasts with its tightness.

“Well Jason, you asked for one good reason,” she said as she came around Jason's desk. “Is this a good reason?’ she asked as she unzipping Jason's blue jeans and pulled his cock out.

“Please be more specific with your reason,” said Jason.

Grit was down on her knees and had finished getting Jason's dick out. “A reason like this,” she said as she massaged Jason’s private part in a very skillful manner.

“I suppose that this could be a good enough reason,” said Jason.  “But how about taking your glasses off Grit?”

“I would prefer not to,” said Grit,  “because without my glasses I can hardly see what I'm sucking on.”

 OK said Jason, leave them on then, but specify your reason more....

Grit was sucking Jason’s cock, which was big and hard now. With her right hand she massaged Jason's balls while her left hand kept holding the left arm of her heavy glasses from sliding down and falling from her face. Jason found he liked Grit's glasses, as it made him so horny seeing her struggle to keep them on so that she was able to see. Jason's left hand was under Grit's short skirt now. His fingers found their way to her wet pussie and started massaging it. Grit moaned in delight. Jason had ripped her blouse off. Her bra came off revealing a marvelous view of her wonderful well-formed full breasts. Grit had finished sucking Jason's cock and unzipped her skirt and as she wanted to get rid of her panties, she lost control of her glasses, which fell down on the carpet.

“Oh boss, my glasses!  Please don't step on them, they're the only pair I have right now.”

Jason got them for her and handed them back to her. When she could see again she sat down on the desk spreading her legs inviting Jason's cock to her crotch. Jason penetrated her and Jason said to Grit that this was a very valid reason to keep her around. Jason had to admit that Grit’s playing with her glasses and teasing with her poor eyesight aroused him as no other girl ever had. Jason was reaching his orgasm at just about the same time Grit did. As a skilled lover he was able to hold his load. He pulled his cock out of Grit's pussie and Grid sled down from Jason's desk. She was down on her knees again and sucking on Jason's cock again. Now he erupted his load partly into her mouth, but the largest amount went on her face. Jason made sure that a good quantity finished on the lenses of her thick glasses, making her eyes almost invisible.

“That's unfair,” said Grit laughing, “I want to know why you guy always like to come on a poor girls glasses. Now I have to clean them again.”

“I’ll help you,” said Jason removing her glasses, holding them close to her mouth, and making her lick his cum off.

Grit was giggling saying that nobody had made her do this before and that this made her very horny again. Jason put her glasses back on her face and she could see again. 

“OK Grit, you have given me a very good reason to keep you. But you will have to remind me of this reason if I forget it.” said Jason laughing.

Grit said she could do so maybe twice a week....

...Jason awoke from a gentle music. He opened his eyes and realized that he had the helmet and the goggles still on. As he fully recovered from his dream he realized that the test was a full success. Wow he still had a minor erection and he would to have his sheets changed. He removed his headgear and switched off the computer.

Jason was soon ready to go to work. He is pleased with what had happened in his dream, and could hardly wait for the first dream he would compose by himself. His next steps were very important. He had to register his invention. This was a very long routine but absolutely necessary in order to really harvest the fruits of his long way to success.

Back at the office he met Danielle.  She was struggling to see properly, because her glasses seemed to be bent in some way. As soon as she realized Jason was in she came into his office and asked if he could fix her glasses. It was the first time that she had ever said a word about her glasses. She told Jason that she had stepped on her glasses getting out of bed. They must have fallen off her bedside table. One lens had been forced out of the frame. The screw that closed the frame and held the lens in place was missing. Poor Danielle had tried to fix it with adhesive tape. Needless to say that she was unable to perform this job properly since she could see almost nothing without her glasses. Jason told Danielle to sit down and gently removed her glasses.

“Well, lets see if I can fix it here or if I will have to take them to the optician for you?”

Jason walked to his laboratory where he kept all sorts of spare parts. There wear a lot of tiny screws that were used to hold electronic components in place. Maybe one of then could do the job. It was the first time Jason could take a close look at Danielle’s glasses. She was a gorgeous young woman. Holding her glasses and remembering his induced dream of last night he could feel his cock getting hard again. He checked the screws and was grinning as he thought that he was trying to screw Danielle’s glasses. He found a screw that was identical to the one that had been lost. He had finished the repair and was cleaning her glasses. He enjoyed watching her sitting blindly on her chair waiting to get her glasses back.

“Can you fix them?” came her anxious voice from the office.

Although he had already finished the repair job he told her to hang on because it was difficult to find the right screw. By now Jason’s rod was hard and completely filling out his pants. He had to do something. At this distance, without her glasses, there was no way that Danielle could see what was going on. He opened his pants and got his erect penis out and started masturbating in silence.

“Are you finished Jason?” came Daniels voice from the office.

“Just a minute,” said Jason, referring to his wanking, trying to give his voice a casual tone.

Finally he ejaculated on her glasses that he was holding. What a mess! He took some paper tissue and wiped off the mess from her glasses. He inspected them and saw that they required further cleaning. So he went over to the faucet and gave them a good cleaning under running water. He wiped them clean and was satisfied with his job now. He made sure that his pants showed no traces of what had happened. He walked back to Danielle and gently placed the glasses on her face.

“Oh thank you Jason, you also gave them a good cleaning,” she said with a warm tone in her voice. “Oh Jason don't look at me in my glasses. You know that I hate how I look in my glasses.”

It was hard for Jason not to continue looking at her shrunken eyes behind all those concentric rings embedded in this massive refractive power.

“Oh I was only looking to be sure that they are not still a bit bent.” He said as he reached out for her glasses again and adjusted them a little bit. “I think they sit better now.”

“Thanks for your help Jason,” said Danielle and changing the subject she asked about his experiment.

“Oh it went very well,” said Jason.  “If the machine passes another test I think you can try it yourself if you want.”

At noon Danielle went out to buy a few things. When she was out Jason installed a small web cam in her office to film her and transfer the data to his machine so he could prepare another nice dream. At 5pm, when Danielle left, Jason had captured enough sequences of Danielle for his purposes.

“I'm leaving now,” said Danielle, “see you tomorrow.”

“OK but be careful, and don't step on your glasses again,” said Jason, who was fully aware that she might not like what he was saying. And right he was.

She turned to him and with an angry tone in her voice she said, “Stop referring to my glasses. You know I can't stand it. Ok!”

Jason said Ok, and when he was alone he carefully programmed his next dream.

Soon afterwards Jason was at home and set up his machine again. He knew that it could very well become a long dream this time and so he went to bed early.

The diodes started flashing and Jason drifted away to dreamland...

...”Oh Jason can you help me please,” called Danielle from her office.

Jason was anxious to see what it was this time. Surely not the glasses again, he thought. This time she wanted some kind of anti glare filter that she bought when she was out for lunch installed over her computer screen. Danielle told him that this filter would help her a lot with her computer work. It was easy enough to install and so Jason did it right away.

“When can I try the new dream machine?” she asked Jason next.

As there was no reason why the machine shouldn't work on her too, he agreed that she could have it the coming night. She was very happy and when Jason offered to bring the machine home and set it up for her she told him that in return she would prepare something for them to eat. At 7pm they left the office and drove over to Danielle’s apartment, which was fairly close to the office.  Jason brought the machine up to her apartment, and she showed him where the bedroom was. Danielle was in the kitchenette and was preparing pasta. When Jason was done he joined Danielle and told her that he was ready to explain the operation of the machine. Danielle told him that this could wait until after they had food. She handed Jason a bottle of well-aged Sutter Chardonnay asking him to open it.

Danielle had set the table as if they would be having a romantic dinner, and she had also lit a candle. Jason wasn't sure if he would be able to explain the machine to her. The pasta was ready and they sat down. He looked at Danielle’s glasses reflecting the candlelight in a million sparkles. He tried not to make it obvious that he was staring, as he didn’t want to make her angry like he had this morning in office.

Danielle had made very good pasta, and the Chardonnay was wonderful. When they had finished eating Jason started talking about the machine again, but Danielle objected saying that there was plenty of time.

“Since you don’t seem to be able to keep your eyes off my glasses I will remove them now. I'm at home and I know my apartment well enough to get along without my strong lenses,” she said.

She put her glasses beside down on the table just beside her plate so that she could find them if she needed them. Jason thought that it would not be likely that he would be able to erupt his load in her face while she was wearing glasses. This girl was so self-conscious about her glasses.

“How did you clean my glasses this morning?  They didn't fog up when I was coming back from the cold outside into our office. And they seemed to have a very gentle smell I never noticed before on them.” Danielle said.

It was a good thing that Danielle wasn't wearing her specs now, because otherwise she would have seen Jason blush.

“Oh it must be the soap I used and some of this antistatic spray I use to shine our monitors,” Jason lied.

He looked at Daniels big green eyes that were blind without the strong lenses of her glasses.  He noticed that her left eye turned slightly inward without them.  Danielle was such a beautiful woman. If only she could learn to accept her glasses she would have a much better social life.

What the heck Jason thought, as he heard himself speaking. “You know Danielle, you're a beautiful woman. You are very attractive and I like you a lot.”

“Ah everybody says that to me as soon as I take these damned glasses off!” she exclaimed bitterly.

“Listen to me,” said Jason, “you know that this isn't true. You look also good wearing your glasses, and if you wouldn't explode every time I said something about glasses or glasses in general I would have told you earlier.”

Jason saw a tear running from Danielle’s cheek. He told her that he felt sorry if what he was telling her sounded rude but that it was simply the truth. He had taken a paper napkin and reached out his arm and gently wiped off her tears. She had stopped crying.

“Is what you have just said to me true?” she asked Jason.

“Sure it's true Danielle, and your beautiful body makes everyone look beyond your glasses. Anyway there are much nicer frames than those that you're currently wearing.” Jason said. “Tomorrow we will take the time to go and see the optician and get you some nicer frames.”

Strangely Danielle didn't object. “Are you serious Jason?” she asked again.

“You can bet I am,” said Jason in reply.

He saw Dandles right hand slowly feel for her glasses. She found them where she had left them and put them back on. She looked at Jason again and asked him if he was sure about what he had said about her and her glasses.

“Come on let's go over and sit on your couch.” Jason got up and took her hand and led her over to the couch. He could see a little smile playing around Danielle’s lips. They sat down on the couch and talked.

“May I kiss you Danielle?” was Jason’s next question.

She said nothing only her lips opened a tiny bit. Jason took this as a positive sign and gently kissed her on the lips. He realized that she was about to remove her glasses.  But Jason stopped her immediately.

“Oh no Danielle, leave them on, I like you the way you are. I like you with glasses.”

Happily Danielle gave in and started kissing Jason too. Danielle thought that finally the day had come where she finally could see everything during sex. Soon afterwards they were undressing each other and no more word were said about her glasses. Danielle moaned in delight as Jason penetrated her and she liked to see how his strong and long penis moved back and forth in her glowing pussy.

Finally they had their orgasm and Jason erupted his load in Daniels face. Her glasses were all covered. Jason made her lick clean her glasses.

“Oh Jason, now I know what you did with my glasses. I recognize the perfume. Now I know that you are being honest about liking me as well as my glasses.

A gentle music had started to play and Jason awoke. What a wonderful dream again.

Jason got up. He looked at the machine he had invented. He was really satisfied that all had gone so smoothly. He carried all of the equipment back to his van. Then he drove to his office. It was a wonderful cold winter morning and the night had brought a little snow. Not much, but just enough to make it one of the lovely winter's days that Jason liked. There were no clouds in the sky. Maybe I should take a day off he thought. The machine works and I can let Danielle try it if she wants to.

“Good Morning,” said Danielle as he came into his office, “how was your night?”

“Well,” said Jason,” I had such a wonderful dream. This little machine here is just wonderful.”

“When are you going to let it try me?” asked Danielle.

You can have it today if you like. I can bring it over to your place. I'm going to take the day off and you can have it off, too if you like. I will set it up, and just show you how it works. It is really easy, here is the DVD drive. You can insert a normal rental DVD in here. Then you can select if you want to only watch, or take active part in the movie you intend to dream. Or you can do without a DVD. In this case you take the keyboard and type the basic plot into the memory of the machine. This plot is later transformed by the machine into electrical impulses that enter directly into your brain and make you dream more or less what you have written. More or less means that there is still left a little bit of interpretation for your brain. My guess so far is that you dream accurately up to 80% of what you have written in your plot.  A DVD is more accurate. Here you probably dream about 95 per cent.

“How do I have to write the plot so that the machine can understand it?” Danielle asked.

“Oh it's quite simple. The syntax is quite easy. It starts like this: Open Dream: Danielle meets Mary in her apartment" and so on Jason explained. If you want a special person in your dream such as Brad Pitt, you can transfer a scanned picture or a short movie sequence into the machine. This gives you a very realistic dream partner. But make sure that the plot isn't becoming too complicated. Just leave a little bit of room for your own imagination. After you have done all this you put the helmet on your head. It is essential to wear the goggles with their pulsating L.E.D.’s.

“Do I have to wear my glasses under these goggles?” Danielle asked.

“No Danielle, you don't sleep with your glasses on. You just sense some colorful light flashing through your closed eyelids. It's very relaxing and you drift away to your dream,” explained Jason.

“Oh I see,” said Danielle,” it looks very easy.”

Soon afterwards they drove over to Danielle’s apartment and Jason set up the machine for her. Just to be sure she had everything down pat he again repeated the most important steps for Danielle and checked everything again. When he had finished he left Danielle’s apartment and told her that he would be back next day around 10 am to pick her up and bring the machine back in.

When Jason had left, Danielle took a sheet of paper and started writing the basics of her dream. She looked for a video of Jason. They had tested several digital video cameras for an earlier project and Danielle had still a tape with a longer sequence of Jason kidding around. Finally she found it and transferred it to the machine. A green light was flashing telling her that the transfer was successful. Danielle took the keyboard and started to program her dream.

Open Dream: Danielle meets Jason in her apartment. After a romantic dinner Danielle makes love with Jason. Danielle was so anxious that she completely forgot about her glasses. She had not mentioned that she wanted to keep them on during sex..............

Danielle couldn't wait to use the machine. She decided to go out and walk to the shopping mall that was near by and look around. Then she would be back home and maybe just take a little nap in the afternoon.

Danielle came home. She had calmed down, and felt sleepy after the food she had eaten at the mall. She undressed in her bathroom. Soon she was standing in front of the mirror wearing only in her panties and bra, She was pleased with her body, she had a nice figure and nice full breasts, all a man could desire, but these horrible glasses.  She did what she had done so many times before. She pulled them off her face. Immediately everything became a big colorful smear. With a sigh she put them back on and everything came back into focus. The other day when she had done this she had ripped off her glasses in such a brutal manner, that she had lost one of her lenses. What she had told Jason about stepping on her glasses when she got out of bed had been a lie. Anyway this was unimportant now, because she was looking forward to a wonderful dream.

Danielle checked Jason's machine and saw that everything was ready.  She removed her glasses and put on the helmet and the goggles. She slipped into her bed. The L.E.D.’s started their colorful flashing.........

Danielle heard voices coming from her living room. She got out of her bed. Shit where are my glasses? She couldn't find them. She knew her apartment well, and could easily move around without glasses. She heard Jason’s voice talking to another woman. She moved closer to her bedroom door and opened it just enough to hear more of the conversation that was going on. The other woman's voice was just like her voice. It was her speaking. Oh this couldn’t be true. She blindly peered through the gap and saw nothing but a big light warm blur.

This must be a candle she thought not being sure. She could easily understand what they were talking about. They were talking about glasses, her glasses and the strange way she felt about them. Then she heard Jason say, how much he liked her in glasses. Danielle noticed that they were getting up from the table and moving over to the couch. Danielle went back to her bed and found her bedside table. She groped around again for her glasses, but still couldn't find them. It was horrible. So many times she had not wanted them and now she desperately needed them and she couldn't find them. She found her way back to the door and listened to their conversation. Then she heard Jason ask if he could kiss Danielle.  She was puzzled, how could that be? And then she could clearly hear Jason say “no leave them on, oh Danielle please leave your glasses on you look very nice in them”. Oh shit thought Danielle, now what I have dreamt about for an eternity happens exactly as I dreamed to my mysterious twin. Danielle’s eyes filled with tears of anger and rage. She was about to open her bedroom door and storm blindly out into the living room when she heard gentle music sounding in her ears. She woke up and realized that she still wore the helmet and goggles. She removed the device and sat silent for a moment. Something must have gone wrong with the machine. If it only could be true that Jason really loved me with my horrible glasses.  Danielle got out of bed and checked the machine. After a while she found out that Jason must have forgotten to empty the cache of his machine before letting her try it out. She tried a whole lot of things, and finally she could read what Jason had programmed.

Open Dream: Jason brings machine to Danielle. After romantic dinner Jason convinces Danielle that she looks good in glasses. They have sex with Danielle wearing her glasses...

Danielle couldn't believe her eyes. It could be real. A dream was about to become reality. Danielle switched off the machine after erasing every trace of her having actually used it. Now she had to plan her next steps carefully. Danielle was clever and a plan started taking shape in her mind. She could hardly wait until the next morning when Jason was coming to pick her up.

Jason came a little before 10 am the next day. The buzzer rang and Danielle pushed the button to open the door. Soon Jason would be at her door. Danielle removed her glasses and laid them on the kitchen table. Quickly she rushed back into her bed. She was naked.

“Good morning Danielle,” she heard Jason say from the door, how are you this morning.

“I'm still in bed Jason I can't find my glasses. I must have left them somewhere last night before going to sleep. Then all of a sudden all the lights went off. The breaker must have tripped. Without my glasses there was no way to find the electrical panel so I could re set it.  I also couldn't use your wonderful machine. Can you please find my glasses Jason?”

Jason was exited right away. He looked for her glasses and finally found them on the kitchen table where Danielle had left them. Jason had thought a lot about Danielle during his day off.  He had decided to let Danielle know his true feelings toward her and about the way he felt about her glasses.

“I found your glasses Danielle, may I come in?”

“Sure go ahead Jason I need my glasses.”

Jason opened the door to her bedroom. He handed her the glasses saying, here they are. She put them on and looked for Jason's reaction. So far he was controlling himself pretty good, she thought, but wait until you see this.  She jumped out of her bed naked as she was. What do you think now? Isn't it a pity that I’m stuck with these horrible glasses.”?

“No it isn’t. Danielle get dressed and we will go to the office. I have always wanted to tell you that you look nice in your glasses, but you've always stopped me before I could even begin.

“Do you really think so Jason?” Danielle asked.

“Yes Danielle it’s true that you look very nice in glasses, especially when you're naked,” he continued.  Jason felt that he wouldn't need to do much more talking. All the words he had thought of during the past day wouldn't be necessary any more.

Danielle came closer and said, “Kiss me Jason.”

Jason drew her closer and gently kissed her lips. Her glasses shifted a little and he gently pushed them back into position. Danielle’s left hand was down touching his penis and could feel his erection forming.

“Oh what do we have here?” Danielle asked.  “Your little friend wants to say hello to Danielle it seems.”

Soon Danielle had undressed Jason. They were lying on Daniels bed having sex. Danielle especially enjoyed it very much as she could see all of it for the first time, because she could keep her glasses on. Jason was happy that he had finally found his ideal partner.

A few months later they were married. Danielle had finally accepted her glasses and owned at least 30 pairs now. She had special glasses for sex, super thick big glasses with cable temples so that she didn't lose them during sex. Jason still liked to blow his load on her glasses and she liked to clean them with her tongue.

Soon Jason and Danielle built a small hotel. All of the rooms were equipped with a dream machine. Needless to say all of the rooms in the hotel were singles. And in case there were matching dreams, the computers could bring them together.  So far there were about 20 couples that had found each other at the "Dream Hotel"


This Story was originally written by Andy but was revised and edited by S4E The Master of Glasses Stories.