Retired, with Glasses

by Specs4ever

Before my wife and I had retired, I had seriously thought about the problems of living with someone that knew nothing about my fetish about ladies with strong minus glasses and my little hobby of wearing strong minus glasses over plus contact lenses. I had thought about having lens implants, so that I could wear a pair of strong minus glasses on a permanent basis, but I had waited too long to make my decision, as I couldn’t determine what prescription I wanted to go through the rest of life with. Every time I would settle on a minus 18D as being the chosen perfect script, something would draw me to an even higher prescription. So, finally as so often happens in life, I did nothing. I packed up some of my strongest lensed glasses from my extensive collection, and sent them off to a friend of mine, who photographed pretty girls, and placed the photographs on his web site for the enjoyment of all of the guys who love looking at pictures of girls wearing strong glasses. Then I sent a few more pairs to another friend who auctioned them off on his web site, and I was surprisingly pleased with the financial outcome. I hadn’t realized how many glasses collectors there were out in cyberland. I had, however, saved a few special pairs of glasses, along with the requisite contact lenses to enable me to wear them, although I knew there would be very few times I could manage to do this. But, unfortunately, after having worked for the better part of our life, my wife and I only enjoyed a few short years of retirement when she had a brain aneurysm and died, ending our life together.

After the funeral, one of the first things that came to my mind was that I could carry on my glasses over contacts as long as, and as often as I wished. I had lived in the small town in Arizona that we had retired to for long enough, so I packed up and moved into southern California, where I rented a condo in Oceanside. When I moved in I made sure that I wore my strongest glasses anytime I was out in public, and I am sure that everyone around thought that I was just another old guy with really, really bad eyesight. The glasses that I wore mostly were a pair of superlenti’s in a small oval frame. The area of vision was quite small, and with my +25D contact lenses under my –43D glasses lenses I figured I had almost the same minification as someone naturally wearing –20 diopter glasses, and I could easily see how difficult it could be for a real severe myope. My other favorite glasses in this prescription were a pair of CR39 plastic double myodiscs. They were in a brown plastic frame, and the front was about a minus 15D myodisc with around a 40mm bowl. The rear was a minus 30D with a 25mm bowl. Because of the thickness of these glasses, the minus 43D’s and the minus 45D’s gave about the same vision, due to the –45D’s being further away from my eye.

The minification wasn’t the only thing, as I had known that when wearing glasses this strong, the smallest slip down my nose made for a major blur. And, no matter what I did, my glasses would not stay in place, so I was always pushing them back up on my nose. Fortunately, here in Southern California, I didn’t have to worry about the other large pain in a glasses wearer’s life – cold weather, as I absolutely could not see well enough to remove them to clean them without another pair to put on in their place. I was getting my fill of wearing them all right, and some days it was a real relief to get back to the condo, and get the contacts out so I could see without correction again.

As I wandered around the beaches, and the stores, I assume I gathered a few stares, although I really couldn’t spot any glasses lovers for sure. It had been hard for me to get out of my habit of checking out any glasses wearers, but I had found out that wearing glasses this strong were sort of like overkill. They just looked way too strong to give me an opening with any other glasses wearer, so I just wandered around waiting for someone else to start a conversation. But, after almost a year of doing this, there were no good conversations, so I figured that the serious glasses spotters were not in this area.

With this in mind, I took a trip up to Vegas, and wandered around the casinos for a while, but again I couldn’t run across any specs lovers. I was disappointed. I wasn’t getting anywhere with meeting any ladies in glasses, and I thought that maybe it was time to give up my little hobby. It really wasn’t a whole bunch of fun wearing really strong glasses, especially with the problems of wearing contacts as well.

So, I went back to Oceanside, and packed up my things. It was only a short move inland to Escondido, but I had found a reasonable retirement home that was like a little self contained apartment complex, and I was just old enough that this is what I wanted.

Almost every one of the ladies that lived in the complex wore glasses. A few of the ladies wore weak minuses – usually bi or trifocals, but by far the majority were wearing plus lenses – again with bi or trifocals, and some were pretty strong plusses at that. But, there were none that really attracted me, so I did the swimming and the shuffle boarding, along with some lawn bowling. Never having been a golf addict, I managed to stay off the greens, but a few of us got together from time to time to knock out a few balls. All in all the existence was pleasant, but there was still something missing.

And then one day I spotted a good-looking lady wandering around the halls of the complex. I approached her, and introduced myself, and found that I was correct in my thinking that she had just moved in. Her name was Beth, and she had moved down from Wisconsin after her husband had passed away.

It was fun having someone of the opposite sex to spend some time with, and Beth was a really nice lady. The only thing that would have made her even better would have been a nice pair of fairly strong minus glasses. But, even though I had discovered that she wore contact lenses, the best I could hope for was a mid range minus – like maybe a –7D or –8D. So, our purely plutonic relationship went on for a couple of months.

Then one night the fire alarms went off. I was sure it was just a fire drill, but not wanting to chance it I went out with all the others. I thought I caught a glance of Beth, and went over to her. As I got closer, I saw the glasses. Wire frames, small eye size, AND MYODISCS. My heart almost stopped – and at my age that is not a good thing.

“I don’t know why you don’t wear your glasses once in a while” I remarked, “ They look great on you.”

And sure enough, I got the usual: but they are so ugly, they are so strong, I don’t see as well with them as I do with my contacts. I need new lenses – and a few other excuses that I have heard almost every high myope I have ever known utter at one time or another. But the ice was broken. I know knew that she was a pretty substantial minus, and I had seen her in glasses, and had given a positive response.

It took a lot of cunning on my part to get the topic around to glasses without revealing to Beth just how addicted I was to ladies that wore glasses. The first time, I brought the subject up I asked her if she had given any thought to getting new glasses so that she would feel more comfortable wearing them out in public. Then, after a bit of a discussion, she gave me enough information to use so that I could ask her a clarifying question about something she had said before. But, the glasses only went on in the evening when we were alone in her apartment. I would have loved to see her wearing them all the time, although in private was as good as I could have dreamed for.

Beth had not started wearing glasses until she started school, and the teacher noticed that she had terrible vision. Her parents didn’t believe in going to doctors, or dentists, and the idea that an eye doctor was necessary just wasn’t a serious thought. But, her eyes were discovered to need a fair amount of correction, and the optometrist figured that she had been born this way. She had never complained because she didn’t know any better. The one unfortunate thing was that she had grown up with very poor depth perception, as this is formed during the first two years of a child’s life.

Beth told me she had some pretty bad experiences growing up wearing the thick glasses that she needed to see her way through life with. She had been extremely fortunate in that her severe myopia was due mainly to a stronger than normal inner lens, so her corrected vision had always been close to 20/20, but her poor depth perception led to poor coordination, and she had been teased about this a lot. Also, I got the impression that her parents had not been too supportive of her vision problem. She had gotten contact lenses as soon as she had started working, and for the last 40 years or so she had not worn her glasses in public. Now, here she was, just 60, and with all those years of bad publicity about glasses in her mind, wearing glasses would be the last thing she would do willingly. But, here she was going around with a specs-addict, so I was going to do my absolute best to get her to put those contact lenses in their case.

Beth finally got a copy of her prescription which was –23D in her right eye, and a –22.50D in her left eye. I knew from my old days that I could get her a pair of very thin looking glasses, so I worked on her long and hard to let me order her a pair pf glasses.

And, finally, that day arrived. Once her new examination was finished, with no change needed, we searched and searched for the right frame, and finally found one. We ordered a pair of trifocals, in regular plastic for her, in a bit larger frame size, and with a 40mm bowl for the myodisc, and we took the first frame, carefully marked for optical centers, along with us. The next day I mailed the frame, and Beth’s prescription off to a friend of mine in Germany, who dealt with all of the major optical lens manufacturers. I trusted him to get me the absolute top of the line thinnest lens available. And, a few weeks later, when the glasses arrived, they were fantastic looking. Beth couldn’t believe that her prescription could be made with lenses that were so thin, but after she took out her contacts and put the glasses on, she was enthusiastic. I had not shown her the bill, and I will only tell you that I winced when I filled in the amount on the check I sent my friend, but I was sure it was the best investment I had made recently.

And, as time went on, Beth wore her contacts less and less. The glasses were becoming a part of her, and she no longer felt self conscious about them. I loved it, and I loved it even more when she would put on the thick myodisc trifocals that she wore for reading and computer work. She wouldn’t think about wearing them out of the apartment, but she felt comfortable enough with me to put them on when she felt like it. Oh, the thin glasses were multifocal as well, but the plastic ones had a lot larger reading area, so she was more comfortable with them in private.

By now the lease on my unit was up, but I didn’t want to move on. So, I applied for a larger unit, with at least 2 bedrooms. I would have liked a 3 bedroom, but at this point, whatever they had would do. I moved in with Beth, as she still had a while to go before her lease was up for renewal, and we had decided to try living together for this period of time. I had no problem doing this, and after a few weeks, when a larger unit became available, Beth and I moved into it together. It was fantastic having my very own high myope as a partner, and I never tired of watching her eyes behind the lenses of her glasses.

I had been having a few problems with my vision, so I headed off to see a specialist. I wasn’t surprised when he told me I was developing cataracts, so we discussed lens removal, and implants. He was a bit surprised when I produced a pair of Beth’s old glasses, and told him I wanted my vision to be corrected with the same prescription in her glasses, but he said it could be done, if I was sure that was what I wanted. The operation was scheduled for a week later. When I got home, I wasn’t sure how, or what I was going to tell Beth, so I casually mentioned that I was probably going to end up wearing glasses as strong as hers. She looked at me strangely, but said nothing, so I took this to mean that she wasn’t too concerned.

The operation went as scheduled, and when I left the clinic with my eyes covered Beth had to drive – something that she wasn’t fond of doing. Sure, she had her license, but her depth perception was very poor, and she made a very scary driver, as she was always fearful of running into the car in front of her. Most of the time she stopped well back, but once in a while the rear bumper of the car in front of us was almost kissing ours. I had driven with her enough to know that I wanted to be the driver whenever possible, but today, I had no choice, as I had almost no vision, even if I took the eye patches off.

When we went back to the clinic a few days later my glasses were ready. I had ordered just a plain pair of myodiscs in regular plastic in an oval wire frame. They looked nice, but very thick compared to Beth’s, and I knew that once my prescription was stable, I would order myself a pair like hers. She expressed amazement when she saw my glasses, and questioned me as to why they were like hers instead of being the really strong magnifying ones like a few of the people at the complex wore. So, I had to tell her that I absolutely hated those types of glasses, and that I had asked the doctor to give me a final corrected script as close to hers as possible.

Beth didn’t say much on our drive home. I was feeling great wearing my new glasses, and was pleased with the outcome. Sure, they were not as strong as the ones I had worn for a year while I lived in Oceanside, but they were a great compromise. And, while the ones I wore during that year made me look like a bit of a freak, these were more like just a really strong prescription, so I knew I was going to be happy.

I spent the next few days getting used to being a full time glasses wearer, which actually wasn’t too difficult. I found I really did enjoy wearing them and I wished I hadn’t been so slow to decide to do the implants.

Beth came back to the apartment from one of her afternoon card games, but something was wrong – she seemed strangely silent. I tried to engage her in some form of conversation, but to no avail. Finally, after a long period of silence, she spoke.

“You have a glasses fetish don’t you.” came the words from her mouth.

I was shocked, and didn’t know how to reply, but finally said, “ Yes, I do, but how do you know this?”

She proceeded to tell me that Mrs. Johnson from across the hall had moved here from Oceanside, and after she saw me wearing glasses she was positive I was the same man she had seen over there that wore really thick glasses.

Well, my goose was cooked for sure, and we spent the next few hours talking about my thick glasses fetish. After I had talked myself out, and while I was wondering if this would destroy our relationship, she told me that she had a confession of her own to make.

My heart was pounding, but I said, “ Go ahead.”

“My first husband had a glasses fetish also.” came the words from her mouth; “ He wasn’t satisfied with my own prescription, which was around a –14D, so he had a doctor implant stronger lenses in my eyes so that I would have to wear thicker glasses. I was seriously thinking about having those lenses removed, but I guess I will have to keep them in for you now.”

Specs4ever in winter 2004-05