Reverse Prejudice

by Specs4ever

Well, this has got to be the most edited story that we have ever done. Andy wrote the basic plot line, and Aliena and I both had a go at writing the story. So, the final version is a combination of both our stories, and really doesn't bear much similarity to the first version that I sent on to Andy - hope you like it now Andy. 



At the end of World War II, the Communists took over the government of Romania. They established a special Office for the Promotion of Culture People and Health. This Office decided that everyone wearing glasses with a prescription over –5D was to be relocated (isolated) into a new town called, Hymyopia, located in an isolated region in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. After 50 years of Communism, the city of Hymyopia had grown substantially and everyone wore glasses with strong, thick lenses, even small children, and it was said that there was not a prescription for an adult that was less than –10D. It was required that every child have their eyes examined by the time they were 1 yr old. Practically every child was found to need glasses. So, everyone in Hymyopia was quite used to everyone else wearing glasses to correct their nearsightedness. In fact, strong glasses, with thick lenses were quite admired by the majority of the townspeople as most of them had been wearing glasses from a very early age. 

Jenna and Myka were a very popular, well known couple in Hymyopia. The Communists had ordered that families in Hymyopia could only have one child. But, even though Jenna and Myka had been married for almost 5 years, Jenna had not yet gotten pregnant. Jenna was considered one of the most beautiful women in Hymyopia. She was tall and slim, with long, auburn hair, a beautiful face, very nice breasts, and long shapely legs. She also had beautiful, stunning dark blue eyes, but you could only barely see them behind one of the strongest pairs of glasses in town, which in Hymyopia gave her special status. Finally, much to their joy, Jenna became pregnant. She gave birth to a baby girl at the beginning of the New Year. Her husband, Myka, was very happy. The only thing was that Myka was not the father!! Jenna fondly remembered the stranger that had stopped at their little store at the beginning of the month of April last year. 

Jenna and Myka ran a government convenience store on the edge of town, and one day the previous April, as the snow was finally melting from the ground, a handsome dark haired stranger, arrived on a motorcycle. Jenna had been alone in the store for over two weeks, as Myka was away in the forest, cutting down trees for the government to obtain lumber for the building of government projects. Jenna missed Myka very much and wanted him home so they could make love. 

While conversing with the stranger, she discovered that his name was Georgi, and that he was a young professor from Bucharest and was going into the mountains to join an anthropological group, studying some very ancient ruins that had recently been discovered. 

Georgi was different. First, he was the only man she had ever seen that was not wearing glasses. He seemed to be one of those exotic men from outside Hymyopia that Jenna had read about in one of the illustrated magazines that were banned in Hymyopia. She was supposed to inform the Visual Council immediately, as Georgi didn’t seem to need any vision correction at all. But, Jenna had never seen a man as handsome as Georgi, nor had she ever seen a man who seemed to be able to function without wearing glasses, or contact lenses. Before she married Myka, she had been with several guys who wore contacts and were hiding this fact to get Jenna into bed, as Jenna had a special thing for guys that didn’t need glasses. But, she had learned later that all of them had been cheating her and wearing contacts. 

Jenna wasn’t sure how it happened, but she went over to ask Georgi if there was anything else he needed before she had to lock up and go home. Jenna was quite attracted to this man that didn’t wear glasses and Georgi also seemed to be quite attracted to Jenna, even with her very thick glasses. They talked for a long time, with Georgi telling Jenna about his life far from Hymyopia. The next thing she knew she was in Georgi’s arms and he was kissing her. They went to the back of the store, where there was a bed that Jenna sometimes used if the weather was bad enough that she couldn’t ride her bicycle home, and made love. At one point, Georgi gently removed her glasses so he could look into her eyes. He told her that she had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen, but he especially liked her when she had her glasses on. He put them back on her, so she could again see him. Jenna was surprised that he seemed to like it when she kept her thick glasses on while they were making love. Her husband frequently asked her to take them off, when they were having sex, but Georgi seemed to be aroused by having Jenna wear them. It was some of the best sex that Jenna had ever experienced and it lasted long into the night. Sometime after midnight, they both fell asleep. Jenna woke up around 4 o’clock. She had fallen asleep wearing her glasses. She got up, took her spare pair of glasses from her purse, and placed them on the table so that she could find them in the morning. Then she took the glasses that she had been wearing, and placed them in the pocket of Georgi’s shirt. When Jenna next awoke at 6:30, Georgi was gone and so were her glasses. But, Jenna didn’t mind as she had plenty of spare pairs and would not miss one pair from her wardrobe. Jenna went home as she felt a little nauseous that morning, but paid no further attention to it. 

When Myka came back from the forest a week later, Jenna and Myka made love. Jenna ripped Myka’s glasses from his face, when she reached orgasm, still vividly remembering Georgi. 

Jenna and Myka named the baby, Kira, and when she was one year old, Jenna had to take her to the required Eye-examining Center. The Dr was puzzled after examining Kira’s eyes. "I'm sorry to tell you Jenna, your daughter shows no sign of needing glasses," the doctor said, peering at Jenna through his own almost 2 cm thick lenses. “But I'm pleased to tell you that you need new glasses as your prescription has again increased to –26D, with –3.25D of astigmatism. You are still well above the group average of –16D for your 32 years of age. As you are well aware, the average is about a -0.50D increase for every year. The only thing, we must watch now is that your prescription doesn’t increase too much beyond the average, as you are now where you should be at the age of 56. We have calculated the increases very carefully so that by the time a person is 80 years old, their prescription will be in the –40D range. If you increase at the normal rate of –0.50D per year from now until you are 80, you will end up with a prescription of –50D. Your myodisc lenses will be pretty thick with this new –26D prescription, probably the thickest and strongest in Hymyopia for someone in your age group, but they should give you nearly 20/40 acuity. We don’t want you to increase any faster, and risk going blind prematurely, now do we Jenna?" 

At Kira’s second vision exam, she still had perfect vision. Jenna was secretly happy that Kira had such good eyesight. Jenna had been aware that Kira’s eyesight was quite good. She never squinted at things to see them like most of the young children in Hymyopia had to do. Jenna thought that this must be because she had gotten pregnant from her night with Georgi, and he must have had very good eyesight, but she was worried that the authorities might take Kira away from her. She also knew that Kira would have a lot of difficulty living in Hymyopia if she didn’t wear glasses. 

When Kira started kindergarten, she was the only child that did not wear glasses. All of the kids were curious about her at first, and then they started to tease her and said she was a “two-eyed” girl and they all were “four-eyed”. Kira also had to undergo long examinations and interrogations by the Visual Council, because she did not fulfill the average increase of myopia that was expected of children her age in Hymyopia. Kira could always sit in the back row in school, while most of the other kids needed to sit up close. 

Kira looked very much like her mother, except that her hair was a bit darker, and her eyes were an even darker blue, but they were very poor in Hymyopia in that they did not need strong glasses like Jenna had always had to wear. All of Kira’s classmates already were wearing glasses with substantial corrections of –3D to –5D, with a couple of girls that were already in the –8D to –10D range. One day, Kira’s classmates started to tease her about not wearing glasses, and one girl gave her spare –10D glasses to one of the boys to put on Kira, forcing her to wear them. Kira could not see anything through them. She ran away and immediately pulled the glasses off and threw them onto the floor and stomped on them, crushing them. This did help her some, as her classmates stopped teasing her by forcing her to wear someone else’s glasses. Kira, however, got into big trouble when the girl’s mother told the teacher that Kira had destroyed her daughter’s glasses. The teacher made Kira wear glasses with a very strong prescription of –10D for both eyes. If Kira took the glasses off, they made her wear glasses with an even stronger prescription. But, things got even worse for poor little Kira. The Visual Council summoned Kira and her mother to appear before a hearing. They threatened to take Kira away from Jenna and Myka unless she enrolled in a Glasses Over Contacts Program, so she would have to wear glasses all of the time. The strength of the contacts and glasses were to be such that they should induce myopia in Kira’s eyes. This worked for a little over a month, and then Kira’s eyes rejected the contacts. So, they then gave her just glasses, with a prescription that would induce the myopia. Kira did not see very well with these glasses, but the Council insisted that she wear them all of the time and increased the strength of her glasses every few months to increase her myopia. If Kira was found not wearing her glasses, she was severely punished. 

Myka could not understand how it was that his little girl had such good vision, as both Jenna and he were so severely nearsighted, as were Kira’s grandparents on both sides. But, he was unhappy that his daughter was being punished because she had perfect vision. So, he thought that he had to do something to help her. A good friend, Andrei that had gone to school with Myka, was working as an optician in Hymyopia. Maybe he could help Kira. Andrei thought about Kira’s problem and came up with an idea. He would cement a +8 lens onto the back of a –8 lens, giving Kira glasses that were compensated to give a zero diopter strength, but still have thick lenses and make her look as if she had poor eyesight like everyone in Hymyopia. Doing this, Kira could wear the apparently strong glasses, with the zero correction, and still see perfectly well. When Kira got the new glasses, they did have thick, unusual lenses with little circles in the center that looked like myodiscs, but were actually zero diopters, but she was very happy that she could now go to school and not be teased and not be bothered by the teachers or the Council, and she could still see very well. Jenna and Myka were also very happy that the authorities did not take Kira away from them, as they had threatened to do, if Kira didn’t wear strong glasses. Kira could also now go around freely with her mother without arousing any attention and strange stares. 

As Kira grew, her eyesight remained perfect and Andrei continued to make her glasses with increasingly thicker lenses with zero diopter strength. But, on the day that Kira celebrated her 18th birthday, a formal letter arrived from the Visual Council. It read: 

“According to the information that has been submitted to us by the Visual Council, your vision has remained at 20/20 since birth. Following the policies set forth by the Leaders of the Communist Party, no one with less than the average prescribed deterioration in visual acuity is to be allowed to live in Hymyopia after the age of 18. Effective immediately, you are advised you that you must leave Hymyopia. Should your vision in the future fall within the accepted levels for your age group, you will be readmitted,” the letter read. 

Kira and her parents were devastated, but there was no way for Kira to remain at home any longer, so Myka and Jenna gave Kira as much money as they could manage from their meager savings, and Kira left home to attend a university in Bucharest. As soon as Kira was out of Hymyopia, she removed her glasses. After the first month, she did feel strange that she was no longer wearing glasses, but it really wasn’t much longer before she was glad to be free of the heavy weight on her nose, as the lenses that Andrei had been forced to use to create the appearance of thick lenses and strong prescription were much heavier than the ones most other young people her age were wearing. Although Kira had been banished from Hymyopia, she was still allowed to return for visits with her parents until she reached the age of 21, providing of course that she wore her zero diopter glasses with the thick lenses. 

It was strange for Kira to get used to living in her new area, as she had been so used to everyone around her wearing thick minus lensed glasses. Here though, on the streets around her, she saw many people that did not wear glasses at all. Also, she saw a lot of people who wore very strange-looking glasses. Instead of making a person’s eyes look small and tiny, these lenses made the wearer’s eyes look large, and beautiful. Kira was in awe of everything she saw. All the street signs were very tiny in comparison to the extremely large ones she was used to in her own town, and when she asked about this, she was told that the signs were designed so that a person with the minimum visual acuity of 20/40 could see them clearly, instead of the signs for the minimum of 20/100 that were used in her old town. 

Kira did well in university, studying biology, and when she graduated, Myka and Jenna were given special permits to come and visit Kira, and attend her graduation. By this time Kira had turned 21, so she was no longer going to be allowed to go back to Hymyopia. As Myka and Jenna were leaving to return to Hymyopia, after the graduation ceremonies, Jenna handed Kira a sealed letter, and asked her to wait a few days before she opened it. 

Kira had moved to a new apartment, and was about to start a job teaching biology in a high school, so the letter was almost forgotten, but on the second evening that she was in her new apartment, she opened it. 

In the letter, Jenna told Kira that she and Myka had tried and tried for a number of years to have a child, but with no success. She then told Kira of the one evening that she had spent with Georgi Rimouski, a professor of anthropology, from Bucharest. Jenna apologized to Kira for what had happened, and pleaded with Kira to forgive her. She also suggested that Kira might want to attempt to find her real father. 

Kira was at first shocked and hurt by Jenna’s deception, as she had loved Myka very much. But after thinking about it for a while, she realized that she could still love Jenna and Myka. 

Kira went to the university to check the register of professors. There she found three people with the name of Rimouski, but only one Georgi Rimouski. She called Georgi’s office and got a soft-spoken gentleman. Kira asked if he was a professor of anthropology and Georgi replied, “Yes, what can I do for you?” Kira said, “Well professor, I think you are my father.” There was a minute of stunned silence. Georgi finally replied, “Now young lady, why would you think that? I have never been married, nor have I ever really loved any women, except possibly one”. Kira then said, “Did this woman have auburn hair, dark blue eyes, and wear very thick glasses?” Georgi was stunned for a second time. Finally, he said, “I don’t know how you could know this. I think that we must meet”. 

Georgi arranged to meet Kira in a restaurant near the university that evening. Kira arrived first and when the appointed time came, Kira looked at the tall, handsome, bearded man, with his once dark hair and beard streaked with gray, giving him a distinguished look, come into the restaurant. She knew immediately why her mother had been so infatuated with him. Georgi also recognized Kira at first glance, and headed over to the table where she was sitting and waiting for him. He sat down opposite her, and Kira handed him the letter from her mother for him to read. Georgi then took a pair of thick-lensed, ladies glasses from his pocket, and handed them to Kira, and asked her to put them on. Kira did as he requested. 

“I knew you were my daughter the moment I laid eyes on you. But with her glasses on, you look exactly like your mother, the lady I once fell madly in love with,” he told Kira. 

She took the glasses off, and handed them back to him. He carefully returned them to his pocket. They ate, and talked well into the evening. Finally, they agreed to meet again and get to know each other better. 

Myka was quite upset that they would never be able to see Kira again unless they traveled to where she chose to live, and he wondered, and worried why Kira had been cursed with such good eyesight. So, Jenna decided that it might be a good time to tell Myka that he was not Kira’s father and that she had become pregnant by a young man that was passing through, when Myka was in the forest. At first Myka was very angry and went away, but after a week, he came to his senses and returned. He still loved Jenna and he certainly loved Kira. He realized that he had been very lucky to have had Kira as a daughter and that she had filled his life for over 20 years and he didn’t want to loose Kira now. Jenna and Myka apologized to each other and they both wanted to see Kira again. 

Kira called Jenna and told her that she had found Georgi and they had dinner together. Kira and Georgi were having dinner together about twice a month and would walk in the park and tell each other about what their lives had been. The two of them continued in their jobs, living their own lives, but would also share things together as father and daughter. 

One evening, Kira received a phone call from her mother, who was crying hysterically. Apparently, Myka had had a heart attack and had died suddenly. Kira said she would come immediately. She called Georgi and told him. He wanted to go with Kira, but Kira said, “no, not now, maybe later”. 

The Visual Council had given Kira special permission to return to attend Myka’s funeral and be with her mother. After about 6 months, Jenna told Kira that she wanted to see Georgi. Kira told Georgi, but said, “There was a problem as the Communist government would not let Georgi go to Hymyopia as he didn’t wear glasses”. But Georgi said, “Oh, but I do have glasses. He went into the bathroom, and came back out wearing a pair of high minus, men’s glasses with lenses that were 2.5 cm thick. 

“How is it that you can wear such thick, strong glasses?” Kira asked. 

“I had to go through Hymyopia on a regular basis to go into the mountains, and I was forced to wear very strong plus contacts in order to wear thick minus glasses. They insisted that we had to blend in with your citizens. So, in order to get through the checkpoints, I had to be able to do this. I often removed them right away, and in fact, the night I met your mother, I had done that. But, I got used to wearing glasses, and now that I am older, I still have the urge to wear the thick glasses from time to time, and it would seem that now is as good a time to do it as any,” Georgi told Kira. 

“Oh, I should have realized. They tried to make me do that when I was little, but my eyes wouldn’t tolerate the contact lenses, so I couldn’t. They were trying to use a special lens to reshape my eyes to make them very nearsighted, but it didn’t work,” replied Kira. 

So, Georgi and Kira traveled together to Hymyopia. Jenna was amazed to see Georgi again, and was shocked to see that he was wearing such thick glasses. But once Kira and Georgi explained the GOC thing to Jenna, she understood. Georgi and Jenna sat and talked for a long time. Georgi admitted to Jenna that he loved women that wore thick glasses, and her memory had remained so strong in his mind over the past 20 years that he had been unable to be attracted to any other woman. Georgi came to see Jenna often and they fell in love again. But, the Communist government was a problem, as they would not let Georgi stay in Hymyopia and also would not let Jenna go to Bucharest to live. The following year, however, the Communist government fell in Romania. Georgi then proposed that he marry Jenna and take her back to Bucharest. Jenna asked Kira, if she thought that was a good idea, and Kira told her that it would be a great idea. 

Jenna and Georgi are very happy, living in an area that is no longer controlled by the Communists. When Jenna and Georgi go out around Bucharest, there are a few people that stare at Jenna, with her extremely thick myodisc glasses, but Jenna is still such a beautiful woman that most people are able to quickly see her beauty and personality behind her very thick glasses, and have accepted her warmly. Kira now lives and works close by. She has found a very nice boy friend and she will be marrying him this year. Kira’s memory, however, of growing up in Hymyopia and being teased and forced to wear glasses with thick lenses, leaves her with an enduring hatred of Communism. 

Adapted by Specs4ever and Aliena from a plot by Andy. 

Jan. 2002