This collection of stories written by my internet friend Specs4ever was created and uploaded to salute his literary work.

Specs4ever aka Dave Smith is an Internet nickname and a pen name of a member of the community of the Eye Scene web site. His job used to be an American truck driver. One of those who cruise the west continent delivering goods to cities and towns, who sleep lonely in motels, and who drive all day long to get to their destinations in time. However, Spec4ever was not any ordinary driver. Sitting behind the steering wheel of his huge truck he weaved fictions. He has been retired for some time, but still he is a very fruitful author of stories. After you have read just a few stories you will get amazed at the power of his imagination. The extent and quality of his works goes beyond the borders of the genre of fetishistic stories. He is a real author.

All his stories deal with the similar topic: they are about women and men who wear glasses - mostly strong glasses. Some are about people who suffer from severe myopia, others are about those who like and want to wear strong glasses. It is quite difficult to characterize his style, as he wrote real life stories, fictions, a few sci-fi stories, mysterious etc. 

Specs4ever is a GOC wearer (see What is GOC) , that is why I have always liked his stories very much. He is one of those people, who really influenced my life. We exchange e-mails and have sent our photos to one another. I got to know about GOC (glasses over contacts) from his stories for the first time.

I realize I have never thanked him for his beautiful works, so, I think, now, it is the right time to say:

Thank you, my dear friend, for everything you have written!

His stories were scattered over Internet. Now, you can find most of them at one single website. I hope everybody will enjoy reading Spec4everís fictions as much as I do.

Specs4ever used to have his own website with a small collection of his stories (all of which are here) however the web site is
(note: geocities sites sometimes get unavailable due to exceeding their download limits)