The Salesman

by Specs4ever

After High School I had been working in a dead end job at a local car dealership. I wasn’t a mechanic, nor did I even have the aspiration to be one. I was just a lube technician, and I did the quick oil and lube jobs that customers brought in. My uncle, my mom’s brother was a long haul truck driver, and when I was 22 he suggested that I should get my commercial driver’s license, known as a CDL, and come and drive team with him, as the new logbook rules and the latest round of enforcement legislation had made it almost impossible for a single truck driver to survive.

So, I left my job at the car dealership, and I joined Uncle Jim on the road. It took about 3 months before I was able to obtain my CDL, but once I was licensed Uncle Jim and I were earning a lot more money, both for his truck, and also for our wages. I didn’t really enjoy the life of a long haul truck driver. I couldn’t understand how people could possibly think that either of the two drivers’ in most of the rigs running the nation’s highways were rested enough to safely drive. I discovered very soon after joining Uncle Jim in his big Kenworth that I was tired most of the time, and I knew he was as well. The only time a person could really get any sleep was when they were absolutely worn out, and they managed to crash totally for 3 or 4 hours. Uncle Jim had a big sleeper with 2 beds, and we soon settled into a routine by which we shut the truck down for about 4 hours a night whenever we could, and we both slept for those 4 hours.

I ran with Uncle Jim for about 5 years. Jim was a fairly heavy man. I knew why, because the life of a truck driver doesn’t allow a person to get proper rest. Nor does it allow a driver to eat healthy foods, or get proper exercise. The problem of being overweight lead to Uncle Jim having a major heart attack at the age of 48. His doctor wouldn’t allow him to return to work for at least another 6 months. I had been doing what I could to keep the truck running, but I have to admit that my heart just wasn’t in it, and when Jim asked if I was willing to keep driving solo for another 6 months, I told him that I really would rather not do that.

So, Jim sold his refrigerated trailer to a friend of his. His friend didn’t want another truck, and Uncle Jim had made arrangements with the dealer he had purchased it from to place it on the dealership’s lot on consignment. I drove the truck over to the dealership, and Uncle Jim followed.

Dick Barton was the used truck manager. I had met most of the people at the dealership from different times I had been in having warranty repairs done to the truck, and I liked Dick. After Uncle Jim signed the necessary paperwork allowing Dick to sell the truck for him, Dick turned to me.

“What are you going to do now Justin?” Dick asked.

“Oh, I thought maybe I would sell Kenworth trucks.” I replied as a joke.

“Funny you should say that. J.C. is looking for a salesman who knows a little bit about life on the road. He finds that ex drivers can relate better to buyers.” Dick replied.

So, Dick took me over to talk with J.C. Patterson, the owner of the dealership. We came to an agreement by which I was paid a nominal salary for the first 6 months, and then I was to be placed on commission. If I sold a truck in that period of time, I was to receive half of the normal commission, and I thought that was a pretty fair way of doing it. This sounded good to me, so I accepted the job.

Monday morning I went in to start work. Things were a little confusing at first, but soon I learned pretty well all I needed to know. There were 3 other new truck salespeople. Don Rice who sat in the booth across the corridor from me had been a jewelry salesperson, but had switched to truck sales, and was probably the highest commission earner there. Bill Gaddons had been a truck driver, and I soon recognized him as a total bullshitter and a backstabber. Ray Cull was the 4th man on the team, and Ray was a down to earth decent guy, who I have to thank for taking me under his wing, and giving me a lot of help.

I had tried to switch back to wearing contact lenses for this job. While I was in high school and was playing football I had worn contact lenses pretty well all of the time. But, working in a lube shop, where there was lots of dirt and grime, and then riding around in a truck for 24 hours a day, seven days a week had taken me back to wearing my glasses. It was easy enough to put my contacts back in, however it wasn’t so easy to wear them for the whole day. For one thing I was often out on the gravel lot showing a customer a new truck. The wind and the blowing dust played havoc on my contacts. Another problem was that I was always forgetting my sunglasses when I went out, and the bright sun was hard on my eyes. So, I decided that it just wasn’t worth it. I didn’t dislike wearing glasses, and my –6.50D prescription wasn’t so terribly strong that my glasses looked terrible, so I was a lot happier wearing them.

I managed to make it through the first 6 months with a couple of sales. By the time my salary ended and I went on full commission I had some pretty good prospects on the hook, and I could see that my income was going to be reasonably good. Also I liked meeting new people and there were always lots of new prospective buyers coming in through the dealership’s doors.

One day there was a new secretary/receptionist at the front door. It was hard to describe her. She was a bit pudgy, and the pudginess just didn’t look good on her. About the best way I could describe her was that she looked like a young kid who had not yet lost her baby fat. She wasn’t pretty nor was she ugly. She was just someone you didn’t look twice at. I could tell that she was pretty naive, but she was also very slow on the take, almost seeming dumb at times. She did have one feature that interested me. She wore glasses. I like girls who wear glasses, probably because I also wear glasses, and so do my mom and my younger sister. I had not seen anyone in their early 20’s who wore bifocals though, and Judy wore a low minus prescription with invisible bifocals that appeared to cancel out the prescription in her glasses when you looked through the lenses from behind.

Judy was the butt of a lot of jokes and snide comments over the next couple of months. I almost felt sorry for her, but of course I laughed at, and helped perpetrate some of the comments. Then one day I found myself behind her as we went outside to the roach coach. She picked up a soda, and a honey bun. I grabbed a black coffee, and I followed Judy over to the picnic table where people often sat on nice days. Her glasses had transition lenses as well, because they had gone as dark as mine had.

“All those carbs just go right to your hips Judy.” I commented.

“I know. I really must start eating a bit healthier.” Judy said.

“If you want I will walk over to the market with you at lunchtime, and we can get some carrots and some other healthy stuff to snack on. I need to watch what I eat as well.” I replied.

“Maybe we can buy a bag of salad, and split that.” Judy said.

“Sure, we can do that.” I replied.

So, Judy and I started doing just that. It took at least another month, but I began to notice that Judy didn’t seem to be quite as puffy fat.

“Have you lost weight?” I asked one day.

“I am down about 10 pounds. Now if I can drop another 15 I will be happier.” Judy replied.

That 15 pounds didn’t take as long to melt off as the first 10 had. And once Judy lost her excess weight she really turned into a pretty attractive young lady. Even better, her face took on a much prettier appearance once the baby fat and the slight double chin was gone. She was still a little heavy in the rear end, but I supposed that this was just the way she was built, and she would probably have a much easier time having babies than someone with a tiny butt would.

I don’t know the subject came up, but one day when Judy and I were out walking, and we got talking about family. Judy let it slip that J.C. was her mother’s sister’s husband, and her family had invested money in the dealership, so that is how she had gotten her job as a receptionist. I had wondered how she had managed to keep the job, because she had made a lot of errors with the paperwork at first. Now she seemed to have learned, and the errors were minimal, but if it hadn’t been for family ties she would have been long gone.

That little fact made Judy a bit more appealing in my eyes. Yes, I was a bit of a gold digger. I am a hard worker, but marrying into a family with money has never hurt anyone. Then I found out something that really made Judy look good to me. I was in J.C.’s office one day, and I was looking at a family picture. There was a little girl in the picture, and this little girl was wearing a pair of very strong minus glasses.

“Is this your family J.C?” I asked.

“That’s my wife, and my 2 boys. Then there is my wife’s sister, her husband and their 2 children.” J.C. replied.

I wanted to ask if the little girl with the thick glasses was Judy, but I didn’t dare because it was a secret that she was related to J.C. However I now began to look very carefully at Judy. I suspected that it was a possibility that she had surgery to reduce her myopia, but the more I looked the more I was convinced that I saw the telltale signs of contact lenses floating on her cornea’s

On Friday afternoons Bill Gaddons would disappear shortly after lunch. Then Rosalynn, the beautiful East Indian girl who worked in finance would take her lunch around 2 pm, and you wouldn’t see her for the rest of the afternoon. It took a while, but I soon clued in. After work all the rest of the salespeople would go across the street to the bar at the Holliday Inn, and Bill would show up, followed a few minutes later by Rosalynn. Rumor had it that Bill would rent a room, and Roz would join him for an afternoon of sex. I didn’t like that, because I had met Roz’s husband Ishmael, and he seemed like a pretty decent guy. Heck, some Friday afternoons Ish would join us at the bar for a drink or 2 before he and Roz went home.

One Friday afternoon I followed Bill to the men’s room.

“Are you using your room any more tonight, or are you turning the key in?” I asked.

“”Do you want it so you can get a little nookie from our dumb assed receptionist?” Bill asked with a sneer.

“”I was thinking about it. I am willing to split the cost with you.” I replied.

“Just take it, and have fun.” Bill replied as he threw me the key.

So, I managed to convince Judy to join me that evening in the free room at the Holliday Inn. That night Judy lost her virginity. And, that night I became convinced that she was wearing contact lenses under her glasses, because without her glasses on I could definitely see the lenses in her eyes. Before we went to sleep I asked her if she had to take her contact lenses out. She replied that they were extended wear, and she could sleep in them once in a while.

“Why do you wear contact lenses under your glasses?” I asked, because I couldn’t stand not knowing the answer.

“I seem to only be able to tolerate one brand of contact lenses, and they do not come in a strong enough prescription for me. So, I wear the contacts, with a nice thin pair of glasses over them, rather than wearing my full thickness glasses.” Judy told me.

“I don’t mind if you wear glasses. They can’t look that bad.” I replied.

“Well, someday I might show them to you. They look pretty awful.” Judy replied.

The next morning we showered, and put out yesterday’s clothing back on. Judy had her car, and I had mine, so we parted company in the front lobby. However I told her I was coming over to her house later to pick her up and we could go for a drive, or just hang out together for the afternoon. Judy told me that she had an appointment with her optometrist later that afternoon, but his office was at the mall, where we could grab something to eat, and see a movie after her appointment, and I agreed.

Shortly after lunch I drove up to the address that Judy had given me. It was a nice, well-kept house in a decent suburban neighborhood. The woodwork was freshly painted; the lawns and flower gardens were neatly trimmed. There was a lady in the front yard hunched over a flowerbed, and I figured that was Judy’s mom Janet. As I pulled into the driveway she looked up, and I noticed the sun glint off the front face of a pair of glasses. I walked over to her, and I was amazed. Her glasses were probably the thickest pair of glasses I had ever seen. The frame was a style of frame that was out of date even ten years ago. It was a plastic frame, and the eye size was rather large for such a strong prescription. The lenses stuck out in front of the frame, as well as behind, and I bet the total thickness was close to an inch. The front of the lens appeared to be dished in, and the lens seemed to have a slight bevel to the outer edge.

Janet stood up and greeted me, and I noticed that she seemed to be blinking a lot as she peered through the lenses of her strong glasses. She was a small lady, much tinier than her daughter, and she was quite pretty, with a large bosom, and a well shaped rear end that looked very sexy in her tight jeans. Her light blue eyes looked really small, blinking furiously behind the thick lenses. I figured that she probably didn’t see very well, and that is why she had scrunched up her eyes and peered at me. And I don’t understand why, but when I looked at her eyes through her glasses I wanted nothing more than to make love to her. At the very least I wanted to take her glasses off her face, and look through those thick lenses to see if I could envision what she saw without them. Of course, I couldn’t carry this fantasy any further. This was the mother of a girl I was starting to have very deep feelings for. Without me saying anything she figured out who I was, and she invited me to follow her inside the house, where she called for Judy.

I had hoped to see Judy wearing her glasses, since she was going for an eye exam, but she had her normal weak glasses on, so I didn’t say anything. We drove over to the mall, and I walked to the doctor’s office with Judy. She signed in, and we sat in the waiting room for a few minutes. Then the receptionist came and got Judy, so I stayed there, reading an old car magazine while she went in for her appointment.

“Well, what’s the verdict?” I asked when she came out.

“I need another –1.00D stronger for these glasses, and I need about the same increase for my glasses with my full prescription.” Judy replied.

Then she handed me the slips of paper the doctor had given her. Her glasses for over the contacts were now going to be –4.50D with a +2.50D add, and the add was specified to be multifocal. I almost gasped when I read the other slip with her full prescription written on it. It read –19.50D for each eye. Fortunately I had not shown my surprise at such a high prescription.

“Would you also like a vision examination today sir?” asked the receptionist.

“No, I am seeing all right. I will wait a while.” I replied.

“You are not seeing all right Justin. I see you squinting all the time.” Judy said.

“Oh, all right. I guess we have the time.” I replied. I hadn’t realized I had been squinting, but once Judy mentioned it I knew she was right.

“Well, the doctor feels I need another –0.75D in both eyes Judy.” I said when I came out of the examining room.

“I thought you might. I have been watching you try to see if you recognize your customers when they come in the door.” Judy told me.

Our next stop was at an optical store. Judy refused to go to the one hour store, so we went to an independent optician. Judy had been there before, so the optician understood that her one pair of glasses was only to wear over her contact lenses. Judy ordered another 3 month supply of her contacts. She picked a new frame for her –4.50D lenses. Then she picked another frame to have her full prescription put in. I ordered a new frame, with transition lenses, and then sat down with Judy and the optician as they discussed the various lens options that were available to Judy. Finally Judy decided on a 1.9hi index glass lens with a plano front base. This pair of glasses, with the hi index lenses, was very expensive. They were going to cost Judy around $680.00. With her contacts, and her other pair of glasses Judy had spent over a grand. My own new glasses were only $250.00.

We left the optical store, and went to the food court, where we got our food. After we ate we sat and talked.

“So, almost 7 hundred bucks is a pretty steep price for a pair of glasses you don’t plan to wear.” I said.

“But that is the reason for spending that kind of money to get a nice looking pair Justin All my life my parents have paid for my glasses. You saw how awful my mom’s glasses look today. She tried a pair of glasses with polycarbonate lenses a few years ago, and she hated them. They were biconcave, and were polished and beveled around the edge. She said the reflections drove her crazy and she couldn’t see well enough to drive. So she went back to the regular old plastic safety lenses she has always worn. And she always made me get the same lenses. As a result I wouldn’t wear them out of the house.” Judy told me.

“But your mom has a stronger prescription doesn’t she?” I asked.

“No, her prescription is right around –18.00D. My last prescription was –18.50D, and now I am going to need –19.50D.” Judy replied.

“Wow, and I thought her eyes were a lot worse.” I said.

“I want to be able to wear glasses out in public sometimes. And, I feel you will actually allow me to, so that is why I wanted the nicest looking, thinnest lenses I could get.” Judy replied.

“Well, since I wear glasses myself it would be pretty hypocritical of me to not allow you to wear glasses whenever you want to. And, I’ll bet your new expensive full strength glasses will look very nice on your face.” I replied.

It was time for the movie to start, so we went to the theater. Judy wanted to sit fairly close to the screen, and I didn’t mind that, as I realized now that my own eyesight wasn’t as good as it could be. After the movie I took her home, and dropped her off. When I walked her to the door she asked me if I wanted to come by tomorrow afternoon and stay for supper.

“Sure, I could do that. What time do you want me to come?” I asked.

“Well, normally I go without wearing contacts the entire day on Sunday. But, it is now 9:30PM, and if I take out my contacts and leave them out until 4:30 that should be long enough to give my eyes a rest. So, come anytime after 4:30.” Judy replied.

“How about if I come at 3:00Pm and you leave your glasses on until you go to bed tomorrow night. I really don’t mind the fact that you wear glasses.” I stated.

Judy thought about this for a minute. “I had wanted to wait for my new glasses before I appeared in front of you wearing glasses. I had better warn you that my old glasses are real coke bottles. But, at the risk of scaring you away, go ahead and come by at 3pm.”

I did, and Judy was right. Her old glasses were real coke bottles. I had never given much thought as to my preferences in women. I knew I didn’t want a girl that was extremely heavy. I knew I wanted a girl who was pretty enough to make me a little jealous when other guys gave her the eye. But, I hadn’t realized that girls with strong glasses really turned me on. When Judy met me at the door wearing a heavy black plastic framed pair of glasses I thought she looked fantastic. The clear lenses were extremely thick, and were exactly as she had described them. But now, instead of wanting to make love to her mother, I wanted nothing more than to take Judy to bed, and make love to her. I think Judy could see the lust in my eyes.

“I see you like me just fine wearing my old glasses.” Judy said.

“It’s that obvious?” I asked.

“Well, I can see I got a rise out of you when I met you at the door.” Judy said with a laugh.

“So it shows does it?” I asked with embarrassment, knowing full well I had gotten a hard on.

“Save it for next Friday night.” Judy said with a whisper.

I enjoyed my visit with Judy and her family. Art and Janet were down to earth people. Art ran a loader for a local construction company, and Janet had been employed as an independent bookkeeper for a number of years. They lived modestly, and had saved for retirement, but had invested their retirement savings in J.C.’s Kenworth dealership. They were hoping to end up with quite a lot more money from their investment. And, I thought that they would, as J.C. was a pretty shrewd businessman. I know we had been selling a lot more trucks than the previous owner had, and the repair shop was extremely busy.

As I left that night Art called me aside. “”Are you seriously interested in Judy?” Art asked.

“Yes, I believe I am. A month ago I probably couldn’t have said that, but we have been getting closer almost every day.” I replied.

“I know she has it bad for you, and I am just hoping that you don’t hurt my little girl. She is pretty special to Janet and I. I almost lost both of them when Judy was born, and the doctor refused to allow Janet to have any more children. So, our entire life is wrapped up in that little girl.” Art said.

“Art, I haven’t said a word to Judy yet, but I will tell you that I am pretty seriously thinking of asking Judy to marry me. I feel I love her more and more every day.” I said.

“Janet and I would love grandkids, but we would like you to be married first.” Art said.

“I hadn’t thought about having children, but I agree that marriage should come first.” I answered.

The optical store called Judy at work on Wednesday to tell us both that our new glasses were ready. I hadn’t realized it, but when we went to pick them up, Judy’s new hi index lensed glasses were not ready, and it was then that I learned that very high powered glasses usually took anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks before the customer got them. Judy did look nice in her new –4.50D glasses, and I felt that it had been a worthwhile investment for me to get my new slightly stronger glasses.

I couldn’t stop looking at Judy at work. Fortunately I was able to keep up with my work, and I made some pretty good sales during that period of time. The day came when we were going to pick up Judy’s full strength glasses after work, and I could hardly wait for 5:00pm. Finally we were able to drive to the optical store. Judy wanted to leave her contact lenses in place, and just have the optician fit the new frames to her face. But, the optician and I both insisted that Judy needed to actually wear the new glasses around for a while to make sure that the fit was correct. Finally, when the optician provided her with a case for her contacts, she relented, and removed her contacts. She looked like a million bucks wearing her new –19.50D glasses. The rectangular brown frame accented her honey blond hair, and the lenses were surprisingly thin, much thinner than her old glasses. This had been money well spent as far as I was concerned.

“You have to wear your glasses tomorrow honey. You look fabulous.” I said.

The optician agreed. “That is probably the nicest looking pair of glasses I have ever seen for such a strong prescription.”

Judy wore her glasses out of the store and when we stopped for a bite to eat she told me that she felt a little strange being out in public without wearing her contact lenses under her weaker glasses.

“You look so good wearing those glasses that you don’t ever have to wear your contact lenses again for me.” I said.

“You are just telling me that to make me feel better Justin.” Judy blushed as she said that.

“I am serious.” I said.

How serious?” Judy asked.

“Serious enough to ask you to marry me if you promise to always wear glasses for me.” I said.

“You really are serious. Ok, I’ll take you up on that offer.” Judy replied.

So, we set a date. Judy didn’t have many friends, as she had been a loner much of her life. My sister agreed to be maid of honor, and Judy asked Roz from work, and her only school friend to be the bridesmaids. All in all it was a great wedding, and I love looking at the wedding pictures of my gorgeous wife wearing her great looking glasses with the heavy rectangular brown frames.

It didn’t take long before we had our first daughter. Judy took a little time off work when the baby was born, but Janet was more than willing to look after her only grand daughter, so every morning we dropped Amber off to stay with her grandmother. Then a year and a half later when Jasmine was born Janet demanded that she be allowed to look after both girls, so Judy continued working.

One day when Amber was about 4 I stopped by to pick the girls up after work. Amber was making a heck of a fuss, and I couldn’t understand what it was about. Apparently she wanted “Mommy’s glasses” to take home with her.

“Oh, just give them to her Janet.” I said.

“She shouldn’t be wearing them Justin. I showed them to her a few months ago, and every chance she gets she goes and gets them and wears them.” Janet said.

Just then Amber came back into the room, and I could see what Janet meant. Amber was wearing the same thick glasses that Judy had been wearing in the picture that hung on the wall in J.C.’s office. I took one look at Amber, comfortably wearing the glasses as if the thick lenses belonged in front of her eyes, and my first thought was that she would be going for a vision exam the very next day. So, I walked my 2 girls out to the car, put them in their car seats, and headed on home.

“You really shouldn’t be wearing your mom’s old glasses Amber.” I said.

“Nana lets me wear them all day daddy. But now when I take them off I can’t see anything anymore, so I want to wear them at home too.” Amber said.

Out of the mouths of babes comes the truth. Janet had probably put Judy’s old glasses on her granddaughter herself many months ago.

The following day I took Amber to the eye doctor. She ended up requiring a –10D prescription, and I was fortunate enough to find a store that could do that prescription immediately. Once she was wearing her new glasses I took her back to her grandmother’s house.

“Oh, I see Amber needed glasses after all Justin.” Janet said.

“Yes, she did. The doctor said she needed a pretty strong prescription.” I replied.

“Well, that isn’t surprising. After all Judy and I have very poor eyesight.” Janet responded.

“Well, here are Judy’s old glasses back. I think I can trust you to look after them properly, and put them where they belong Janet.” I said.

“I will make sure that Amber doesn’t play with them any more Justin.” Janet replied.

I had a feeling that Janet could read between the lines with what I had said. I wondered how long it would take before Jasmine would be visiting the eye doctor. And I also wondered if Janet had trained Judy’s eyes by using an old pair of her own glasses. But things that are worth doing are worth doing properly, if you know what I mean.

Specs4ever Feb 2007