Seeing Double

by Specs4ever

I am a psychologist. My name is Kellie. I am also an OO.

"Psychologist" needs no explanation. "OO" might. It stands for "optic obsessive". That is a person that has a fetish for glasses, usually very thick ones as worn by people that are extremely nearsighted or farsighted. Personally, I much prefer the ones worn by those who are very nearsighted.

TV (transvestite) is a term used to define a person that has a fetish for wearing clothing and accessories that are normally worn by members of the opposite sex. But a transvestite is not necessarily a homosexual if they are male, or a lesbian if they are female. A transvestite can and often does enjoy normal sexual relations.

These terms can be broken down into sub categories. For instance for glasses, there are minus glasses which have concave lenses, and they are used to correct nearsightedness. Then there are plus glasses which have convex lenses that are used to correct farsightedness. Frame styles are another category, the index of refraction of the lenses is a category, and then you have specialty lenses which are used for the correction of eyes that cross, or eyes that are walleyed, and these fall into another category.

Clothing for TV's can be broken down into the various items such as underwear, outerwear, shoes, jewelry and so forth.

Even though I am one of those people who are quite nearsighted and have a prescription around -10D I wear contact lenses most of the time. I have a definite attraction towards people who wear glasses, but can’t quite bring myself to go to full time wear myself. And I am not a full blown TV, but I enjoy dressing in men’s clothing. If you are over 25 like I am, and watched Saturday Night Live while you were a kid, you might remember the skit about Pat and Pat, where they were always trying to figure out if Pat was a male or a female. I am not like that. When I am dressed as a female, I am definitely a female, and even if I say so myself I am an attractive girl. Most guys would likely rather have me wear my hair a little longer than the shoulder length style I like, but this way I can wear it like a guy if I wish. I have a couple of pairs of glasses that are unmistakably men’s frames, and when I have my hair in a pony tail, with my false moustache and my men’s glasses I can pull the guy thing off pretty darned well. It does make it easier that I don’t have much of a rack to bind up though.

You would think that an almost 30 year old attractive professional woman wouldn’t have much of a problem finding a boyfriend would you? It’s not as easy as you might think. After I got totally sick of doing the bar scene I took a stab at finding someone on one of those online dating sites. Since I have this fetish for glasses, as well as my cross dressing fetish I chose Fetishes.Com. My first couple of dates didn’t go well, but I was determined to stick it out, and now I was standing in the lobby of a multi storied apartment building. I pressed the buzzer and Gary, the man I was supposed to meet came on the intercom.

“Hi Kellie. I will buzz you in. Come on up to the 12th floor, and I am in apartment 1210. I will be in the bathroom, so come on in. The door will be open for you.”

I was a little late, and he sounded just a little annoyed. I hoped it wasn’t going to spoil the evening. I rode up on the elevator, and when I got off I readily located 1210. The door was open and I went on in.

I walked in and sat on a chair, and waited for him. I could hear him in the bathroom with the hair dryer going, and finally I listened to him pee for what seemed an eternity (evidently he didn't want to go only to have me arrive while he was in the bathroom and miss my reaction to his romantic set-up); no wonder he was pissed at me (so to speak!). When he finally emerged, I couldn't help but gasp. He stood before me in nothing but a pair of blood-red silk boxers and MAJOR COKE BOTTLES in a round, black wire frame!

Still staring in awe I asked "So what are you, about minus 20?"

“Now you're flattering me, girl. My exact prescription is R -14.50 L -15.00 with 12 degrees of base out prism, and an add of +2D."

"Add?" I said. "As in, bifocals and what is the prism for?"

"Prism is for crossed eyes. I see double without my glasses besides being quite nearsighted." Gary replied

“C'mere, lemme see?" I asked.

"Can't you see from there?" he teased.

I frowned and squinted at him. "Now that you mention it, I haven't had my eyes checked in a while. I could probably do with a little more power."

"Oh, I know how we can check that." he said. "I've got a bunch of my old glasses here. You can try them on and we'll see how much you can see with them."

He walked over and pulled a bag out of his closet, then sat down beside me on the bed. He dumped the contents of the bag (several pairs of glasses!) onto the bed and started going through them. Looking at him close up, I could see he did indeed have bifocals, the kind with a big wedge on the bottoms of the lenses shaped like a sideways capital D. And you never saw such power rings! Watching him with his head down, looking through the glasses, seeing row after row of white rings, the sharp sparkle at the bifocal line, the sides of his lenses showing off their massive bulk, it took all my restraint not to jump him and try to get his baby in me right then and there!

He picked up a pair in a rectangular silver frame and said "Here, these are R -11 L -11.50, if memory serves. I wore them about 3 years ago. They might be a bit strong for you and I don’t have any cylinder so if you have any astigmatism the lack of cylinder probably isn't what you're used to, but see what you think."

I tried them on and saw surprisingly well, though things were just a little bit distorted. Even though I need a very small amount of cylinder the extra power in the lenses seemed to make up for it, and I could see quite well wearing them. Possibly my eyes had gotten worse than I had thought. Of course, I also had to see what I looked like in these glasses, so I leaned over to the side to see myself in the mirror hanging across the room. Not bad, but I'd always preferred the bold, chunky plastics. I told Gary this and he pointed out a pair of ovals in blue plastic, still on the thin side as plastic frames go, meaning of course that the lenses (which were also tinted blue) stuck wayyyy out, but then at his rx...

"Those are my last pair before the ones I've got now. They're R -12.50 L -13.00 biconcave. I usually don't go for the thicker plastic frames; I'm more of a lens guy and prefer the thinner frames that really show the lenses off. These are also a product of the tinted lens craze I've gotten into lately. I think the tinted lenses look cool and I really like seeing the world in different colors, having a blue day or a pink day or a yellow day, whatever fits how I feel. I love glasses anyway and all my friends were doing the tinted lenses, which I know is a lame excuse. The main thing is I like the lenses to be as thick as it is possible to make them.” Gary said.

"Oh, you are gorgeous in your glasses!" I said. "But don’t you have sunglasses as well?"

"Nah, I have photo-reactive lenses in this pair, so they turn gray outside, these blue ones aren't too far off if I'm having a blue day and don't need super-sharp vision. And then there are these."

He then picked up a pair of black horn rims that are much like the old Ray Bans, just like the frames I have now, with red lenses. "These are in my current prescription. I originally tried on this frame because it was the current trend. I guess you could say I find myself playing follow the leader sometimes, but I actually like this frame better than I thought I would. And the red lenses are way cool".

"Oooo, I wanna see!" I said, putting them on. "Wow, this is cool! If I strain a little bit I can see OK, too, except up close they're definitely too strong, even through the bifocal part, which is extra-awesome with the red tint! By the way, I noticed none of your previous pairs have a bifocal. I'm guessing all the extra reading in college isn't helpful, but I never needed bifocals all the way through school. But I think they are a little strong so maybe I will try to wear your blue tinted slightly weaker ones."

"Well, I probably wouldn't need the bifocal either if I were wearing my true prescription. You see, I'm not really quite as nearsighted as I seem to be. Don't get me wrong, I am very nearsighted, but my real distance rx is probably closer to what I have in my bifocal segment right now. I'm just not sure as I've been tricking the eye doctor into giving me a little more than I need for so long now I don't know for sure what my "honest" rx is. I've always been able to accommodate enough to read with my bumped-up rx before, but when I got those glasses it was just too much strain and I had to tell the doctor. I was afraid he'd find out I actually needed a weaker rx, but thankfully he just prescribed the reading add. Since I also have some prism in my rx to correct for my eyes looking out, he said I should have quite a bit more prism to be completely corrected. I have 12 base out now and he said I should have 15 but as long as I was getting by with 12 he would leave it at that for now. I wasn't too happy about that but what could I say? I would have loved to have the thicker lens."

"Because you like thick lenses, with lots of white rings?" I asked.

"Exactly." Gary replied.

“I'd thought about tricking the doctor into giving me stronger lenses many times, but I always chickened out.” I replied.

"I think it's just amazing that you understand this weird fetish of mine. Because nobody makes movies or writes novels about us OOs, I guess." Gary said.

"OOs?" I asked.

"OO stands for Optically Obsessed. It's a term that people in the online glasses fetish community use to describe themselves. I'm guessing you've never been to Eye Scene?" "

I Seen what?" I asked.

Gary laughed. "No, Eye E-Y-E, Scene S-C-E-N-E. Here, let me fire up my laptop and show you."

What Kelly showed me was a whole new world full of people who had all the same "weird" thoughts and feelings about glasses and myopia that I did! There were real-life discussions, as well as fictional stories and pictures of people wearing strong glasses on other sites that Eye Scene linked to. I don't know why I'd never tried looking for information about glasses fetish on the Web before, I guess I just thought it was too strange a thing to be interested in, so surely I must be the only one.

"Do you post to this site?" I asked.

"Not yet, I haven't. Actually, I just found it a couple weeks ago myself. I was so excited at first that I wanted to introduce myself right away, but then I thought about it and realized I want to be sure I say just the right thing. Plus, I figured it might be a good idea to read through all the old posts and archives and kind of get to know everybody."

After reading through a bit, I realized that Gary and I could possibly have the relationship every OO dreams of, Mr. and Mrs. Myopia. And, this would also be the relationship I'd always dreamed of. Suddenly, just like that, I knew. It was a bold move, especially for a girl, but I knew it was the perfect thing to do.

"There is one other thing I need to tell you though before we go too much farther" he said.

I thought "oh no, he's not going to tell me he is married or something."

He said, "I am a TV".

"Where are your knobs and screen?” I asked laughing at my joke, but knowing full well what he meant.

He said, "no no, a transvestite. I like wearing women’s shoes and clothing."

"Is that all? I like wearing men's clothing too. So what's the big deal? Do you wear that stuff out in the real world or what?"

"No,” Gary said, “just at home although I do wear cowboy boots with 3 inch heels quite a bit at work and so forth."

I said, "Ok, no big deal there, I guess I kind of fall in that same category also.

Extremely high heels really turn me on and I wear them quite often. When I just look at pictures of certain styles I get wet.

He said "I really like the feel of high heels. I am able to walk for long periods in 6 inch heels and be very comfortable."

"What size do you wear," I asked.

"Women's 11," was his reply.

“Well that's fairly big so a 6 inch heel would not feel as high as it would in my size 7. I can see how you could wear them easily. What other women's stuff do you wear?"

He said, "I like panties and bra's and wear them most of the time. Some day you will notice that I wear women's flat casual shoes all the time. I usually choose styles that could be called unisex. I also wear women's jeans most of the time. I like the feel of the softer lighter weight material."

"Well, you haven't told me anything I have a problem with yet, go on." I said.

"Have you ever thought that you might like to be cross eyed or even more nearsighted than you are?” Gary asked.

“Well, I do like my own thick glasses so I guess I could go along with the look of even thicker lenses. Yes, the more I think of it the more I like the idea.” I replied.

"Being under 30, and already fairly myopic you are probably able to induce more myopia." Gary said.

“You think I could? How do I do it?” I asked.

"You should start by wearing about 2 more diopters than your prescribed glasses. How about crossed eyes? Are you interested in that?” Gary asked.

“Definitely, after seeing how yours look behind the lenses of your glasses.” I answered.

I went with a boy in high school that was cross eyed and just looking at him used to get me hot, but I didn’t really care for the strong plus lenses he wore in his glasses.

"Ok then I suppose we need to order you some glasses. Why don't you just put those red tinted Ray Ban frames back on and try wearing them around my apartment for awhile to see if you can accommodate 12 prism to start with. They will also get you used to wearing much stronger lenses all the time." Gary said.

“Ok, sounds good,” I said as I put his heavy black framed Ray Bans on again. “Oh, I really like the super sharp crispy view I get with these. I guess it is easier for me to see through these lenses after wearing your blue lensed glasses for a while. And now the bifocal almost works for reading, but not quite. I like the 3D effect also. I guess the prisms cause that.” I said.

"Yes they do that". Gary said as he went to the kitchen to cook us supper.

While I was walking around his apartment trying to get used to the stronger glasses I kept coming back to look at myself in the mirror that hung on the wall. The more I looked at my eyes behind the thick red tinted lenses the more sexually aroused I became. It was going to take a lot of courage to wear these glasses, but I wanted to wear them out in public so badly that I could almost taste it. I didn’t want to take the glasses off, not even for a minute, and so I had to be content to examine the glasses in the mirror. I even touched the outer edges of the lenses and held them between my fingers, trying to guess at the thickness of them. They had to be at least 3/4” thick.

"Dinner is on the table in 2 minutes. It’s been about an hour, how are you doing with the reading segment? Gary asked.

I picked up a magazine and, WOW, I could read all the print, even the very smallest copyright information at the bottom of the page.

“Hey, this is absolutely neat.” I said excitedly.

"What is it like when you take the glasses off? Do you see double?" Gary asked.

“Can I just leave them on until we finish eating?” I asked.

“Sure, do whatever you want.” Gary replied.

We finished a delicious meal, and as we sat back enjoying a coffee laced with Kaluha he asked me to take the glasses off now. I took them off and lo and behold, I was seeing double and absolutely could not bring the two images together no matter what I did. I walked around the room and looked out the window. This was way cool. I was starting to get wet. At arms length the two images were about 12 inches apart.

"Ok, leave the glasses off and see how long it takes for you to return to a normal single image". Gary said.

I pit on my own glasses and sat for about a half hour and things began to return to normal albeit fuzzy. It took another 45 minutes and all was normal again.

"Ok, you now have a reference for how long you can wear the glasses and then return to normal". Gary said.

“What if I don't want to return to normal? I really like the look of the 3/4 inch thick lenses and I think after a month or so of full time wear I will be able to use these glasses without any problem.” I replied.

"If you are sure you really want to do it, I will give you those glasses.” Gary said

I sat for awhile listening to the music and enjoying the crispy view his glasses were giving me. I especially liked the strain that the overcorrection put on my eyes. I shuddered at the thought of how I was going to explain to people why my eyes had gotten so bad all of a sudden, but I decided that this is exactly what I wanted, so I was going to do it.

“Yes, I will take you up on your offer. These glasses will never leave my face.” I said.

“You can have them then. But don’t think that you can switch back and forth between glasses and contact lenses, because once your eyes adjust to that amount of prism you will never be able to go without them. You will be trapped behind those two thick chunks of plastic for the rest of your life.” Gary said

After a while I said, “Have you ever thought about going out in public wearing heels, not your cowboy boots?”

"Not really, why?"

“I would like to go out wearing these glasses dressed more like a man and since they are what could be called unisex, that should not be a problem. I would also like for us to go out in identical outfits of jeans, sweat shirts and 5 inch heels and maybe baseball caps.” I said.

"I don't know about the heels thing? Maybe if the jeans were quite long so as to hide most of the shoe it would be ok. I read on the internet that quite a few guys do that all the time. What style shoes did you have in mind?” Gary asked.

“I was thinking black pumps with a baby doll toe and 5 inch chunky heels. Maybe a thin 1/4 inch platform and rubber heel caps so they wouldn't be so noisy.” I answered.

"It’s crazy, but I like the idea. I'll go along with it." Gary said.

“Ok, I will get busy getting the outfits ready. Let’s make our date for two weeks from tonight.” I said. “First we will go for a casual walk through a large mall with carpeted walkways. Then we will go for dinner in an upscale restaurant. After that we can go to the Music Center for a concert by a jazz band that I know is in town then. I am sure I can get tickets.”

“That sounds great. I will buy dinner if you pick up the tickets.” Gary replied.

“I was going to make it my treat. After all you supplied the glasses.” I said.

“Those glasses were not really very expensive. They were well worth the price I paid for them just to see you wearing them. You better let me pick up the tab for dinner.” Gary answered.

Since Gary’s apartment was downtown I arranged to meet him there after work that Friday night. He was home and already showered, so he let me use the bathroom for my shower. Then we dressed in our matching outfits. Gary’s hair was about the same length as mine, so we both tied our hair into pony tails, with the ponytail hanging out through our baseball caps. We took the elevator down, and walked out onto the street holding hands. We headed for the mall, and I glanced around to see if we were getting any stares. Nothing.

We went into the mall and walked around until we had to leave for our reservation at the restaurant. Again no one stared at us – at least not that I could notice.

Our time at the restaurant was also uneventful. Out of some perverse idea I suggested to Gary that he should use the ladies washroom and I would use the men’s, and he thought that idea was a hoot. But it was a disappointment for me, as I was the only person in the men’s. Gary did have company in the ladies restroom, but he said she scattered as fast as possible.

The jazz concert was great, and after the concert I talked Gary into having us both use the ladies washroom. This time there were a few questioning stares, but I don’t think anyone figured out that one of us was a guy. I had looked us over very closely in a full length mirror before we left his apartment, and I had liked what I saw. Gary is a little taller than I am, but there are plenty of ladies that are taller than their husbands, so that wasn’t a dead giveaway. And, without me knowing Gary had gotten a new pair of black Ray Bans with red tinted lenses that were identical to the ones he had given me, so our glasses looked the same. I had bound my small breasts fairly tight, and Gary had put on a bra with just a little padding so we both had little bumps on our chests under the sweatshirts, but again this wasn’t a giveaway. I loved how we looked, and I was convinced that no one could tell if we were a man and a woman, a pair of lesbians, or a pair of homosexual males. I almost wet myself while looking at ourselves in the mirror. It was almost like I was seeing double. After we left the concert we walked back to Gary’s apartment.

“How well are you seeing with those glasses Kellie?” Gary asked.

“I can’t believe how easily my eyes have adapted to them. I did get a few stares and comments from my patients, but all I had to tell the ones that asked was that I had very bad eyes, and have been having trouble with my contacts, so they accepted that. I wish I had met you 5 years ago.” I replied.

“We probably wouldn’t have been ready for each other then. I think we met just at the right time. Do you want to stay at my place tonight?” Gary asked.

“Only if we can leave our glasses on and make mad passionate love together.” I answered.

“I think we can do that.”

Specs4ever Nov 2011

I won’t take full credit for this tale. It was sent to me by a good friend who wrote it, and wishes to remain anonymous. Yes, it took a lot of revising and a number of changes, so in fact it probably doesn’t resemble the original story very much, however what it did do was give me a very good plot idea to work from that was totally different from my regular stories. I hope you enjoy it.