Slaves for Life

by Specs4ever

I had traveled for several hundred miles since I left the site where I had camped last night and I was thinking that it was about time to stop and look for a nice place to stay overnight. I had had enough of camping for a while, and I wanted a nice hotel room, with a shower, and plenty of hot water. I slowed the van I had rented for this trip across the USA, pulled onto the shoulder of the road, and took a closer look at my Rand Mc. Nally road atlas.

There were only a few more miles left to travel to reach a town called Dream Village. Funny name for a place I thought and continued my trip. As I reached Dream Village I read the sign saying Dream Village 160 inhabitants. "Oh bloody hell" I thought, this place is really small. As I drove down the main street I was really surprised to see a nice little village that was clean and also had what looked like a nice hotel. I was happy because this hopefully meant that it could be time for a nice shower and a real bed for the first time in almost a week. I parked my van outside the hotel and went in. The lady at the reception desk was very friendly and explained to me what my choices were for a room. She explained that normally most guests take the super dream suite. As their main tourist season is about to end they could offer it at a 40% discount off the normal price. She told me that it was as low as $30.00 a night and if I decided to stay 5 days the 6th day was free of charge. I was way ahead of my self-imposed schedule and the plane back home to Europe didn't leave for another 2 weeks. So, since it looked like a really nice area to tour around. I decided I would take the 5-day option.

The suite was very nice indeed and the bed looked very inviting. As I was about to get ready for my shower, the phone rang and the receptionist informed me that happy hour had just started. When I had finished my shower I went down to the lobby of the hotel and went outside to the terrace to have a cold beer and see what was going on.

The beer was just wonderful after such a hot day and I really enjoyed it. I looked over the countryside, which was very relaxing and pleasant to look at. In half an hour the sun would be gone. I had another beer and it tasted even better than the first glass. It had a more bitter taste than our European beer but I liked it and it seemed to be a lot weaker than our beer at home.

After my long day behind the wheel of my van I was a little bit tired and I must have drifted off to sleep for a while. I felt a hand on my shoulder waking me up. It was the lady from reception who informed me that dinner was served in 15 minutes. I watched the beautiful sunset and went inside for dinner. They had an extremely well stocked buffet, with endless choices and I was surprised that there were so many guests in the hotel. After all, the entire hotel didn't look so spacious from the outside.

The waitress told me that they were not all guests of the hotel but that they had come just for dinner and for the slave auction that was going to be held later in the evening. I thought that she was just kidding, because slavery simply didn't exist anymore in the USA. But I was soon to learn that it really was just that way.

The buffet was just delicious and I had another bottle of the beer I had already tasted earlier. This evening the beer seemed even better than it had before. I learned that it was made at the local Dream Village microbrewery and that you could only get it here at Dream Village. After I finished my dinner I waited to see what would happen next. The waitress asked me if I had already registered as a bidder for the slave auction. Up to this point I still believed that this was a joke, but she seemed so serious about it that I began to wonder. I told her that I was a guest of the hotel and whatever I bought at the auction would go on my account. In this case she told me that everything was fine. Now I was even more curious about the whole thing.

The slave auction began half an hour later. We were led outside the Hotel to the town square in Dream Village. At the far end of this square there was a wooden stage. I saw a huge black truck parked behind. The stage was illuminated and my curiosity reached the highest level. I heard a middle-aged woman next to me say: " I hope to find a handsome slave this time. The last one I bought wasn't worth the money I spent on him. But my sister who owns him now seems to be satisfied," It must be true then, I thought.

I took a closer look at the stage and realized that there was some sort of a cage on it. The door of this cage was next to one of the side doors of the huge truck's trailer. I checked the card in my shirt pocket the waitress had given me, and saw it had a number on it, On the backside of it were a few paragraphs of text. As I read through it everything became clear. Slavery in Dream Village County was a person's punishment instead of being sent to jail. The sentence was 5, 10 or 15 years of slavery according to what crime had been committed. According to what was written on the card, during this period of slavery, the slave had to obey all the orders of the new master, without any exception, although any form of sexual activity was forbidden. And the successful bidder could not mistreat the slave in any way, and had to feed and cloth them properly for the duration of the sentence. Then, after serving the imposed term of slavery the slave gained their freedom again.

The door of the trailer opened and about 25 or so men and women filed out into the cage. Another light was shining on the auctioneer's podium. By now everybody had moved close to the cage to inspect the merchandise. I took a closer look at two nicely build girls in their mid to late 20's. One girl was a blonde and the other one had brown hair. They seemed to be terribly frightened and tried to stay as far away from the bars of the cage as they could. They had turned their faces away from the light so that for now I couldn't see their faces. The bidding was opened and bidding started for 5-year terms at $100.00, 10-year terms started at $200.00, and 15-year terms started at $300.00

The auctioneer ordered the slaves to circle around the cage so that everybody could take a better look at them. The two girls no longer had a chance to hide and, together with the other slaves, did as they were told. As the girls passed in front of me I saw that both of them wore glasses. As I looked closer I saw that they had really strong glasses on. The brown haired girl wore golden oval shaped wire rims. Her lenses stuck out of the frame by about 10 to 15 mm and appeared to be regular CR 39 plastic. The blonde girl wore a red plastic frame, also with a very substantial prescription to correct myopia in them. The left lens appeared to have at least two cracks, indicating to me that she probably had glass lenses, maybe even high index lenses. The girls stayed close together. As the slaves passed the auctioneers desk they were given tags with numbers on them, which they had to wear in order to be identified easier during the auction.

The two girls were number 17 and 18. The auctioneer read each number out, and told us what crime the person had committed in order to be sentenced to slavery. The girls had to serve a 5-year term each for stealing money. I confess that I was thinking hard to see if I could afford to take one of the two girls to be my slave. The auction began and the lady next to me won the auction for a good-looking guy about 30 years old of Hispanic origin. He had to serve a 5-year term for speeding and drunk driving. The way she looked at her new slave told me that even though sex was forbidden, he would likely spend more time in bed with her than anywhere else. The girls were called up to be auctioned off, but nobody offered a bid at this time. However, some jokes, and comments about their strong glasses could be heard. After an hour or so all the slaves but the two girls were sold. The crowd started to dissolve and I remained one of the few people that were still standing around. I heard the auctioneer say to the two girls:" The next time I put you on the auction block I'll confiscate your glasses. I think that's the main reason I'm unable to get rid of you!"

I wanted one last look at the girls and went a little bit closer to the cage. I like girls with glasses but spending $200.00 to buy them both was more money than I could afford at the moment. The auctioneer saw me and called to me "Hey Sir you can have both at a special price! I have tried to sell them for three auctions now and no one wanted them. Without glasses they look quite attractive! Give me $100.00 and they're yours for the next five years." "OK" I said, " I'll take them both for $80.00" just to see how far I could go. To my very surprise he said SOLD! I signed the deal with the auctioneer and he told me that I could order them to do anything I wanted and that they had to obey all my orders, unless there was sex involved. But when he said this he winked at me with one eye and said quietly " You know how to get around that though." Then, when they finished their term of slavery I had to buy them a bus ticket to whatever destination they wished. During their sentence, if they fled or tried to flee and they were caught their term would be transformed into lifelong slavery. He told me that so far none of the slaves that had been sold had ever fled or attempted to do so. The girls seemed to be glad that they didn't have to return to prison to wait for another auction and I think they were happy that there was no further risk of having their glasses confiscated.

The cage was opened and the girls came out. The auctioneer told me that each of the slaves had a transponder implanted under the skin. In case they fled, the auctioneer told me they could be located in a matter of half an hour at the maximum. He gave me the phone number for me to call just in case they tried to run away. I really thought a dream had come true. I had two beautiful girls for the next five years and both of them wore nice strong minus glasses, which only added to their beauty.

They stood in front of me still shocked from the auction. The auctioneer told them to get their belongings out of the trailer and he prepared to leave. The girls returned, each carrying a medium sized bag and a purse. They stopped in front of me.

"I'm Amy," said the blonde girl. " My name is Mary," the brown haired one said. "We will do everything you want," said Amy apparently speaking for both of them. "That's fine." I answered. "First I want to inspect your glasses."

I took the red frames off the blonde girls nose and inspected them. As I had thought before the lenses were high index and the left lens had two cracks running through the center of the lens.

Amy squinted and asked me: "Please give me my glasses back, I can't see a thing without them"

I placed them on her nose and I could see her body relax. I took Mary's glasses and inspected them. They were thicker than Amy's but it was hard to tell if they were stronger than Amy's, or not. I gave them back and told them to follow me.

"We will talk about your glasses later." I informed them. We reached my super dream suite. In the lights of the room I saw that Amy and Mary both had really beautiful figures. They looked so much like sisters that I asked them if they were, and they told me that they were twins, but were not identical twins.

"What happened to your glasses Amy?" I asked her. "They just got broken tonight." she replied, "The auctioneer wanted me to go out into the cage without my glasses. As he pulled them from my face I struggled to try to keep them on and they fell down. Mary got them for me just in time before he could destroy them by stepping on them." "Do you have a spare pair Amy?" I asked. "I think I have a pair with an outdated prescription in my bag. I will have a look now." she replied. She looked, and found them. They were rimless facetted drill mounted drop temples. I immediately liked them more than the red high index one she wore now. "Put them on." I ordered.

She hesitated and told me that they were about 1 diopter weaker than her other glasses, so she couldn't see as well, and now she felt she looked rather ugly in them. I stopped her arguing by simply pulling the red frames off her nose. Having no other choice she put the old glasses. She looked just gorgeous in her old glasses. And I liked her squinty look behind those strong lenses.

"Amy, you will wear your old pair for tonight, and tomorrow we will find an optician to repair your glasses." I said

Mary had no other pair of glasses, so I told her that we would order her a spare pair as well. Then I told them to have a nice shower and while they were showering I would get them some food to eat, as they both seemed to be very hungry. They headed for the bathroom to take their shower, but before they got to the door I stopped them and told them that they could undress right here in the sitting room. They hesitated a second before they understood their new situation.

"OK." they said in unison "You are the boss, and we will do as you wish, but please let us leave our glasses on. We're blind without them." You don't want to shower with them on do you?" I asked. "Sometimes I do when I'm in unfamiliar surroundings like now." Mary said. "OK, shower with your glasses on so they will be clean as well." I replied

They undressed and stood naked in front of me with nothing but their glasses on. What a lucky man I am I thought. They had such beautiful bodies. While the girls took their shower I called room service and ordered a couple of sandwiches each for the girls to eat.

By the time the girls were out of the shower, the food had arrived. The girls wolfed the food down as if they hadn't eaten for a week. Then I realized that our sleeping arrangements were going to be a bit of a problem. There was a separate bedroom, with a king sized bed, and the sitting room had a couch that looked like it might be a pullout bed. So, I tried it, and sure enough, it pulled out into a bed. I told the girls that they could have the king sized bed, and I would take the pullout bed. They both gave me a strange look.

"What's wrong with that arrangement?" I asked.

"Don't you want to sleep with one of us tonight?" asked Amy

"Amy, I would love to sleep with both of you anytime, but it is my understanding that you are not allowed to perform sexual acts according to the rules." I responded.

The girls both got a chuckle out of that, and Mary said, "Well, we were both told that the sex rule was there only to prevent the auction people from getting in trouble themselves, and that we would likely be asked to perform sexual acts with whoever purchased us."

"Well, if it is all right with both of you, lets all sleep together in the king sized bed in the other room." I replied.

What a fantasy. I couldn't believe my good fortune. We all went to bed together in the king sized bed, and the girls spent the night on each side of me. It was a dream comes true. And, during the sexual pleasures, both girls insisted on leaving their glasses on so they could see properly.

The next morning when I awoke, I was still in the middle of the king sized bed, with 2 gorgeous girls on either side of me. They had taken off their glasses to finally go to sleep, and each side table had a pair of glasses sitting neatly folded with the lenses face up on them. Finally the girls woke up, and they both reached for their glasses, and put them on before they even had their eyes open.

We got dressed, and went down for breakfast. Seeing me come into the dining room with the two girls brought the girl from the reception desk over to meet me.

"I'm sorry sir, but the special room rate doesn't include your two slaves." she advised me.

Finally the receptionist and I bargained for one more night for the $ 150.00 that I had already paid her, and that would include the $80.00 I had charged to my room for the 2 girls, as well as the room service from the previous evening. I thought I had done well.

The girls and I went out onto the main street, and walked to the square, but there were no optical stores around, so I couldn't get the girls fixed up with glasses until we reached a city with a selection of optical stores. So for the rest of the day we lay around the hotel pool, swimming and sunbathing. Then, after another fabulous buffet at the hotel, we retired to our room for another fantastic night in the king sized bed. I kept pinching myself to be sure that this wasn't all a dream - after all we were in Dream Village.

The following day I checked out, and the three of us drove to the closest large city. After finding a nice hotel, we then went out shopping. Since I was in charge of, and responsible for the girls, I was going to have to take the girls back to Europe with me. We found a nice thrift shop, and the girls went crazy selecting clothing that they liked. This little trip cost me a few bucks, but the girls got some good, reasonably priced, wearable clothing.

Then it was off to find an optometrist that would be able to do an immediate eye exam for the girls. The first couple of offices we stopped at advertised walk in service, but the doctors were both booked for the day. But at the third office, we found a doctor that had an opening. Mary went in for her exam first, and Amy and I waited in the sitting area. I had asked the girls that morning while we were driving if they knew what their prescriptions were, but other than knowing that they had really bad eyes, they didn't have a clue. Mary came out with her prescription in her hand, and Amy took her place in the examining room. I took a look at Mary's prescription, and saw that it read O.D.-18.75 x -0.25 x 90, and O.S. - 18.50 x -0.50 x 90. She told me that the doctor had found that she needed much stronger lenses than the ones she was presently wearing.

Soon Amy came from the examination room, also with her new prescription. I could hardly wait to see what her eyes required for diopters. Amy's prescription was very similar but slightly stronger than Mary's, and read O.D. -19.50, O.S. -19.25 x -0.25 x 180. She too had required a much stronger prescription. So, with the new prescriptions in my hand, we went to the nearest optical store.

It took a lot of time, and trouble to find frames that would suit the girls strong minus prescriptions, but we finally settled for gold wire frames, with oval shaped lenses, in a fairly small eye size. The optician suggested blended myodiscs for the girls, and they were about to go along with this suggestion, until a young man came into the store. He just happened to be wearing blended myodiscs, and after the girls tried them on, they decided that they didn't like the blurriness around the blended part. So they finally ordered hi index plastic, and placed the order. The optician warned us that the lenses would be quite thick, but the girls accepted this.

Since the girl's prescriptions were so high, the lenses were going to be a special order. But after I told the optician that we were leaving for Europe, and would not be coming back for 5 years, she called a friend at the laboratory that makes the lenses for her, and for a few extra dollars we had a rush put on the lenses.

The next couple of nights were pure heaven for me. These girls were going to wear me out in no time. Finally we got a call from the optical store telling us that the girl's glasses were ready. So we went to pick them up, and found that the optician was right about the lenses being quite thick. But, I loved the looks of both girls in their new thick lenses glasses, and they were quite happy that they could see well again.

I was going to have a hard time paying for 2 more tickets to Europe, so I cashed my one return ticket in, and the three of us hung around the airport waiting for a standby flight at a reduced rate. Finally we got one, and using the last of my vacation money, I paid for the tickets, and off we flew to Europe.

In some areas of the world it is all right for a man to have more than one wife, but in the region of Europe that I live in it is a definite no. But it doesn't say that a man can't live with 2 women. The 5 years of forced slavery were over shortly after Amy and Mary each had their second child. I asked, but neither girl wanted to return to the U.S., and we were all content, although I had to work a bit harder and a bit smarter than a man with only one family to support would have had to. It was well worth every penny of the $80.00, and every night when I go to bed, and make love to my 2 glasses wearing beauties, I think of what a fortunate choice I made that night I stopped in Dream Village.

Specs4ever, from a story by Andy, with editing by Aliena