by Specs4ever

I knew I had to be crazy, setting out from my home in the Needles area for a ride over to Yucca Valley. I had left home before 4 am, but even so, as day was breaking in my rear view mirrors I saw the heat gauge on my Harley bouncing around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the Harley has an air-cooled motor, the gauge is a pretty accurate representation of how hot it is out there, and the sun wasn’t even up yet.

If you have ever traveled down California 95 south of Needles to Vidal Junction, and then turned west on California 62, you will understand the area I am talking about. It is part of the Mohave Desert, and in early June the daytime temperatures get to around 110. There is nothing out there. You ride for about 60 miles from the corner of 95 and 62 before the road splits, and you either ride another 70 miles to Yucca Valley, or you go down 177 to Desert Center, which I call Deserted Center, which should give you an idea of the size of the town. The road from Vidal runs parallel with the California and Arizona railroad tracks until the tracks bear north to Cadiz about 30 miles from Vidal. There is a switchback that crosses the road, and the tracks are rough, so I slowed the Harley down to go over them. As I rolled on further down the road, I saw what appeared to be a car on the shoulder in the distance.

It was a car. The hood was open, and I could see what appeared to be a lady and a young child standing beside the car. Just what I needed, something to slow me down. However, the desert is pretty unforgiving, and this road can be pretty sparsely traveled. Also, there is virtually no cell phone service through this stretch. I would never forgive myself if I didn’t stop, left them stranded here and something happened to them. The shoulders of this road are nothing but blow sand for the most part, but where the car was stopped was on a bit of pavement the highway department had put down at a wash to prevent the road from being undermined in a severe rain. Rain? In a desert you might ask? Well, it doesn’t rain often, but when it does the washes fill with water, and this road often becomes impassible for a few hours. I pulled the Harley up behind the car, an older SUV that appeared to be well kept.

“Have you got help coming?” I asked.

“No, I don’t have anyone to call.” She replied.

I looked her over. She was probably 5’5” or so, a little plump, but not what one could call overweight, and she had an average, but attractive looking appearance. She was wearing sunglasses, and I quickly looked them over to see if perhaps they were prescription. No such luck. Then I took a closer look at the child. Oh, I thought to myself, why couldn’t it be the mother. The child was a young girl, somewhere between the ages of 9 and 12. She wore glasses. She wore the glasses of my dreams. The tiny bowls of her myodisc lenses indicated a prescription that had to be close to –30. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not a pervert, and I would never touch this child in a million years, but I was in love with her glasses. That’s right, I have an obsession over girls who wear glasses. Some people like girls with weak lenses, but for me the lenses have to be strong. There was no way I could ever leave this myopic child and her mother out here in the desert.

“Well, introductions first. I am Dennis, and I live in Needles.” I said.

“I am Michelle, and this is my daughter Kellie. Right now we live in Parker, but I am starting a job in Needles in a couple of days, so I will probably move up there soon. We are heading over to Irvine to the University of California. Kellie has an appointment tomorrow with one of the doctors at the College of Optometry. I wanted to get over closer to the coast where it is cooler before daybreak, since my air doesn’t work, but I guess that is out of the question now. Where are you going Dennis?” Michelle asked.

“I was going over to the Harley dealer in Yucca Valley. I needed some parts, and while the dealer in Kingman is closer, they give me a decent discount over there. What seems to be wrong with your car?” I asked.

“A red light came on in the dash, and I pulled right over to the side. I haven’t got much money, and I didn’t want to take any chances that I would ruin anything.” Michelle replied.

“That was a good thing to do. My mom once drove her Cadillac with the red light on, and fried the motor. Of course, I had to put another engine in it for her, and since I was supposed to maintain her car for her I suppose it was my fault that the red light came on. But lets take a look, and see if we can get this thing going” I replied.

It didn’t take me long to discover the problem. The water pump had seized, and ripped the serpentine belt off. If I had the tools, and the parts I could probably have fixed it on the side of the road. But Parker was the nearest place for the parts. That was 47 miles back one way.

“I suggest you have this towed back to Parker Michelle. There is a good towing company there, and I have heard they will treat you fairly. Then maybe your husband can fix it.” I said.

“I have no husband, and I have no money Dennis. I have enough for the gas over and back, and I have enough for a cheap room for us tonight, but basically I am broke. I got fired from my job at the nursing home the other day for something I didn’t do. I knew the supervisor at a nursing home in Needles, so I got another job there starting the day after tomorrow, but I will barely have enough money left for gas to drive to work.” Michelle said.

“Well, we are in a fine pickle then aren’t we. I could carry you in the passenger seat, and I could probably fit Kellie up in front of me with her legs straddling the tank. That would get us back to Parker. But, I only have the one helmet, and California is pretty tough on the helmet law. I’m game if you are though.” I said.

“I don’t think we have much choice. We haven’t seen another vehicle since we broke down, and that sun is going to be a scorcher. Are you willing to try to ride in front of Dennis Kellie?” Michelle asked.

“I guess I have to.” Kellie said.

It wasn’t bad with the three of us on the Harley, but as we got to Vidal Junction I had an idea. I pulled into the restaurant, and we all got off the bike.

“I need a coffee Michelle, and I have an idea. Lets go inside. Did you and Kellie eat yet today?” I asked.

“Not yet. Why do you ask?” Michelle asked.

“I can go back home to Needles by myself. There I have a pickup truck, and a car dolly. It would take me about 2 hours, but I can be back for sure by then. If you and Kellie can kill a little time over breakfast I will get back as soon as I can. Then I can take your car to my place, and probably have it fixed in a couple more hours.” I said.

“What’s that going to cost me?” Michelle asked.

“Well, I hadn’t planned on charging you anything. Or if you want I can just leave you here and you can sort things out on your own.” I said. She was really kind of cute, and seemed very nice so I sort of hoped she wouldn’t take me up on this option, but at this point I really didn’t care.

“You aren’t going to charge me anything?” Michelle asked incredulously.

“Well, if you want, you can pay for the parts. Or, if it would make you feel better, I know where you will be working, as it is just down the street from my house. So you could consider this a loan, and pay me back once you are on your feet.” I replied.

“I don’t even have enough money to pay for the parts. I think the loan idea would be the best solution though.” Michelle replied.

“Well, I had better get going. I will try to be here in less than 2 hours, but I am sure that I can do it in 2 maximum. I would be very disappointed if I came back and found you and Kellie gone.” I said.

“Where would we go? Anyway, I wouldn’t do that to you. Even if some rich man in a big fancy car came along and wanted me to marry him, I’d wait for you.” Michelle replied with a laugh in her voice.

The speed limit is 65 along this stretch. But since the Hoover Dam was placed off limits to trucks after 9/11 California 95 has become a main route for truck traffic between Las Vegas and Phoenix. Trucks are restricted to 55mph in California. So, to maintain 70, I had to pass quite a few trucks at a speed that was a little higher than the posted speed. I made it home in 40 minutes. My car dolly only took 5 minutes to hook up, and I was rolling back south in good time. I was watching my mirror carefully as I headed south. My car dolly was considered a trailer by California law so I was also restricted to 55mph. But I managed to spot a black and white rolling up behind me, and I got my speed down to a sedate 60 before he could get a radar lock on me. He rolled on past me, and I tucked myself in far enough behind him so that he couldn’t be sure I was the one behind him. I followed him the rest of the way to Vidal. He pulled into the gas bar and convenience store, and I pulled up in front of the restaurant a few minutes later. Michelle and Kellie were still inside, but Michelle was washing dishes and Kellie was bussing tables.

“You were fast. It’s only been an hour and 45 minutes. We were just helping the owner out as one of his girls didn’t come in today,” Michelle said.

Actually I think she was relieved that I had actually returned as I promised to do. We all jumped in my pickup, and went to retrieve her car. We had a little trouble loading it, as I had forgotten to bring a come-along. Fortunately the car started, and I quickly drove it up onto the dolly. I tied it down, and we went up the road a couple of miles before we found a safe turn around spot. Now I was in no rush, so I drove close to the speed limit heading back to Needles. I unloaded the car, and we pushed it into my garage. I had flipped the switch for the swamper when I left, so the air was much cooler inside. In no time I had the water pump off, and we all rode over to the auto parts store, where I bought an as per sample rebuilt water pump, and a new serpentine belt. I installed it, made sure there was lots of coolant in the rad, and fired the van up. Everything seemed all right, but I had a gut feeling that the air conditioning compressor was going to cause a problem. Theoretically, when the a/c isn’t on, the compressor pulley just free wheels. But, there is a bearing in there that can seize, and often if the a/c quits, this bearing is ready to die as well. I heard it squealing. This was not good. I would not try to take this van on a long trip without fixing this as well. But it was too late in the day to start on a major project such as that. So, I talked it over with Michelle.

“Well, if it lets go, you are going to be on the side of the road again. I wouldn’t chance it if it were my car, and my daughter.” I said.

“But we have to be there for her annual checkup. Kellie has very bad eyes, and they want to check her over every year to make sure that nothing more serious is going wrong.” Michelle told me.

“What time is her appointment?” I asked.

“It is at 9:00 am.” Michelle replied.

“Well, here is a suggestion. You were planning to spend the night in a motel, so you must have everything you need in the van. I have 2 spare bedrooms. There is a queen bed in one, and a single in the one I use as a computer room. You two can stay here tonight. We can go to bed early, and I can drive you over in the morning. We would have to leave here by 3 am though.’ I said.

“You have helped me too much already. I don’t want to impose on your generosity, but we can’t miss this appointment. Kellie is in a program where they are studying her severe myopia, and her eye care isn’t costing me a penny. Right now without this program I couldn’t afford to buy her a pair of glasses, much less anything else.” Michelle replied.

“Ok, it’s settled. We are driving over to Irvine in the morning. The beds are not made up, but the sheets are clean, and they are in the closet by the bathroom. What should we do for something to eat tonight?” I asked.

“If you get some food I will cook.” Michelle said.

“I have food. I just wondered what you and Kellie wanted.” I said.

“I’ll make the beds, and I will see what you have as soon as I finish.” Michelle replied.

So, Michelle cooked the 3 of us a good meal. I offered to do the dishes, but she told me that that was Kellie’s job. Kellie did the dishes while Michelle and I had a coffee.

“So where did Kellie get her bad eyesight from – you or her dad?” I asked.

“Probably both of us. Her dad was severely nearsighted, and so am I.” Michelle replied.

I almost choked on my coffee. “So you wear glasses also?” I asked, trying to make it sound like a casual question.

“I haven’t worn glasses since Kellie was a baby, and she had to get glasses when she was 6 months old. She is now 11, so I haven’t worn glasses for over 10 years. And, I don’t plan on wearing glasses ever again.” Michelle replied.

“Well, sounds like you really don’t like glasses. What is the cause of all that?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s a long story, but I will try to make it short. I was taking a nursing course when I met a very nearsighted, and very attractive young doctor. We both had very poor eyesight without glasses, and we both wore glasses with pretty thick lenses. So, we had something in common. I fell for him pretty hard, and he managed to convince me that we should sleep together. Kellie is the end result, and while I wouldn’t want to live without Kellie in my life, after she was born the rotten jerk told me he was married, and that having a baby with me was an experiment. He wanted to see if two highly myopic people would have a highly myopic child.” Michelle told me.

“Well, even I know that the chances of 2 myopic parents are high that they will have a myopic child. And the higher the parent’s myopia is the higher the child’s myopia usually is. So what was he really wanting to prove?” I asked.

“I’m not really sure. I did try to go after him for child support, but he was a real asshole. He wouldn’t pay me anything, and he denied being the father. But he did get Kellie enrolled in a high myopia study at the University of California.” Michelle said.

“What about DNA testing to prove he was the father?” I asked.

“Well his big threat was that if I did that he would make sure that he took Kellie away from me. And he has enough money that he could lawyer up really well. I wouldn’t have stood a chance.” Michelle replied.

“I see what you mean about him being a jerk. But I still think you could blindside him now, with Kellie being older. He would have a hard time taking her from you now. But what does this have to do with your refusal to wear glasses?” I asked.

“I just swore that no man would ever see me wearing glasses again, so I got contact lenses. There are some guys out there that get a kick out of going out with a girl who wears strong glasses because they want to be able to make her feel vulnerable. I want to know if I meet another guy that he is interested in me for myself, not because I wear thick glasses” Michelle said.

Well, I guess I could chalk this one off my list of potentials. I am definitely one of those guys that are interested in a girl who wears thick glasses. I even wear glasses over contacts about 80% of the time, and it was only because I was riding the Harley today that I didn’t have my normal GOC combination on. And now I wouldn’t be able to wear GOC into Irvine in the morning either.

I had my 50th birthday a few weeks ago. I spent my time in Nam, although at the end of the fighting, and I finished my tour in Germany. I also spent a bit of time in South East Asia, and I really liked the looks of Asian girls wearing strong minus glasses. But, I didn’t find one to marry, and I returned home, where I ended up marrying a lady who wore glasses with a prescription of about –7.50D. In the mid 80’s large drop temple frames, with regular index plastic lenses made a –7.50 pretty darned thick looking. I expected to be married for life, but after 19 years of marriage a little problem with the big “C” took her away from me, and I was widowed at 45. One of the things I found out about myself while I was married was that I not only liked thick glasses on other people, but I had the desire to wear them myself. I had been an over the road truck driver, and I found out that by wearing a plus contact lens under a pair of minus glasses, a person who didn’t need glasses could make it appear that he or she wore very strong glasses. So, for about 15 years I had been rolling all over the country wearing strong glasses. I liked doing this because I just felt more like myself this way. I had tried wearing outlandishly thick glasses, but I found I really didn’t want to call that much attention to myself. On a trip into Canada I discovered that I could buy high powered glasses with hi index lenses that made a –17.50D lens look very much like a –10D plastic lens. So for a few years I wore a pair of these glasses almost full time when I was away. Of course, my wife, my neighbors, and my fellow workers knew nothing about this little hobby, and I lived in constant fear of walking into someone I knew someday.

What I didn’t realize was that if I had met someone I knew, all I had to do was act as much at ease as I could, carry on a conversation, look them in the eye, and leave. If they had any question about my glasses they would have brought the subject up, and I could have simply told them I had been having trouble with my contact lenses. I was easily able to appear in front of people I didn’t know, and I did this when I went into shippers and receivers at different locations. I often wondered after I quit if some of the people I had gotten to know over the years had ever asked other driver’s from my former company what happened to that driver with the strong glasses. No one would have figured it out that it this driver was me.

So, after my wife died, and I moved to an area where I wasn’t known to anyone, I started off the correct way. I wore my glasses. I wore them to the grocery store, to the bank; to the post office and everywhere else I went. Then I would go to the same places without glasses on another day, and I would switch back into glasses for the next few visits. This way everyone became accustomed to seeing me with, or without my strong glasses, so I was never afraid of running into someone I knew. And, I was driving an old truck of my own for a company based in Las Vegas. I hauled building materials between Las Vegas, and Phoenix, and points in between. I made sure that everyone saw me wearing my glasses often. I had gotten a very nice pair of very high minus lenses in my current glasses. My glasses were –23.00 x -0.75 x 180 for my right eye, and they were –24.50 x –0.50 x 180 for my left eye. Strong, yes, but thick looking, no not really. They were expensive, but worth every penny, as I felt good wearing them, and as a result I wore them a lot.

“What are you thinking?” Michelle asked, breaking my train of thought.

“Oh, I was just thinking that I wish I had met you before you met Kellie’s dad.” I replied.

“Why is that?” Michelle questioned.

“Maybe I will tell you some day, but right now we had better get to bed. We have an early morning. Good night Michelle.” I said.

“Good night Dennis, and thank you for everything you have done for us.” Michelle said.

I woke Kellie and Michelle at 2 am, and we were on the road by 3, as I had wanted to be. I knew exactly where the university was in Irvine, but I worried about being stuck in traffic. We made good time across 40, and down 15 into what they call the Inland Empire. I debated taking 91 in from Corona, but at the last minute I turned off on Ca. 60 and headed west. At Diamond Bar I switched to the 57 South, and we hit traffic that slowed us down to a crawl. Now I was wishing I had taken the toll road. But traffic started to move, and soon we were heading south on the 5. I took it over to the 55, and I headed south. Finally I got off on McArthur, and we drove past John Wayne Airport. I then turned onto University Drive, and this took us right into the university. Michelle guided me to the building they needed to be at. I dropped them off at the door, and went to park my truck. It was a bit of a walk back, but Michelle was waiting at the door for me.

“Where is Kellie?” I asked.

“We signed her in already. She is in seeing the doctor right now. They usually take a little under an hour with Kellie, and then the doctor takes a quick look at my eyes and my retina’s. We should be finished in under an hour and a half.” Michelle replied.

So, we went to the waiting room, where I managed to find an article on myopia in a magazine that I found very interesting. There was nothing new or earth shattering in the article. I may not know all the right terms, and I may not know exactly why I believe what I do about the causes of myopia, but for the most part I am as knowledgeable as many doctors. As a prime example, I know that most children that are born with congenital myopia like Kellie normally don’t have a big change in their prescription as they grow through childhood. Another thing that I am convinced of is that prolonged reading by children before they are 3 years of age will end up creating a myopic child. But I also believe there are a lot of variables, and a person should not have their mind made up as to anything to do with myopia. I know there are more and more people who subscribe to the Bates theory, and if eye exercises and shifting and swinging and palming help prevent a child from developing myopia, then more power to them. I was finishing the article when Kellie came out and Michelle went back in with the receptionist.

Michelle was gone almost 45 minutes. When she came back out I could tell her eyes were red. I didn’t want to say anything, so we walked to the truck. Traffic was a lot lighter as we drove out of the city. I was going to go out through Palm Springs, and go up to the Harley dealer in Yucca Valley to buy the parts I had not gotten yesterday. Then I planned to take Kellie and Michelle into Parker so they could get some clean clothing. I was going to have to go to work in the morning, so it was going to be a day or so before I could fix Michelle’s air conditioning completely. But she could stay at my house and either use my truck or walk to work for the next couple of days. I suggested this to them, and Michelle was agreeable, but not enthusiastic. I wondered what the problem was, and I assumed it was something the doctor had told her, but I didn’t want to ask.

“How did your checkup go Kellie?’ I asked.

“The doctor said my prescription had stayed the same as it was last year Dennis. And he said everything about my eyes looked healthy.” Kellie said happily.

Has your prescription changed much since you first got glasses Kellie?” I asked.

“It changed a lot a couple of times. I am now –32D in both eyes. What was I when I was a baby, mom?” Kellie asked.

“Your first glasses were –17D with about –3.00D of astigmatism. That was when you were 6 months old. When you were 2 your astigmatism had practically disappeared, but your prescription was over –20D for each eye. Then when you were about 4 you went up –3D more. You stayed the same until you were 6, and you increased another –3D. Then when you were 7, 8, 9 and 10 you increased –1.50D each year. You have now had the same prescription since you were 10, and I am glad it didn’t change again.” Michelle replied.

“That is unusual. I read somewhere that a congenital myope usually started off with a high prescription, and they didn’t change much until they were in their teen years. Did the doctors give you any reason for Kellie having so much of an increase?” I asked.

“Well, the first increases were supposedly just to bring Kellie up to her full prescription. They tried under correcting her to see if that would slow down the increases, but it certainly didn’t in her case. Of course I remember when I was younger the doctor tried that with me, and it didn’t help me much. I just went through the school year going from sort of blurry to really blurry.” Michelle said.

I couldn’t think of anything else to say, and I didn’t want to talk about eyes or eyesight any more. Actually that isn’t quite true. I could have talked about eyes and eyesight all day long, but I knew if I did Michelle would become suspicious. So I tried to make light conversation about other things. Before long Kellie was asleep, and Michelle was drifting off as well, so I drove in silence to the Harley dealer. I left the girls in the truck sleeping, and I went in to get my parts. They were in stock. I paid for them, and threw my 2 parcels in the back of the truck. Then it was on to Parker, and I again drove in silence until I passed over the narrow bridge coming into town.

“Hey sleepyheads, wake up. I need directions to your home.” I said.

Michelle woke. She blinked her eyes trying to get her contact lenses to slide across her eyeball again. I hate falling asleep in mine, because it seems like they glue themselves to the eyeball. She wasn’t having much luck. I saw her take her 2 fingers and pop the right lens through her closed eyeball. Then she did the same with her left. Kellie had woken up, and she told me where to turn. Michelle was still having a lot of trouble trying to get her lenses lubricated. We drove up to the house they lived in, and I guided Michelle inside. She went directly to the bathroom, where I am sure she removed her lenses, used some lubricant in her eyes, and put her lenses back in. I was positive her eyes were still sore when she came back into the living room, but she was trying not to let on.

Michelle and Kellie packed a few things, and we loaded them in the back of the pickup. Michelle showed me what she eventually wanted to move. It wasn’t much, as she had rented the house mostly furnished. One good load in the back of the pickup would have all their belongings moved out. We drove north on Az. 95, stopping in Lake Havasu for a late lunch, early supper. Then it was another 40 miles back home. When we got there Kellie wanted to know if she could use my computer, but I didn’t want anyone to find all of the pictures of girls wearing glasses that I had on it until I had a chance to clean it up, and maybe hide the files. So, I told her I was having a problem with the hard drive, and I would fix it the following day. I had to have a talk with Michelle, and I knew the longer I put it off the worse the outcome was going to be. I still had a couple of hours before I had to get to bed, so, dreading the outcome I began to talk.

“I had a pretty darned good marriage. You said you would never go with any man who chose you because of your glasses, but I have to be truthful with you. I chose my wife for a large part because of her glasses. When we were married she wore a prescription of about –7.50D. She wanted to get contact lenses for the wedding, and I told her if she did, she would be standing at the alter by herself. She couldn’t believe I was serious, but finally I convinced her. So, she wore glasses for our wedding, and never again during the next 19 years did she ever bring up the subject of getting contact lenses. During our married life she had a few prescription increases, and by the time she died, she was wearing a prescription of –12.50 x –0.25 x 90 right, and –12.25D left. I still have these glasses, and the funny thing about it is that her last pair of glasses was not as thick as the pair she wore when we were married. We were very much in love, and I miss her terribly” I started off saying.

“You married your wife because she wore glasses?” Michelle asked quizzically.

“Her glasses were part of her attraction to me. If she had not worn glasses I would never have asked her out. If she hadn’t been an interesting, wonderful caring person the fact that she wore glasses could not have made me want to marry her. So, in one sense I didn’t marry her because of her glasses, but in another sense I did.” I replied.

“So you have a hang up over women who wear glasses?” Michelle asked.

“I prefer to call it a fetish. But my fetish is as much for the glasses as it is for the person wearing them. I fell in love with Kellie’s glasses the instant I saw them. But I have no interest in Kellie, other than she seems like a great kid, and I am sorry that she requires such a strong prescription at such a young age. If the same glasses were on a 90-year-old lady, I would still fall in love with the glasses. If the same prescription was being worn by a man, I would fall in love with the glasses.” I answered.

“So, you are probably just dying to see me wearing glasses then. Well, let me tell you right now Dennis, it ain’t gonna happen!” Michelle replied emphatically.

“Oh, I can handle you not wearing glasses. But I also have to tell you that part of this fetish involves me wearing strong glasses. When I leave here in my truck tomorrow morning I will be wearing glasses with a prescription of –24.50D, and I will wear them all day. I do this by wearing strong plus contact lenses under my glasses.” I said.

“You’re shittin me, right? And how the heck did you find out that my glasses prescription is –24.50D. Did the doctor tell you?” Michelle asked.

“No, I am merely telling you the truth. You know that your doctor didn’t even talk to me. If you don’t believe me, I will show you my glasses. If your prescription is really –24.50D you should be able to take your contact lenses out and see with my glasses. My exact prescription that I wear is –23.00 x –0.75 x 180 for my right eye and –24.50 x –0.50 x 180 for my left eye. My right eye will be a little weak for you, my left eye might be a little strong.” I said.

“Get those glasses. I will try them out.” Michelle demanded.

So, I got my glasses, and Michelle took them into the back bathroom. She came out wearing them, and while they were definitely a man’s frame, she looked better wearing them than I ever did.

“You are right. I can see almost perfectly through your left lens, and the right lens is just a tiny bit fuzzy. And I can’t believe that these glasses are so thin and nice looking. You should see mine.” Michelle said excitedly.

“I’ll bet that your glasses are biconcave myodiscs. Am I correct?’ I asked.

“Yes, how did you know?” Michelle asked.

“Because that’s what I had a couple of pairs back. Then I got a pair from Zeiss in Germany called form lenti, which were better, but not as nice as that pair which I ordered on the Internet from a company in Hong Kong.” I replied.

“So you are telling me the truth then.” Michelle stated.

“Every word I said was the truth. Now I had better go to bed. But I want those glasses to wear in the morning, and I will be leaving at 3 am, so please leave them on the kitchen table for me.” I said.

“I’ll be back in a minute. Just stay right there.” Michelle said.

When Michelle returned she was wearing her own glasses. They looked exactly like I thought they would look. They were biconcave myodiscs in a brown oval plastic frame. They didn’t look bad appearance wise, and to me of course they looked wonderful.

“You are the first person other than Kellie who has seen me wearing glasses since she was a baby.” Michelle said as she handed me back my glasses.

“Well, personally I think they do wonders for your appearance, but I have this glasses fetish thing.” I replied.

“In one way I am glad you do. I suppose you are wondering why I was a little moody this afternoon?” Michelle asked.

“I noticed that you seemed off a little. What was wrong?” I asked.

“The doctor told me I was developing corneal ulcers, and if I didn’t stop wearing my contact lenses and let my eyes heal they would develop into full blown ulcers, and I might never be able to wear contacts again. I was afraid to tell you, because I thought my strong glasses would turn you off.” Michelle told me.

“Oh, but just the opposite my friend. If you have a copy of your prescription we will go on the Internet tomorrow night when I get home and order you a few pairs of glasses.” I answered.

“You can’t order me glasses on the Internet can you?” Michelle asked.

“I know of one place I can. They are a bit expensive, but they make a nice looking pair of hi minus glasses. And I suspect I can get a pair from one or two of the other suppliers as well. They just don’t advertiser anything over –20D on their websites.” I replied.

“I am going to have to think this over. I was really afraid to tell you about having to wear my strong glasses for a while.” Michelle said

“And I was afraid to tell you about my fetish. A few minutes ago you told me in no uncertain terms that you would never let me see you wearing glasses. But now you don’t seem as upset as I thought you would be. Why not?” I asked.

“I really have no choice. I was going to wear my glasses to work tomorrow, and change back to my contacts before you came home. But you surprised me so much when you told me that the prescription that you like to go around wearing is almost the same prescription as my actual prescription is that I ended up putting my glasses on tonight. Anyway, right now we are just casually talking. We are not going any further than talking, and if we ever do it will be after I get a handle on this fetish thing of yours. You said a couple of things that made me realize that you might just be a decent person, even with your fetish.” Michelle replied.

“Well, I am glad I said the right things. I was extremely attracted to you before you told me that you were very nearsighted, and that just made you more interesting to me. But now I really have to get to sleep.” I replied.

Sleep didn’t come easily to me that night. I tossed and turned, thinking how wonderful Michelle looked wearing her glasses. Even though her glasses must have been over 10 years old they still looked great on her. I got up just before the alarm went off, and I placed my plus contact lenses in my eyes. Then I put my glasses on and walked out of my end of the house into the kitchen, where I was going to fill my lunchbox. Michelle was sitting at the kitchen table, in the dark, wearing her glasses, and she surprised me when I flicked the kitchen light on.

“You couldn’t sleep?” I asked.

“I heard you in your bathroom, and just wanted to see you wearing those glasses. And, you are correct about me having a hard time sleeping. I have a question that is burning inside, waiting for an answer. Why are you wearing those strong glasses?” Michelle asked.

“I can’t give you a good answer for that. I really don’t know myself, other than it just feels right to be going around wearing them. I wear them so much that when I go without them sometimes I get a headache because my brain has adapted so well to the way I see through them.” I replied.

I packed my lunch, and was about to leave. Michelle stood up and walked me to the door, and as I was about to go out she stood on her toes, pulled me close to her, and planted a kiss on my lips. It was like an electric shock ran through me, and I wanted nothing more than to take her back to my bedroom and make love to her. She had me hooked. But, I didn’t press it any further. I hugged her, and kissed her again, telling her I would see her later.

Fortunately everything went well. I was able to get my load, strap it down, and get back to Needles in 6 hours. Any other day I would likely have pushed it through to Phoenix to deliver my load. But I have never before had a fabulous looking, very nearsighted, brunette female waiting at home for me, so I was heading home. When I got there Kellie was watching a video, and Michelle was at work. Kellie didn’t say anything about me wearing glasses, so I assumed that Michelle had spoken to her. The first thing I did was send an e mail to three of the internet sites that I knew of for ordering inexpensive glasses, asking them if they could do a prescription of –24.50D, and if so, what lenses would they suggest, and what the cost for the lenses would be. Then I went and cleaned up my computer, putting my pictures in a hidden file in the operating system. Then I cleaned the temporary files, and everything else. Now it was safe to let Kellie use it if she wanted to.

By the time Michelle came home at 4:00 pm I had supper already started. She looked at me with a grateful expression, her big brown eyes minified behind the strong lenses of her myodiscs. I started to melt. I was getting weak at the knees with her just looking at me.

“Have a shower, and by then the food will be ready.” I said.

“Thanks Dennis. How did you know I would feel too tired to cook?” Michelle asked.

“I didn’t really. It is just that I wanted to do something for you, and I knew you would have had a trying day getting accustomed to your new job.” I replied.

“You are really sweet you know.” Michelle replied, and she came over and hugged me.

I hugged her back, and I gave her a kiss on the lips that turned into a long passionate kiss. Michelle went to shower and freshen up. Kellie helped me dish out, and we sat down to eat like a family. After supper Kellie began the clean up. It had been about 4 hours since I sent off those e-mails, so I went to check for a reply. One site had responded, saying that they could do this prescription in whatever lens choice we wanted, and they instructed me how to place an order using the web form and putting the correct prescription at the bottom under remarks. I called Michelle, and we spent some time selecting a couple of frames. Finally we had our 2 choices, and we placed the order. I could hardly believe. If they actually delivered on these glasses the cost was only going to be around $100.00 for 2 pairs.

The rest of the week was uneventful. One other internet glasses supplier also answered that they could make glasses in that prescription, but we would have to use the most expensive, thinnest hi index lens they had, so I told Michelle that we would wait for her first couple of pairs to arrive before we ordered anymore. By the time the weekend rolled around we decided that we would go back down to Parker and move the rest of Kellie and Michelle’s belongings to my house. Nothing more had been said about Michelle renting her own house.

I expected it to take at least a month before the new glasses showed up. But on the Saturday morning, before 2 weeks had gone by there was one pair in my mailbox. I had arrived home before Michelle, and I opened the case. This pair was the black and yellow pair with the wide temples. The lenses were biconcave. I figured that there was about –4.50D in the front curve and –20 in the rear, but on checking them with my templates I found that while the front curve was around –4.50 the rear curve was only about –17.50D. They had used a higher index lens than I had paid for. They had shaved off the outer edge of the lens, leaving a wide band down the side where the temple was, and a narrower band down the nose side. I had specified no edge polish, but I hadn’t expected this unpolished area. It didn’t look good. The area of the lens that had the prescription was an oval area, and I liked that better than the circle of a myodisc. So, I felt I could fix these glasses so they looked a lot nicer. I popped the lenses, and using a piece of 180-grit sandpaper, I sanded the areas to a nicer shape. Then I used 240, and 320 grit to remove the scratches. I worked my way up to 600 grit, then went up to 1200, and finished off the hand sanding with 1500 grit sandpaper. I put a polishing wheel on my bench grinder, and using green jeweler’s rouge I polished the sanded area. After I had the area polished I used toothpaste to give it the final polishing. I closely inspected my work, and it looked pretty good. So, I cleaned the lenses and popped them back into the frame. I was pleased, very pleased with my handiwork.

Michelle had worked that day, so when she came home I showed her the glasses. She tried them on and just loved them. I used hot water in a cup to heat the temples so I could bend them to fit around her ears better, and when I finished she was thrilled. She was also very impressed with the optics, and felt that she could see better with these glasses than she could with her old ones, even though her prescription was still the same. That night the 3 of us went to a movie. After we got home Kellie went off to bed, and Michelle and I stayed up talking for a while. Finally sleep overcame me, and I went off to get ready for bed. I got under the covers and was just lying there thinking about how I could maneuver Michelle into bed with me. I heard the door to my bedroom open, and I heard feet patter across the floor. The next thing I knew there was a warm body in bed with me. I knew it was Michelle, as I heard her remove and fold her glasses, and I heard them click as she placed them face up on the night table.

“Are you still awake Dennis?” Michelle asked.

“I was just lying here making a wish Michelle.” I replied.

“About what?’ Michelle asked.

“About how wonderful it would be if you were lying in this bed beside me. And while I was wishing that my wish came true and you came along.” I replied.

We didn’t get to sleep right away, nor did we get out of bed very early the next morning. And now there is a warm body in bed beside me every night. It is wonderful how things work in a strange way in this life we live.


June 2007