The Survivor

by Specs4ever

Along with my interest in girls that wear strong glasses, I also like sailing. Several years ago, I quit work, just after I was lucky enough to pull the right handle at a slot machine in Las Vegas, winning the biggest jackpot in history. You remember it? OK, now you know that it was me that won it.

Unfortunately, I have not yet found my ideal woman, to share my life with. You know, it is this thing that I have for women, wearing glasses. I am waiting for a beautiful girl that is very nearsighted and has to wear very strong thick glasses to see. So, as I'm still alone, I spend much of my time sailing around in my beautiful, 18-meter yacht. Everyone that has sailed with me has said that I'm a very skilled sailor. My ship is big and safe enough to sail around the world, and it has always been a dream of mine that I would do so. Three months ago, I set out and I sailed through the Panama Canal. My first stop was to be the Hawaiian Islands. A long time ago, when James Cook first discovered the islands, they were called the Sandwich Islands. I spent a couple of weeks on Oahu, but soon tired of the crowds and had not found any pretty women with glasses to be with. So, I felt that I wanted to be out on the open Pacific. I set sail and continued my way down to the southern Pacific towards the Tahitian Islands.

The trade winds were favorable and I made the trip in a reasonable amount of time. I found a beautiful, island that was quite remote. It was not inhabited and had fresh water and a wonderful coconut grove. I didn’t know the name of the island. It was surrounded by a reef, with an opening, just big enough for my yacht to pass through. It was like a natural port, giving me a safe place to anchor and stay for a couple of months if I wanted to. I built a nice little hut from wood that had washed up on the beach. It was not too primitive, and was something like what Robinson Caruso might have built during the first days of his stay.

I had been on the island for almost a week, and I routinely checked the weather forecast on my receiver. There was a storm warning issued for the area I was in, and it said that the bad weather could last for several days. I had plenty of time to set another anchor and secure my ship before the bad weather arrived. I did that and I also took some time and strengthened my little hut to the point that I thought it would hold out against the expected wind and rain. I could have stayed on my yacht as well, but it would have been a rough experience, even though the ship was in a secure lagoon. By sunset, the first rain showers arrived and just when as I was preparing to go to sleep, the storm began to blow and the winds began to pick up. My ship was securely anchored and would remain where it was. The storm grew stronger and stronger. Something woke me in the middle of the night. I sat up and I thought I had heard a plane. But then, I decided that it was probably the wind as it would be quite impossible for a plane to be in this area at this hour of the night. I was miles away from any air routes.

The next morning, when I awoke, it was calm, but still a gray on gray, rainy day. It was warm and humid, and the storm had calmed down to a light breeze. I decided, from past experience, that it would be a good day for fishing. I prepared my gear and went down to the beach. My ship seemed to have survived the stormy night in perfect condition. I was about to throw out my fishing line when I saw a bright orange life raft drifting through the opening of the reef. It was still around 300 meters away. I hurried back to my hut and got my binoculars. I took a closer look at the raft. It was drifting into shore, safely pushed by the seaward wind. It came close to my part of the beach and I could see it well without binoculars. I ran into the water, swam out and grabbed a rope hanging from the side and pulled it to shore. Maybe, I was right in thinking that I had heard a plane last night, after all. Did it crash? When I was able to, I looked inside and I found a young woman, lying on the bottom of the raft. There was nobody else, she was the only one. She was wearing a gray two-piece, business suit with a formerly white blouse. You know, more or less the typical secretarial outfit. I climbed inside to check if she was still alive. I felt a weak pulse and almost no sign that she was still breathing. I felt that I would have to act quickly if I wanted to save her life. I pulled her out of the raft and laid her down on the sandy beach. I tried to remember what I knew about artificial resuscitation. I held her nose closed, opened her mouth and brought my lips over her mouth and blew my breath in. I repeated this three or more times and then rhythmically pressed her chest to get her heart pumping again. I rolled her to the side and got a swell of water out of her lungs. She started breathing by herself and coughed several times, each cough, followed by another swell of water. Her formerly pale face got a little more color.

“Hey Miss wake up; you're safe!”

She opened her eyes and it seemed that she couldn't focus them. She blinked and squinted her eyes several times, and after another few deep breaths, she sat up in panic and started to feel all around.

"I’ve lost my glasses,” she said. I can't see a thing without them".

I carefully looked at her eyes, and I realized that the area around her eyes was a shade lighter in color, as it often happens if a person permanently wears strong glasses with a light tint.

I’ll have a look in the raft, maybe they are there,” I replied.

There were no glasses in the raft! She had lost them sometime during the storm and they were probably lying on the bottom of the sea. I told her that there were no glasses. She told me that she was on a flight to New Zealand, together with a group of managers from a big computer company. The private jet had experienced engine trouble during the storm and the pilots had thought that they could still make it to the Airport of Papete, but were forced to crash land the plane on the rough sea. The crash landing went well and she was the first person into the raft.

“I still had my glasses on when I got into the raft, but I must have lost them later on. I remember seeing a huge wave hitting the Jet with all the people waiting on the wing to get into the raft. When the wave hit, it swallowed the plane and then there was no one around to reach the raft. I must have then fainted or something,” she concluded her report.

I told her, “You must get rid of your wet clothes. I can get you some dry things from my yacht. You can wash the saltwater off if you want, as there is a nice waterfall on the island.”

Leaving her standing on the beach, I went out to the yacht, forgetting that she couldn't see a thing, without her glasses. I found some clothing on the boat that might suit her. Amongst the clothing was a Bikini, a girl had forgotten on board, during a former stay. I got back and found her still waiting in the same spot I had left her. I handed her the clothing.

“Oh I forgot to tell you my name. I'm the extremely nearsighted Jane,” she told me with a sarcastic undertone in her voice, ”and I am unable to see a waterfall.”

I felt really embarrassed. “Oh I'm very sorry, I forgot that you can't see without your glasses. Here, give me your hand and I will take you over to the waterfall. It's not very far.”

I helped her up and took her over to the waterfall.

“OK, call me when you’re done, and I will come back for you,” I told her.

“You might just as well stay right there, while I shower,” she told me. “You know I can't see anything without my glasses and you will probably just go far enough away so that I can’t see you watching me while I take my clothes off and take a shower, anyway.”

She must have read my mind, because that was exactly what I had been thinking about doing. But, I objected and protested, saying that I was not that kind of a guy. But, she insisted that I might just as well stay, and I thought that she might be a little bit of an exhibitionist. My very nearsighted Jane undressed. Off came the suit and the blouse. She stood there looking fabulous just in her bra and panties.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked me.

I was able to stutter out that she was very beautiful. She undid her bra and I could see that there was absolutely no need for a bra, as her well-formed breasts didn't change their shape. She pulled off her panties and went towards the water that was falling down from the rocks, apparently led by her ears, as she couldn't see without her glasses. She turned around under the water and I could see that she was happy to be getting the salt off her body and out of her hair. When she had finished her shower, I told her that a towel was right in front of her feet.

“You know,” she said, “You're the first man ever to see me completely naked.”

I couldn’t believe this. As beautiful as she was, she must have had several boyfriends.

“How come?” I asked her.

“Oh,” she said “I mean completely naked in the sense that I am not still wearing my glasses. I never take my glasses off, even when I shower. I only take them off when I go to sleep. I told her that I thought she was beautiful, with or without glasses.

“Oh you just haven’t seen me in glasses,” she said. “If I have my glasses on everybody stares at the thick lenses that I have to wear and they seem to forget about the rest of me.”

I was thrilled to hear this. How weak were her eyes and how strong must her glasses be? Was it possible that my search for the right partner might just end here in the middle of the South Pacific, on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere? I had to think about whether to tell her right away about my attraction for girls wearing strong glasses, but first of all I had to think about a way to help her to get new glasses so she could see, and I was really anxious to see her wearing her thick glasses.

Out on the sailboat, I had a well-hidden cupboard that I had built into the boat. I could not have gone for any length of time without some of my old glasses collection, so I had brought part of my collection of glasses with me. I collect eyeglasses of all different styles, as long as they are a women's frame and have strong prescription lenses for the correction of high myopia.

I realized that I had to plan this very carefully, because in more than one instance, I had frightened off potential partners by telling them too much about my desires and most of all by telling them way too fast. It was difficult to think about a plan and look at Jane's gorgeous body at the same time. She had wrapped the towel around her wet brown shoulder length hair and was wearing the pink Bikini that I had given to her. I collected her wet clothes and washed the salt out of them. They would soon be dry again. While I did this, Jane sat there, trying to see me by squinting her eyes almost shut. But, I don’t think she could see me at all.

I put her hand in mine and led her back to my hut and prepared some coffee. I handed her the mug, but she didn’t see it, and I had to take her hand and place the mug right into it. I thought, wow, she really is blind without her glasses.

I asked her, “Do you know your prescription? How strong are your glasses, Jane?”

“Oh they are very, very strong,” she said. “They are about –22 D in both eyes. I can see quite well when I have my glasses on, but without them, the world is just a big blur, and I can only vaguely make out shapes and colors. I can’t even focus on objects that are more than an inch or so away from my nose.”

I told her about my restless life and how I had gotten to the island. She nodded and I could see that she paid attention to the part where I spoke about my failed search for the ideal partner. Of course, I left out the part about my attraction to girls with strong glasses. This time, I wanted to play all my cards just right. There was no hurry. We were stuck on the island; I had all the time I needed. I told Jane that there would be no way to quickly get her a new pair of glasses, because getting by boat to a bigger island, like Tahiti, would take 15 to 20 days. She seemed very unhappy to hear this. She told me that the longest time she had ever gone without correction was only for a few hours, when she had her appendix removed in an emergency surgery and the paramedics had forgotten to bring her glasses to the hospital. But this was different now. This was going to be two or three weeks without glasses. Jane was nearly crying at the thought of not being able to see anything for such a long time.

I knew I had a pair of glasses in my collection that could well be in the range of power that Jane needed. They were a really nice pair of glasses in a light brown oval shaped plastic frame. The lenses were regular glass and stuck out from the frame by almost half an inch. Of course, the problem was that I just couldn't go out to my boat, take the glasses and give them to her saying, “Oh Jane look what I have just found on board my Yacht.” There had to be a plausible story behind how I might come up with the glasses that were as strong as she needed to see. And to make it seem more credible, she would have to go without glasses for a reasonable amount of time.

Maybe I would come up with the right idea while I was fishing, as I had planned to do before I found Jane in the raft. I told her that I was going to catch some fish for our dinner. Although she couldn't see, she wanted to come with me. I sensed that she was afraid to be left alone and just wanted me to let her sit on the beach, near me. I told her that it was OK with me, and so, we went to the beach. By now the rain had almost stopped but the sky was still a very dark gray. I told Jane about the weather forecast for the next few days and that it was very likely there was another storm coming.

“Does this mean that we can’t go right away?” she asked.

“I'm sorry Jane, but we will have to wait two or three days at the minimum,” I replied.

Jane sat there and said nothing, but I saw tears coming down her cheeks, and I could see she was silently crying. A few minutes later, I caught a nice snapper that would provide us with food for the next day. I showed it to Jane and she squinted her eyes nearly shut and then I brought it closer and she pulled my hand up close to her face, so she could see the fish. I still had lots of supplies on my yacht. They would last more than 3 or 4 months if I were alone at sea, but even so, with the 2 of us, we would still able to exist for a couple of months. After we went back to the hut, I went out to the boat and got a nice bottle of wine. I thought maybe a few glasses of wine would help Jane to relax a little. She had to get over the trauma of the plane crash, the death of her colleagues, and the loss of her glasses. And I still had no idea how to resolve her glasses problem without exposing my fetish. After lunch and a couple of glasses of wine, Jane fell asleep and I went back out to my yacht and checked through my collection of glasses. I was right, the glasses I had in my mind were just about the right power for Jane. As I remembered, these glasses were –24D for the right eye and –23D for the left eye. One or two diopters more or less should really make very little difference at this point. I checked the wardrobes in my guest cabin and found some more things left behind by Maria, who had been on board for three weeks, when I was on Oahu. And, there was a pair of slippers that Jane could use as she had also lost her shoes.

I went back to shore and Jane was still sound asleep. I watched her and the more I watched her, the more beautiful she seemed to me. I took my binoculars and scanned the horizon. There was nothing out there. Jane woke up and I saw her hands feeling around on the floor apparently searching for her glasses. She stopped the routine abruptly, when she realized where she was.

“Rich, are you still there?” she asked.

I said that I was and I came closer and handed her the binoculars. I suggested that she try to look through them and focus them for her eyes.

“I don't think it will work,” she said.

I told her to just try it anyway. She brought them to her eyes and turned the focusing wheel back and forth.

She exclaimed, in surprise “I can see things clearly. Your yacht is beautiful,” and turning the binoculars on me, she said, “and you look very nice, too.”

I suggested that she keep the binoculars for the moment so that at least she was not so helpless. She shook her head and handed them back to me, saying that it was too complicated for her to use them to see. I took the binoculars and looked through them in Jane’s direction. All I could see through them was a foggy blur. I then realized that this was, more or less, what Jane was now seeing.

The day went by quickly and soon it was time to sleep. I asked Jane if she wanted to stay in the hut and I would just stay outside. She asked me if I could stay close beside her in the hut, as she felt safer having me near her, especially since she couldn’t see anything. I said that I would do so, if she really wanted me to. She came close to me and pulled me down beside her. She turned her face towards me and came very close to me, and I looked into big brown eyes that I knew must be very weak. She again came closer, until she must have been just able to see the outline of my face. She kissed me on my cheek and thanked me for saving her life and for everything else I had done for her. This was the moment I fell completely and absolutely in love with her. During the night, she had moved closer to me and in the morning when I woke up, her head was resting on my shoulder and I could feel her breast against me. I carefully moved away from her so as not to disturb her and went out of the hut not waking her up. I prepared coffee. I was still no closer to an idea on how to get the glasses that she so badly needed to see on Jane’s nose.

It was on the third day that Jane and I were together, when I suddenly came upon an idea as to how to resolve the problem. I was walking along the beach, when I found a suitcase buried in the sand. It was buried too deep to have come from the crashed plane and must have come from a recent shipwreck. I opened the suitcase, and saw that it held women's clothing. I went through the things and I found a glasses case holding a pair of Gucci non-prescription sunglasses. An idea started to form in my mind. I went out to the boat, and got the strong prescription glasses. I came back in to shore, and put them into the case, throwing away the Gucci sunglasses. I put the case with the glasses back into the suitcase and brought it back up to the hut where Jane was waiting. I glanced at the binoculars, and saw that they were still set at the right position for my eyes, so I knew that she hadn't used the binoculars, and she couldn't have seen what I had done.

“Jane look what I found buried in the sand down the beach,” I told her. “Lets look inside and see if we can find something useful.”

I brought the suitcase over to her and pulled some of the clothing out. As I looked at the clothing, I had pulled out, Jane dug into what was left, feeling around in the depths of the brown leather suitcase.

“Oh,” she said, “there seems to be a glasses case in here.

She pulled it out and I could hardly wait to see what was going to happen next. She brought the case very close to her eyes and opened it.

“Oh! There is still a pair of glasses in here,” she said.

She slowly took them out of the case and I saw her feeling the lenses with her fingers. I told her to try them on.

“What for? I don't think that there is anybody else in the world that has eyes as bad as mine,” she said.

I insisted that she try them on anyway, as I told her it is the only way to find out if she could see anything through them. Finally, she did put them on. The case fell from her hands, as she looked around in disbelief.

“Wow!” she said, “I can’t believe it. They are almost perfect for me. I can see you and everything very, very well with them.” She got to her feet and walked around. “I can see, I can see,” she said over and over. She came back to me and said; “Now I can take a good look at you. You have been so kind to me, you saved my life, and now you have found glasses for me. It is a miracle! Do you still like me, now that you can see me with these coke bottle glasses in front of my eyes?”

I came close to her and kissed her and I told her that I loved her and I didn't care how thick the glasses were, if they helped her to see again. We had a nice party on the yacht that evening. Previously, she had refused to come out to the boat, because she couldn’t see without glasses and was afraid she would fall into the water. We lay on my bed in my cabin and we kissed and kissed, and I held her and ran my finger around her nipples. She only had her glasses on and was not completely naked, according to her definition. We made love several times that night. She wanted to remove her glasses for me, but I said that I was just as happy to have her leave them on, if she felt more comfortable that way and could see me better. She agreed that it was better to see your partner while being so very happy.

Jane and I got married a month later on Tahiti. Now, we come back to our island every year and commemorate the eventful day when we found each other by making love, with Jane wearing her thick coke bottle glasses. Sometimes, I do take her glasses off, so I can better see those beautiful, deep brown eyes of hers. To this day, I have never told Jane about my glasses fetish and how I planted those glasses for her to find in the suitcase. Incidentally, we have four beautiful children, all girls, and all very nearsighted, like Jane, with three of them conceived while we were visiting the island.

Specs4ever; adapted from a story by Andy, and added to and edited by Aliena

Nov. 2001