The Teacher Who Loaned Out Glasses

By Specs4ever

Paige sat in the chair in the optometrist’s office, as her young daughter accompanied the secretary into the room where she was going to have her first eye examination. Paige remembered only too well the day she had her first eye test, and the memories came flooding back as if it were only yesterday. 

Paige’s father had been an optometrist, and he had noticed Paige sitting closer and closer to the television screen. So, on a nice bright sunny spring afternoon, after school was finished for the day, Paige walked downtown by herself to her father’s office. She had been dreading the thought of having to wear glasses. Her friend Mary had worn glasses as long as Paige had known her, and Mary was absolutely blind without the thick glasses she had to wear to correct her severe myopia. Paige really didn’t want to have to wear thick glasses like Mary. Paige remembered thinking that she wished that she could at least wait until grade four before she had to get glasses. Her Dad had tested her eyes just before school started, and she didn’t need glasses then. Why did she need them now? 

Soon she was sitting in the chair in front of the big machine. Daddy had clicked a few things, and then, when he asked her to read the letters, she was amazed that they were so clear. He repeated the testing with her other eye, and he asked her a whole bunch of times what way was better. She had gotten confused a lot of times, but finally Daddy had told her that he was finished. When she got down out of the chair Daddy had given her a funny pair of glasses to put on, and she was surprised at how clear and sharp everything looked. She knew without Daddy even telling her that she was going to have to get glasses. 

For a whole week Paige anxiously waited for her new glasses. She told all the girls at school that she needed glasses, and Mary even let Paige try her glasses on. Paige couldn’t see a thing with Mary’s glasses on, and she remembered wondering what was wrong with Mary’s eyes to make her need glasses so thick and strong. Finally her own glasses were ready, and when she tried them on, everything was bright and clear again. By the end of the school year though, Paige noticed that things off in the distance were a little bit fuzzy. Sure enough, when she went back to her Dad’s office for an eye exam just before school started, her dad told her she needed stronger lenses. 

This created a pattern. Every year before she went back to school, Daddy gave her an eye examination. And, almost every year she required lenses that were a little bit stronger than the old ones. After a few years of wearing glasses, Paige found she really didn’t mind wearing them. There were now a number of other girls in her class that wore glasses. And, her younger sister had also gotten glasses a couple of years previously, so that ended the teasing that had come from her sister, Sue. 

By the time high school was finished Paige had decided that she would take a general course at the University, and would then become a grade school teacher. Of course, just before she went off to University, her Dad gave her the usual fall eye examination. By this time Paige’s glasses were more than a little bit thick around the edges, and Paige was looking forward to even thicker lenses. This was something that Paige couldn’t explain. She had grown to like the look of thick lenses, and she had an inner feeling that she wanted even thicker lenses in her next pair of glasses. 

“Well Honey, your eyes have gotten a little bit worse again. I have been giving you lenses that were slightly weaker than what you required to get you to a true 20/20, but since you are going off to University, I think you are going to need the best distance vision you can have, I had better give you your full prescription this time.” Daddy had told her. 

Always before she had gone and selected new frames at her dad’s store, and had just picked up the new glasses when they came in. For the first time in her life she was given a prescription slip. She read the numbers on the slip: O.D. –9.75D x –0.50 x 65, and O.S. –9.50D x –0.75 x 90. Paige really didn’t know what the numbers meant, so she asked her Dad, “Is this a lot stronger now Daddy?” 

“It is about –1D stronger than you have for your present lenses. Usually I have cut you back –0.50D, so this time your eyes haven’t really gotten much worse. I have been cutting your prescription back this way ever since you first got glasses. I really don’t know if it has helped you, but I feel that if I hadn’t done this you would be wearing much stronger and thicker lenses now,” her Dad said. 

Paige had taken a partially used pad of prescription forms when her dad wasn’t looking, and she had slipped them into her purse. What her dad had told her about possibly having needed stronger lenses after each of her previous eye exams, excited her, and she was a little upset that he had cut her prescription back. For the first time in her life, she hadn’t ordered new glasses from her dad’s office. This time she was going to get her own new glasses, when she got to the University. 

Paige had spent some time reading about eye problems, and she knew that she was quite myopic. She understood that this meant that her eyeball was longer from front to rear, shaped something like a football instead of a perfect sphere. Now that she had been given her prescription, she also knew that she was considered a high myope, since her prescription was over –6D. 

Paige did a lot of thinking over the next few days while she was getting ready for University. She had read that wearing stronger glasses wouldn’t really hurt her eyes, but might actually cause her eyes to get worse faster. She took the pad of prescription blanks, and she practiced writing. –10.25D x –0.50 x 65 was what she put down for her right eye. And she increased her left eye to –10.00D x –0.75 x 90. Could she adapt to a –0.50D increase? Would Daddy ever find out, or would he be able to tell by looking at her new glasses? 

Finally Paige was all moved into the residence hall. She spent some time wandering around the grounds of the University, and she familiarized herself with the location of her classrooms. But, she couldn’t put it off any longer. She was going to have to finally get her new glasses, as she just wasn’t seeing very well. There was a new one hour optical chain store in the mall near the University, so Paige went there, with her prescription, written in her own handwriting, clutched in her hand. 

“Oh my God, he is cute,” Paige remembered thinking when she walked up to the counter. She glanced at the nametag he was wearing, “Steven”, what a nice name. And he also wore glasses. They weren’t as strong as hers, but the lenses did stick out from behind his frame a bit, and he had a fair bit of cut in too. So, he had a substantial prescription and probably couldn’t see very well without them. 

“May I help you?” Steven asked. 

Paige almost fainted. What a beautiful voice. She handed him the prescription blank, and he looked at it. He didn’t say anything about how strong the prescription was. He didn’t even notice that she had written it out herself. Like a true professional, he merely guided her to the trays of frames. He tried to fit Paige with a small frame, but Paige insisted on a frame that was a little larger. He told her that the smaller frame would make her lenses seem thinner, but he didn’t argue when she insisted on the larger size. Steven tried to suggest that Paige should try a new thinner type of lens that had just come on the market, but Paige insisted that she just wanted regular plastic, so he didn’t try to push her. Paige felt that she liked Steven a lot. Finally the transaction was complete, and Steven sent the order back to the lab to see if they could do the lenses in an hour. The lab boss advised Steven that they had the lens blanks in stock, and they could do them, but because of the strength of the prescription, the glasses might take a bit more than an hour. Paige was pleased that she wouldn’t have to wait for a whole week, and she was even happier when Steven suggested that since he had a lunch break coming he would love to buy her lunch. 

So, off they went to the food court in the mall. Paige only ordered a soda and they talked and talked, and soon the hour that Steven had for lunch was over. They walked back to the store together, and Paige was thrilled when Steven asked her to go to dinner and a movie with him on Friday night. Steven helped Paige try her new glasses on, and he adjusted them so they fit perfectly. He told Paige that she looked beautiful wearing her new glasses. 

Back at the residence hall, Paige remembered examining her new glasses very carefully. They were thicker than her old ones, and the temples only barely closed over the lenses. The lenses had been set to the front of the frame a little bit, and if the lab manager hadn’t done that, they definitely would have been too thick to close. And, they seemed to have a little bit of a dish in on the front surface. It wasn’t much, but it did seem to be a dish shape. Paige checked her vision carefully by looking at things in the distance. If these lenses were too strong, it sure didn’t seem like she could notice it. Everything looked very sharp and clear, really great. 

Over the next year, Paige and Steven spent a lot of time together. Paige learned that Steven was –7D in his right eye, and –7.25D in his left, and that he didn’t have any astigmatism. Steven liked wearing glasses, and he told her he really liked girls who wore glasses – the thicker the better. Paige almost told Steven that she had bumped her prescription a little bit, but she didn’t have the nerve. 

Paige went home for the summer. She had been afraid that her Dad would notice that her lenses were too strong, but he hadn’t said a word. Paige worked in her Dad’s office that summer, and she learned a lot more about vision, and eye problems. And, of course, before she went back to University, her dad gave Paige her annual eye examination. 

“This is somewhat surprising Paige. Your eyes have gotten quite a bit worse this last year. Maybe it is all of the studying you have to do at the University. You now need –11.00D x –0.75D x 65 for your right eye, and –10.75D x –1.00D x 90 for your left eye. That is a significant jump, especially now at your age, when your growing stage should have ended. I’ll have to check you again at Christmas when you come home,” Daddy had told her. 

Paige was secretly thrilled at the increase. She knew Steven would be excited as well. She wondered if she dared write out a new prescription for a whole diopter stronger than her actual prescription. After she had increased her last prescription by –0.50D her latest prescription had ended up even stronger. She thought about this constantly during the week before she went back. She hadn’t told Mummy and Daddy, but she and Steven had gotten an apartment together. It was just a one bedroom, and her parents thought she was going to be all by herself.

Daddy drove her back to school, and after he left, she waited anxiously for Steven to come home from work. Paige had decided to tell Steven about her desire to increase her prescription by a diopter, and see what his thoughts were on the matter. Finally he arrived home. 

That night after they made love, Paige told Steven about her need for an increase in her prescription, and about her desire to add a diopter to it. He thought about it for a few minutes, and finally agreed that she should do it, if she really felt that she wanted to. 

This time when Paige went to the optical store she didn’t have any worries that the new prescription would be challenged. Steven helped her choose a new frame, and there was not even a hint that maybe the frame size might be too large. All they looked for was a frame that had the temple hinges set well back from the front of the frame. Nor did he suggest that she try a thinner lens. But, when he put the order in, he did come back from the lab to tell her that the lab manager had said that the new lenses she had ordered would have to be biconcave, with about a –3D front curve. And, the lab had to order the new lenses from the head office, so it would take around 7 days before she got her new glasses. 

Paige was waiting for Steven to phone her to tell her to come over to the store. She was anxious to get her new glasses, but it was getting late, and he was due home soon. She heard his steps on the stairs, and was disappointed, as this meant that it would be another day before she could start getting used to her new glasses. She was anxious to try the biconcave lenses. Steven came in the door and hung up his coat. 

“I guess this means they didn’t come in today,” Paige said. 

“They did, but the courier arrived just as I was leaving the store. So, I brought them with me. Sit down at the table and I will let you try them on,” Steven replied. 

Paige sat down, and removed her old glasses and every thing went blurred. Steven gently slipped the new glasses on to her face, and she opened her eyes. They felt a bit funny, but she could see everything very clearly. 

“How do they look?” Paige asked. 

“Fabulous, they look just fabulous Honey. I ordered you that new antireflective coating, and it really makes your eyes look clear and bright behind the lenses. It sure doesn’t hide the thickness though. They look really nice and thick,” Steven told her. 

Paige got up and ran to the bathroom mirror. Her eyes did indeed look clear behind the thick lenses. But they looked so tiny, and the cut in of her face was a lot more than her old glasses showed. She liked her appearance though. She seemed to look sexy wearing glasses. Maybe she wouldn’t like it so much if she didn’t have Steven, but just knowing how much Steven liked thick glasses gave her a warm feeling. She walked back into the kitchen, and as she walked down the hall, she noticed that the walls of the hall seemed to curve out at the center, and they curved in at the top, and the bottom. But, things looked very sharp and clear, so Paige guessed that a diopter wasn’t too much of a problem for her to get used to. In fact, she thought she might actually need the extra diopter to see so clearly. 

That night, after Paige and Steven did the supper dishes together, they headed off to bed. Steven had asked Paige before to leave her glasses on while they made love, but tonight he insisted. And, Steven left his on as well. 

Paige didn’t know what to do. It was just after Thanksgiving, and soon Paige would be going home for Christmas. Daddy was going to give her another eye examination when she came home. Surely, he would notice that her glasses were so much stronger than he had prescribed. Finally Steven had an idea. Paige was to call her Dad, and tell him she had broken her glasses, and ask him whom she should go to for a new eye exam. Fortunately her dad didn’t know anybody in the city, so he just suggested that she go to anyone she wanted to, and he would double-check the results when she got home. He even sent her the money for new glasses. 

“Your new glasses seem to be quite a bit stronger Paige,” her dad remarked casually as he met her at the bus station. 

“Yes they are. I think the doctor said I needed about –1D stronger than my old ones,” Paige replied, pleased that the situation had been handled so easily. She had been afraid Daddy would have noticed, and she was right, as he was an optometrist. 

The next day, Paige went to her dad’s office for another thorough eye examination. 

“Well Honey, the doctor you went to got your prescription right on. I am mystified as to why your eyes are getting worse so quickly though. Everything looks healthy in there, but you are getting more myopic far too fast. I was surprised that you didn’t have large jumps like this when you were younger like your sister, Sue had, but you just had slow and steady increases. Now you are having large increases, and I can’t understand why.

Have you thought that maybe you might like to try contact lenses once again? Sue is wearing gas permeable ones, and her prescription increases have slowed down considerably,” her dad told her. 

“Oh Daddy, you remember what a terrible time I had when I tried contact lenses before. I think I will just stick with glasses, and let the lenses get as thick as they need to be,” Paige replied. “I don’t mind thick lenses in my glasses”. 

After New Years, Paige returned to her apartment. Steven had missed her a lot, and that evening their lovemaking reached new peaks. Paige looked closely at Steven the next morning after they each put their glasses back on. 

“Steven, you got new glasses. They look much thicker, are they stronger?” Paige asked. 

“While you were gone I used one of your father’s prescription blanks and added a diopter to my prescription. Do you like them?” Steven asked. 

Paige grabbed Steven, and they made love again. Afterwards Paige told Steven that her dad found that the diopter that they had added to her prescription in the fall had now become her new prescription, so they could add some more if he wanted her to. Steven thought about it for a few minutes before he told Paige that this was her decision to make. He loved her just as she was, and he didn’t want to be the one to suggest that she increase her prescription any further. 

Paige thought about this for a few days. Finally she showed up at the optical store with a freshly written prescription that read –13.25D x –0.75D x 65 for the right eye, and –13.00D x – 1.00D x 90 for her left eye. 

“That’s –1.25D stronger Paige. Are you crazy?” Steven whispered. 

“This will be the last time Steven. I just can’t seem to help myself, I seem to really like to wear thick glasses,” Paige replied. 

So, Steven ordered the new glasses that Paige wanted. By this time, back in the 90’s, smaller wire frames were coming into style, and there were many different new thinner lenses to choose from. But, Paige chose another plastic frame with oversized lenses. This time when she returned to pick up her new glasses, she was sure that the edges were at least an inch thick. 

Paige had promised Steven that this was to be the last time that she would increase her prescription. It took a bit longer to get used to the stronger prescription than the last increase had taken her, but she was more than pleased with the results. These glasses were quite dished in at the front. Steven had told her they were on a –4D front base curve. And, the lenses were not actually an inch thick, but they did measure 7/8 of an inch. Steven told her that this was the thickest lens blank that you could purchase. By the time summer holidays rolled around again and Paige went home again she had told her parents that she had required a further increase in her prescription, so she wasn’t worried about her father’s reaction. And, when the time came for her return to school, her dad examined her eyes again, and told Paige that her glasses were still quite acceptable. As much as Paige longed to increase her prescription, she knew that glasses styles had changed so much that if she were to purchase a new pair, her new glasses would be much smaller lenses, and would be quite a lot thinner – even if she added another diopter to her prescription. So Paige went through her third year, and her final year at school wearing the same prescription. Paige was gone a lot during her final year, as she had been doing the required practice teaching. Paige graduated near the top of her class, and now all she had to do was find a job. 

Steven asked Paige to marry him just before school ended, and Paige accepted. Steven was now a qualified optician, as well as an experienced lab technician; so they would both have a good chance at finding jobs. However, since the city was better for jobs for both of them, they decided to stay in their old apartment after they were married. Paige returned home to work in her father’s office again until the wedding in mid August. 

Paige’s dad examined her eyes again just before the wedding. He and her mom had been trying to talk Paige into new, more modern looking glasses for the wedding, and Paige didn’t argue. Her dad advised Paige that her prescription had increased again by –0.50D in each eye. Since Paige was doing most of the ordering for her dad’s practice, Paige selected a nice pair of wire frames that she felt suited her well. She had investigated all the types of hi index lenses, and she chose a 1.6 index plastic, with a plano base. She couldn’t help herself though. When she ordered her own glasses she added another –0.50 to her prescription. Now, including astigmatism, her glasses would be about –15D, quite a high myopic prescription. She had become really very nearsighted and without her glasses she was nearly totally blind.

When her new glasses came in, Paige was very pleased with them, and she felt that she had made a good choice, both in lens material, and frame style. Although after wearing them for a while, she noticed that the high index plastic lenses seemed to give her significant distortions, which she really didn’t like very much.

The weekend before the wedding Steven came down for the rehearsal, and he told Paige she looked wonderful wearing her new glasses. And, the following weekend went like clockwork. The weather was clear, and bright, and it was the most wonderful day of Paige’s life. When she and Steven had left for their honeymoon, Paige was the happiest person in the world.

After they returned from the honeymoon, Paige began her teaching career in a small inner city school near their apartment. Most schools have been expanded over the years so that there are 5 or 6 hundred students. This school had just over 100 students, children from families that were not as well off as many of the children in the new fancy schools in the suburbs. Paige was assigned to a combined grade 3 and grade 4, and she soon found that she liked teaching at this small school. Even doing double duty with the two grades wasn’t all that bad, as most of the children seemed interested in learning. 

By early November during her first year, Paige noticed that a few of the students in both grades seemed to have trouble seeing the blackboard and some of them were squinting their eyes. This very likely meant that these kids were nearsighted, but Paige knew that the parents probably didn’t have the money to purchase glasses for them. Paige had an idea, and when she mentioned it to Steven that evening, he agreed that it would work, as long as Paige had the parents make the decision to let their child wear the glasses right from the start. Paige and Steven would buy 4 pairs of –1D lensed glasses, 3 pairs of –2D, 2 pairs of –3D, and one pair with –4D lenses. With the parent’s permission, Paige would lend the glasses to any children that seemed to be helped by them. Paige, in the letter she sent home to the parents, explained that the fastest changes in a child’s eyesight usually occurred within the first couple of years of wearing glasses, and by the end of grade 4, the parents would have been spared the possible expense of 2 or 3 lens changes. Since the parents didn’t have any extra money, and since this was not going to cost them any money, they all agreed that Paige could start a lending glasses service. 

The 4 pairs of glasses with –1D lenses didn’t go far enough. There were 4 children in grade 3 who needed them. Paige also found 2 more in grade 4 who needed less than –2D, although all 3 pairs of –2D lensed glasses went, one to a grade 3 student, and 2 pairs to grade 4 students. One little boy in grade 3 needed a pair of –3D, so that left Paige with a pair of –4D, and a pair of –3D glasses, but she needed 2 more pairs of –1D. So, Paige bought another 2 pairs of –1D, and a pair each of –2, –3, –4, –5D as well as a pair of –6D. Steven had suggested that she forget the –6D for these grades, but Paige had decided to go for them as well. 

Soon after the Christmas break, Paige was able to do some glasses switching. Now all of the 3 pairs of –3D glasses were out. The little boy who had started with –3D was now wearing the –5D pair, some of the –1D wearers were now in –2D, using up all 5 pairs. And all 6 pairs of –1D glasses were in use. The only ones Paige had left were 2 pairs of –4D. 

By the time the end of the school year came around, Paige let any of the children from grade 3 that would be back with her, keep their glasses over the summer. She wanted to keep the glasses from the children that were going on to grade 5, and she did keep the –1D, and –2D glasses. But she felt sorry for one little girl who was wearing –3D, especially when she tried a pair of –4D lenses on her, and found that she could see well with them. So, she let the little girl keep the –4D glasses over the summer. She also allowed the other children who were wearing –3D glasses to keep their glasses too. 

Over the next few years, the pattern repeated itself. Some children remained at –1 through both grades, a few increased to –2, one or 2 reached as high as –5. Other than the one little boy who had required –3D from the start, no one had worn as high as –6D. Paige had followed the progress of the one little boy, and when he was in his final year at the school he had been wearing –12D. The parents of the children that Paige had allowed to wear glasses all seemed very appreciative of the service Paige had provided. This had allowed their children to keep up with their classmates in school, and had also allowed them time to save money to buy the children proper glasses. 

Paige had been disappointed with herself over this period of time. It seemed that she could only increase her own myopia by 0.50D every 2 years, so her total increase since she had started teaching was only –1.50D. And, over the past few years, the new glasses had been getting smaller and smaller. Steven had suggested that Paige purchase her last new glasses with safety lenses, which made the lenses quite a bit thicker. She had also still been selecting the largest possible eye size that she could get. The safety lenses had helped, as she was now back wearing biconcave lenses in her glasses and the lenses were now really 1 inch thick pieces of glass in front of her eyes, but she actually longed for the days of the large plastic frames. 

Paige had been reading that prescription increases often occurred in women who were pregnant, so this became an incentive for Paige to become pregnant. But Paige was one of those people who didn’t have any increase during pregnancy, and her prescription stubbornly resisted the large increase she had hoped for. But, after their daughter Jessica was around a year old, Paige did find that she needed another increase, and she was pleased that this increase was a full diopter. Paige now was getting close to –18D, and her new glasses had the rear edge flattened off near the temples so that the earpieces would close over the lenses. Paige liked this, as it gave a bit of a myodisc look to her biconcave lenses. 

Paige and Steven decided that they would have 2 children, so when Jessica was almost a year old, Paige became pregnant again. Their son was born two weeks early, and was a healthy 9 lb boy. Both Paige and Steven liked the name Mark, so Jessica now had a lovely baby brother Mark.

Paige had noticed Jessica bringing things very close to her eyes to see, so when Jessica was around 3 years old, Paige had tried some of the glasses from her school classroom on Jessica. Jessica seemed to have reasonably good vision with the –4D glasses, so Steven and Paige had decided to leave a visit to the optometrist until Jessica’s eyes needed even stronger lenses.

Within a year, just before Jessica had her 4th birthday, Paige noticed that Jessica was holding things close to her glasses to see with the –4D glasses, so now here she was, sitting in the optometrist’s office, waiting for her daughter to complete her first eye examination. Soon her daughter appeared, and Paige went to talk with the doctor.

“Your daughter has a significant amount of myopia. She needs over –10.50D in her right eye, and –10.00D in her left. It looks as if the family myopia is going to continue on to the next generation,” the doctor told Paige.

“That is a lot stronger prescription than I had at her age. We will have to watch her carefully for any further increase. Now, we will have to go and see her dad, and order her new glasses,” Paige replied.

Paige and Jessica went to see Steven, and they ordered Jessica’s new glasses. Steven was now the manager of the store, so he was able to have the glasses made immediately, and when they were ready, both Paige and Steven were thrilled with the look of their darling daughter wearing her own glasses with thick lenses and Jessica was also happy to be able to see so well with her new glasses. 

Paige’s prescription now had increased to –20D for both eyes, and she now had to have trifocals to be able to see close and intermediate. Steven had also gotten her glasses with myodisc lenses, but they had to be monovision, so she could see in the distance and also close up. Paige didn’t like them very much, as she couldn’t use both eyes together and had essentially no peripheral vision with them. She would sometimes wear them in the evening to relieve the heavy weight of her trifocals and she sometimes left them on when she and Steven made love, as he seemed to like them, but he looked very blurry to her with her left eye that was corrected for distance. So, Steven got her myodisc glasses in which both eyes were corrected for very close, and she could wear them when they were making love and see him clearly with both eyes. 

Specs4ever, with editing by Aliena

May 2004