by Specs4ever

I sat next to the window in the small diner, and while I was feeling upset with the fact that I had to spend the night in the motel next door, I was resigned to my fate. I had stayed in this place before at other times that I had not been early enough to make my one call in the town, but tonight was a bit of a blow, as I had only missed my call by about 10 minutes. As I pondered over the menu, trying to decide what to eat, I pulled my fairly strong glasses off, and marveled at the progress of the world. Here I was wearing glasses to correct almost 18 diopters of myopia, and I really didn't need them at all. Through the wonderfulness of technology, I was able to wear plus power contacts that made me require thick minus lenses to see past the end of my nose. And, no one even gives me a glance, but I really enjoy meeting ladies that wear strong minus glasses, and this is a common bond that makes it easy to get a conversation about glasses going.

I glanced out the window, and noticed a bus pull up, and passengers started to get off. I was far enough away that I really didn't have a clear view, but it seemed to me that the girl that was standing next to the bus, waiting for her luggage was wearing a fairly strong pair of glasses. I noticed that all the seats in the diner had filled up, and I walked over to the waitress, and mentioned that there was a young lady in a blue and white ski jacket coming in, and I would appreciate it if the waitress would bring her to my table and ask me if I minded if she joined me for supper. I slipped the waitress a tenner, and returned to my table to wait.

The young lady came into the diner, and sure enough, there was no place for her to sit. As the waitress came over to my table, I tried to look as if I were interested only in the menu. The waitress asked if you would mind sir if this lady sat at your table, and I casually glanced up and stated that I would be pleased to have her company. As she sat down, I glanced at her to get a better view, and I was floored. I swear, if I was looking for a girl by advertising with a dating service, I had just found a match for my ad. She definitely wore glasses, and as I got a closer look, I noticed that her eyes were virtually hidden behind the thick myodisc lenses. I managed to introduce myself to Linda without stammering or stuttering too badly. My heart was racing, and I can't begin to describe the feelings that had taken over my body. I was in total and absolute shock. I took my eyes off her wonderful glasses, and was able to notice that she was gorgeous, with a body to match. She wore a sweatshirt with Nebraska across the front, and let me assure you, I didn't know before that Nebraska had hills. She was older than I thought she was, around 34 or 35. But it was her glasses that fascinated me so.

I don't know why, but one of the first things that I blurted out was that I have been married for almost 30 years to the same great lady, but I suppose that I was so taken by her that I wanted to reduce my temptation level. And, during my married life, I have never actually cheated on my wife - a girl friend once, but only for a month - until she chopped off her long straight hair and got a frizzy perm. She was so unattractive to me then that I think she could have worn glasses twice as thick, and I still would have walked away. And that is what attracts me. Using the old guy ratings of 1 - 10, a 6 jumps higher on the scale as the glasses get thicker. But here I was sitting with a 10 already, and with her glasses, I can't even venture a guess as to where she should be on my scale.

We made small talk while we waited for our dinners, and I discovered that she was the only child of an unwed mother who had been killed when she was only 3. She was put into a Catholic orphanage, where she was labeled retarded When she was about 8, a new sister joined the orphanage, and made her life begin. The sister, Sister Marie, had very poor eyesight, and had to wear thick glasses. Watching Linda, Sister Marie began to wonder if it was her vision that was the problem, rather than being retarded, and one day Sister Marie brought Linda a pair of her old glasses. Linda could, for the first time in her life, make out shapes and objects. Sister's old glasses were not quite strong enough to give Linda good vision, but she was able to use them to learn to read, and until the orphanage was able to get her proper glasses, she told me that it was like the world unfolded in front of her. Since she was now too old for adoption, she stayed with the sisters until she was 18, and was able to get a job in a local factory. When she was in her early 20's she had been married to a man that I would kill with my bare hands if I ever met him. He had a jewel, and he treated her like a pile of dung. He would grab her glasses off her face, and leave her to try to function without them. If she got them back, and tried to say something to him, he was just as likely to give her a backhand. She told me of many times being down on her hands and knees groping for her glasses, her face stinging from the blow, and terrified that she would either find her glasses broken, or that she would break them while looking for them. She had had 2 miscarriages, and a few days after her 30th birthday, her husband came home drunk, and in a fit of rage, he grabbed her glasses and snapped them at the bridge. She was unable to see well enough to do it, but she managed to tape her glasses together, pack a few of her belongings, and get to a women's shelter. She had charged him, and he got some time in jail. During this time, she had moved to another city, and had gotten her life together.

By this time we had finished our meal, and as we relaxed over coffee, I regretted telling her I was married, and giving her my real name. I was so close to wanting to leave my wife for this lady that I could feel it We then had a glasses discussion. I let her offer to let me try hers on, and I gently removed mine and put them on her face. She was amazed that she could almost see with my glasses, as she did not believe the power could be so strong with such thin lenses. I slid hers onto my nose, and sure enough, with them right at the end of my nose, I could see. I guessed that hers were around -28, and she was amazed that I was so close to her actual -27, but I couldn't tell her about my fetish, and how I knew. With her glasses off, I could tell that she had lovely hazel eyes, and I gently asked her if she had tried contact lenses. She replied that she had, but her vision was so poor that she had a real problem getting them in, and once they were in, she felt a bit disoriented. I remarked that that was normal, but that I thought she looked great in glasses, and she gave me a bit of a strange look, but said nothing. She glanced at her watch, and I knew that my dinner with Linda was rapidly coming to a close. We had gotten along so well, I asked her if she would give me her phone number. With a wisdom beyond her years she said no, but if I gave her mine, and she called me, and happened to get my wife, she wanted me to have told my wife about meeting her. I immediately agreed, and gave her a safe number to a voice mail that I have for my hobby.

A bus pulled up, and she told me that was her bus. I wouldn't let her pay for her dinner, and as I stood up to say goodbye, she hugged me and gave me a kiss. I casually asked what she was going to the city for. "Oh, didn't I tell you?" she said, and the words struck terror into my heart, and made me curse technology.

"I'm having lens implants done tomorrow. I will never have to wear glasses again!"