The Colony

by Specs4ever

A few years ago I answered a newspaper ad that was looking for qualified teachers to teach at a private school in a secluded location. A couple of weeks went by before I received a telephone call from a gentleman who told me he was the director of the school, and would be interested in scheduling a personal interview with me.

At the time and the place that we had agreed to meet, I entered into an agreement with a very distinguished looking gentleman in his early fifties. Under the terms of my contract, I was never to reveal any of the details about my job. I could not tell anyone where I worked, nor could I have any contact with my former friends. This all sounded pretty strange to me, but the money that I was to be paid was the deciding factor. All I was going to have to do was to teach for 20 years, and I would be able to retire at the age of 50 with a very satisfactory pension. It helped that I had no close family other than a sister who I almost never saw, and I wasnít much for socializing, so I wasnít going to miss anyone, nor would anyone miss me.

I gave my notice at my apartment, and on the appointed day two men with a small cube van loaded all my belongings. Then when they were finished a limousine picked me up and took me to a location somewhere out in the country. Although I know the area now, at the time if I had to retrace my route, I doubt that I would have been able to find the place. The grounds were enormous. The rolling hills and the green lawns seemed to go on forever. As we drove up the paved driveway there were a number of buildings that came into view. Each building looked like a large dormitory, and the buildings were substantial and well built brick buildings. There was obviously nothing done cheaply around here.

My belongings were moved into my room, and I spent a few hours getting everything set up the way I wanted it. Then a young lady came up and advised me that dinner was being served and she would accompany me to the dining hall. I rather liked the looks of this young lady. She was fairly tall, had long blond hair, and a nice figure. But the most interesting thing was her glasses. She was quite nearsighted, and wore a dark, heavy rectangular plastic rimmed pair with lenses that had a substantial correction in them. I am pretty myopic myself, so I can spot a strong pair of glasses from a mile away. But, my instructions had been very specific. With the penalty for disobedience being immediate dismissal, there was to be no romantic involvement between myself and any other employees.

We entered the dining hall, and my breath was taken away as I looked around. The room was filled with almost carbon copies of the young lady that had come to escort me to dinner. They were all blond, with their hair done up in different styles. And they all wore glasses. Some appeared to have quite strong lenses, others had slightly weaker prescriptions, but each and every one of them wore glasses for the correction of myopia.

And, as I looked around I spotted a few men in the room. Funny, but most of the men looked a bit like me. They all wore glasses, they all had blond hair, and they all had very fair skin. This was very strange. After supper, I was introduced to them all. I learned that there were presently 45 ladies and 12 men, but there were going to be at least 3 more men, and another 5 ladies joining us within the next few days.

The following morning I reported to my classroom. I was assigned to teach a grade 5 class, and I had learned also that this was the first grade 5 class at this school. Apparently my 25 students had started the school with kindergarten, and then as they went up a grade each year there was another class that followed right behind them. Now this year there was a second class of 25 that was starting in kindergarten, and that meant that next year there would be a second grade 1 class.

I was a bit surprised when my students filed in to take their seats. Every child was a girl, and every child was blond haired and fair skinned. Probably half of my class of girls wore glasses, and each one of the glasses wearers was nearsighted. Most of them wore fairly weak prescriptions in their glasses, but there were a couple of young ladies that had prescriptions that appeared to be fairly close to -10D. I felt a lot of empathy for these young ladies, as I had been in a similar position when I was in grade school. My poor eyesight is probably why I ended up as a very reclusive and shy adult.

I didnít really feel any need to find out what was going on here. I enjoyed the money I was making, and since I had no living expenses my bank account grew rapidly. I made friends with a lot of the others that ate in the dining hall with me, and we all spent a lot of time reading, or watching television in the common room. The school had a very large, well stocked library, and computers were available with internet connections, so there was no sense of being cut off from the outside world. As the days of fall stretched into winter it became quite obvious that almost all of my female dining companions were now pregnant. The other 5 ladies had joined the group, and there were another 3 men who had come along, so there were 66 people for dinner in the hall every evening.

Finally I couldnít stand it any longer. I started to ask questions. Apparently the men who, unlike me, were not teachers were here to donate sperm to a sperm bank. And most of the women who also were not teachers were impregnated with sperm from this sperm bank. None of these people seemed to be unhappy with the arrangement, and they were very well paid for carrying and delivering a healthy baby. Apparently if the baby happened to be a boy, he and his mother went to another part of the compound, but the girls were segregated in our section, and the motherís breast fed all the babies. Each woman produced a child once every two years. And, I also found out that there was another similar dormitory and dining area in another area of the campus.

The older gentleman who had hired me must have found out that I had been asking questions. A couple of days later I received a message asking me to report to his office after classes were dismissed. So, I went to meet with Dr. Piper.

"I understand that you have been asking questions about the other people that live in the compound." Dr. Piper stated.

"Yes sir, I have. I have a bit of natural curiosity, and I just wanted to be sure that I wasnít involved in anything illegal." I replied.

"Actually, I have been waiting for you to show some curiosity. I wondered how long it would take, and you have lasted longer than I thought you would. There is absolutely nothing going on here that is illegal. We are funded by a large optical company, as well as a number of genetic research labs in the country." Dr. Piper said.

"So what is the purpose here?" I asked.

"We are attempting to create a genetically modified child. We want the children that we produce to be intelligent, free of genetic diseases, attractive in appearance and, for the benefit of the optical company, nearsighted and needing glasses." Dr. Piper explained.

"So how many children will you produce, or rather I should say control, since that is what it appears to be from my point of view." I replied.

"We have just gotten to the stage where we will be able to produce 50 female children a year. There are also about 5 or 6 male children born every year, but these children are sent to an outside school, so you will not be involved with their schooling." Dr. Piper added.

"So that means that you must have about 110 young ladies living here, because for them to produce a child every year would be a little more than a woman could comfortably do." I replied.

"We actually have about 115 right now. And there are a few who leave every year, as well as a few that join us. Our requirements for the selection of candidates for motherhood are pretty stringent. We want a mother who has no genetic defects in her background. The mother has to be intelligent, fair haired, and attractive. And she must require no less than -5D and no more than around -15D of myopic correction when she is hired. Of course, sometimes we end up with ladies who have more than -15D, but anything over this must be naturally acquired while they are employed here." Dr. Piper informed me.

"I still donít quite understand the reasons behind this. There has been a lot of money spent on this campus, and someone has to gain from the expenditures." I replied.

"That is true. There has been a lot of money spent, and there continues to be even more. The salaries and the operating expenses of this colony would astound you. But it has all been financed by a large group of people who want to ensure that the white Anglo Saxon race survives, remains healthy, and will continue to grow." Dr. Piper said.

"But how does that explain the myopia?" I asked.

"As you probably know, there are no clear rules about myopia. What causes a child to become myopic can be guessed at, and can actually be pinpointed fairly accurately. However, nothing can be cast in stone. So, we are doing many experiments. I suppose that you are aware that if a mother or a father is nearsighted there is about a 40% chance that a child will be as well. The probabilities of the children also being myopic rise to 75% if both the mother and the father are nearsighted. And, the stronger the parentís myopia is, the greater the possibility is that the child will need a very strong prescription" Dr. Piper stated.

"Well, in my case, both my parents were nearsighted and in my family the results were that both my sister and I were quite nearsighted. So that indicates 100%." I replied with a chuckle.

"That is quite normal. In the world of today so much of the work that people are doing is on a computer, or is done at the near point of oneís vision. By breeding myopes we hope to be able to negate the need for reading glasses later in life. So many people have trouble reading and doing close work as they get older we thought we would experiment to see if myopes would have a better chance to remain productive longer." Dr. Piper explained.

"It is my understanding that there are as many, if not more, problems with people that are very myopic. Both my sister and I were warned when we got over -10D that there was a large percentage of retinal detachments in people that are very myopic." I replied.

"That is true, but this problem has mostly been brought under control. I have a question for you though. If you were to meet an attractive lady who was very nearsighted, and wore glasses with a prescription of -45D, would you be willing to marry her, and have children with her, knowing that your children would with almost 100% certainty be extremely nearsighted, and would require thick strong glasses all of their life?" Dr. Piper asked.

"I have had no problem in my life being very nearsighted, so I donít think this would bother me. I would not like it if the children couldnít see well enough to function, but if they were just very nearsighted I could accept that." I replied.

"I can accept your answer to that, as I feel the same way. If you are not busy on Sunday, possibly you could accept my invitation to dinner." Dr. Piper said.

I thanked him, and told him I would be honored to accept his invitation. That evening in the dining hall I looked at the people around me with a different point of view. It was interesting to realize that they were being paid to produce children. And, I knew now why there were rules against fraternizing with any of the others that lived here. Dr Piper had told me that every aspect of the childís parental history and background was documented completely. If there was any fraternization an accidental pregnancy could occur and the results could be skewered.

That evening, as I prepared my lesson plans for the week, I kept thinking about the question that Dr. Piper had asked me. I am afraid that I wasnít completely honest with him. What I could have told him was that if I met a lady who needed a -45D prescription, there wasnít anything in the world that could have stopped me from marrying her. I am extremely attracted to ladies who are very nearsighted and who wear strong prescriptions. But, I had never met a lady who needed stronger glasses than I did. Actually, until I came to this school, I had never met any attractive ladies who wore strong glasses, just contacts. My lesson plans kept getting sidetracked by my thoughts, but finally I finished, and prepared for bed.

I slept badly that night. I tossed and turned all night, fantasizing about a lady who needed very strong glasses. I could even see the glasses in my dreams. Since they were so strong they had to be dished in quite a lot in the front. And since the prescription was so high they would definitely be myodiscs. And the myodisc bowl would be quite small, probably around 25mm or so. Her eyes would be mere pinpricks behind the strong lenses. The thought of this aroused me sexually.

The rest of the week dragged on. It was more interesting to observe the kids in my classroom now, knowing that there was a very high probability that every one of them would be wearing glasses within the next couple of years. And since there was a fair amount of computer use and near point work to be done in the classroom, I rather doubted that anyone could escape their predetermined destiny. I began to watch for the tiny clues that another one needed to go for an eye exam. The signs were there, if one knew what to look for. If a child was away from their assigned group, when they were about to return, their eyes would narrow into a slight myopic squint until they located their group, and then as they walked towards the group the squint would disappear.

Sunday was a typical spring day. The day started with the prospects of sunshine, but it clouded over, and never warmed up. By the time 3 pm rolled around I realized that I was going to need more than a lightweight jacket for my walk to the Piper house. So I put on a leather coat, and headed for my dinner engagement. I rang the doorbell, and when the door was opened I wasnít able to say a word. Standing in front of me was my dream. They young lady was very fair skinned, and had long blond hair. Her chest measurements must have been at least a 45, and then she slimmed down to a very fine, likely 26 or so waist, with her hips going back to a 36 or so. She was tall, not too tall for my 6í2" height, but probably around 5í9" or so, and her legs were shaped just perfectly. I couldnít tell if her eyes were blue, or green or brown, because they were minimized so much by the lenses of the strong glasses that she wore. Unlike my dream they were not plain myodiscs, but were a blended myodisc. The lenses were likely a very high index glass, because the fronts didnít appear to be deeply dished in, although I could see a little flash of light that did indicate a slight inward curvature.

"You must be Blair. I am Rachel Piper. Come on in." Rachel said to me.

"I am honored to meet you Rachel. Your father didnít say that he had such a beautiful daughter." I managed to say without sounding like a stammering idiot.

Rachel blushed, and asked me for my coat, which she hung in the entry closet. Then she led me into the living room, where Dr. Piper and his wife sat beside the fireplace. My mind was racing. Rachel had to be wearing at least a -45D prescription. Was she the reason I had been asked to come here for dinner? Did Dr. Piper hope to have me marry his daughter? I certainly hoped that was the case.

Mrs. Piper was very pretty and was quite similar in outward appearance to Rachel. Her eyes were also considerably minimized behind strong myodiscs, however I could tell that her glasses were not nearly as strong as Rachelís. I estimated her prescription as being somewhere between -25D and -30D. If she had been a few years younger I definitely wouldnít have kicked her out of bed.

We all made casual conversation over a glass of white wine, and finally another young lady, obviously one of the expectant motherís, came into the room and called us to the table. After a delightful dinner, Dr. Piper and his wife retired to the living room and left Rachel and I together in the family room. Rachel and I talked for hours. She was extremely easy to talk to, and when it finally came time for me to leave, I was head over heels in love with her.

Over the next few months I spent as much of my spare time with Rachel as I possibly could. I was at the Piperís house so often, and so much that it seemed like I lived there. We spent the summer at the pool, as Rachel had a special pair of swim goggles that allowed her to see so that she could swim. By the end of the summer I asked Rachel if she would marry me, and she accepted. When I went to ask her father for Rachelís hand in marriage I could tell that he was beaming with pleasure when he said yes, so I knew that had been his intention all along.

The next few years flew by. Rachel was pregnant in no time, and our first child was a girl, who we named Melanie. Then we had Jason 2 years later, and Jason was followed by Megan. We tried for a second boy, but we ended up with Amanda. That made 4 children in 7 years. Fortunately the colony had an ophthalmologist on staff, because as predicted, all four of our children were quite nearsighted, and each was wearing myodiscs by the time they were 5. But as they grew older there didnít seem to be any problems other than needing very strong myodiscs to see anything more than a few inches away from their nose. Her father and I were a little worried that perhaps Rachel might experience a further increase in her prescription while she was pregnant, as apparently this had happened to her mother when she was pregnant with Rachel; however this was not the case. And, we had all of the children delivered by caesarean rather than attempt to have a natural childbirth to avoid the possibility of a retinal detachment.

After I had been at the colony school for 15 years, Dr. Piper announced his retirement, and much to my surprise I was elected by the board of governors to assume his position. Rachel and I moved back into the house that she had been raised in. A sizable increase in salary accompanied my new position. Dr. and Mrs. Piper moved to a smaller home on campus, and he remained available as an adviser.

Rachel and I were very happy at this point in our life. Her prescription had remained exactly the same after 15 years as it had been when we first met. She still peered myopically at the world through her -45D lenses, but her visual acuity was surprisingly good, and she could see pretty close to the 20/30 line on an eye chart. This was almost as good as my eyesight, with glasses that were a third of the power of hers. The three girls were attending school on campus; however Jason was bussed into town with the other boys. I still had 5 more years to go on my original contract before I could retire, but with the new position I was considering extending my retirement for at least 5 years.

The 5 next years passed by rapidly. Melanie, Megan and Amanda all had developed prescriptions that were in the mid 30ís and we could tell that they were probably going to meet, or exceed Rachelís -45D. Jason seemed to have stopped his progression around -22D, and actually had 20/20 vision with his glasses.

The shock came that year when I was advised by the board of governors that our funding was ending and there would be no more kindergarten classes to be scheduled for the following year. It was going to then take about 10 years to dismantle the school, and they asked if I would stay on. I could have retired and taken my pension, but I didnít think it fair that they should have to hire someone else for only 10 years. Each year we were able to drop one class, and finally we were down to only 2 grades to go. These 100 children could be absorbed into the private school systems around the country, and they were all sent off to various boarding schools. There were also generous agreements in place to provide these girls with a university education as well, so no one was going to be harmed with the ending of the experiment.

It has now been a few years since the colony was dismantled. Somewhere out in society are about 1,000 blond, beautiful young ladies that have a varying degree of myopia, and I am still wondering exactly what information the companies that funded this experiment gleaned from their expenditures. Now when I drive by the campus I see that the beautiful brick buildings have all been torn down, and new roads with cookie cutter housing clusters have replaced the green rolling hills. I am sure that some of the cost of the experiment was replaced by the profits from the land. But there is no use thinking about something that has gone. Rachel and I still have each other, and we have enough grandchildren that I have lost count. Melanie, Megan, and Amanda have all married boys that they first met at the colony, and together they have given us 7 very nearsighted grandchildren. Jason married a young lady from the colony and they have 3 children as well, so I suppose I should have said 10 grandchildren. The 3 girls now have prescriptions in the low -40Dís, and none have quite reached their mothers degree of myopia. Jason and Heatherís 3 children have much lower degrees of myopia than their cousins have, but they are all quite nearsighted also.

I felt that I no longer had to worry about my original agreement of non disclosure, so to pass the time I have put the story of the colony down on paper. If you read this, and you spot a middle aged good looking blond lady wearing a pair of glasses with a decent minus prescription that you feel you would like to meet, if you want to approach her, you might ask her if she was at the colony as a child. It might surprise you to find out that your guess is accurate, and it will definitely surprise her to find someone who knows about the colony.


Sept 2010