The Babysitter

by Specs4ever

When I was a kid Lori Anders lived 3 doors down the street from my house. I didn’t pay any attention to her, because she was, at age 12,5 years older than me. Oh, I saw her around frequently, but she was in only at my school the year I was in grade one, and then she went on to Junior High. Until the day she came to baby sit my sister and I, I don’t think I had taken any notice of Lori. I suppose I had noticed that Lori wore glasses, but I don’t recall noticing that the lenses in her glasses were pretty thick until the day she came to be our sitter.

Lori, at age 12, was also a bit overweight. My sister and I liked her as a sitter though, because she didn’t bother us. She sat in the living room, and read constantly, or if there was a show on the television we were watching sometimes Lori would watch it with us. I honestly don’t remember Lori ever instigating a conversation with us.

I do remember that I was a curious person, and I also remember the first time I asked Lori about her glasses. I asked her why she needed glasses, and I’ll never forget her answer.

“I’m very nearsighted, and I have worn glasses since I was a baby.” Lori told me.

“What’s nearsighted?” I asked.

‘I can’t see far away. I can only see clearly up close. Actually my eyes are so bad I can’t really see fairly close up either. And I can barely see to read without my glasses because I have to bring my book right up almost to my nose.” Lori replied.

Years later I still remember that conversation. I also remember Lori allowing me to try on her glasses, and I couldn’t see a thing through the strong lenses. She held on to me while I had her glasses, probably so I didn’t run away and leave her standing there helpless. This made me more curious about Lori’s strong glasses, and I would often look at Lori, and check out her glasses whenever I thought she wasn’t watching me.

Lori had been watching Julie and me whenever mom and dad went out for about a year. I had noticed that Lori was starting to project a bit in the front, and now she was wearing a bra under her blouse. One evening Lori came over, and I noticed immediately that she had new glasses.

“Hey, new glasses. They look nice on you Lori.” I said.

“Thanks Greg, but I don’t think they do. They are a little bit stronger, and I can see better now, but I sure wish I wasn’t so blind.” Lori replied.

“How strong are they?” I asked.

“The doctor said now my numbers were negative 11. I don’t really know what that means, but I know I am legally blind without glasses.” Lori replied.

“Have you ever had a change before?” I asked.

“No, this is the first time my numbers have changed. Every time I got new glasses before it was because the frame had gotten too small, and they hurt me to wear them, or because I had broken them. But now my doctor says I will probably have a few changes because I have entered puberty.” Lori said.

I had mentioned that Lori was a bit overweight, but she was a big boned girl, so as Lori grew taller, she didn’t really look fat. She was heavy, but some people are just naturally this way. She did have one heck of a set on her though. And, once Lori had that first prescription change it seemed that she was always getting new glasses. And after she had her new glasses for a few months, then she was always complaining that she couldn’t see through them anymore.

When I was 9 I remember Lori getting another new pair of glasses. These glasses intrigued me, because they were dished in on the front as well as at the back. I asked Lori about this, and she told me that these lenses were called biconcave, and they were this way because her prescription was now so strong that they had to put some of her prescription in the front of the lens as well as in the rear. Lori had a nice looking pair of plastic frames for this pair of glasses. They were white, with sparkles across the top, and the white faded into clear as the frame came around the bottom of the lens. The lenses seemed to stick back behind the frame by about a half an inch, and they stuck out a little from the front of the frame, so I figured these lenses were about three quarters of an inch thick.

Lori’s next pair, a few months later, was a dark brown. They were a smaller size for the lens, but the lens still seemed to be about the same thickness. I loved looking at Lori’s eyes through these lenses, because her eyes looked so tiny and set back into her face. And, Lori’s face had always looked sunken in at the sides when I looked at her head on through her glasses, but these glasses really made her face sink in at the sides.

Just before I turned 12, and would no longer need a sitter, Lori got another new pair of glasses. This pair was really weird. There was a circle in the center of each lens, directly in front of each eye. It was like Lori anticipated that I was going to ask her about her new lenses.

“They are called myodiscs Greg. When a person’s eyes get so bad that they can’t make the lens any thicker that have to make them this way. The optician told me I could wait another year or so before I got myodiscs, but she also told me I would need them anyway, so I decided to get them now.” Lori said.

What are your eyes now Lori?” I asked.

“They are –17D now Greg. My doctor told me that they will keep getting worse until I am about 21, and that isn’t for another three years.” Lori replied.

After I turned 12, and was able to stay on my own and look after Julie when mom and dad went out I didn’t see much of Lori anymore. She had finished high school, and she went away somewhere for more schooling. But I did find that I was looking at every girl who wore glasses now. When I was 15 I went to my first dance with a girl, and of course it was a girl who wore glasses. Sherry had been a grade behind me in school, and I remember noticing her the first time she showed up at school wearing glasses. At first she wore them all the time, but then I suppose she succumbed to the taunts about being four eyed, and she would then carry them with her in their case. Then, just before I asked her to the dance, she had gotten new glasses. I suppose these glasses were a bit stronger, because now Sherry was wearing them all the time. But when I went by her house to walk to the dance with her she came to the door without her glasses.

“Where are your glasses?” I asked

“I didn’t think you wanted me to wear them.” Sherry replied.

“I think you look just fine wearing glasses. I don’t mind if you wear them.” I replied.

So Sherry went in and got her glasses. She wore them the entire evening, and I made sure I told her she looked great. I went with Sherry for a few months before we broke up, and a few years later when I ran into her at a function she thanked me for being so nice to her about her glasses. Apparently I had given her the confidence to wear glasses, and she still did, although her lenses didn’t look as though they had gotten much stronger.

All through university I was looking for a girl who wore glasses. I dated a few, but I couldn’t seem to find one who needed glasses with thick lenses. I suppose I was looking for a girl like Lori, even though I didn’t think of it that way at the time.

I finished university as a civil engineer. I took a job at an engineering firm, because I had to serve an apprenticeship before I could be a certified engineer, but I knew I didn’t really want to be an engineer. I wanted to run a bulldozer, and a backhoe, and any of the other pieces of construction equipment that were always on our jobsites. It wasn’t long after I received my certification that I decided I would take a course on operating heavy equipment. I really enjoyed the course, and decided that this is what I wanted to do.

Naturally I didn’t have any money to buy any construction equipment of my own, so I stayed working for the engineering firm that I had started with. They had a lot of their own equipment, and my boss let me “play” with the equipment from time to time. Without them knowing it I got the plans for a small job that was being tendered in my own town, and I managed to win the contract. This job was so small that it didn’t require a full time engineer, nor did it require a full time equipment operator, but I was able to rent a dozer, and a loader backhoe combination. My uncle had a dump truck, and was willing to help me out, so we completed the job, and I was left with a tidy profit. This allowed me to place another bid on another job. Before long I had 2 employees, and I had purchased my own dozer, and loader backhoe. There was actually quite a bit of municipal work that required an engineer on site.

My costs were pretty reasonable. I was living at home, paying rent to my parents. My uncle had a little trailer that he towed behind the dump truck, and he could move my equipment around for me, and he lived on some acreage outside of town, so I could park my stuff there when it wasn’t busy. I had an older travel trailer that I had fixed up as a job site trailer that I towed around with my 4 x 4 pickup, so business wise everything was going very well in my life.

The only thing that was wrong was that at age 24 I still hadn’t found a girlfriend. Everyone kept asking me when I was going to find a girl and settle down. And my mother was playing matchmaker every time she could set me up with the daughter of one of her friends. There had been 2 or 3 of them who wore glasses but unfortunately not one of these girls wore a decent prescription in their glasses.

I had to go to the library to look up some bids that had been tendered a few years back, The only way I could get the information I needed was to search through some of the old newspapers. I waited in my pickup, parked on the street in front of the library, for it to open. A tall, slightly heavyset lady walked by, and headed up the steps of the library. Her long brown hair hid any view I could have possibly gotten of her face, and I actually hadn’t been looking until I saw her turn and go towards the library. I waited until my watch said 9, and I walked up the steps myself.

It was dark inside, and even though the lights were on it took a minute for my eyes to adjust. In this time I had walked up to the desk where the librarian was sitting. She looked up at me, and the first thing I saw was the round circle in the center of each of the lenses of her glasses. I looked again and recognized Lori.

“Lori. It’s great to see you. I didn’t know you were the librarian.” I said.

“Hi, Greg. I have been here for about 5 years now. Dad died, and I came back to be with mom.” Lori said.

“You mean you have been living down the street from me all this time?” I asked.

“No, Mom and dad sold that house, and they bought another one in Park Hill a year before dad died. Mom and I live there. Fortunately it is a closer walk to work.” Lori said.

“You don’t drive?” I questioned.

“Not with my eyes I don’t. I couldn’t pass the vision test. Mom still has the car, but she isn’t even driving much these days.” Lori said.

I told Lori what I needed, and she helped me find the old papers. I copied the information I needed, and when I was leaving I turned to Lori.

“What time do you get off work?” I asked.

“Five o’clock. But why do you ask?” Lori asked.

“I’ll pick you up, and take you out for a bite to eat.” I said.

“Why? Are you not married?” Lori asked inquisitively.

“No, I am not married. And this is a thank you for your help, as well as a friendly gesture so we can catch up on what has happened in our lives since we last saw each other.” I replied.

“I’d like that. I’ll call mom and tell her not to expect me for supper.” Lori replied.

I was now 25, and I knew that Lori was 31. When I was 6, and she was 12 this had been a big difference in ages. And it still was the same difference, but now it didn’t seem to matter as much to me. The minute I had looked at her severely nearsighted eyes through the powerful circles in her glasses I knew I wanted this girl.

I dressed in clean, but casual clothes when I went back to pick Lori up. Mom had asked me where I was going, and I told her that I was taking Lori Anders to supper to thank her for the help she had given me at the library that morning. I wasn’t happy with mom’s reaction though. She made a nasty comment about Lori’s bad eyes, and also mentioned that she was a bit heavy. I replied that Lori wasn’t any heavier than mom, and that was definitely the wrong thing to say.

I enjoyed being with Lori that evening. We talked a lot, and we laughed a lot. She was a comfortable person to be with. I did come to the realization that if it wasn’t for her severe myopia and her strong glasses that I wouldn’t have given her the time of day, and I suppose I was fixated on her glasses the entire evening.

“How strong are your glasses now Lori?” I asked during an opening in the conversation.

“They are –25D now. My doctor was wrong. He told me that my eyes would stop getting worse by the time I was 21, but they went up to –24D by the time I was 25. Then over the last 5 years they have only gone up another –1D. I hope they have stopped now.” Lori told me.

“That is weird that you have such poor eyesight. Neither you mom or your dad wore glasses when I was a kid.” I replied.

“No one could explain it back then. Now my doctor tells me that when I was born the inner lenses in my eyes were too thick. This gave me the initial bout of myopia. Then when I reached puberty my eyes were always looking through strong lenses that were designed for distance vision. I read a lot, and my eyeball started to elongate. So now I have about –10D because of my thicker inner lenses, and the other –15D is mostly acquired myopia due to my eyeball getting longer.” Lori explained.

“So will you have any further problems, or will your eyes pretty well stay like they are for the rest of your life?” I asked.

“Actually, for a congenital myope it is a little surprising that I became so myopic. Usually someone who is born with high myopia due to increased inner lens thickness doesn’t ever get much worse. But I was quite a reader, and probably caused a lot of my increased myopia. But my doctor thinks I will stay like I am now for the rest of my life. I am at increased risk for a retinal detachment, but apparently my retinas look pretty good.” Lori said.

I figured I had better direct the conversation away from her vision before she began to wonder why I was asking all the questions. I had no intention of hooking up with someone who was going to go blind, but if her eyes were going to stay relatively stable I was fine with that. After we had finished our meal I walked Lori to the truck, and opened her door for her. I also sized her up pretty carefully. She had a darned decent rear end, and she had nice big breasts. She was a little thick in the middle, but she definitely wasn’t grossly overweight. I actually thought she looked pretty nice for her height. And she had beautiful chestnut brown hair, which hung long and loose around her face. Tonight she had it parted to one side, but this morning at the library she had worn her hair parted in the middle. I found Lori quite attractive, and when I got back into the truck I told her so.

“You are a very pretty lady Lori. Why have you never gotten married?” I asked.

“No one has ever gone out with me long enough to ask me. I think most guys are turned off by my very strong glasses.” Lori replied.

“Well that is a darned poor reason. You are good looking, and seem to be a really nice person. Oh well, their loss, my gain.” I said with a laugh in my voice.

“What do you mean by that Greg?” Lori asked.

“Exactly what I said Lori. If other guys were too stupid to pass you up because of your poor eyesight then I am happy that they did, because that left you still unattached, and available for me to date you.” I responded.

“But you are a lot younger than me.” Lori said.

“And that is a problem because......?” I left the question unfinished

“I don’t think it bothers me. Actually dad was quite a bit older than mom, and he died a few years ago. I guess it wouldn’t be too bad if the man was younger in age.” Lori replied.

“It doesn’t bother me either. Would you like to go to the 9 pm movie Friday? I can pick you up at 8. Or I could pick you up after work, and we could eat and then go to the show?” I asked.

“How about you pick me up here at 5 when I get off, and you can drive me home so I can change my clothing. Then we can go for something to eat, and go to the show after?” Lori said questioningly.

“It is a date then. I will be here at 5 Friday.” I told her.

By then we had arrived at Lori’s house. I opened the door for her and walked her to the front door. I was a little apprehensive about trying for a kiss, but I told her to give me a hug. She did, and as we hugged her lips came close to mine, and it seemed only natural to kiss her.

My mom threw a conniption fit when I told her that Lori and I were having supper and were going to the show Friday. She calmed down a little when I told her I would move into my own place if my dating Lori were a problem. By the time Friday rolled around we were talking again, but she was very reserved. I couldn’t understand it. Mom had never seemed to stick her nose in my business before. Sure, she had tried to set me up with dates, but if I had not followed through by dating the girl she hadn’t said anything further.

Lori and I had a great time Friday. I picked her up, and took her home to change. While she was upstairs I spent some time talking to her mom, who remembered me as the little boy down the street that Lori used to sit for. When we got to the restaurant the maitre de led us to a corner than was fairly dark. After we were seated Lori spoke.

“You may have to tell me what’s on the menu Greg. It might be a little to dark in here for me to read.” Lori said.

“Sure, not a problem.” I replied.

The waiter brought our water and our menu’s, and I saw Lori take a small magnifying glass out of her purse. She proceeded to read the menu herself, and decided on what she wanted to order.

“I was a little afraid it would be too dark, but it wasn’t a problem. Normally I do fine without the magnifying glass, but I needed it in the darker lighting tonight.” Lori said.

“Lori, there is no need to apologize. I realize your eyesight isn’t the best, and I can live with that. Just let me know if you need any help, and I will be glad to assist you.” I replied.

“Thanks Greg. It is really sweet of you to say that.” Lori said.

She looked amazingly attractive tonight. She had split her long straight hair down the middle, and she had simply tied each side back into two parts. The candlelight reflected from the lenses in her glasses in such a way that it excited me to no end. If we had been able to go home to bed I would have taken her right then and there. After we finished eating it was still too early for the show, so we went out and sat on a bench in the park downtown. We started off talking, but before long we were hugging and kissing and petting. Finally it was time for the show, so we went and bought our tickets. I let Lori choose where she wanted to sit, and she chose a seat that was a little closer to the screen than I would have picked, but it was a distance I could live with. As it turned out we could have sat in the back row, and Lori could have taken her glasses off, because we didn’t really see much of the show. By the end of the evening, when I took Lori home I had pretty well decided that I was going to marry her, and I was going to do it as soon as possible.

The next day Lori had to work until 3 pm, so I picked her up after work. Julie, my sister had married a guy a couple of years older than I was, and their 6-year-old son was playing ball that afternoon. Uncle Greg always went to see Scottie play, so I took Lori with me. Julie was quite nice to Lori, and I was thankful for that. And in the bright sunlight Lori was able to follow Scottie’s progress on the field, so her corrected eyesight wasn’t all that terrible.

“Mom’s a little upset that you are going with Lori.” Julie said when we were alone for a couple of minutes.

“Well she had better get used to the idea. I am thinking I might just marry her.” I said.

“Oh wow, I didn’t realize it was that serious. How long have you been going out with her?” Julie asked.

“Forever in my mind, but in actual fact only since last Monday night.” I replied.

“Oh, so you had a major crush on her when she was our sitter. Now I understand. Well big brother, I hope you know what you are doing, and I wish you and Lori the best.” Julie responded.

“Thanks Julie. That means a lot to me. Can you help me figure out a way to settle mom down?” I asked.

“Give her some time to get used to the idea. Right now all she can think about is that if you and Lori have kids her grandkids will have to wear thick glasses, and she doesn’t like that idea. But we took Scottie to the eye doctor last week, and he is going to have his first pair of glasses by Monday or Tuesday, so she better be able to accept the fact.” Julie replied.

“Lots of people wear glasses these days. It is no big deal.” I replied.

“It still is to mom, but I think she will get over it.” Julie said.

Lori and I spent the rest of the day together, and I took her home at midnight. I was picking her up the next morning at ten, and we were going to church together. Mom was shocked I was going to church, but I told her that Lori went every week.

“I know. I see her there all the time.” Mom replied.

After church Lori and I took her mom home, and I stayed for lunch. After lunch we went for a drive in the country. We just happened to be close to my uncle’s average where my travel trailer was parked, so we stopped by. I had a generator and a television in the back room, which was still a bedroom, so I fired up the gen set, and we lay on the bed in the back room while the air conditioning kept us cool. Before long we were kissing and petting. I discovered that day that Lori was still a virgin, and I had to admit to her that I wasn’t really very experienced either. After we had finished we lay on the bed, holding each other. Lori was the only one to have anything on, and that was because I had insisted that she should leave her glasses on so that she could see while we made love. I kissed her a long, passionate kiss, and as I raised my head I gazed lovingly through the powerful myodisc lenses into her minified eyes.

“Lori, will you marry me?” I asked.

“But Greg, we hardly know each other.” Lori said.

“I’ve been in love with you forever. Do you not feel that you love me?” I asked.

“Yes, yes I do. I will marry you Greg, but you had better be sure about this.” Lori said.

“I have never wanted anything so badly in my life Lori.” I replied.

With that we made love again.

We picked a date that was just 4 months away. My brother in law Mike was going to be my best man, and Julie was willing to be Lori’s maid of honor. I had a couple of guys I hung around with once in a while so they were my ushers. Lori had a friend she worked with at the library, and another school friend she still saw once in a while to be bridesmaids. The wedding went well, and that night Lori and I drove to a nearby city. We stayed in a large motel/hotel for the first night of our life together. We didn’t sleep much, and Lori finally drifted off to sleep still wearing her glasses. I gently removed them, folded them and laid them where she could easily find them in the morning.

“Greg, Greg, wake up Greg.” Lori said as she was shaking me.

“Whatz wrong honey?” I mumbled sleepily.

“My glasses, where did you put my glasses?” Lori asked.

“Right there on the table beside you honey.” I replied.

“Well, I have knocked them onto the floor then. Can you find them for me? I have to go to the washroom.” Lori replied.

I stumbled out of bed, and sure enough. Lori had knocked her glasses off the bedside table onto the carpet. I picked them up, placed them on her face, and she kissed me thanks. She got up, went to the bathroom, and when she came back we made love again.

This being married was fun. We had no plans for our honeymoon, and we finally decided that we would just stay right here for the week. We had a great time. There was a lovely pool, and a sauna and a hot tub, along with an exercise room. We used all of the amenities, and then we went back to our room and exercised some more. All I had to do was gaze into Lori’s eyes and I was ready for more action.

By the end of the week we had enough exercise, so we drove back home. Since my nephew Scottie had gotten glasses mom had become more civil towards Lori. Either she had accepted the fact that her grandkids would likely wear have to all wear glasses, or she had realized that just because one parent needs strong glasses it doesn’t necessarily mean that the kids would wear glasses. After all both Mike and Julie had great eyesight and no one in Mike’s family or our family wore glasses. So Scottie’s myopia wasn’t inherited. And for me, I was just thrilled to have Lori as my wife. I could care less if we had 10 kids, all as myopic as she was.

Lori and I had moved in with her mom. Her mom had been pretty sick when we were married, and after we returned from our honeymoon her health deteriorated even further. One day, while Lori was at work, and I was home working on a bid, her mom was having trouble breathing, so I immediately drove her to the hospital. Her condition was worsening, so I went and got Lori at work. Lori barely had time to say goodbye to her mom. After the funeral I chalked Lori’s lethargic mood up to the fact that her mom had died, but after we came back from the doctor we knew it wasn’t that. It was morning sickness. Oh well, we wanted kids anyway.

When our daughter was born we named her Diane, after Lori’s mom. Diane was a healthy, happy baby, and she didn’t seem to cry as much as I thought babies were supposed to. But that was fine with me. Lori took a couple of months off work, and then she went back part time. I was surprised. My mom even offered to look after Diane while Lori was at work. I supposed that this meant that mom had accepted Lori.

When Diane was 2, Lori and I had another child. We wanted a boy, but we were blessed with another girl, who we named Carrie. Carrie wasn’t as easy a baby to look after as Diane had been. My business was going well, so I convinced Lori that she should take a leave of absence from her job, and stay home with the kids. She did that, and mom, who was also looking after Scott and Rachael while Julie worked, would often walk over and visit with Lori before Rachel and Scott got home from school. Mom and Lori got along well. I suppose the fact that Rachael and Scott both wore glasses now hadn’t hurt anything. Rachael had stayed at moms during the day while Julie worked, and just before Rachael was due to start school, Lori had been over at moms one day when she noticed Rachael coloring, her face pressed into the coloring book. When Rachael looked up, Lori noticed that Rachael scrunched up her eyes to try to focus on things. So Lori suggested that maybe Rachael might need to have her eyes tested. Sure enough, Rachael was quite nearsighted, and had to get glasses, which she wore constantly from then on. With 2 of her grandkids already wearing glasses, mom couldn’t say much about it if Lori and my kids needed them.

It was no surprise to Lori and I when Diane was found to be nearsighted at age 7. Her first prescription was fairly weak, so Diane only wore her glasses when she was at school, or watching television. We made her take them off when she read, and we hoped her eyes would not get as bad as Rachael’s had. Rachael was 12, and her prescription was around –10D, with a bit of astigmatism. Lori didn’t help matters any by telling mom that that was about what her prescription was when she was Rachael’s age. Now mom worried that Rachael would end up with glasses as strong as Lori’s were.

By the time Diane went back for her second eye examination it was time for Carrie to get her first pair of glasses as well. So now mom’s worst fears had been realized. All 4 of her grandchildren wore glasses. But Scott, Diane and Carrie went through their school years with fairly mild prescriptions. Rachael ended up with a –16D prescription when she graduated from high school, while the other 3 were in the –6D or –7D range. So Mom had worried about my kids for nothing.

Lori and I have been very happy in our married life. I still love to wake up in the morning, reach over and put her glasses on her face, and gently wake my former babysitter so that we can make love on a Sunday morning.


August 2008.