The Fairy and The Fishermen

by Specs4ever

Some have asked me how I come up with the ideas for my stories. Usually I just say that the tale was based on a person I saw, or by something I read, but this story was based on my reaction to a joke in an old Readers Digest in a doctor’s office.

The joke goes as follows: Three friends were out fishing early one morning. One of the fishermen hooked an angel, and when he reeled the angel in, the angel told the three men that she would grant them each a wish if they released her. The first man told the angel that he wanted relief from the terrible back problems that he had been having for the past few years. She waved her wand, and immediately his back trouble disappeared. The second man told the angel that he wanted to be able to do without the coke bottle glasses that he had worn all his life. With that the angel grabbed the glasses from his face, and the second the glasses hit the water the man was able to see perfectly. As the angel turned to the third man he screamed “Don’t touch me, I’m on disability.”

I thought this was sort of a cute story, however my thoughts kept returning to the man who threw away a pair of perfectly good high minus glasses, along with eyesight that many of us would love to have for ourselves. And that is how the following story came about.

Jerry, Tim and I pulled up to the launch ramp and I backed the boat down into the water. Jerry maneuvered the boat over to the dock and he and Tim loaded the beer, the food and our fishing gear while I parked the truck and trailer. As we put putted towards the fishing hole we usually went to the sun began to peek over the hills. It was going to be a great day.

Two hours of fishing had resulted in each of us catching a decent number of fish, and we were discussing when we should quit. Jerry cast his line, and before it hit the water he caught something. As he reeled in we saw it was something that I had only heard of in dreams. Jerry had caught a fairy. I took the struggling fairy in my hands and was about to release it anyway when she said to me:

“Let me go and I will grant you each a wish.”

“I was going to let you go anyway. You don’t have to give us anything.” I replied.

“Well, I will anyway,” she said. “Tell me what you want.”

“I would love to get rid of this terrible back pain I have had for the past few years.” Jerry said.

With a flash of her wand the fairy cured Jerry’s back pain.

“I’d love to get rid of my glasses and have perfect eyesight.” Tim said.

The fairly grabbed at Tim’s glasses but the croakie that he always wore was holding them to his head. Tim released the croakie, and the fairy threw his glasses into the water. As soon as the glasses hit the water and began to sink Tim exclaimed, “I can see.”

Now it was my turn. I pulled out my phone and checked my scheduler. “At exactly 11:01 am on the 10th of this month I would like you to give the exact prescription that was in the glasses you just threw into the water to my fiancée.” The fairy said that this would be done, and she flew away.

Luanne, my girlfriend, and hopefully soon to become my wife, was already a fairly nearsighted young lady. Her present prescription was something like -12.00 x -3.75 x 30 in her right eye, and her left eye was -12.50 x -3.25 x 150. She had been having trouble with her vision, and her contact lenses recently, and on the 10th, at 11 am I was taking her in for her eye doctor’s appointment. If this fairy was for real, the prescription that Luanne would be leaving with was one heck of a lot stronger than the one she went in with. I never did know what Tim’s glasses prescription was, but they were a pair of real coke bottle glasses. The few times that he wore them in public I loved to look at his eyes, minified by the strong myodiscs, and I was already getting excited thinking about Luanne wearing this prescription.

“Honey, it is almost 11:00. Do you want me to go to the washroom with you so that you can take your lenses out, and I can help you find your way back /” I asked.

“Sure, if you don’t mind being the guide for the blind lady.” Luanne said jokingly to me.

We walked down the hall together, and Luanne went into the ladies bathroom. I had my fingers crossed that she would have her contacts out by 11:01, and that she wouldn’t realize just how much worse her eyes had gotten. I was fortunate. When she came out of the washroom, blinking and scrunching up her eyes to try to see, I could tell that she hadn’t realized that her eyesight was far worse now than it had been this morning when she put her lenses in. I helped her back to the waiting room, and it wasn’t long before the assistant came to get Luanne. I asked if I could go along as well, and I was allowed to accompany Luanne into the room where the auto refractor was. The doctor’s assistant sat Luanne down in front of the auto refractor, and after a few minutes made a comment on how much worse Luanne’s eyes had gotten since her last exam, only 2 years earlier.

Then we were taken back to the examining room. After another short wait Dr. Smithers came in and after a few words of greeting he looked at Luanne’s chart. I thought I could hear him whistle through his teeth when he saw the numbers from the auto refractor, but he didn’t say anything.

He was pretty thorough with his examination. But, I was getting nervous. I had set everything up, but I had no idea what would happen after the exam, when Luanne went to put her old contacts back in. She would then find that she couldn’t see through them very well, and she would know that something strange had happened. Sure, her distance vision was likely a little worse now than it was when she had gotten the contacts a couple of years ago, but there was no way that she wouldn’t have noticed an extra -10D of myopia. Finally Dr. Smithers was finished.

“Well, Luanne, you have had a considerable jump in your spherical prescription. However, for a bit of good news, your cylinder has dropped quite a bit. I do have some more bad news for you though. You have a lot of broken blood vessels in your eyes. Because of this, I can determine that you have been wearing your contacts far too many hours of the day, and probably every day of the week as well. I told you the last time you were in that if you wanted to be able to wear contacts for a long time into the future you had better cut back on your wearing of contacts considerably. Now you don’t have any choice. If your eyes don’t clear up and stop looking like a road map with all the red veins I will have to forbid the wearing of contacts completely.” Dr Smithers said.

Luanne looked at him sheepishly. “Well, I don’t want to have to wear glasses in public for the rest of my life, so I guess I had better take your advice this time.”

“I am not exactly sure what we can do to help you out right now though. Your prescription now is amazingly close to a patient of mine who, through some miracle, had his vision restored just a few weeks ago. He had a brand new pair of contact lenses that he had bought and paid for, and since they were a custom order, we were unable to return them to our supplier. His base curve and diameter is almost exactly what you need. I hesitate giving them to you, but at the moment we have no other options.” Dr Smithers said.

“I will try to go to bed a little earlier until I get new glasses, but I am pretty helpless without my eyes in.” Luanne said.

“I will go get the contacts for you, but you have to promise me that you will order a pair of glasses today. Marylyn, at the optician’s next door, has a pretty good idea of what options are available for you as far as lenses and frames go.” Dr Smithers said.

“I promise we will get a pair of glasses ordered today for Luanne doctor.” I said.

The doctor went and got the 2 vials of contact lenses that had been ordered for Tim. I hadn’t realized until that point that Tim had been a patient here, but I guess that since Dr. Smithers was the only ophthalmologist in town I shouldn’t have been surprised.

After the exam was finished and Luanne had inserted Tim’s contacts in her eyes, we went next door to see Marylyn. It took a while, but by the time we had finished we had spent almost $700.00 for a pair of hi index glasses with myodisc lenses. And, I got to see what Luanne’s new prescription was. It read -23.50 x -1.00 x 180 for the right eye, and -23.00 x -1.00 x 175 for the left eye.

As I drove home I asked Luanne how her vision was with the new contacts.

“Things look a bit crisper, but everything looks so tiny now.” Luanne replied.

“That’s not surprising, because the doctor said you had a pretty big increase.” I replied.

“I didn’t think I was seeing that badly Jeff.” Luanne said.

“That is because your eyes were getting worse and worse very slowly. I knew that you really needed a new prescription because you were having a hard time reading signs and stuff.” I replied.

That satisfied Luanne. I still couldn’t believe how fortunate I had been. Because she was now wearing Tim’s lenses she would never know that her eyesight had gotten a lot worse in less than a minute.

It took almost 3 weeks for her new glasses to come in. And, when Luanne and I went to the optical store to pick them up, Luanne’s reaction was almost predictable. The minute she looked in the mirror and saw her minified eyes looking back at her face I saw her mouth drop, and I was sure that she was going to scream out that there was no way she would ever wear these things in public. But she shuddered a little and looked around the store, and at the other people in the store. Finally she looked up at me, almost with tears in her eyes.

“They look pretty bad don’t they?” Luanne stated.

“Actually they don’t look bad at all honey. I could get used to you wearing them.” I replied.

“That’s good, because I promised Dr Smithers that I would wear glasses a lot more than I previously had.” Luanne said.

“Once a year would be a lot more than you previously had.” I replied.

The first week that Luanne had her new glasses she was very good about wearing them. She even wore them to work one day. She had told her co-workers about her problem with her contact lenses, and when she did show up wearing glasses they were pretty supportive. Luanne was a really nice person, and was very well liked, so there were no negative comments, which helped a lot.

During the second week I noticed that Luanne wore her glasses for both days on the weekend, and when Monday morning came and she went off to work wearing glasses, I knew there must really be something wrong with her contacts. We had to go to see Dr. Smithers again on the Friday afternoon as soon as she got off work, so I was looking forward to the visit even more when I realized that Luanne had not put her contacts in even once all week. After a very thorough examination Dr. Smithers asked Luanne some questions.

“Have you gotten used to wearing glasses again Luanne?” Dr. Smithers asked.

“Not really Doctor. I can’t see a thing without them, so I have to wear them, but I would rather wear my contacts. Everything looks so tiny when I am wearing glasses. And when I am reading I have to bring things really close to my eyes. Can I go back to wearing contacts?” Luanne asked.

“No, you can’t wear contacts for a little while longer Luanne. You need to give your eyes more time to heal.” Dr. Smithers said.

“I actually like being able to just put my glasses on and be able to see, without the fuss and bother of putting in my lenses. I only wish everything wasn’t so tiny.” Luanne replied.

“The more you wear your glasses the easier it will be for you to see things. You are seeing pretty close to 20/20 with your glasses. Can you make an appointment to return in 2 weeks Luanne?” Dr. Smithers asked.

“I will book one with the receptionist on our way out.” Luanne replied.

So, we stopped by the front desk and made another Friday appointment. As we walked to the car I asked Luanne if she would like to go to dinner while we were still downtown and close to our favorite restaurant. She agreed that this would be nice, so I drove a few blocks to the restaurant and we were seated. Luanne and I had been living together for 3 years now, and while I had been seriously considering asking her to marry me before, her new prescription and her myodisc glasses were the push that I needed. I knew I would never find another pretty young lady with a pair of wonderfully strong glasses like Luanne now needed. I had the ring in my pocket, and I was pretty sure I was going to ask Luanne to marry me tonight.

It was dark enough inside the restaurant that Luanne had to struggle a bit to read the menu, and as I sat there watching her I felt the urge to take her home and make love to her. But I resisted, and we enjoyed a really good meal. After we were finished and we were sitting with our coffee, I reached into my pocket and pulled out the ring box I had there.

“Luanne, would you marry me?” I asked.

Her eyes instantly lit up behind the strong myodisc lenses she now had to wear. I knew what the answer would be before I even opened the box containing the ring and showed it to her. She peered myopically at the ring and brought it closer to her glasses for a better look before she slipped it on her finger.

“Jeff, it is lovely. I would be happy to marry you.” Luanne said.

So, we discussed our wedding plans, and we decided that we would have a small ceremony at City Hall, with just a few friends who wanted to join us. We asked the manager of the restaurant how large a gathering he could accommodate, and when he told us a group of 50 was about the largest group he wanted to handle we booked the restaurant immediately, telling him we would get back to him within a few days to give him the numbers. Then we continued on our way home, and went to bed, where we made love. This time I managed to convince Luanne to leave her glasses on, and I had a fabulous experience, better than ever before.

“Wow that was really something Jeff. I definitely enjoyed that.” Luanne said as I rolled over.

“Not as much as I did honey. You were fantastic.” I replied.

“Can I ask you something Jeff?” Luanne asked.

“Sure, go ahead.” I replied.

“Why did you ask me to marry you now, just when my eyes have gotten worse, and I have to wear my glasses pretty well all the time now?” Luanne asked.

“Oh, I don’t really know for sure. Maybe it is because I have now seen you wearing glasses enough in the past couple of weeks to realize that I like your appearance as much when you are wearing glasses as I did when you were wearing contacts. So, since I can accept you maybe having to wear glasses for the rest of our lives, I think this is why I decided I would like to marry you.” I replied.

That was the correct answer, because we were then able to make love again. I wished I could have told her the truth, that ladies who wore thick glasses excited me in a way no one could ever imagine, but I figured she would think I was a bit mental if I told her that so I kept my mouth shut.

Luanne was disappointed when Dr. Smithers still wouldn’t let her go back to wearing contacts for our wedding. She probably would have been very upset if she had found out that I had a word with the doctor, and suggested that it might be a good idea if he kept Luanne out of contacts for a couple more months, as she seemed to be getting used to her vision with her glasses, and a little more time might allow her to realize that she doesn’t need to ever again wear contacts.

The wedding went off without a hitch. We went on a 2 week honeymoon, and when we returned we moved into a 3 bedroom house we had just purchased. It kept me busy working on the house, and Luanne was very busy at work as well. I finished all the interior work just in time though, as Luanne announced to me one evening that she was pregnant. I was quite pleased at this announcement, as we had both decided that we wanted children.

Luanne was planning to work until the end of the 7th month. During her 5th month Luanne started to notice that she was having trouble seeing things in the distance, so we went back to Dr. Smithers for a little tune up of her prescription. When we left the doctor’s office we again went next door to see Marylyn. Luanne had required an increase of a diopter in each eye, so her new prescription was now -24.50 x -1.00 x 180 for the right eye, and -24.00 x -1.00 x 175 for the left eye. Dr. Smither’s wasn’t sure if Luanne would revert back to her previous prescription after the baby was born, so he was a little hesitant to give Luanne the stronger prescription, but Luanne was quite insistent that she needed to be able to see clearly for driving, and for her work, so finally he had relented.

It was a few days past her due date when Luanne had our daughter Shelby. Shelby was a beautiful baby girl, but as a parent you always think your baby is beautiful. Once the first couple of months went by Luanne returned to work, and Shelby stayed with Luanne’s mom during the day. One day I noticed that Luanne was wearing her old glasses again, and when I asked her about it, she merely said that her prescription had gone back to where it was before she was pregnant. I didn’t really care, because her old glasses still excited me every time I saw her wearing them.

When Shelby was a year and a half Luanne became pregnant again. And, as before, about halfway through the pregnancy she had to start wearing the stronger glasses again. When Shawn, our son, was born I figured that Luanne would end up going back to her old prescription again, but 6 months passed and Luanne was still wearing the stronger glasses.

By the time a year had gone by after Shawn was born I figured that Luanne would be wearing her newest prescription forever. But Luanne and I had noticed that Shelby wasn’t seeing as well as she should be, so Luanne made an appointment for herself and Shelby with Dr. Smither’s. Shelby ended up needing glasses with a prescription of -4D for each eye. But the surprising thing was that Luanne now needed a prescription of -25.00D x -1.00 x 180 for her right eye, and -25.00D x -1.00 x 175 for her left eye.

I was not disappointed that Luanne had required another increase, although I figured that this would likely be her last increase. But I would certainly enjoy watching Shelby get stronger and stronger glasses as she grew older.

I again give thanks to the fairy for my highly myopic wife.


March 2010.