The Girl Wanted Glasses

by Specs4ever


I was around 11 when I first realized I was attracted to glasses. Mom and I were at the mall, and as we were passing by an optical store a girl in my class came out of the store with her mom. Amy was wearing glasses, and since I had never seen Amy wearing glasses before, I said hello and went over to talk to Amy.  I was amazed at the difference the glasses made in Amy’s appearance. She looked different, even better looking than she already did. Amy was not one of the kids I hung around with normally, but once she started wearing glasses I found myself drawn to Amy.


Then the following year we had a pretty young teacher.  It was Miss Stones first year of teaching after her graduation from teachers college. She didn’t wear glasses; at least I didn’t think so until she showed up one day wearing a pair of oval shaped gold wire framed glasses. These glasses were so neat. I loved the way they looked on her face. The front of the lenses seemed to be flat, and they reflected the light in interesting ways. And there were lots and lots of rings in the lenses, especially if I looked at the glasses sort of sideways.  I especially liked the way the lenses of the glasses made her eyes look so much smaller, and they made the sides of her face shrink in when I looked directly at her face. But she hardly ever wore them, and I remember wishing every day before school started that she would be wearing her glasses that day. I thought she looked far nicer with them on than she did without them.


I spent a lot of time to do some research on our computer and I found that the glasses that I liked the best were glasses that were for correcting myopia. According to what I read, myopia was something that made your eyeball longer than normal, and you needed concave lenses of the proper strength to make the light rays focus on your retina. 


The following year, the year I was 13, I went away to an all girl’s boarding school.  The school had an excellent library, and I spent a lot of time there.   There were 2 or 3 books about myopia, and the causes and the cures, and I read them from cover to cover.  There was also another book by a man named Bates called “Better Eyesight Without Glasses”, which I spent a lot of time reading.  About the only thing I could really figure out was that if you wore glasses your eyes would usually get worse and worse, so that you needed thicker, stronger glasses.  I tried to do exactly the opposite of what the “Bates” book told me I should do. I read for a long time with my book close to my eyes, and I didn’t ever look away.  I watched television from as close a position as I could.  Instead of blinking a lot, I would force my eyes not to blink.  But none of this seemed to help.  I couldn’t seem to develop any myopia.


That next summer, when I was home for the holidays, I was walking through the mall that was not too far from our house.  One of the two optical stores at the mall had just closed, and there were boxes of stuff outside the door that looked as if they were waiting to be carted off to the dumpster.  One of the boxes was open, and right on top was a partial pad of blank prescription slips.  I had found a number of sites on the computer that gave me a lot of information about glasses, so I knew how to fill out a prescription correctly.  Now I had a blank prescription slip.  But, I couldn’t do anything about it yet. I was going to have to wait until I got back to school.


I had an option. School started on Monday, but we could go back to the dormitory as early as the Thursday prior.  I talked my mom into driving me back on Friday, as she and my dad had something planned for Saturday, and they planned to drive me back on Sunday.  But I persuaded mom that I wanted more time to get settled before I had to start classes.  What I really wanted to do was take my now filled out prescription slip into the mall, where there was a one hour optical store where I could get a pair of glasses so the other girls, and my teachers would think I had gotten glasses when I was at home over the summer.  I hoped that with a proper looking prescription the store would not try to call the doctor who’s name was on the slip, and since I was going to buy these glasses on a Saturday, I figured I should be safe.


In doing my research I had discovered that the opinion was that a girl my age could probably manage to wear a prescription of up to –3D over what their real prescription was.  So, to be on the safe side, I had filled my slip out to read –2.75D for each eye.  I went in to the mall on Saturday morning, and I presented my slip to the first lady that asked if she could help me.  Together we chose a frame, and I paid my money. Now my glasses were going to be ready in an hour.  I walked around the mall for what seemed like 2 hours, but was actually only about 45 minutes. When I got back to the store, I realized that I had another 10 minutes to wait, so instead of bothering anyone I sat quietly on a chair.  The lady who had ordered my glasses for me spotted me sitting there, and she went back into the other room to see if my glasses were ready. They were, so she came and got me, and sat me down at a chair in a little booth. She put my glasses on my face, and she checked to see that they fitted properly around my ears.  She had to heat the arms a little bit, but soon they felt great on me.  The only problem was that I couldn’t really see all that well wearing them, but I looked around and told her that I could see everything so much clearer than before.  


By the time I had walked back to my room at school I was able to focus a little better on things. Sure, I could feel that I was making my eyes work a lot, but I loved the fact that I was now wearing glasses.  A few more girls arrived Saturday afternoon, so there were some of my classmates there now.   Some of them noticed that I was now wearing glasses, and the general concession was that they thought I looked good wearing them.  I was pleased, because I thought I looked good with them on as well.


It only took a few days before my eyes got used to the over correction I was forcing on them.  Soon it felt like my glasses belonged on my face, and I put them on every morning before I got out of bed, and took them off only when I was back in bed for the night.  Everything I did was done with glasses on my face. I didn’t even take them off to shower. As Thanksgiving drew near I was starting to worry.  I didn’t have any idea what I would tell my parents.  I didn’t feel I could go home wearing the glasses, because my mom would likely have dragged me in to some doctor friend of hers.  But just before I was to go home for the holiday I got a call from my mom.  Dad had a meeting in Paris the Monday after Thanksgiving, so they were thinking of flying to France the afternoon before the holiday, spending the weekend, and another day in Paris, then returning on the Tuesday.  “Would I mind staying at school over the holiday Honey?” mom asked over the phone.  I was glad she couldn’t see my expression, because it was one of pure happiness, while I pretended to be sad.


I knew I was going to be in trouble at Christmas time. There was no way I could wear my glasses around my parents.  I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do. I had read somewhere, probably on the Internet, that in experiments done with primates, the correction had to be maintained at all times, or the primates didn’t maintain the myopic state they had acquired. So I was worried that a 2 week period without glasses would make my eyes go back to where they were before I started.  But I didn’t have an option.  I actually wanted to go home, and see my parents, so I figured that the worst thing that would happen would be that I would have to get used to wearing glasses all over again.  I was willing to accept that.


I took the bus back home. Mom was supposed to meet me at the station, so as we were pulling into the station I took my glasses off for the first time in 4 months and tried to look around.  Everything was ok up close, but things in the near distance were soft and fuzzy.  When I got off the bus, and got my bag, I looked around for mom. I couldn’t see the faces of people very clearly.  I heard my name called, and looked around. There was a lady over there, but her features were a blur. I squinted my eyes, but still couldn’t clear the blur, and called “Mom?” The lady walked closer, and if I still squinted I could now see that it was mom.


“Jessica, why are you squinting that way?  Could you not see me? Is there something wrong with your eyes?” Mom asked.


“I’ve been having trouble reading the chalkboard at school mom.” I replied.


“How far back do you sit?” Mom asked.


“I’ve been in the front row ever since school started, but back then I could see it, now I can’t.” I replied.


“Well, I will get you an appointment to have your eyes checked tomorrow.” Mom replied.


Mom is a doctor, so I had no doubt that she would.  I also could tell that she was a bit disappointed that I was no longer perfect.  But I also knew that a lot of her colleagues wore glasses, so I didn’t think it would be a big deal.  I heard her side of the conversation on her cell phone, making a couple of calls, and it sounded like I had an appointment for an eye examination tomorrow morning.  When she got off the phone she confirmed that I did indeed have an eye exam scheduled for 9:30 am the following day. Only mom could have gotten one of her doctor friends to come in on a Saturday.


After saying hi to dad, and having some supper, I headed off to my room.  I wanted to put my glasses on, to overcome the blur, but I was afraid to do that, in case mom or dad came in to say goodnight.  And I was right, they did.  Fortunately I was lying on my bed reading. I woke up early the next morning, and I did put my glasses on while I read in bed for a while.  I even left them on while I showered, and did my hair.  Then, just before I went downstairs for breakfast, I took them off and hid them.  I knew now that 4 months of constant wear had made my eyes a little nearsighted. I hoped that I would now be myopic enough to have to wear glasses all the time.


Soon I was sitting in the doctor’s office. He looked at my eyes through a couple of instruments, while he shone a light into my pupils. Then he swung a big machine over in front of me.  I heard a few clicks, and then he asked me to read the letters on the wall.  I could read them, so he put another, smaller group of letters up there. These letters were fuzzy, so he clicked a couple more times, and then they became pretty clear. Then he asked me if this was better, or that was better.  Finally, after making the letters green and then red, he was satisfied with his results.


“She is definitely a little nearsighted Maria.” The doctor said.


“How bad is she Jim?” Mom asked.


“I feel that her prescription is right around –2.50D.  She can see 20/20 with –2.50D, but I don’t like to give kids her age the full correction in their first pair of glasses.  I think I would suggest –2.00D.” Jim told her, as if I wasn’t even there.


“Well, we will just have to get her contact lenses.” Mom replied.


I wanted to shout out that I didn’t want contact lenses.  I wanted glasses.  But then I thought about it, and I realized that contact lenses might just fit into my plans.


“You should get her glasses as well Maria.  With her prescription she should have a pair of glasses to wear.” Jim said.


“Oh, I suppose you are right.  I suppose the only place open today will be over in the mall Jim?” Mom questioned.


“For glasses, yes, but I could probably fit her with contacts right now. This is a simple prescription, so I know we have them in stock.” Jim replied.


“You don’t mind us taking up more of your time today/” Mom asked.


“No, I’m here anyway, and I bet Jessica only takes a couple of minutes to learn how to put the contacts in. Come on to the contact lens room with me Jessica.” Jim said.


The doctor was right.  It didn’t take long before I was able to put a contact lens on my fingertip, and slip it into my eye.  The more I thought about it, I was now very happy that I had gotten contacts.  For one thing the blur I had been experiencing was now gone.  And, now I was going to have glasses that I could wear in front of my parents.


Mom and I went to the mall, and we went to an outlet of the same branch of optical stores that I had gone to before I started school.  I was a little worried that my name would show up on the computer, but I had used my address at the school when I ordered my other glasses, so since we were using a different address and phone number it didn’t bring my name up.  I was lucky and I found the exact same frame that I already had.  Mom and I went shopping for a Christmas present for dad while we waited for my glasses.  When we went back to pick them up the girl wanted to put them on me to adjust them, but mom stopped her, and told her that I had my contacts in.  The girl said that it wouldn’t hurt if I wore the glasses over my contacts for just a few minutes while she made sure they fit, so she did just that.  I didn’t really get a good chance to see if I could focus well wearing my glasses over my contacts lenses, but I was pretty sure I could.


When mom and I got back home I wore my contact lenses for a while, then I told her I was going to try my glasses.  When I came downstairs I was wearing my own old glasses, but I was wearing them over my contact lenses. But I knew that mom would pressure me to wear my contacts, especially if there were any of their friends over for a party. At least I wouldn’t be struggling to see without any correction. And now I knew exactly what I was going to do as soon as I got back to school.  My contacts were –2D, my old glasses were –2.75D, and I was able to function wearing them this way.  I was going to order contact lenses that were –5D, and glasses that were the same strength.  That way, when I came home for Easter I was going to be able to maintain my overcorrection.


So that is exactly what I did. I went back to the same optical store, and had the lenses changed in my old glasses to a prescription of –5D.  I had no problem ordering exactly the same contact lenses I was already wearing in a stronger prescription, and since I went in wearing contact lenses, I didn’t have to go through all the trouble of being taught how to insert and remove them, as well as the proper cleaning and handling process.  Again, it took a few days to accustom my eyes to the new glasses, but by the weekend I felt pretty comfortable wearing my –3D overcorrection.  Naturally I tried to wear my –5D glasses over my –5D contact lenses. This was way too much.  I couldn’t see very well this way at all. But I could wear my –5D glasses over my –2D contact lenses with a bit of difficulty.


When I went home for Easter I wore my –5D contact lenses constantly.  Every once in a while I would wear my –2D glasses over them, especially if I were going out in bright sunlight, as the overcorrection seemed easier to handle when there was plenty of light. After I returned to school I was determined to wear my –2D contacts under my –5D glasses the balance of the school year. And I did that, with no problem whatsoever.


When I returned home for the summer, I continued wearing my –5D disposable contacts under my –2D glasses. I had been home for about 3 weeks when mom asked me why I wasn’t wearing my contact lenses anymore.  I told her I was, but I was wearing them under my glasses, because I couldn’t see very well with just my glasses, or just my contact lenses anymore.   I thought she was going to freak out, she was so angry.

But she calmed down, and made me another appointment with her friend Jim.


I took a pretty big chance when I went for my appointment. I wore my –5D contacts under my –2D glasses right into the doctors examining room.  I took them out, and threw them into the wastebasket when he asked me to remove them.


After the examination, when Jim told my mom that my prescription had increased from –2.50D up to –6.00D in only 6 months my mom was very upset.  She wanted to know if there was anything Jim knew of to do to keep my prescription from increasing any further.  But Jim merely told her that some myopes just naturally have prescription increases, and we would have to sit back and let nature take its course.


“Well, can you tell me how strong a prescription Jess is likely to end up with Jim?” Mom asked.


“She could stop right where she is, or she could go as high as –15D or –16D.  No one knows Maria. You’re a doctor. You should know this.” Jim replied.


“I know you are right Jim, but this is my only daughter. I don’t want her to end up wearing coke bottle glasses, and that seems to be the way she is going.” Mom replied.


“There have been a lot of improvements in eyeglass lenses over the last few years Maria.  A prescription has to get up into the mid teens before they look really strong, and the coke bottle look doesn’t even start until –20D or over now.  With implantable lenses, and possibly eye surgery in the future Jessica will likely only have to wear glasses or contacts until she is 21. And, at age 15 her eyes aren’t any worse than a couple of other patients of mine.” Jim replied.


“Well, we better get her new contacts then Jim.” Mom replied.


“The contacts that you are used to only go up to a certain strength, and you are almost at that level.  I think maybe we should change your brand right now, so that you can see if a different brand will work for you now.” Melissa the nurse said.


I thought that was an excellent idea.  Now I could order stronger contacts again when I returned to school.  Although, I wasn’t really certain I wanted new contacts.  I would be better off having more –2D contacts. But, I thought I had better get contacts to please mom, so we ordered them.  I still had the rest of the summer to go through, and I knew that mom would also want me to get a new pair of glasses as well.  So mom and I went to the same optical store.  This time I had to choose a new frame.  And I was a little surprised. Apparently, my glasses were –6.00D, but my contact lenses were only –5.50D because of the difference in the distance between the contact lenses being on your eyeball, and your glasses sitting about 12 millimeters away from your eye.


I wore my contact lenses a lot for the rest of the summer. It kept my mom happy, so I figured I had better do that.  I really would have liked to have been able to wear my –2D contacts under my –6.00D glasses, but I was only able to do that after mom and dad had gone to work.  I still managed to wear this combination almost daily, except on the weekends, but I doubted that I had managed to increase my prescription any further. And, actually I felt I had done quite well. In only a year I had managed to go from no glasses up to a prescription of –6.00D. I probably wouldn’t be able to keep it up, but at this rate I might manage to be –9.00D by next summer, and then the year after I might be able to get up to the –12D I had set as my final goal.


When I returned to school to begin my fall classes. I took another trip into town.  The previous January I had gotten my glasses with the 5.00D prescription from this store. Now the glasses I had been prescribed were –6.00D.  I would have loved to order –9.00D glasses, but I was afraid that that would be too much of a difference for the optician to accept, so I had made out a new prescription for a pair of glasses with –7.50D as the prescription.  Even so, the girl commented on how much of a change I had in less than a year.  But she ordered me my new glasses in the identical frame that my mom had purchased for me. And, she ordered new contacts for me in the same brand I had gotten from my own doctor.  These contact lenses were –7.00D, and when I put them in I found I was able to see quite well with the –1.50D of over correction.


I could see no reason why I wasn’t going to be able to have my real prescription reach –12D by the time I was 18. I figured from everything I had read that once you stop growing, your prescription pretty well stops changing.  If I went up another –1.50D after Christmas I would have reached –9.00D. I had read that this was the prescription where the front of your glasses lenses went completely flat, and that was what I wanted. So, I would be content to stay around –9.00D for a while, and then go up to –12.00D slowly. I had also read that if I wanted a final prescription of –12.00D I was going to have to wear an overcorrection of about –2D more than –12D for a few months, until my eyeball grew to the length that was required for a –12.00D prescription.


Other than wearing my -7.50 D glasses, or my –7.00D contact lenses constantly, I did nothing further to cause my prescription to increase. I went home for Thanksgiving wearing these glasses, and mom and dad didn’t notice anything.  Of course, I wore contact lenses more around my parents than I did when I was at school.  When it came time for the Christmas holiday, I wasn’t even going to pack my –6.00D glasses, as I didn’t plan to go for an eye exam anyway. But something told me I should bring them along, just in case.


It was a good thing that I listened to my inner voice. When I got home I found that mom had planned to take me to see Doctor Jim the following day. When I got up that morning I put in my –7.00D contact lenses, because I knew that the doctor wouldn’t be able to tell how strong they were when they were on my eyes.  This time I took them out and placed them in their case just before my exam.  When I was finished my new contact lenses were going to have to be –7.50D, and my new glasses were going to be –8.25D. I hadn’t realized that my prescription had climbed a little bit higher on it’s own.  This time, instead of going to the optical store near my school, I decided I would just wear these glasses and contact lenses for a while, and if I felt the need to increase my prescription before my next examination, I would just wear a pair of –2D contact lenses under my glasses.  I still had a couple of fresh 6 packs of –2.00D contacts, so they should last me about 6 months.


I had thought of it, but I really wasn’t planning to wear my –2D contact lenses under my glasses right away.  However, a new girl came to the school after the Christmas break.  Her name was Brittany, and she wore the most gorgeous pair of glasses I had ever seen. Her frames were a dark blue plastic, and her lenses, which appeared to be a bit thicker than mine, were tinted a pale blue. I loved the appearance of Brit’s glasses, and I was one of the first girls at the school to make friends with her.  Naturally Brit and I had to try each other’s glasses on, and Brit’s were quite a bit stronger than mine were. Her glasses were actually –11.50D.  So, this provided me with the impetus to start wearing my –2D contacts under my –8.25D glasses.


Of course my trip home for the Easter break was going to be a problem.  And, I didn’t know what I should do.  Mom would expect me to be wearing my contact lenses. I could do well wearing my –2D contacts under my glasses, but I would be a lot better off if I had contacts that I could actually see well with, because since I had gone 8 weeks wearing my contacts under my glasses, I could no longer see clearly through either my proper glasses, or my contact lenses.  I added the –2D to my –7.50D contact lens prescription, and then I threw in an extra –0.50D just to be safe.  Then I wrote out a new prescription, and I wrote “contact lens only” across the bottom. I had considered trying to buy my contacts from an online site, but I didn’t have a credit card, so that option was out.  I took it into town, to the same optical store I had used before, and I took a chance. Fortunately, they didn’t question me at all. The –10D contacts were not all that hard to get used to, and I managed to go home for the holiday without giving any indication to my mom that I was having any trouble.


By the time the summer break rolled around I knew I was going to be in trouble. I wanted a pair of glasses I could see through, and my –8.25D ones were so weak they were almost useless.  Before I even left school I called mom, and asked her if she could make me an appointment for my eyes. So, she did, and my first day at home was going to be spent at Doctor Jim’s.


“My goodness Jessica, your eyes have really gotten a lot worse this past year. You should have come to see me at your Easter break.” Doctor Jim said.


“How bad are they Doctor?” I asked.


“You are going to need –12.50D for your glasses Jessica. That is –4.25D stronger than your last pair.” Doctor Jim replied.


“What about contact lenses Doctor?” I asked.


“Well, I am just not sure Jessica.  You need –10.75D for contacts according to your prescription, but they only make the contacts in –0.50D steps. So, to give you the best vsiion with contacts I will have to supply you with –11D contacts.  But then your glasses will be a little weak.  In your case I think I better bring the glasses prescription up another –0.25D so that the contacts and the glasses match.” Doctor Jim told me.


They were going to overnight my new contacts, so I would not be able to get them until the folowing day. And, since my glasses would take a week or so anywhere I went, I decided I would order them from the doctor, since he had a nice frame selection.  I liked Brit’s blue lenses so much I wanted a pair of my own, but I didn’t want to copy her. So I selected a burgandy frame, and I had my lenses tinted with a very pale pink.  I had no idea how they would look.


The following day mom took me back to get my contacts. There really wasn’t that much difference between –11D and the –10D ones I had been wearing, so I had no problem getting used to them. The only bad part of this whole deal was that I was now 2 years too early.  I wasn’t supposed to have reached –12D until I was almost 18, and actually I was now –12.75D.


When I got back to school in the fall, Brittany was there before me.  I went back wearing my contact lenses, and when I saw Brit, I almost died. She was wearing glasses that were so close to mine I couldn’t tell them apart.


“You gotta see this girl.  I’ll change out of my contacts and come right back wearing my new glasses.” I told her.


I ran up to my room, took my contacts out and came back downstairs wearing my new pink tinted glasses. When Brit saw me she started to laugh.


“Other than the fact that we are wearing matching glasses, what’s so funny?’ I asked.


“I was going to get blue lenses in a black frame this time, but I figured you would get blue lenses, so I got the rose color.” Brit replied.


“And I didn’t want to copy you by getting blue lenses, so I ordered glasses that were tinted the rose color.” I replied.


‘How much stronger are yours this time? Brit asked.


“I am –12.75D for my glasses. What are your new ones?” I questioned.


“I’ve still got you beat. I am –14D now.” Brit replied.


Brit didn’t wear contact lenses, so I didn’t wear mine at school either. We were not really very close in appearance. We were around the same height. Brit was a little thinner that me, and she had dark hair. I was not overweight, but I was bigger boned than Brit, and my hair was a lighter sandy blond.  But we both wore our hair in the same shoulder length style, and with the almost identical, strong glasses we looked very similar.  I had pretty well decided that I had gone to my limit with my prescription increases.  Now if there were any more, they would not be because of my doing.


Brit’s parents were going on a cruise over Christmas. Brit hadn’t wanted to go, so her parents allowed Brit to come home with me over Christmas.  When I had gone for a couple of days around home without wearing my contact lenses, mom sort of expressed her displeasure that I was wearing my glasses all the time.  But, I explained that Brit didn’t wear contacts, so I was wearing my glasses so that she wouldn’t be embarrassed by the fact that she was the only one wearing them. Mom sort of lightened up on me, and I continued to wear my glasses for the entire holiday.


By the end of the school year, both Brit and I knew we needed stronger glasses.  I could wear her glasses, and see just fine. Brit needed my –2D contacts under my glasses, and then she could also see properly.  But Brit didn’t want to wear my –2D contacts under my –12.75D glasses, so for the balance of the school year she squinted to be able to see things.  I decided I wasn’t going to squint, so I wore the contacts under my glasses. I did that for a few weeks until it was time to head to our homes for the summer.   But before we left school we decided that we would both get our new glasses with blue tinted lenses, so we could look similar for the following year.


I thought that since I had been able to wear Brit’s –14D glasses so easily that I would end up with a prescription of around –14D.  This wouldn’t be too bad if that was the final prescription I ended up with. I kind of liked the looks of Brit’s glasses.  Sure, mine looked similar, but the little bit of extra thickness and the increased number of power rings was something I liked.  But that wasn’t what happened.  The 3 or 4 weeks I had worn my –2D contact lenses under my –12.75D glasses had done their trick.  Now I was going to require a prescription of –15.00D for my new glasses, and my new contacts were going to be –12.50D.


I ordered my new glasses in a black plastic frame with blue accents. And the temples were nice and wide, so they hid the thickness of the pale blue lenses nicely.  I really liked them.  But every time I wanted to wear them out in public my mother would pout, and ask me to pleeeeease put in my contacts.  So, as a result, just like other years I didn’t wear my new glasses much that summer.  It was almost a relief when it came time to start school again.


I returned a day before Brit.  We had arranged to room together for our final year, since we were both going to turn 18, and graduate in the spring.  After my parents dropped me off, the first thing I did was take my contacts out, and put on my glasses.  It was a wonderful feeling.  The following day when Brit arrived I was shocked.  Brit was wearing contacts.  I asked her about it, and she merely said that her parents had been pressuring her, so she finally gave in.  And what was worse, she told me that she actually liked the feeling of freedom from glasses the contacts gave her.


I had decided that no matter what Brit did, I was going to wear my glasses, and I did.  Eventually Brit relented, and she started to wear her glasses more and more as well.  She had found out that contacts can be as much of a pain as glasses are, and since there were no boys around this all girls school to impress, it hardly seemed worth her while to go to the trouble of wearing contacts.  What did surprise me though was that Brit and I now wore exactly the same prescription for our contacts. Her glasses were –15.50D, and I could tell they were a bit stronger than mine were. The only explanation I could come up with for this was that I wore my glasses closer to my eyes than Brit did.


During our last year at school neither of us felt we needed any further increases in our prescriptions. Brit and I went our separate ways after we graduated from boarding school. We both attended university, and we both graduated, and eventually married.  We do still get together at least once a year just so we can compare notes. Brit has now become a full time contact lens wearer, probably because her husband likes her better when she isn’t wearing her strong glasses. I was fortunate enough to marry a man who likes me best wearing my glasses, so I hardly ever wear my contacts. And, since my prescription has pretty well stayed the same for the past few years, I now have a pretty good selection of glasses to wear. One pair has rose tinted lenses, another pair has the blue tint, and a third pair has clear lenses. Of course I also have another pair that have a very dark tint for my sunglasses.


My mom doesn’t say much to me anymore about my choosing to wear glasses instead of contact lenses.  I guess she finally realized that I had a mind of my own, and no amount of pressuring would get me to do what she wanted me to do. I did give in a little though. She wanted me to become a doctor, but instead of becoming a doctor I became an optometrist. I love my job, and I especially enjoy talking to my patients about my strong glasses.  And, every once in a while I have a patient who I can tell wants to wear glasses, just like I did.  They always leave my office with a prescription, even if it is a negligible one, and I look forward to their return for their next checkup.  The ones who’s mother tells me that their son or daughter never takes off her glasses get a very special exam, and almost always leave my office with a definite increase for their prescription.  After all, I know what it was like when I was a kid and wanted to wear glasses.



August 2008