The Journal

By Specs4ever

The ringing of the telephone woke me from my nap. I really shouldn’t have been asleep this early anyway.

"Chris, this is Larry Drew. I am afraid I have some bad news for you." Larry, the local Sheriff said to me.

"What is it Larry?" I asked.

"I have to tell you that Jim and Betty Smith were in a very bad accident this afternoon. Jim is dead, and Betty is in critical condition in the hospital. And, unfortunately the 2 babies that were with them were also killed. It looks like they just picked up the kids at your place today." Larry said.

This was indeed bad news. Jim and Betty Smith are a wonderful couple, only a few years older than myself. Betty was a very attractive, petite woman who wore very strong myodisc glasses, and I loved to see her come into our offices. Jim was a heavyset man, good looking, balding, quite tall, and also wearing a hefty minus prescription in his glasses. For the past 16 years they had adopted 2 children every second year. I am the manager of the local Child Protective Services, and I had gotten to know Jim and Betty quite well. And Larry was correct. Jim and Betty had taken delivery of 2 baby girls that were just over 2 years old this afternoon. Things were going to be a real mess now.

"I suppose we should get someone over to their house to pick up the other children?" I asked, more as a statement than a question.

"Well, the oldest girls have been notified and they will be coming home from boarding school tomorrow morning. They talked to their younger sisters, who are also at the same boarding school, and I believe they will all be returning in the morning." Larry advised me.

"I think I had better pack a bag, and stay at the Smith’s tonight." I replied.

"I was hoping you would say that. Under the circumstances I would hate to disrupt the lives of the younger children." Larry said.

So, I packed an overnighter, and I drove out to the Smith home. Jim was in construction, and had done very well for himself over the past 25 years. Since Betty had been a school-teacher when they were first married, after they decided to adopt foster children Betty had stayed at home and schooled the children at home for the past 14 or so years. All the lights were on at the house, and I could see a police car in the driveway. When I walked up to the house I noticed that the car was driven by Liz Wahl, one of Larry’s deputies. I spoke briefly to Liz, advising her that Larry had suggested I stay the night and she left to return to her own home.

From what I could remember without looking at the files, there were 2 girls that were about 18. I couldn’t remember their names, but since they were not going to be here until the following day that didn’t matter. I did remember that one of the 16-year-old girls was named Samantha, and I thought the other one was called Emily. They also wouldn’t be here until the following morning. When I went inside 12 sad faces greeted me. The occasion warranted the sad faces, but what blew me away was that every one of the 12 girls wore glasses, very strong glasses for the correction of high myopia. I had seen some of the girls with Jim and Betty, and I knew that some of them wore thick glasses, but this was the first time I had ever seen the kids as a group, and I was more than a little surprised that each and every one of them wore glasses. Now I wondered if the older 4 girls did as well, and from my memories I thought they did as well.

Finally all the children went off to bed. At their request I had phoned the hospital, explained to the nurse on duty who I was, and inquired about how Betty was doing. The nurse told me that her condition had been upgraded from critical to stable, but she was still in very grave danger. The girls all seemed a bit happier at this news.

I was going to bunk down on a pull out day bed that Jim had in his large office. Megan and Steph, the 14 year olds made up the bed for me, and they went off to their separate rooms. I had been shown the girls rooms, and I was a little surprised. On the second story Jim had built each girl a cubicle that was about 8 x 10. There were also 2 huge bathrooms, each with 4 toilets, 4 showers and 4 sinks with vanity mirrors. None of the cubicles had an outside window. They were clean, and furnished with a bed, and a desk. And there was a bookshelf in each room with lots and lots of books. No wonder the children were all so nearsighted. They probably read everything they could get their hands on.

The next morning when I woke up I called the hospital bright and early. Betty had survived through the night, and the doctor was going to call me as soon as he was able to. The nurse did say that Betty had a ruptured spleen, a broken collarbone, some fractured ribs, and a broken leg. And the nurse asked me to see if I could find a spare pair of Betty’s glasses, because her own glasses had been smashed beyond repair in the accident. I knew that Betty was extremely nearsighted herself. I think that was why I was so attracted to her, because she wore a beautiful pair of glasses with myodisc lenses. And, I do like ladies who wear strong glasses.

Around 11 am a cab dropped the 4 older girls off. When I saw the 2 older ones I remembered that there names were Sally and Karen. And, they did wear glasses. Their glasses were similar myodiscs to the ones I remembered Betty wearing. When Emily and Samantha came through the door I noticed that they were wearing myodiscs as well. This was very strange. None of these children were blood related, but every one was extremely myopic.

I had to go to the office that morning. I thought that I would be the best one to prepare the paperwork on the deaths of the 2 foster children that had been killed with Betty and Jim. Also, since they had not been legally adopted, it was going to be up to CPS to arrange for and pay for the funeral. Once the paperwork was taken care of, and the mortuary had been called, I returned to the Smith home to see if I could be of any further assistance, since I had found out that none of the older girls drove. Jim had a large van that appeared to be a converted school bus, and all of the girls wanted to go to the funeral home to see their dad. So, I called the director, and he advised that this would be possible. I also called the hospital to see how Betty was, and was advised that she was much improved, and had been asking about her girls. Since I had to drop off the glasses that Samantha had found for Betty, I asked the nurse if it was possible for the girls to have a quick visit. The nurse balked, but then consented, as long as the girls went in 2 at a time, and only stayed a minute. So, all of the girls agreed to do this.

I was gradually beginning to learn the girl’s names. Both of the 4 year olds were of Mexican heritage, and were named Maria and Louisa. The 6 year old’s were twin Native American girls, and were named Kathy and Lynnette. Then there were the 8-year-old girls who appeared to be Caucasian, and were named Amber and Connie. The 10-year-old girls were African American, and were called Lateesha and Tonya. That left the 12-year-old Asian girls who were named Soon Lee and Rena. I know a little bit about glasses, and I am fairly good at guessing prescriptions from looking at the power rings, and the cut in that the strong minus lenses create. I suspected that Kathy and Lynnette were wearing about the same strength of glasses, and they looked to be around –15D. All of the other girls between 8 and 14 appeared to be wearing glasses with about a –20D prescription. The older 4 were beyond my guessing capabilities. I know myodiscs are used for over –20D prescriptions, but I really couldn’t tell for sure. I guessed the 16 year olds were at least a –22D, and the 18 year olds were likely stronger, between –23D and – 25D. And I knew that Betty herself was around –28D, because I had asked her once if she minded telling me how strong her glasses were. There was a pretty massive amount of myopia correction in this household, even with Jim gone.

I asked the older girls if I should stay for a few more nights. I really didn’t mind, as the day bed was very comfortable. Since none of them were able to drive they asked me to stay, and I made myself at home. I am single, and I really enjoyed the good meals they were serving me.

I wasn’t prepared for this, but Jim had 4 projects on the go. I knew he was very successful, and probably had good people in the field. I met his 4 managers at the funeral, and they seemed to all look to me for direction. My only advice to them was to continue on with the projects they had on the go. I had done construction work while I was in university, and knew a bit about heavy equipment. So, the day after the funeral I loaded up the big van and took the girls around to the 4 construction sites. I managed to answer a few of the manager’s questions, and told them to carry on, but I didn’t feel competent to do this. For one thing I had no authority, for another I didn’t have enough knowledge about the projects.

We went to visit Betty in the hospital, and she was considerably better today. Her doctor felt that she would be able to return home in another week, although her mobility would be severely restricted. The girls told her that we had driven by the 4 construction sites, and that I had instructed the managers to carry on according to the plans. Betty was grateful, and wanted me to continue this. I told her that I had a job that I was neglecting, and really couldn’t. However Betty insisted that she wanted to hire me to carry on with Jim’s work. She was a signing officer of the corporation, so I agreed to have payroll give me the checks for her to sign, and told her I would think about her job offer for a day or so.

That night as I was sitting at Jim’s desk looking over the projects he had going I noticed some leather bound books on one of the bookshelves. Of course I am curious, and I opened the first book.

On the beginning pages of the first book I found a number of articles that were glued in. All of the articles were about myopia. One of the articles was about using minus lenses on primates; another was about making chickens very myopic by using minus lenses. From what I could understand using a –10D lens caused an average amount of myopia of –8.93D with a + or – 2.00D variable. Using a –20D lens caused an amount of –12D with a + or – 5.10D variable. And there were quite a few more articles; all about increasing myopia by using higher powered lenses than were needed. Also there was an article about sensory deprivation, which indicated that submarine sailors often became quite nearsighted because they were confined to an area that gave them no chance to use their eyes for distance vision.

Then the book went on to detail how Jim and Betty had placed –20D glasses in front of Sally’s eyes when she was only 2 years old. They had done the same thing with Karen, but with –10D glasses. After 6 months Sally had not taken well to the wearing of her glasses, but Karen seemed quite happy, so they switched Sally back to –10D, and for the next 18 months the girls wore –10D glasses. Then when they were 4 the lenses in their glasses were increased to –15D. At the age of 6 they were bumped up to –20D, and they remained there until the age of 16, when they had their eyes properly examined, and were prescribed –22.50D glasses. All of the other 4 journals detailed the same progressions for the other kids. This was terrible. This was child abuse, and as the manager of CPS I was going to have to report my findings to my superiors, and to the authorities.

I tossed and turned all night. One part of me wanted to leave everything well enough alone. Here were 16 healthy girls, except for the fact they were all severely myopic. They had been well taken care of and loved. They were educated, and all of them had been living a better life with Jim and Betty than if they had not been adopted. I resolved first to speak to Betty, to see if I could understand why they had done this to the children.

The following day brought me some real problems. There was a foster father who had supposedly molested one of his foster children, and my whole day was involved with the aftermath of this mess. After the children were relocated into a group home, and the foster father was behind bars, I didn’t have any time, or energy to discuss the journals that I had read with Betty, so I just dropped by for a quick visit. She was definitely on the mend, and although her husband was dead, I noticed that her enthusiasm for life had returned and there was a gleam in her eyes that I could see behind the thick lenses in her glasses. I liked this lady, and I didn’t want to report her, but I was going to be forced to.

The funeral director had given me Jim’s ring, and his glasses to take home with me after the funeral. That night after the girls were all in their cubicles I sat in the office, rotating Jim’s glasses, looking through the lenses and wishing I could see the world clearly through the strong lenses. I got up, and walked over to the built in bar, and tried to see myself in the mirror wearing the glasses, but it was no use. They were far too strong. I noticed that one of the side panels of the bar was crooked, and I touched it. To my amazement the panel swung open. There on a rack were about 6 pairs of glasses. They were mounted on the wall in such a way that the temples went through 2 holes, and the bridge rested on a piece of wooden doweling. At the bottom of the rack there was a space for another pair of glasses. A thought struck my mind and I placed Jim’s glasses into the open space. I could now see that the glasses were in increasingly stronger steps.

I was curious, and I looked closer at the other side of the cabinet. Sure enough, this side also swung open. Inside I found shelves with a couple of bottles of no rub contact lens solution. And there were a number of contact lens cases as well. I looked at the back of the cases, and each one had a number written on it. I found the numbers from 10 all the way up to 20. I had read somewhere on the internet about something called GOC, which stood for glasses over contacts. To do GOC, the participant wore strong plus contacts underneath the corresponding minus glasses, or else strong minus contacts under strong plus glasses. I had thought it would be a neat way to experience high myopia, but had never investigated it any further. Now it appeared to me that Jim had been a full time GOC person.

I couldn’t resist it. I had tried colored contacts once as a gag, so I knew how to place them in my eyes. I selected a # 12, and put a lens in each eye. Wow, was it ever blurred. I took the top pair of Jim’s glasses, and tried them on. The blur cleared, but not completely, so I took the next pair off the rack. This pair was much better, and I could easily function wearing them. This was really cool. I felt great wearing the strong minus lenses. I left them on and walked around the office. I turned on the television, and looked at it for a while. Then I read a little more of the journals. I discovered that Karen and Sally were now wearing –25D myodiscs. Emily and Samantha had just gotten new glasses when they went off to boarding school, and their prescription now was similar to the –22.50D that Karen and Sally had when they went to boarding school. Megan and Steph, Soon Lee and Rena, Amber and Connie, Lateesha and Tonya all wore –20D glasses. Kathy and Lynette had also just moved up to –20D glasses. Maria and Louise, the youngest had just gotten –15D glasses. From all the reports in the journal Jim and Betty had conducted regular eye tests on the children using a snellen chart on the wall, and had made sure that their vision was acceptable in the glasses they were wearing. I was a little surprised to see that they had brought the children’s eyesight up to requiring –20D glasses, and the kids’ prescription had remained at that point until they were around 16. I had always thought that a child gradually had increases in their myopia, so this went against what I had been told by some of the CPS doctors.

The following day I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I had to discuss this with Betty.

When I went into her hospital room she wasn’t there. But a nurse told me that she would be right back, as she was down being X rayed. It had been only a week since the accident, and her recovery had been miraculous. The internal damage had pretty well healed, and the broken collarbone, and the fractured leg were the only real problems. She was still taped up from a couple of broken ribs as well, but she was no longer in any danger. When she came back to the room in the wheelchair she saw me and smiled as she told me that she could come home the following day. She was so happy I couldn’t say anything. I agreed to be at the house the next day to meet the ambulance, and I told her that the girls and I would get her room ready. Certainly it made sense for her to return home. The cost of remaining in the hospital was astronomical, and the girls and I could look after her quite well.

So the following day Betty came home. We made her comfortable, and again I made the decision to say nothing that day. Once Betty was home she insisted that the oldest girls return to boarding school, so I used Jim’s other Mercedes, and drove them back to school the following day. I took the opportunity to discuss the strong glasses they all wore, and their poor uncorrected vision. Not one of them even gave me the impression that they had any regrets about their poor eyesight, and they all said that the wearing of glasses just seemed normal to them. After all they had grown up in a family where everyone wore strong glasses, and they really hadn’t realized that this wasn’t normal until they had gone to boarding school.

When I got back to the house that evening I realized that I really had to speak with Betty.

So, I told her that I had found the journals, and I had read about how she and Jim made the 16 girls so very myopic. I saw a look of consternation flash across her face.

"But Chris, what you have read in those journals is complete fiction. Yes, it so happens that all of my girls are very nearsighted, but this has happened naturally." Betty told me.

"I don’t believe you Betty. I am going to have to do something about this." I replied.

"What are you going to use as proof Chris?" Betty asked.

I knew then that the journals had been moved. "Oh, I see Betty, the journals are no longer available to me." I said.

"I had some of the girls destroy my works of fiction Chris. I knew you were sleeping in the office, and I suspected that you might have read my writings, and think that they were true. So, I had them burnt." Betty replied.

Without the proof that was available to me in the journals I didn’t have a leg to stand on. And, really I didn’t want to remove any of the children from this home. They were all living in a loving environment. So, I stayed on, sleeping in the day bed in the office until Betty was able to take care of herself and the children again. I had been there for over 2 months, and it was time to move on. I had more than an overnighter for my belongings by now, so I packed my stuff up, and loaded my car. I went looking for Betty, and said goodbye.

"You are always welcome to stay Chris. The girls and I really like you. And we need someone with good eyesight to drive the van or the car. I don’t think I can get my drivers license with my high myopia." Betty said.

"I won’t stay Betty, but I will return often, and I will do your driving for you." I replied.

Now that I wasn’t living at the house I found my apartment too small and lonely. I used every excuse I could to visit with Betty and the girls, and finally after another couple of months had gone by Betty asked me a question.

"What would it take for you to leave CPS and run Jim’s construction business for the girls and I?" Betty asked.

I had thought about this, and I gave Betty a figure that was a little higher than my present salary.

"I am sure that will work. When can you start?" Betty asked.

"I feel that it is only right that I give CPS at least a months notice." I replied.

"All right, you can start the beginning of next month. Now, you can take me out to celebrate your new job." Betty said.

I was excited beyond belief. I was 36 years old, and Betty was 6 years older. I thought that 6 years difference might be a little too much, but from the way Betty had asked me to take her out I realized that she had more than a passing interest in me.

That evening over our meal Betty made it abundantly clear that she was a very sexual person, and that she needed someone to fill in for Jim. I let her know that if she wanted me I was more than interested in her, and that night we experienced the first episode of some great sex. She definitely was a very sensual woman, and she knew her strong myodisc glasses turned me on. When we woke up Saturday morning Betty asked me if I could stay over for the entire weekend, and I told her that I would stay with her forever if she wanted me to.

"I don’t know if that is a good idea Chris. It is a little soon after Jim’s death. Lets just sleep together and go out together for a while." Betty said.

"I have to ask you this Betty. Jim has a pretty large collection of glasses and contact lenses. Would you mind if I did GOC sometimes when we are making love?" I asked.

A smile crossed Betty’s face. " I thought you might be one of them. I have often noticed the way you stared at my glasses."

"No, I never tried it before I found Jim’s collection, But you are right about me being attracted to you because of your glasses." I replied.

So, from then on I wore a pair of Jim’s strong minus lensed glasses whenever Betty and I slept together. Betty seemed to like it that I was willing to be as blind as she was without her glasses, and our sex life was fantastic. By the time a year had passed since Jim had died I was spending more time in Betty’s bedroom than I was in my own apartment. So Betty suggested that we should make the arrangement permanent.

"As long as you understand that Maria and Louisa will be getting stronger glasses next year at this time, and as long as you can go along with that, I think you should move in with me. We can discuss marriage later." Betty said.

""Yes, I suppose that by then it will be time for Maria and Louisa to get stronger glasses." I replied and said nothing further.

Maria and Louisa did get their stronger glasses. Megan and Stephanie turned 16 and went for their eye exams before they went off to boarding school. They both returned with –22.50D myodiscs, and Emily and Samantha caught up with Karen and Sally, so that the 4 older girls were all wearing –25D myodiscs. I never did find out exactly what the reason was for Jim and Betty to induce high myopia in all of their foster children, because Betty denied having done this every time I asked. But finally I quit asking and just ended up marrying Betty. Now I have completely taken Jim’s place, and when I wake up in the morning I put strong plus contacts in my eyes, and wear strong minus glasses all my waking moments.


March 2007