The Kingdom of Myopia

By Specs4ever

I felt myself rise, floating towards a corridor of light. I looked back, and I saw my body lying on a table in a brightly lit room. Some people in white were scurrying around, and I saw one man take a pair of the electronic paddles and he placed them on my chest.

“You can go back if you choose,” a voice said to me.

What did I choose? I was 65 years old, and my life had been going downhill for the past 5 years. Ever since I had turned 60, I had been experiencing more aches, and pains, and I was starting to feel useless. I might as well go on. There was nothing back there I wanted to stay for.

I started to walk, no actually it was a floating feeling, and I was so light on my feet. As I came into the light I saw a door open, and a gentleman beckoned me towards him. As I approached I looked closer at this man. He was old, really old. And on his face was a pair of glasses. As I drew even closer I could see that these were a very special pair of double myodisc glasses. They were extremely strong; with tiny myodisc bowls, making the old mans eyes become tiny pinpricks behind the strong lenses.

As if he could read my thoughts the old man said, “ They are –70D in each eye. I am 110 years old now, and that is what my prescription is destined to be.

“Where am I?” I asked.

“Welcome to Myopia. This is where everyone who has ever had laser, or any other form of vision corrective surgery is sent. Also, anyone who has ever taunted or seriously teased a glasses wearer on earth comes here. As well, anyone who has ever done glasses over contacts, or has pushed their own myopia even stronger than it should have been is sent here. Here, everyone is myopic from the age of 10 on. I am the leader of this group. I am called Anthony.” The doorman said.

“Hi Anthony, pleased to meet you. I suppose I am here because I did GOC all the time in my life on earth.” I said.

“Well, that is part of the reason you are here. But the main reason is your writings back on earth. You are famous for your stories about high myopes. When He saw that you were almost ready to come here, He advised me that I would be turning over my leadership to you.” Anthony told me.

“I am flattered. I didn’t know that my stories had reached the heavens.” I said.

“Oh, this isn’t the Kingdom of God. This is just a step along the way. When the people are ready to leave here, they are reborn on earth. Hopefully they get it right the second time, and then they can go on to a higher plane.” Anthony said.

“What do you mean get it right the second time?” I asked Anthony.

“Well, of course anyone who comes from Myopia here is returned to earth as a myope. The degree of their myopia is not specified, but everyone from here has the potential to be a high myope if they just let nature take its course.” Anthony said.

“How do you mean let nature take its course?” I asked.

“Well, say for example a young lady reaches the age of 8 years old back on earth, and is discovered to be slightly myopic. If this young lady gets glasses, and wears her glasses from that point on, by the time she is 18, and has done a lot of reading and close work as is normal these days, this young lady should be around –11D or –12D. This is what we mean by letting nature take its course. Then as she gets older, and has children, her prescription will continue to climb until she is around –17 or –18D in her early 30’s. For the rest of her life her myopia will generally stay at this point, and when she leaves there, she is eligible to go to the higher plane. But, sadly, far too many young ladies now let themselves be talked into eye surgery, or into wearing contacts to the exclusion of glasses. Then they are sent back here for a refresher course.” Anthony told me.

“Why should it matter?” I questioned. “After all everyone is supposed to be able to lead their own life the way they want to.”

“It is balance. We have to maintain the balance on Earth. There have to be a certain number of high myopes to attract the men who like highly myopic women. There are so many that are having the laser surgery done, as well as the ones that are having lens implants that the balance is being thrown off kilter. But, this has been enough of that talk. We have to get you fitted with your glasses now.” Anthony replied.

I still didn’t quite understand what Anthony was trying to tell me. And, I really didn’t know what he meant by having me fitted with glasses. I didn’t need glasses. Oh, I did sort of, but I had a perfect prescription. I was 0D in one eye, and –2D in the other. I could see fine in the distance with one eye, and I could read perfectly with the other. So, I didn’t understand what he meant. We wandered down a few streets, and as we walked along I noticed that everyone was wearing glasses, except for children that looked to be under the age of 8 or 9 years old. All of the older people had very strong prescriptions in their glasses, and even the younger people in there 20’s and 30’s wore myodiscs. This was definitely myopia heaven.

“I believe you are 65 are you not?” Anthony said to me as we walked into the optical store.

“We have a new recruit. He will be taking over my job in a few weeks. He is 65, and we need to get him fitted with the proper glasses.” Anthony told Mindy, the young lady who was minding the store.

“I am so pleased to meet you Sir. Anthony has been hoping a replacement would show up before he reached the point where he could no longer see properly. Here is a selection of men’s frames. Do you see anything that you would like to try on, or would you rather have me select a frame for you?” Mindy said.

“I will leave it to your judgment Mindy. I am sure that you are very experienced in choosing what looks good on people.” I replied.

Mindy chose 3 frames, and tried them all on me. I selected the one that she told me looked the best on me, and she went off to have lenses put in the frames. I wondered how she was going to get my prescription right when I hadn’t even had an eye test.

Shortly Mindy was back with my glasses. I took one look at the lenses and gasped, “I can’t see out of those glasses. They are way too strong.”

“Just try them on Specs.” Anthony said.

So, Mindy slipped the glasses onto my face. As the strong double myodisc lenses came close to my eyes I could feel my eyes adapt to the power of the lenses. This was great. I was wearing very strong myodisc lenses, and I hadn’t had to put in a pair of plus contacts first.

“How is it that I can see so well out of these glasses Anthony? And how strong are they?” I asked.

“Well, there is a formula that has to be followed. You are 65 years old, so your glasses have to be –47.50D. I am 110 years old, and my glasses are –70D. That is why I have to be replaced. They can’t make me stronger lenses. If I stayed here another 10 years I would need –75D.” Anthony said.

“So does this mean that lens strength is predetermined by age?” I asked.

“Yes, you are correct. At the age of 10 a child is given a –1.00D lens power. Every year their prescription increases by –2.00D until at the age of 20 they are wearing –20D lenses. Then the increases slow down to –1.00D per year until at age 30 they are wearing –30D lenses.” Anthony said.

I interrupted him. “ How old are you Mindy, and what is your prescription?” I asked.

“I am 36 years old now, and my prescription is –33D.” Mindy replied.

I did some rough calculations. “So, then after the age of 30, a person’s prescription climbs by –0.50D per year.”

Anthony clapped his hands. “ Yes, you are correct. I knew that you were the man for the job.”

Anthony and I left the optical shop, and walked over to his office.

“Are there any cars here?” I asked.

“No, there is really nowhere to go, and with the prescription anyone of driving age has in their glasses, would you want to be on the road with them?” Anthony replied.

“You have a point. But my glasses are –47.50D, and I feel I can see perfectly. How does this work?” I asked.

“It is special glass. It has properties that give your eye the ability to see through whatever power you are prescribed.” Anthony replied.

“So, if I take them off I can see properly without them?” I asked as I removed my glasses, and looked into a total blur of undecipherable colors and shapes. I immediately put them back on.

Anthony laughed at my discomfort. “ Nope, once you put them on your eyes adapt instantly to the glasses.”

“What is the point here?” I asked.

“When the high myopes from here return to earth, they will all have a good feeling about wearing glasses. Here everyone wears glasses. There is no teasing and there are no unkind remarks about your thick glasses. So everyone returns to Earth with pleasant thoughts about wearing glasses.” Anthony said.

“Does it work?” I asked.

“It seems to. There are more and more people on Earth wearing glasses these days.” Anthony told me.

“Can I try on your glasses just to see what that power looks like?” I asked.

“NO! You must never put anyone’s glasses on but your own. If you tried my glasses on your eyes would adapt to them, and you would be wearing –70D glasses. You still have a number of years to be in charge here, and that would ruin it, as your –0.50D increases would still go on.” Anthony said emphatically.

Has anyone ever done this?” I asked.

“Well, we have had a couple of incidents. One young lady was prescribed her first glasses at age 10, and within a few months she had tried her older sisters old glasses on. Her older sister’s were a –6D prescription, so she instantly required –6D. Then of course she still had to go through the –2D per year changes until she reached 20. We chastised her, and cautioned her about not ever doing this again. And we were going to slow her progression down by limiting her to –1.00D per year until she got back in line. So, what do you think she did?” Anthony asked me.

“I bet that she did the same thing again.” I replied.

“Yes, she did that a few months later, but this time she put on her mother’s glasses. Her mother was 40 years old, and had a –35D prescription. So now we had a problem. We had a young lady who was not quite 11 years old that needed a –35D prescription. Now we take back the person’s old glasses when we give them their new glasses, and that seemed to solve the problem.” Anthony replied.

“So what happened to the young lady?” I asked.

“Well, we couldn’t have anyone around here that was not only outside of the tolerances, but was actually willing to have massive prescription increases, so we had her returned to Earth as a baby about 18 years ago.” Anthony replied.

“Have you followed her progress on Earth?” I asked.

“Funny you should ask. I just checked on her the other day. She is around 18 years old, and has gotten herself up to a –7.75D prescription by progressively wearing glasses that are stronger than what she needs. Now she is wearing another ladies –10.50D glasses in an attempt to adapt her eyes to them. She probably wants to go even higher before she quits.” Anthony said.

“She does, she wants to end up around –12D.” I replied.

“Do you know her?” Anthony asked.

“I believe so. There can’t be very many 18 year olds who wish this on themselves. My acquaintance is wearing –7.75D glasses, and she is training her eyes with a pair of –10.50D glasses, so I think this must be the same young lady.” I replied.

“That is quite possible. I think it highly likely that she will end up going on to higher prescriptions, although we just might have to have her back for a refresher course. She may be too optically obsessed for her own good.” Anthony said.

We passed the rest of the day in friendly conversation. I learned that everyone who was sent here was sent to enable them to be comfortable wearing glasses. There were people her of all ages, and of all races and religions. Anthony told me that this area was really not that large, but that it was highly populated. There were more people here than there were in any other of the training Kingdoms. And life seemed to be very relaxing and pleasant. Some children were born here, as there were no restrictions stopping anyone from having sex with one another. Some children came to us from Earth, from an untimely death, as the population here had to gradually grow, and the Kingdom of Myopia required even more recruits to be sent back to Earth than any of the other Kingdoms.

Anthony was with me for another 6 months. He squinted a lot to see things off in the distance even when he was wearing his proper correction, but as he got closer to his 111th birthday, the requirement for another –0.50D seemed to really increase his problems with trying to see. So, one day Anthony said his goodbye, and he walked out into the corridor, and on down the hall. I had thought that he would be returning to Earth, but he told me that he wasn’t sure where his path would lead him to next.

“Maybe I will return to Earth as a movie star.” Anthony often jokingly said to me.

I hoped he would get his wish. But now, as the new leader of the Kingdom, I thought I was really in Heaven. I had all sorts of gorgeous young GWG’s chasing me. I must tell you that I became a bit promiscuous, and I slept with quite a large number of them. I didn’t restrict myself to the gorgeous looking early to mid thirty girls, but I made a special point of spending a lot of time in the sack with those ladies that were in their late 40’s and early 50’s as well.

After a year of bedding ladies that I considered attractive to me, I realized that I was never going to be able to sleep with all of them. And 7 of the younger ladies I had slept with a number of times were now pregnant. I felt a little guilty. I had come from a fairly strait laced background. But, it didn’t seem to bother any of the girls. Not one of them told me that we had to get married, or that I had to stay with them exclusively. I was grateful for this, as I still loved going to bed with an attractive GWG. The ladies in their early to mid 50’s wore glasses that were in the –40D range, and by this time they wore double myodiscs. There was never any question about either one of us removing their glasses, as any uncorrected vision we might have had was negligible. So, all of my partners wore glasses while we made love. It was wonderful.

By the end of my second year I was a little more jaded. Making love to a high minus myodisc wearing lady was not nearly as thrilling as it was when I first became leader. I looked around, and I noticed that the long-term residents of the Kingdom seemed to feel much the same way. The ladies all had to compete with each other for the new male arrivals so they could have their sexual gratification. And this left the young ladies who arrived having to try to attract the same young men who the resident ladies had given up on. But, this wasn’t as hard for the fresh arrivals, because they were able to offer a fresh new appearance to the guys.

By the end of my third year, the only time I felt any sexual arousal was the day I got my new –49D myodiscs. The same thing transpired the following year when I got my –49.50D glasses, and then the following year, when I got my –50D myodiscs I seemed to feel that it was such a commonplace occurrence that I didn’t even require any sexual gratification.

Things were running very smoothly. I was beginning to wish that I could pass on my leadership of the Kingdom to someone else, and return to earth. I felt that with all of the possible high myopes we were sending back that by now there would be a fantastic selection back on Earth for me. Since I was in charge of the placement roster, I began to do follow-ups on all of those that returned. I was shocked. Many of the folks that had undergone the special treatment in the Kingdom of Myopia were still having eye surgery back on Earth. Under my charge we really had not increased the number of people on Earth that had accepted their myopia.

The theory sounded great. Everyone was totally accepting their high myopia here, where they were with other people who were high myopes. But back on Earth there was still a large variation in the prescriptions of people. I asked for, and was granted an interview with my CEO, who apparently reported directly to the man upstairs. I explained the problem, and I suggested that we were going to need a little help from the top here.

I was turned down. There would be no assistance forthcoming. I was quite upset, so since I couldn’t change things, I tendered my resignation. It was accepted, and they didn’t even keep me around until I could train my replacement. I suppose that they figured that my desire to change the system would rub off on anyone I trained.

There was a flash of terribly bright light. I couldn’t open my eyes. It also felt like I was being held upside down. I felt a slap, and I began to cry and cough. I was wrapped in a nice soft cloth, and I was passed to a lady who was lying on a bed. She took me into her arms, and I was able to get a good look at her. Glasses, strong minus glasses. Then they passed me over to a man who was standing there watching. He almost fumbled me. “Watch it buddy, this ain’t a football here.” I thought. I looked at him, and he also wore strong minus glasses.

This time they got it right. With these genetics, I was almost guaranteed to be highly myopic.


June 2005