The Last Time

by Specs4ever

I said goodbye to Laurie for the last time the other day, and she didn’t even know it was the last time. I knew that this was for the best, and while I didn’t want to, I had to make a clean break.

For those of you who are acquainted with me, you know that I am obsessed with girls who wear glasses. I will pick a cashier wearing glasses every time I possibly can in a line of cash registers. If I spot a GWG walking the aisle in a store, I will immediately try to scope her out. If I spot a GWG pulling up beside me in a car, I can’t help but take a darned good look. I have rewritten the words to all sorts of songs to reflect a thick glasses wearing girl. My preference in glasses runs to strong minus lenses, but I have been known to admire reasonably attractive plus wearer’s as well.

When I spot a girl wearing nice strong minus glasses in a city far away from where I live, I know immediately that this spotting is going to be the one and only time I will ever get to see her. So, I savor the experience, and try to get as many visuals in the short period of time that I have to do so. And of course my main concern is to not call attention to myself in such a way that the object of my admiration will feel threatened, or will be inclined to call the authorities.

But, when I walk into a fast food place in my local area, and a young girl wearing nice strong minus glasses is working behind the counter serving the public, I am afraid that this becomes a bit of an obsession to me. And, that is what happened with Laurie’s older sister Sarah. I started to stop as often as I could, sometimes for a coffee in the morning, and frequently for an early supper. Soon I learned that Sarah worked mostly weekdays, from 7 till 3. One afternoon after leaving work early I drove over to the fast food place, and hung out until I saw Sarah walking out to her car. In conversation I had already learned where she would be turning off the highway to go home, so once I identified her car I left in front of her, and positioned myself so I could pull out of a side street after she went past. She did, and I followed her to a point where I could determine which house she was heading to.

Now, I realize that this is a dangerous obsession. I know I am a harmless older gentleman, more like a grandfather to Sarah than anything else, but I am afraid that other people just wouldn’t understand. All I was attempting to do was to reach a point where Sarah would be more than just a pleasant “may I help you sir” friendly. Sarah was tall, with a ruddy red complexion, and red hair. She was not unattractive, but she had a big, high butt. However I loved her glasses. I couldn’t decide if the lenses were over –10D, or if they were, just how much over –10D they were, as they were in a wide black frame that hid the lens thickness quite well. The lenses were definitely flat fronted, and they showed a very nice amount of cut in. I often sat eating my food where I could watch her working the cash register, and I liked to see her touch the bottom of the frame with her right hand curled up, and shove her glasses tighter to her nose as she was ringing up a customer’s order. I suspected that her prescription might need a little updating, but I never saw a new pair of glasses appear on her face during the period of time I was watching her. She was wearing contacts one day, and on looking at her I realized I wouldn’t have even given her a second glance without her glasses.

I never did drive past her house a second time. Just knowing where she lived was all I needed to know. But now I knew which car in the parking lot was hers, and I could spot it sitting there when I drove past so I no longer wasted my time going in when Sarah wasn’t working.

One day I went in, and of course Sarah was there. But there was also another young lady who wore glasses working with her. This other young lady wasn’t very interesting. She was another redhead, but her hair was a much brighter red, and she was quite a bit heavier than Sarah. Her glasses were a light, almost translucent pink with oval shaped lenses. The lenses didn’t really interest me, as they seemed to be a medium minus prescription, with a maximum of around –7D, but were likely closer to –6D. And the glasses were a poor fit. The pink color didn’t really suit her, nor did they fit on her face well.

The next few times I went in this other heavy girl was there along with Sarah. I was only interested in Sarah, so I paid the other girl no attention. Then one day when I went in I took a quick look around and noticed Sarah, but as I looked I saw that Sarah had put on a massive amount of weight. No, this wasn’t Sarah. This was the other girl. But she had new glasses. She was now wearing rectangular black frames very similar to Sarah’s, and the front of the lenses were now flat. Then the resemblance struck me. This girl had to be Sarah’s sister. Her glasses now looked to me to be closer to –9D, and they looked a lot better on her face than the other pair had. But she was so extremely heavy I couldn’t even find enough interest to look at her nametag to find out her name.

I was busy for a few days, and I didn’t find time to drop by for any food. When I was able to find time again I kept driving past, and I no longer was able to spot Sarah’s car. After a month had passed, I stopped off, and got a meal. Now, in my attempt to be friendly with Sarah, I had also been very friendly with all of the other workers, in an attempt to present a picture of just a friendly old guy. So, I asked the cashier, who I also called by name, where her co-worker was that day. I got the news that Sarah had quit. I found out where she had gone to work, but I never could locate her car in the parking lot, nor could I figure out a good reason to go inside a hospital to look for her. So, I had to say goodbye to Sarah.

Just before Christmas I was walking around a local department store. I spotted a super sized, strong glasses wearing redhead, waiting on a customer. This girl had a pair of poorly fitted brown translucent plastic frames, with lenses that looked to be very close to –11D. Even though she was way too heavy to really interest me, my curiosity was piqued. I went back a few times, and was fortunate enough to see her there almost every weekend. The more I looked at her the more I thought that she reminded me of Sarah and the fat younger sister whose name I didn’t remember. I looked at her nametag one day, and saw that this one’s name was Laurie. The next time I was in I was able to accidentally see her in an aisle coming towards me. I looked at her and I asked her if she or her sister had worked at the fast food joint. She beamed at the thought that I would remember her, and told me that both she and her older sister had worked there. Of course, then I used Sarah’s name, and I asked her how Sarah was doing, and where she was working, and all sorts of things that she answered. It was then that I realized that in less than a year Laurie’s prescription had jumped from about –6D all the way up to about –11D. Now I was interested in Laurie.

Over the next couple of months I managed to drop by the store whenever possible. Sometimes I spotted Laurie, and was usually only able to say a quick ‘Hi, how are you,” to her. Generally she would respond with a smile, and a nothing answer.

One day when I was in watching for Laurie I spotted a nice pair of glasses on a moderately attractive young lady of Spanish decent. I watched as much as I dared, figuring that when she walked out of the store, I would never see her again. I didn’t like the thought of this, as this was another pair of –10D lenses in a really sharp looking black wide temple rectangular frame. Then one day I went into a grocery store, and there was a similar pair of black frames on a young lady of Spanish decent that worked there. It took another visit to the supermarket before I realized that this was the girl that I had seen in the store where Laurie worked. I wasn’t haunting her, but over the next couple of weeks I seemed to bump into her every time I turned around. And of course she wore a nametag with the name Bonita on it. I discovered what car she drove accidentally, as I was just coming out to my car after shopping, and she drove past me on her way in to work in her car. Then the very next day I saw her drive in to the mall, sitting beside her husband in his jacked up pickup. I recognized the rather distinctive pickup as being one parked around the block from my best friend’s house. Why couldn’t it always be this easy? But, other than talking to this one in the grocery store from time to time I wasn’t interested. Her prescription was likely stable, she was married, and I really had no interest.

Finally I no longer saw Laurie at the department store. I went in looking for her every weekend for a month. I figured that she had quit, and that I would never see her again. Bonita had been a nice diversion, as she was prettier and thinner but her glasses didn’t hold a candle to Laurie’s.

Last weekend I tried again, just out of habit. I walked through the department store to the restroom, and as I walked out into the area of the store where Laurie used to work there she was, hugging an older woman. And she had new glasses on. This pair was another pair of semi rectangular black plastic frames with wide temples. The lenses appeared noticeably stronger. I went up to her, and said “Hi,” and commented that I hadn’t seen her in the store, and I guessed that she had quit. She confirmed this. I told her that her new glasses looked really good, she thanked me, and I headed on out the door.

I had a suspicion that she was with 2 other pretty heavyset ladies, so I figured they were shopping. The next major store in the mall was a Walmart, so I headed there to see if I could do some more spotting, and I hoped that Laurie would work her way to this store.

Spotting wasn’t good today. I was just about to give up when Laurie and the other 2 ladies walked in. I maneuvered myself to be in a position to speak to her when she walked by, but they were all talking, and I didn’t get a chance. So it was back to the old aisle trick. I went down the next aisle to the one they walked down, and then I turned up the aisle they were in. This usually works pretty good, but you have to be sure that you are not in ladies lingerie or some other aisle you really have no business being in. Finally I got a chance to ask her if she was going to stick around town and get a job after she graduated. She told me that once school was over she would be going to the city to stay with, and work with her sister Sarah.

It was then that I said a silent goodbye to Laurie. And in saying goodbye to Laurie I also said goodbye to her sister Sarah. Neither girl knew that I was saying goodbye, nor would I want them to know. But, now I will always wonder how much stronger Laurie’s glasses would get over the next 3 years, until age stops, or at least slows her myopic progression

So now all I have is Bonita to watch, but I don’t know if I really have enough interest.

- - - - -

Some of the people in my stories are real people, or are based on real people.  Unfortunately I have just learned that my friend "Bonita" was killed in a car accident this weekend at the age of 28.  I will miss her!

- - - - -

Specs4ever in April 2007