The Mould Broke

by Specs4ever

I was 12 when my grandpa died, and my parents and I moved from our house, 150 miles away to live with my grandma. My grandparents lived in a big old home, with lots and lots of room, and my grandmother was of the mindset that she was not going to leave the house she had lived in all of her life, and move in with us, so we were the ones who moved. I was a bit sad to leave my friends behind, but mom assured me that I would meet new friends, and everything would soon be back to normal. And, since dad was away much of the time, it made sense for a lot of reasons, mostly economic.

I was in grade 6, and mom was right. I did make new friends. Soon I was enjoying the freedom of a much larger house to play around in, and I was having a pretty good time with my new friends, as they were into a lot of things I enjoyed, like skateboarding, and computer games.

Since this was the house that my mom had grown up in I was in the attic one day and I found my moms old high school yearbooks. I was naturally curious, so I searched through them and found my momís grade 9 class pictures. On the same page was the picture of a girl who fascinated me. She appeared to be wearing pretty thick and strong glasses, because her face had a lot of cut in through the lenses on both sides. The name in the caption under the picture was Elspeth Forrest, and I was interested in her glasses. I donít know why I had developed an interest in glasses. It might have been because my best friend Heather, at my previous school, had worn glasses. Heather didnít appear to have very strong lenses in her glasses, and had told me that she was a little bit nearsighted, but had a lot of astigmatism, which apparently made it hard for her to see anything clearly, either near, or far. So Heather wore her glasses all the time. Or maybe it was because the home economics teacher, who was young, and very pretty, wore very strong glasses. I took automotive shop, so the only time I got to see Miss Kinsley was in our home room classes every morning, and her glasses both fascinated and excited me. I let my imagination run amuck, and fantasized about making love to her with her wearing nothing but her strong glasses. Like that would ever happen between and 11 year old boy and a 20 something school teacher.

Anyway, I had a strange attraction towards girls who wore glasses, and probably that was the reason that Heather was my best friend. But there were only a couple of attractive girls in my class who wore glasses, and I was too shy to approach them.

In another yearbook there was a picture of my mom with Elspeth Forest, so I decided I would show my mom the picture and see if I could find out something about her friend. I showed my mom the picture, and I told her that she looked very pretty when she was in school. She looked at the picture and laughed, because she felt that she looked very skinny and immature. And then she mentioned Ellie, the girl she was with.

"You know Ellie Jason. She doesnít look anything like that now." Mom said.

"Who is she mom?" I asked.

"Thatís Ellie Sanderson. You are in the same class with Judy, her daughter." Mom replied.

Yes, I was in the same class as Judy Sanderson, but to be perfectly honest I hadnít given her anything but a cursory glance. She was fairly thin, and not too tall. However, if her mom wore such thick glasses there was the possibility that Judy might need strong glasses later in life, so I decided I would be very friendly towards Judy.

"She looks different without glasses." I replied.

"You know, until you showed me this picture I had forgotten that Ellie wore such strong glasses. Shortly after this picture was taken she got contact lenses, and I am pretty sure she has worn contacts ever since." Mom replied.

Contacts. I hadnít thought about contacts. I supposed Judy might wear contacts, although she was pretty young. But I was definitely going to have to get to know Judy.

It wasnít hard to get to know Judy. She was just an ordinary looking skinny girl, and none of the other guys even seemed interested in her. We both lived in the same area, and a couple of nights after school I made sure I was walking the same direction at the same time. I am a fairly friendly person, and I donít have much trouble making friends and talking to people, but Judy was very shy, and I had a hard time drawing her out. Of course I managed to do this by asking her questions about herself and her family. And I told her about our motherís being school friends, so we talked about our parents a bit. After the first couple of afternoons passed where I made the contact, Judy then began to wait for me, and soon we were walking home together every night. One afternoon I managed to get a good look at her eyes, and I was positive I saw contact lenses in them. I didnít know how to approach the subject, and I was afraid if I did my interest might scare her away. So, I just continued walking and talking.

In November our school was having a Sadie Hawkins dance. This dance is where the girls ask the guys, and I wanted Judy to ask me. So I was happy to hear her ask one night if I would go to the Sadie Hawkins dance with her. Of course I agreed.

By Christmas I had turned 13, although Judy would still be 12 until May. And we were now a couple in the eyes of all our classmates. I didnít mind that, although I would have liked it better if I could find out if Judy wore glasses anything like her mom wore. But she was a good kid, and I enjoyed being with her, so I was willing to wait until I could find this out for sure.

However, the way I eventually found out was not something that had been at the forefront of my plans. Sometime in either late January, or early February I began to notice that I was having a little trouble seeing what the teacher was writing on the chalkboard. By the time spring rolled around and we were outside playing baseball, I knew I had a problem. When I was batting I couldnít see the ball leave the pitcher, and when I was in the field, I was unable to see the ball until it got pretty darned close to me. Gradually I started to realize I was getting a little nearsighted myself. And, I didnít like that. Sure, I loved to see girls that wore strong glasses, or for that matter any glasses at all. But, the idea of having to wear glasses myself didnít rate very highly on my list of things I wanted to do.

One Friday night when Judy and I went to a show I had to admit to her that I needed to sit a little closer to the screen in order to see everything clearly.

"Are you getting glasses Jason?" Judy asked.

"I havenít said anything to my parents yet. I was really hoping that my eyes would come back again." I replied.

"I donít think that ever happens. My eyes just get worse and worse every couple of years." Judy replied.

"You donít wear glasses do you?" I asked, knowing full well what the answer would be.

"Well, I wear glasses at home, but when I am out in public I wear my contact lenses. I canít see a thing without them." Judy replied.

"So, does that mean that if I have to wear glasses you wonít dump me for a guy who has good eyes?" I asked.

"Oh, donít be silly. I would be a hypocrite if I did that. I was hoping that you wouldnít dump me if you ever saw me wearing my glasses." Judy replied.

"It wouldnít matter to me if you had to wear the thickest glasses in the world. I love you for who you are, not how you look." I said.

"Well, my glasses arenít quite that thick yet. My momís are pretty thick, and she tells me that my eyes are about the same as hers were at my age, so my glasses will probably get thicker as I grow older. So, I am happy to hear you say that." Judy replied.

I managed to skate through until almost the end of May before I had to tell my mom that I needed to have my eyes checked. Of course it didnít help that Judy was also nagging me to tell my parents. Fortunately I managed to tell my mom before the teacher sent a note home, as I am sure that he had noticed me struggling to see.

"I would recommend that he wear them full time. A prescription of -2.50D in both eyes is just strong enough that he needs them to see properly." Doctor Blount told my mom.

So, a couple of hours later I had my very own glasses to wear. And the doctor was correct. Once I put them on my face, and could see what I had been missing, I really didnít want to go anywhere without wearing them. That night after supper I wandered over to Judyís house to show her my new glasses. I had called, and asked her if I could come over, expecting her to say that she was busy like she usually did. However when I told her I had gotten my glasses and wanted to show them to her, she told me to come by.

When I rang the bell, her mom came to the door. Judyís mom was a little heavy, but still a nice looking lady. On her face was a pair of glasses, with about the strongest, thickest looking lenses I had ever seen. The part of the lens where her eyes looked through was a circle that didnít quite go to the edges of the frame. And, the front of the lenses gave off a funny reflection. As I looked at them I realized that the funny reflection was due to the fact that the lenses were dished in on the front.

"Hi Jason, Judy will be down in a second. Your new glasses look very nice on you." Ellie said.

"Hi Mrs. Sanderson. I didnít know you wore glasses also." I lied.

"Unfortunately I am blind as a bat without them. Both Judy and I wear contact lenses, but I have always made sure that we take our lenses out every evening after supper. My doctor told me when I got my first pair of contacts that I had to give my eyes a rest from the contacts every day, or I might end up not being able to wear them, and with my eyesight being so terribly bad I didnít want that to happen." Ellie told me.

Just then Judy came down the stairs, and for the first time ever I got to see her wearing her glasses. Her glasses looked fabulous on her. They were a burgundy plastic frame, with wide temples, and although the lenses created a lot of cut in of the sides of her face, they didnít look as strong as they probably were. I loved them.

"Hey Jason, you look pretty good wearing glasses." Judy said.

"I hope so, because the doctor said I should wear them all the time. Your glasses look very nice on you as well." I replied.

But of course that statement didnít really change anything, except I was now allowed to come over after supper and study with Judy at the kitchen table. Judy still never left the house wearing her glasses, but she no longer made excuses to prevent me from seeing her wearing them.

Over the next few years Judy and I ended up graduating from High School. And Judy still never went out in public wearing her glasses, no matter how often I told her that she looked as good wearing glasses as she did without them. Her mother had ingrained in Judy a deep aversion to appearing in public wearing them, and no matter how much, or how often I told her she shouldnít be afraid to wear her glasses, she could not bring it upon herself to do so.

By the time we were both 20, we decided to get married. Judy had blossomed soon after she turned 14, and her chest size had increased substantially. She had always been pretty, albeit a little skinny, but her facial features had filled out, and her hair, with a bit of streaking from the sun, was a nice honey blonde. She was a good looking girl, and I was glad I claimed her as my girl when I did. Her glasses had also gotten a bit thicker. When we were 13, her glasses were around -12D, but now her glasses were just a little under -20D. They didnít look nearly as thick as her momís did, and I was happy about that, because I thought her present prescription of -19.50D was just perfect.

I had gotten a job repairing computers, setting up networks, and installing security cameras. I was paid piecework on a lot of the work, and I was able to make pretty decent money, because I was good at what I did. Judy was in training to be a dental assistant, and she was also going to bring in a reasonable amount of income every week. With a wedding planned for the near future, we purchased a small 2 bedroom house near where our parentís lived and we moved in together a few weeks before the wedding. Since we were already living together, the wedding was not such a big deal to us; however our parents really were happy when the day did come, and we were legally man and wife.

We were 24 when Natalie was born. Judy was fortunate, and she did not have any increase in her myopia when she was pregnant. I discovered that when Judy was born her mom had about a -3D jump in her prescription, but Judy remained at -19.50D. I was pleased to have a child. For the first time since I had known Judy, when we had to slide over to the mall on a Saturday afternoon, with Natalie to get ready to go as well, Judy was not as inclined to take the time to put in her contact lenses. And, when Judy went back to work after Natalie was about 9 months old, I was shocked to see Judy wearing glasses every few days. When I discussed this with her, I discovered that since she had to wear safety glasses when she was cleaning peopleís teeth anyway she felt she might as well just wear her own glasses.HHH


If I thought that that this meant that Judy would eventually wear her glasses more and more, I was sadly mistaken. As Natalie got older, Judy wasnít quite as tied up looking after her, and Judy now wore her glasses less and less. When Natalie was 4, we noticed that she was having trouble seeing, so naturally we had her eyes examined, and we were not surprised when Natalie was prescribed her first pair of glasses. Natalie required a -4D prescription, which was less than my now -6D, but it was still a fairly strong first prescription for a 4 year old.

By the time Natalie was at school full time I started to hear noises from Judy that maybe we should get Natalie contact lenses. I managed to get her to hold off for a while, and by the time Natalie was in second grade and the subject came up again we were scheduled to go to the school for a parent teacher conference. Natalie came along with us, as kids were encouraged to do. While we were at the school I looked around, and I noticed a large number of kids that were Natalieís age, or maybe a little older that were wearing glasses. I made sure that I remarked on this to Judy, and at the end of the evening, when we were driving home, we discussed this. Judy was very surprised at the numbers, and finally she agreed that we could wait a little longer before we got contact lenses for Natalie.

When Natalie was 8 and her prescription increased to -7.50D the subject of contact lenses came up again. But Natalie didnít show any interest in getting contacts. Judy never did relent and every time Natalie had a prescription increase, Judy would be on to her about getting contact lenses. But as hard as Judy pushed, Natalie would always refuse. Since I wore glasses, and not contacts, Natalie didnít feel that she needed contacts. And, a large number of her friends wore glasses as well, so the idea of putting a little piece of plastic in her eye didnít seem all that inviting to Natalie.

By the time Natalie was 15, Judy finally gave up. Natalie absolutely refused to get contact lenses for her birthday. I finally realized that the mould had been broken when, after the third day, I noticed that Judy had not put in her own contacts, but had worn her glasses to work. I didnít say a word, and watched for the rest of the week. Contact lenses did not appear Ė or rather I should say that her glasses did not disappear for the rest of the week. Finally, I had gotten what I wanted such a long long time ago Ė a pretty girl who wore nice strong glasses.


January 2010.