The Optician's Tale

by Specs4ever

I have been using the same optician for a number of years now, and she believes that I am a real high myope. I have been very convincing, and after ordering numerous pairs of -25 diopter glasses, and vial after vial of -19.50 contact lenses to replace ones I have lost, why wouldn't she be convinced?

I have gotten to know her so well that we are friends. She always tells me about her husband - a bit of a no good loafer, and her two wonderful kids - a boy who at the time was 5, and his little sister, who then had just turned 3. She wears glasses herself, but she is only around -7 in each eye. Every time I go into the optical shop where she works, she has on a new pair of glasses. Some of her glasses are the newest, thinnest possible lenses, but from time to time she will be wearing a pair of CR39 plastic lenses in a rather oversize frame. At these times she sends me into a bit of a tizzy, as she is a gorgeous girl.

A few years ago, her young lad, at the age of 3, had to get glasses. His first prescription was rather strong - around -5, with some astigmatism in both eyes, and it surprised me that she seemed so happy to have him wearing glasses, but I didn't think much of it. Her daughter was about 2 years old when her eyes were tested, and I was informed that the doctor thought the girl was going to be nearsighted as well. Shane, her son, had gotten his second pair of glasses, and his prescription had increased quite substantially. He now wore around -8.50 in each eye.

Soon after that I was back in the shop, and we were talking about her children's vision problems. Her daughter had gotten glasses at the age of 3, and I was informed that Kelly's first glasses were stronger than her brother's, with a prescription of over -9 in each eye.

While I was there, her husband dropped by with both the kids, and I was thrilled to see them both wearing their glasses. I could tell that she had done both the kids glasses in regular plastic, and while they were both wearing small frames, the strength of the lenses were very obvious. I had noticed that she was wearing regular plastic lenses in her glasses as well, and I thought that maybe her own eyes had gotten a bit worse.

It was a couple of years before I had a chance to drop by her shop again, and I was again brought up to date on her families vision problems. She herself was wearing a fairly thick pair of glasses, and I was told that her own eyes had gotten a lot worse, and she was now wearing minus 10 lenses. Shane, her son was wearing -11.50, and Kelly her daughter had increased to -15 rather rapidly.

Sandy and her husband had split up, and since I was not romantically attached, I asked her for a date. We had some really great times together for the next few months, and finally I moved in with Sandy and the kids. I had a bit of trouble maintaining my glasses over contacts lifestyle, but I did a pretty good job, and no one suspected that I was anything but a true high myope.

When school started again in the fall, I was the one that took both kids to the eye doctor, and sure enough they both had prescription increases. When we arrived back at the optical store with the new prescriptions, I felt that Sandy was happier about the increased prescriptions than any Mother should, or would be, and a nagging doubt crossed my mind, but I couldn't believe what I was thinking.

I had remembered the kids prescriptions, and soon after they had gotten their new glasses, I took them to another optical store, and had their glasses checked to see what the kids prescriptions were. Their new glasses were each 3 diopters stronger than the doctor had prescribed, so I now knew that my suspicions were correct. Sandy had been bumping the strength of the kids glasses all along.

When we got home, and the kids were in bed, I told Sandy what I had discovered. And as I thought, she had also been bumping her own prescription. So, I confessed my little addiction, and we all lived happily ever after looking at the world through strong minus glasses

July 1999