The Orphan

by Specs4ever

When I was a small girl my mother and I lived in Paris, where I had been born. Maman didn’t talk about it, but from what she had said to others when I was listening made me believe that she had run away from home when she was a young girl. I knew no father, and Maman often left me alone in the apartment after I was about 4 years old while she went out.

I always knew when Maman was going out. Maman wore glasses. She constantly told everyone that she was blind without her glasses. But, when Maman went out she always put contact lenses in her eyes. I could tell that Maman was only going out for a little while, because she would wear her contact lenses. She had some sort of trouble with her eyes, and she could only wear her contacts for around 4 hours before she had to come home and take her contact lenses out. Then after an hour or so, Maman would be able to put her lenses back in, and go out again.

In a drawer in the bedroom of the tiny one bedroom apartment that we had in Paris, Maman had a few pairs of her old glasses. Anytime Maman was out, I would often go to this drawer, and take out the old glasses, and put them on. I enjoyed pretending I was just like Maman. There was one pair that if I wore them for a while, I could really see everything quite well. When Maman came home, if I had fallen asleep wearing her old glasses, Maman would scold me, and tell me not to do that anymore, because I might ruin my eyes, looking through her very powerful glasses.

By the time I was 6 years old, I wore Maman’s old glasses a lot. I was very happy when she was out, playing with my dolls in the apartment, wearing her old glasses. One evening Maman did not come home. I got my own breakfast the next morning when Maman had not shown up. I was very worried, as Maman had to come home to remove her contact lenses, and she had never ever left me alone before. I played all that day, but I worried a lot. That evening when I went to bed I realized that I had been wearing the glasses all day, and when I tried to remove them, everything looked very blurry.

The following morning when I got up I put on the glasses, and went to the drawer where Maman had all of her other glasses. I tried on some of the glasses that I had never before been able to wear, and I found another pair that I liked very much that I could see well with. So that day I wore these other glasses all day.

The third morning when Maman had not come home I was very, very worried. We were running out of food. Late in the afternoon a hard knock came at the door. I took off Maman’s glasses, but could see nothing without them, so I put them back on, and went to answer the door. There were 2 gendarmes there. The 2 men told me that my mother had been stabbed, and was dead. They had just discovered her identity.

Of course, when the police found that I was alone, with no family to take care of me, I had to be taken away to an orphanage. I packaged all of Maman’s old glasses with my belongings, and went to live with the nuns in an orphanage outside of Paris. I was at the orphanage for over a year, and I took lessons with all of the other orphans. During that year I found that there were 3 other pairs of Maman’s glasses that I could now wear, but after I wore the newest pair, I found that I could no longer go back and wear the other pairs that I had previously worn. And, now when I tried to take off my glasses, I knew I was as blind as Maman had always said she was.

There were only 2 more pairs of Maman’s glasses that I had not yet been able to wear. I wanted to wear them, as the last pair that I had were the ones that Maman herself had worn up until she had been murdered. But, shortly after I started to wear the second to last pair, a man came to the orphanage, and took me away with him. I was put on an airplane, and I landed in a city called Los Angeles.

Here I was, a little girl of only 8 1/2 years of age, all alone on an airplane. When the plane landed in Los Angles a lady in a nurse’s uniform came onto the plane to greet me, and help me off the plane. When we got off she took me to an old man and an old lady. The old man and the old lady couldn’t stop crying.

“Oh Henry, she looks so much like Karen did when she was that age. Her glasses even look thicker than Karen’s were,” said the old lady, whose own glasses looked pretty thick.

Karen was my mother’s name. I couldn’t figure out why these people had known my mother when she was younger. But, as we all got into the long black limousine, I found out that these old people were my mother’s parents. They had been trying to track my mother down for the past 2 years using private detectives, and had been very sad to hear that Maman had been murdered. But they also found out that their daughter had a child, so the detective tracked me down, and now here I was, in Los Angeles.

I was in awe as the chauffer drove the long black limousine up the winding driveway. This place was like a castle. I wondered who owned this castle. It was someone with a great deal of money, I knew that much. The chauffer helped us all out of the limousine, and assisted the lady up the steps to the house.

“Will you need the car again this evening Sir?” asked the chauffer.

“No, we will be staying home tonight Peter,” replied the man.

With that I realized that this house belonged to the man who claimed to be my grandfather. I was now almost 9 years old, old enough to know that only rich people lived in houses like this, and were driven around by chauffeurs. So, I knew that my mother came from a very wealthy family, but I didn’t know why she would have run away.

I was lead by the nurse to a room on the second floor. The room was as large as the whole apartment that Maman and I had shared in Paris. There was a large bed with pink, and purple flowers on the bedspread. The nurse helped me wash up, and she turned the covers back for me to climb into bed. I was just climbing under the covers when the door opened, and the old lady came in to the room.

“Oh Nicole, Henry and I are so pleased to have you here with us. We would have been happier if we could have had Karen back home as well, but we are happy just to have our granddaughter here. My name is Ruth, if you are not ready to call me Grandmother.” Ruth said to me.

I could see the tears of joy in her eyes, behind the thick lenses of her strong glasses.

“Could I call you Nana?” I asked.

“Honey, you can call me whatever you wish.” Ruth said, and she kissed me, and hugged me goodnight.

I took my own strong glasses off, folded them carefully, and placed them on the bedside table, where I could easily find them if I needed them. I had felt closer to my mother when I was wearing her old glasses, but now I realized that I would no longer have to wear her old glasses, that Nana would buy me new glasses of my own.

During the next few days Ruth took me shopping for new clothing, and she took me to have my eyes examined. I didn’t want to give up my mothers’ glasses, but a new pair of glasses was purchased for me, with the correct prescription of –14D. The doctor told my grandmother that I was extremely nearsighted, and would probably need even stronger glasses, as I grew older. I couldn’t tell these people that I had become this nearsighted over the last 3 or 4 years by wearing Maman’s old glasses. It actually was nice to have my own glasses to wear, as they fit my face better than Maman’s old glasses did.

Nana had kept my mother’s old room just as it had been the day that my mother had run away from home. Nana and I would go into the room, and we would both be sad for Maman together. As Nana and I talked I began to realize that she and Poppa had spoiled Maman as a child, and when Maman had tried to find her own way in life, they had done everything in their power to try to mould her life into the way they wanted her to be. So, when Maman had become pregnant at age 17, and her parents wanted her to have an abortion, Maman had run away.

Nana and Poppa sent me to a private school. I was a fast learner, and soon I was at the head of my class. Some of the other girls made fun of me because of my thick glasses, but I knew I had made my own eyes nearsighted like this by wearing Maman’s old glasses, and I knew that this was what I wanted, so I didn’t let them bother me.

Nana and Poppa gave me everything I asked for. I had a pony when I was 14. I had my own little convertible when I was 16, and got my driver’s license. I never again had to worry about a thing. The only thing that worried me a little bit was that my eyes had gotten a lot worse during the past 7 years, and I was now wearing glasses with a prescription of around –20D. But, the specialist that Nana took me to said that I had healthy retina’s, and my eyesight was pretty close to 20/20, so since Nana also wore glasses I was happy.

When I first came to live with Nana and Poppa, they had seemed to be very old people to me. But over the last 7 years I had come to realize that Poppa was in his mid 60’s, and Nana had just turned 62 when I came. Now Poppa was 72, and Nana was having her 70th birthday party in a few weeks. Poppa still went to his office everyday, with Peter driving him in the limousine. I now knew that Poppa was an investment counselor, but his only clients were very rich people. Poppa made a lot of money, both for his clients, and for himself.

At age 18, I had finished high school, and I went off to university. I really had no idea of what I wanted to do, so at Poppa’s suggestion, I just took a general course, with some business management, and accounting. I was not an eager student, but I did manage to obtain my degree. And, I had a lot of fun. I was fairly attractive, with long auburn hair, decent breasts, and a nice butt. I was 5’9”tall, so I was a bit tall for a few of the men who asked me out, but I didn’t worry about the height difference. During the past few years my prescription had increased to around –22D. I had 2 pairs of glasses. One pair had the thickest possible plastic lenses in them that could be made. They had a fairly small lens size, and they had just a little bit of an inner curve to the front. My other pair had a bit larger lens size, but they were hi index glass myodisc lenses, and were very thin and attractive looking. I wore the thick plastic lensed pair pretty well all the time, and I figured that as long as a guy asked me out while I was wearing these glasses, they were definitely interested in me as a person. But, during my years at university, I had not met anyone who I felt I liked enough to marry. I had turned down a few proposals though.

After graduation Poppa called me into his office. By now Poppa was 76. He no longer went to his downtown office, as he had sold the firm. But he still looked after his own investments, and managed his money from his home office.

“Nikki, what do you want to do now that you have finished school?” Poppa asked me.

“I don’t know Poppa. I was thinking of getting a job, but I don’t really know what I want to do.” I replied.

“Well, I will run a suggestion by you. You know I have managed to create a great deal of wealth by very careful investing and good money management. But what you don’t know is that I still own a fairly large company. If you are interested, I could place you at this company, and let you determine if you wanted to own this company on my death.” Poppa told me.

“What is this company Poppa?” I asked.

“It is a chain of optical stores called Eyecrafters. I started this company many years ago, and it has grown into a very successful chain, with our own large optical lens lab. What I would suggest is that I start you right at the bottom for a few months as a frame stylist in one of the stores, and then you can work your way up to overseeing the whole lab. But, this is only if you are interested.” Poppa said.

“Why would you have started this company Poppa?” I asked.

“I have never told this to anyone except your Nana, and I would respectfully ask you to not tell anyone else. I am one of a large group of men in this world who are attracted to ladies who require strong minus lensed glasses. 50 years ago, when contact lenses became available to the general public, I noticed that ladies with strong prescriptions were the very first to wear contact lenses. So, I could no longer find my thick-lensed ladies. I knew if I owned an optical store I would be able to access the records, and have my pick of ladies who wore high minus glasses. This worked very well, and shortly after I met your Nana. And, then she was able to provide me with your mother, who wore strong glasses from the time she was 5 years old. And, now I have you, my own granddaughter, who wears beautiful high minus glasses all the time.” Poppa replied.

“What else have you done with your knowledge Poppa?” I asked.

“Well, since I started I have been able to search the records of all of my optical stores, and provide the names and prescriptions of ladies who require high minus prescriptions to many of the other men that have my same attraction to you gorgeous high minus girls. And with the advent of the internet, I have been able to do this online.” Poppa told me.

“So, do you want me to continue doing this?” I asked.

“This is my greatest hope my darling child. Of course I have been doing this for free, but I don’t think any of the men who are in contact with me would have an objection to paying for the service.” Poppa finished.

So, I went to work as a frame stylist in one of the larger stores in a nearby mall. No one knew who I was, but I did manage to get the manager fired when I told Poppa that she had told me that my glasses were too strong, and that I had to wear contact lenses with weaker glasses over them if I wanted to work there. I worked there for about 6 months, and I started dating one of the eye doctors that worked for the company. He was a really nice man, and we had a lot of fun together. I was very interested in my own myopia. I had been doing a lot of reading about myopia, and it seemed to me that no one really knew how it was caused, or how it progressed.

One day I brought a few pairs of my mother’s old glasses in to the store. I checked the prescriptions and made notes. My mother’s eyes had been exactly the same in each eye, and she had absolutely no astigmatism. The first pair that I had started wearing at age 4 was –7.50D. Then the second pair that I was wearing the night the gendarmes came to the door to tell me that Maman had been killed was –8.50D. During my 18 months at the orphanage I had gone from the –8.50D to –10.00D. Then I wore the –11.25D ones, and I progressed to –13.00D. Just a short time before the detectives had located me I had begun wearing the glasses that were –14.00D. I still had the one other pair that Maman had been wearing and had left at home the night of her death. They were –15.25D, but I had never worn them, since I had gotten my own new glasses shortly after coming to Los Angeles. Now it was time to ask some questions.

“David, I was just wondering something.” I said to my eye doctor boyfriend one evening.

“What is that Nikki?” David replied.

“If a 4 year old child started to wear glasses that were –7.50D, would their eyes adjust to the power?” I asked.

“Well, a 4 year old probably has about 10 diopters of focusing power. Of course this means that they can create –5D on the minus side, and +5D on the positive side. So, I would think that a –7.50D prescription would be too strong.” David told me.

“So, what you are saying is that the child would probably have to have about –2.50D of natural myopia to be able to wear a prescription of –7.50D.” I replied.

“If that was the case, then I think it would be fairly easy for a 4 year old to be overcorrected by –5D.” David told me.

“What would happen if a 4 year old wore –7.50D glasses much of the time for about 2 years?”

“By the end of 2 years this child would have probably created a good 2 or 3 diopters more minus.” David replied.

“So, it would then be possible for this child to wear –8.50D?” I asked.

“Most certainly. And if the child were to wear the –8.50D constantly for a couple of months, they would likely really be a –8.50D myope.” David stated.

“So, would it then be possible for the child to increase this myopia by –1.50D every couple of months by wearing glasses that were progressively stronger?” I wondered.

“Well, at the age of 7 or 8, a child’s eyes are extremely malleable. So, I think that this would be possible. Is this what you did?” David asked.

I had not wanted to tell him. I had supposedly been theorizing, but he had guessed. “I think so.” I replied.

“Well babe, if that is really what you did, I am very thankful that you did it. I just love how you look with the light reflecting off the thick biconcave lenses in your glasses. And, you drive me absolutely wild when you wear your myodiscs.” David told me.

“So, if I was short, fat and ugly you would still be attracted to my glasses?” I questioned.

“You are not, so that is a leading question. But, I am attracted to you because of your glasses. I love the looks of high minus girls. You are just perfection.” David said.

If he had asked me right then to marry him I would have accepted. But, that came later. I did ask Poppa to check David out, and the report came back very favorable. Every one of David’s previous girlfriends had been a high myope.


After 6 months I became store manager. Still, no one knew that I was the owner’s granddaughter. I had been the manager for almost a year when David finally got around to asking me to marry him. Of course, I then had to take him home to meet Nana and Poppa. David was a bit overwhelmed, but I had told Poppa that David was a man who was just like he was, and was attracted only to high minus girls. So, David and Poppa had a lot to talk about. Of course, since they could talk openly, Poppa was very impressed by David.

The wedding was impressive. The guest list read like a page out of the who’s who book. I refused to wear contact lenses, so I got a nice new pair of high index lensed myodiscs. David thought they looked wonderful. Everything went well, and David and I went off to France for our honeymoon.

I found the apartment that I had lived in as a child with Maman. David and I went to the cemetery and put flowers on Maman’s grave. I also went to the Surete to see if the gendarmes had caught the man who murdered Maman, but the case was still unsolved and open. So, I was a little disappointed.

After our honeymoon David and I returned to the States, where we purchased a home near Nana and Poppa. Of course, neither David nor I could have afforded it, but Poppa had given us the money for our wedding present.

And, Poppa turned over the whole company to David and myself. David now searches out any high minus ladies, and passes their names on to those other men who are interested. I also started passing the names of men who are high minus on to other ladies who like men who wear glasses. We still do not charge a fee for this service, but we sure get a lot of wedding invitations.

I just found out that I am pregnant. David and I have talked about it, and we have decided to let things happen naturally. Of course, both of us would love to have our child very nearsighted, but we have decided not to force the issue. Nana and Poppa have both passed on, and I am now a very wealthy young expectant mother. It is just too bad that Maman is not with us to see how life progressed.


Feb. 2005