The Researcher's Revenge

by Specs4ever

In an artificially lighted, windowless laboratory in a small southwestern university, a young lady hunches over a microscope, examining the results of weeks and weeks of experimentation. Veronica moved her head back from her microscope, and pulled her glasses, which were worn on a chain around her neck, back onto her face. Once the glasses were back in their proper place on her nose, she again was able to see things in her surroundings. She took one of the vials of liquid that had been the subject of her study, and left the lab, walking along the corridor to the animal lab. She entered the monkey room, and poured the contents of the vial into the water supply for the experimental monkeys.

She then went to the locker room, removed the protective lab clothing that she wore and washed her hands carefully. As she peered through her thick glasses at her slightly blurry reflection in the mirror over the sink, she didn’t particularly like what she saw. Her face, which had a very pretty oval shape, was framed by long, soft, beautiful blonde hair. But, her eyes looked very tiny from the minification caused by the very thick myodisc lenses in her small wire framed, oval glasses that she could only barely see her beautiful dark blue colored eyes. Actually, her visual acuity was so poor that she was functionally blind without her glasses, and even with her glasses on, anything that was more than 10 or 12 feet away from her began to blur, and in order for her to see anything in the distance, she had to use various special visual aids, such as a small telescope, which she carried in her purse to see the bus numbers and street signs, or a pair of telescopic glasses, made specially for her prescription, which she needed to watch a baseball game, or a movie.

As she waited for the bus, she began to reflect on the experiment that she had just completed, and had begun testing. It had only been a few short weeks since an older gentleman, Bill, whom she had been corresponding with by e-mail had suggested to her that in many cases severe myopia like hers might be caused by a viral infection. She had worked for hours in the lab to either prove, or disprove this theory, and today she had seen a breakthrough. She believed that she had isolated the virus that might have caused her own severe myopia, replicated it, and had given it to the monkeys in their water. She had no idea that it would work, or if it did work, how quickly it would produce the extreme nearsightedness in the monkeys, but if it did work, she was prepared to use it to obtain her revenge.

Thinking of her revenge, she let her thoughts drift to that of her former boyfriend. She had met Joe during her first year at the University. He seemed captivated by her glasses, and her poor eyesight, and they had gotten along very well together, even going as far as to discuss marriage upon her graduation. But, since she had gone to Joe’s home to meet his parents the past spring, Joe had gradually become very distant, and unresponsive. She had a suspicion that maybe Joe’s parents had expressed their dismay at the thoughts of having their son marrying a girl with such extremely poor eyesight. So, if this virus that she had developed worked, Joe was going to get the first dose.

She let herself into her lonely apartment, went to her computer, and began composing a letter to the older gentleman that she had come to accept as a substitute for her recently deceased father. She advised him that her experiment was now completed, and was in the testing stage.

Sleep finally came, but the thoughts kept running through her head. There was no commercial use for the virus that she had developed; it was purely theoretical and possibly for revenge. And Bill was interested in using the virus, if it was successful, on his wife, who formerly had been a high myope herself, but had had laser surgery, and no longer required the thick glasses that aroused her friend so much. If only the virus worked, they could both get what they wanted.

The next morning, she showered and dressed quickly. Skipping breakfast, she caught the bus to the lab, and let herself in. She hurried to the monkey room, and when she entered, she observed that the monkeys seemed to be unaware of her presence. Usually they became very excited and agitated. She put some food into their cages, and then she noted that they brought the food very close to their eyes to see what it was. “ YES!!” she exclaimed, “It worked”.

She rushed back to her lab, and began to manufacture more of the virus. She ended up with four liters of the virus solution, which she then took home. Joe was working in a nearby town for the summer, so she called, and knowing his love of food, invited him over for supper. She froze some of the liquid, containing the virus, in each of the ice cubes in her tray, knowing that Joe liked his soft drinks with plenty of ice. When Joe showed up, they made small talk for most of the evening, and had a great supper. Joe had a couple of soft drinks, with plenty of ice in them during the evening, so she felt that he had ingested plenty of the virus. As he was leaving, she casually remarked that Joe’s parents must have been strongly against their relationship because of her poor eyesight, and he blushed as he told her that it was true.

The following day she sent some of the liquid virus to Bill, and she then went off to work. On arriving, she went immediately to observe the monkeys, and again was pleased to see that they all seemed to be very nearsighted.

That night she called Joe, and was very interested to hear that his eyes had mysteriously gone really bad all of a sudden, and that he had to have an eye exam immediately, as everything was very blurred and fuzzy and he could not see anything clearly.

A few days went by, and she heard from Bill. He had given his wife some of the virus, along with her two sisters that had also undergone laser surgery. His wife had just returned from her eye doctor, and her new prescription was –18D, about –5D stronger than she had needed before. She was very puzzled and surprised that her eyesight should again become very myopic after she had had the laser surgery. Her sisters also had again become very myopic. So, Bill was also pleased, but he wanted more of the virus. Veronica complied with his request, wondering what he wanted it for.

Shortly after that she received another e-mail from Bill. She had not known what Bill did for a living, but in the e-mail, he informed her that he owned a plant that bottled water. He had put the virus into the water that he was bottling, and had shipped it all over the country.

Soon almost everyone in the country had been infected with the virus. On the advice of her friend, she invested as much money as she could into the stock market into companies that made eyeglass lenses, and contact lenses, and even had taken out a bank loan for more funds. Within a very few weeks, the stocks that she had invested in had doubled in value. Since she had shorted the market, she was able to sell some of her stocks at the increased value, and pay off her bank loan, and exercise her options. Soon, she was relatively rich, and Bill had advised her that he too had made a fortune.

But, the money was not the really important part for her. It thrilled her to now walk around the town, and the University, and gaze at the crowds of severely myopic people, many wearing glasses with myodisc lenses. She no longer felt like she was handicapped and stared at because of her extremely strong glasses and poor eyesight, because most of the people she saw on her walk wore glasses with very strong lenses that were much the same as hers. And, she was again going out with Joe, who had ended up with a prescription even stronger than hers. Since Joe, and his whole family had to have glasses with very thick myodisc lenses, she fitted in perfectly. Revenge was beautiful!!!

Specs4ever, with assistance from A.J.
August 2001