The Writer

by Specs4ever

Yes, you know me. Oh, I donít mean personally, but I am sure that you have read one of my books. Unless of course you are one of those rare people who have never read a mystery, or a historical novel. In that case, I am wrong about you knowing me. But I donít think so. To even read this story, which is posted on a site devoted to people with eyesight fetishes, I suspect that you are an avid reader. And I am a writer. I wonít mention my name, because it is unlikely that my real name would ring any bells. I could give you one of my pseudonyms, and it is probable that you would recognize one of the 5 ladies names, or the 3 menís names I use to write under. But I wonít. I do not let any of my readers connect the dots between any of my pseudonyms, nor do I reveal my true identity to anyone other than my bank manager, who has to clear the checks I receive from my publisher in my 8 different names. This way I donít need to deal with all the muss and fuss over having a bunch of different bank accounts. Actually, there are a couple of other people who can connect all the dots. One is my accountant, and the other is the IRS agent who did an audit on me a few years ago. Fortunately I emerged squeaky clean, and they havenít been back to bother me since.

Why am I even writing this little short story you might ask? I suppose that the only answer I can give is that I am almost ready to come out of the closet. Oh, I wonít come all the way out. I wonít tell you who I am. But if you are an avid reader as well as a glasses fetishist, I would be surprised if somewhere down the line you had not begun to connect the dots yourself. Have you been reading a book and come across the phrase: ďShe looked up from her paperwork and narrowed her eyes into a myopic squint, trying to see who had just walked into the office through the thick lenses of her glasses.Ē You donít recognize that one? How about: ďAs she walked towards me I could see that her glasses were very powerful and the lenses were extremely thick.Ē Possibly you have read: ďThe edges of her face were minimized by the strong lenses and you could see the blue sky behind her through the outer edge of both the lenses of her glasses.Ē Not familiar with that one either? Try this one on for size: ďFrom across the room I could see that the strong lenses of her glasses reduced the size of her eyes to a point where they looked very small and tiny, like the eyes of a pig.Ē Surely you have read one of those phrases, but if not here is another one: ďThe lenses of her glasses must have been extremely powerful. They had circles in the center where her eyes looked though, and her eyes, surrounded by the power rings, appeared to be the bullís eye.Ē There are other phrases, but if I give you too many then there will be no further guesswork required, and you will know my pseudonyms.

I will give you a couple of minor clues as to who I might be. I am female, and am the wrong side of 50. I have been writing novels for better than 30 years, ever since I graduated from university. One of my female authors writes love stories. Three of them write female detective stories, and the last one writes historical romance mysteries. One of my male pseudonyms writes a science fiction story, and the other 2 write secret agent stuff. But in each and every novel there is a minor character, one that only shows up very briefly, who wears thick glasses because they are extremely nearsighted. It has, over the last 30 years, been almost impossible for me to give my nearsighted character such a minor part. My heart wants to make every one of my major characters very myopic. But, this would be a dead giveaway, and I am afraid that if I were to do that my secret would come out. Not only that, but it is likely that the only group who would enjoy my very nearsighted characters is a group of readers like yourself. So, it is actually more fun for me to insert a minor character in each book, and wonder how many of you out there become excited by the discovery of this character, and hope that the character develops into a major character.

I have come so close to making the hero or heroine of one of my books a highly myopic person. I am sure I could develop the character to the point where people would identify with their nearsighted view of everything. But I have been very careful not to try this, in case it opens the door to me to make this character a major player in a new series of stories. Another thing I have been very careful not to do is book signings. My publishers make their best attempts every time I have a new book released to try to sign me up for a tour. I donít want to face the public, as I am very shy and reticent. And another downside to this would be that my picture would begin to appear on the books, so before long my anonymity would be shattered.

Part of the reason for my desire to keep a low profile is because of the way I was raised. My mother was a mousy little bit of a woman, and my father ruled the roost with an iron fist. They were married when my mother turned 16, the main reason being that she was pregnant with me. When I was a young child I donít remember much, other than my mother cowering when my father shouted at her. I also donít remember my father actually striking her, but there was certainly a lot of verbal abuse directed towards my mother, myself and my younger sister. I know my father never struck my sister or I, but he certainly caused us to be very fearful of him, and we knew well enough to stay out of his way 

I donít know if my mother needed glasses before she was married or not, because she always told me that she didnít get her first pair of glasses until after I was born. But I do know that almost every year she needed new glasses. And each year her prescription climbed. Again, I donít know how much, however by the time her eyes stopped getting worse when she was in her mid 30ís, her prescription was pretty close to -19D, with some astigmatism. Knowing what I now know about being nearsighted, I suspect that she was a low myope before she was married. Then I would venture a guess that her prescription increased a bit with my birth, and also with the birth of my sister. And I also suspect that the bulk of her myopic progression came because she was hiding behind the thick lenses of her glasses. I know that myopia does stop increasing because of age, but I also suspect that her increases stopped after my father died in a car accident when she was 35. I had left home by then and was in first year university, majoring in English Literature and fine writing.

My sister, who is 2 years younger than I am had also developed a lot of myopia by the time my father was killed. Again, I suspect that she had delved into books, and spent a lot of her younger life reading, her books pulled tight to her nose as if to isolate her from the violent verbal abuse our father dished out. My sisterís myopia kept increasing until she was in her early 40ís, and I believe her prescription was in the mid -20D range at this point. It is from observing the mannerismís of my mother, and my sister that I was able to develop the phrases that I use in my books to write about my token high myope.

By all rights I should have been very myopic as well. I read as much, or more than my sister did. I was shouted at by our father as much as she was. But, for some reason my eyes didnít become nearsighted. Probably it was because I didnít draw my books close to my eyes to read. Maybe it was because I wasnít like my sister, and took a break from reading so I could go outside and play in the fresh air, which she almost never did. However, I did develop a lifetime fascination for glasses wearers, and I was particularly drawn towards those with high myopia.

I started writing books when I was still at University. My first few novels were rejected, and nothing was published at first. But I wrote and rewrote these first books to the point where I eventually got my first one published. Once this happened it became easier to write new novels and before long I had a couple more on the bookshelves, so by then my career was well underway.

Because of my attraction towards myopia I did a lot of reading about the subject. I did, in my late 20ís try to wear glasses myself, and I reached a point where I was able to wear a prescription of -6D in both eyes. While I could sustain the myopia I had induced for however long I wore the glasses, if I removed my glasses and went about wearing a weaker pair for a few days my vision would always come back to very close to 20/20. One day while I was buying myself new glasses with a forged prescription I met an optician who was about my age, and we found that we were both very interested in vision. It took a while before I was able to reveal to her that I was wearing stronger glasses than I needed, and I was surprised when she admitted that she was doing the same thing. So, we became good friends very quickly.

It was through my optician friend when I was in my mid 30ís that I was introduced to GOC. Though her I was able to be fitted with my first pair of plus contacts. And, when the optometrist who she worked for was out of the office she was able to give me a proper eye exam with the plus contacts in. My first contacts, which I wore under my then -10D glasses, were only +6, because my eyes still had some natural accommodation left in them. And of course my ciliary muscles were still tightened up because they were used to forcing my eyes to see through my -6D glasses. She also got plus contacts to wear, and she showed me how to help her refract her eyes, and we both started doing GOC at the same time.

That is how I have managed to wear glasses for the last 20 years. My plus contacts have gradually increased in power over the years, and now I am wearing +14D contacts that enable me to wear -20D glasses. Almost everyone that I know has only seen me wearing glasses over the years. Even my sister believes I am as nearsighted as she is. And, I am sure that if my mother was still alive, she would also believe I needed my strong glasses.

Doing GOC full time has made it a little difficult to have long term relationships. So, I have made sure that I never got too involved with any of the men that I have dated. Certainly, I have had men stay over at my apartment many times, and I have also stayed with some of my male friends overnight, but I have never allowed a relationship to progress far enough to allow any man to move in with me. And this has been just fine. I have a number of male friends that I can call on to escort me around to various functions, but most nights are spent alone in my own bed. Sometimes I wish I had been able to have children of my own, but generally I have been pretty happy about my chosen lot in life.

Over the years I have read almost everything that has been published on myopia and other visual problems. I know now that if I had started to wear glasses for the correction of myopia at an early age I could have likely reached the prescription I now wear by doing GOC. I would have liked that a lot, but unfortunately I didnít know that, and as a result I feel very fortunate that I am able to do GOC. I also read anything relating to vision on the Internet, and I am an occasional contributor to various web sites. And I also read any fiction that is posted out there in cyberspace. Some of it is fairly well written, but other stories are very poorly done, and it makes me want to rewrite all of the poorly written ones. But I donít have the necessary time available to do this, as I am trying to complete a novel every 3 months. This way every one of my authors has a book credited to them every 2 years, and that is about all I can manage.

I would love to retire. But if I did, I do not know what I would do to pass the time of day. I suppose I could take over from one of the other writers on the Internet and start posting my own stories. However, I have been writing for money for a number of years now, and I am not sure that I could manage to write just for the sake of writing. There is one author who has a couple of hundred short stories posted on one website, and I know that he has spent a lot of time writing these stories. I doubt that I would be willing to devote this much of my spare time to this type of endeavor, so I must give him credit for all the work he has done.

And, in conclusion, I am not going to tell you my name, or any of the pseudonyms I use for my writings. But if you are smart, and are a reader, I am convinced that you will be able to put everything together, and will be able to make an educated guess as to who I am. I wish you luck, but donít bother writing me to tell me that you have discovered my secret, as I will ignore any correspondence of this type.


August 2011.