Through My Sister’s Eyes:

by Specs4ever

When my sister Lisa was 3 years old the doctors discovered that she had a mild form of Sticklers syndrome. She was born with a cleft palate, which had been corrected by surgery before she was 2 years old. She had a face that was kind of flat, and a small jaw, and at age 3 it was discovered that she suffered from high myopia, although it was not as severe as many other’s with this disease. She also had a mild form of hearing loss, which was corrected with hearing aids. When I was born shortly after Lisa’s myopia was discovered I know my parents held their breath until I was pronounced healthy.

Lisa had a pretty normal appearance. She would never be a beautiful child, but no one could tell that there was really anything wrong with her. And, she was a great kid. We had so much fun together. I think I was around 4 years old, which would make Lisa 7 when we invented a new type of hide and seek game. Lisa would take off her glasses, and give them to me to put on. When I had Lisa’s glasses on, I was essentially as blind as Lisa was without her glasses, and we had a ball hiding from each other in what normally sighted people would have called plain sight.

The first few times I put Lisa’s glasses on I couldn’t see a thing. But the more I played the game I realized that if I used my eye muscles to pull my eyes back into my head the more I could see through Lisa’s glasses. Finally, after I had beaten her a number of times Lisa realized that I was able to see her when I was wearing her glasses. So, since I could see with her glasses, and she couldn’t see without them this put an end to our games of hide and seek.

Our parents both worked long hours. Mom was a lawyer, and our father was a doctor. So, for most of our childhood years Lisa and I were looked after by our nanny. Our nanny really didn’t seem to care what we did, as long as we didn’t bother her while she was watching her afternoon soaps. So, during the day while Lisa was in school I often went around the house wearing an old pair of Lisa’s glasses. I have no idea of how strong these old glasses were. I just know that it took me almost half an hour of wearing them before I could begin to focus properly on things.

By the time I was 6 and was going to school full time, my almost constant wearing of Lisa’s glasses had taken their toll on my eyes. I could no longer see things in the distance clearly, and I suspected I needed glasses myself. So, mom took Lisa and I for an eye examination. Lisa required a new, slightly stronger prescription, but even though they told us that my glasses were pretty strong for a first prescription, my glasses were ready the same day. I wore my own glasses home, but I missed the feeling of wearing the extremely strong overcorrection from Lisa’s old glasses. So, I still wore Lisa’s glasses at home as much as I could. And, since my teacher knew I now needed glasses, I was able to wear Lisa’s old glasses to school.

A few days later the optical store called, and left a message that Lisa’s new glasses were ready. So, after supper on a Friday evening, my dad, my mom and Lisa and I all went to the mall. On our way to the mall a drunk driver ran a red light, and broadsided our car. Mom and I were on the opposite side of the car, so we were only badly bruised. Lisa and daddy were killed in the accident.

Mom and I spent a couple of days in the hospital, but we were released in time for the funeral. It was a very sad occasion, as daddy had been a very popular and successful doctor. And Lisa had quite a few of her school friend’s show up as well.

The owner of the car that had hit us was a wealthy, well-known businessman. He had quite a lot of insurance, and daddy had a large policy on his life as well. So, mommy and I were not going to suffer for money. Mommy went back to work, and I think for a while she worked even longer, and harder than she had done before. One evening before mom came home the phone rang. It was a girl from the optical store, and since Lisa’s new glasses had not been picked up they wondered if we wanted them mailed to us. Since the glasses were paid for already I asked them to please mail them. I waited for the mailman every day after school for about 3 days. I saw the box in its brown wrapping, and I could hardly wait to open it. I knew that my sister’s new glasses had cost a lot of money because they were special lenses that were supposed to make her thick glasses look nicer.

Since I had gotten my own glasses I had been wearing a pair of Lisa’s old glasses all the time. No one had noticed, not even my mom, as she usually came home after I was in bed, and Nanny was so used to seeing me in glasses she didn’t even notice. I carefully opened the box containing Lisa’s new glasses. Lisa and I had chosen the same frame, so they looked just like my own new glasses. I took Lisa’s old glasses off, and slid her new glasses up onto my nose. I could barely see a thing. I persevered, and finally after a couple of hours of pulling my eyes back into my head like I had done when I first started to wear Lisa’s other glasses I found that I could almost make things out with enough clarity to wear these glasses.

About a year had gone by since my sister had been killed. I missed her a lot, but by wearing her old glasses it was almost like looking through my sister’s eyes, and I felt a lot closer to her. Now though, I couldn’t take her glasses off. If I took her glasses off and looked in a mirror I had to bring my nose right up to the glass to see my eyes. And, if I tried to go around my bedroom without glasses I felt very helpless and insecure. I felt that now I really needed to wear Lisa’s glasses. Even when I tried to put her old glasses on I couldn’t see things off in the distance anymore, and my own glasses were useless to attempt to wear. So, I was a little worried that I would be in trouble if I ever broke these glasses, and it made me a very cautious person.

By the time I was 8, it had been decided that I was going to go to a private girls boarding school. I was very smart in school, and I spent a lot of time reading every book I could get my hands on. I didn’t mind going shopping for new clothing, but when it was announced that I was going to have to have an eye exam I got pretty worried that my secret about wearing Lisa’s glasses would be discovered. But, mom was working, and I talked Nanny into taking me to a different mall.

The eye doctor was a nice young lady. She sat me down in front of a machine, and had me look into it, first with my glasses on, and then with them off. The machine did a print out and she looked at the numbers. Then she told me she was going to check the prescription in my glasses before she did her examination. She took my glasses, but I couldn’t see what she was doing. Then she gave them back to me, telling me that I must be pretty helpless without them. I agreed, and we went into another room. She sat me down in front of a machine, and had me take off my glasses again. The machine came in front of my face, and she clicked a few things. Finally she had me look and see if I could read the numbers. I could read the ones on the top 2 lines, but I couldn’t see the third line. So, she clicked a few more numbers, and finally I could read the third line clearly.

“Well, your eyes have gotten a little worse since you got these glasses. But, we will fix that with a new pair now.” she said.

“Do I need stronger glasses?” I asked.

“Yes, just a little stronger. Your prescription should be –0.50D stronger for each eye to give you the best correction.” She told me.

“What is my prescription now?” I asked her.

“Your prescription will be –12.25 in each eye. It is unusual to have both a patient’s eyes exactly the same. And it is even stranger to have a patient who requires no correction for astigmatism. How long have you been wearing glasses Amy?” she asked.

“Since I was a little girl.” I lied to her.

Now I knew that Lisa’s prescription had been –11.75D. But I was surprised that my own prescription was going to have to be stronger. I didn’t mind that, I was just surprised. So, with my prescription slip in my hand I went out to find nanny so we could choose new glasses for me. Since it had taken a few days to get Lisa’s prescription the last time, I didn’t expect it when the optician told us that we could have my new glasses in a couple of hours. I tried on the new frames without any lenses in them, and I couldn’t see a thing. But they were taking my picture, and when I had looked at 4 or 5 frames, I got to put my glasses back on, and look at myself in a picture on a TV screen. I chose 2 pairs of frames, and Nanny paid for them. We then went shopping for a while to buy me some new clothes for boarding school.

When we went back to the optical store my new glasses were ready. They were not the same kind of expensive thin lenses like the ones that were in Lisa’s old glasses, but were instead just a medium thin type of lens. So these lenses were a lot thicker looking. I didn’t mind that, and I was also quite happy to have a spare pair of glasses now.

Mom knew I had gone for an eye examination, and she was quite shocked that my glasses appeared to be so strong. When Nanny told her that we could have gotten thinner lenses, although for quite a lot more money mom was ready to take me back to the optical store to get the new thin lenses. But, I told her it didn’t matter to me, and I suggested that if it were all right with her I would get the new thin lenses in my next pair of glasses. So, that settled the matter.

These 2 pairs of glasses lasted me for the next 4 years. I didn’t feel the need for new glasses until I was 13 and entering puberty. I suppose I had forgotten, or suppressed my desire to have the feeling of overcorrection. However, I could tell that my glasses were now too weak for me. I didn’t like that feeling. When I went home for Christmas holidays that year I had mom take me to the same eye doctor who had prescribed the glasses that I was wearing.

My new prescription was –13.50D, and the optometrist told my mom that I would likely have a number of small increases over the next 5 or 6 years. She recommended that I come back for an eye examination every 6 months. This time mom bought me 2 pairs of the very thinnest plastic lenses that were on the market. My new glasses looked very nice now.

Over the next few years I had a couple of small increases in my prescription, and by the time I was 16 my prescription had climbed to –15D in each eye. Most of the other girls at school wore contact lenses, but I didn’t want to wear contacts. I liked the feeling of wearing glasses. And, somehow I still felt like I was closer to Lisa because I was wearing strong glasses that I suspected that I wouldn’t have had to wear if I hadn’t started out wearing her old glasses. But, I liked the feeling of wearing glasses. I loved to take my glasses off, and have the world disappear into a massive blur. Then when I put my glasses back on at the end of my nose I still couldn’t see much of anything, but as I slid the glasses up tight to the bridge of my nose the world appeared in sudden clarity. I was pretty dependant on wearing glasses, and it was a good thing that I liked wearing my glasses.

My prescription didn’t increase too much more by the time I started university, and throughout my 4 years at university I was fortunate enough not to experience any large increases. Still, but the time I was 23, and graduated I had a prescription of around –18D in each eye. Even the thinnest available hi index lenses looked pretty strong in my prescription. I had gone out with a number of guys during the last few years, but nothing had ever developed romantically.

I had become a primary school teacher, and I moved to another city to start my career. I had to get away from my mom. She kept pestering me to get rid of my glasses, and get contact lenses, so since I didn’t want to do that, the simplest thing for me to do was to move away from my mother. I enjoyed my job, even though teaching grade 5 girls was a bit of a hassle. The only thing I didn’t like was that I didn’t seem to be meeting any men. By the end of my first year of teaching I had almost decided that I should listen to my mother, and be fitted for contacts. But, then when it came time for my annual eye exam, I chickened out on the contact lens idea. Maybe next year I would do it.

My prescription had increased very slightly. Now I was at –18.50D for each eye. I ordered a new pair of glasses in what I was told was the thinnest plastic lens on the market. It was a 1.74 index Sola. But when they arrived they didn’t look any thinner than my old less expensive hi index lenses. While I was chatting with the optician, she suggested that if I wanted really thin lenses, possibly I could try a lens called a myodisc. She told me that many lens labs would not do a myodisc, but she knew of one who would do something special for her. We chose a rimless lens with a small eye shape, and I trusted this optician to know what she was doing. For years I had been told that my lenses were too thick for even a partial rimless. When the new glasses arrived I was amazed at how thin they actually appeared. There was hardly any no edge thickness at all. The actual area of vision was a small circle about 20mm in diameter in the very middle of the lens, and the area surrounding this was totally clear. I put them on, and while I was having a little trouble keeping my eyes from wandering outside the prescription area, I was very pleased with my appearance.

When school started the following year I had a new student. This cute little blonde girl had just turned 10, and she wore glasses that looked to be every bit as strong as the ones that my sister Lisa had been prescribed before she died. I looked up her information, and I saw that Valerie was the only child of a single father. Her mom was listed on the forms as deceased. I took more than normal interest in Valerie. Not only did she remind me of Lisa, but also she was a sweet well-behaved young lady, who always offered to help me.

Around the first week of October we always have a meet the “creature” night. Well, that is what the kids refer to it as. Actually the teachers mostly refer to it as the night we see where the monsters come from. I was looking forward to meeting the parents, as I had found from my first year of teaching that parents who attended this meeting were usually the ones who took a real interest in their child’s schooling.

I stood up and shook the hands of the parents of the little boy that I had just been speaking to. As they left I looked and I saw Val in line with a blonde haired hunk of a guy. My heart took a few pitter-patters, and I regretted my decision not to buy myself contact lenses. This guy was a catch. Even though I had chosen to wear my rimless myodiscs that evening I felt self-conscious wearing my strong prescription. However Bryan seemed to put me at ease, and we discussed Valerie’s progress in school. As Bryan and Val were about ready to leave Bryan spoke.

“I can see from your own glasses that you understand Valerie’s poor eyesight. Her mother wore glasses with lenses similar to yours, and our specialist tells us that Valerie’s eyesight will probably worsen, as she gets older. Could you keep an eye on Val, and let me know if she seems to be having trouble seeing the board.” Bryan said.

“Certainly, I will be happy to do that Sir.” I replied.

“Please Miss, call me Bryan.” Bryan replied.

“Only if you agree to call me Amy.” I responded.

“Goodnight Amy, and thank you. Maybe we can see each other again soon.” Bryan said.

Was he hinting at something? “ I would like that Bryan.” I replied.

That evening I was sitting at home with my feet up having a glass of wine. I couldn’t get my mind off Bryan. I was wishing he would call with all my heart. I had fallen into a state of sleepiness when the ringing of the phone jarred me awake. It was if my prayers had been answered. It was Bryan, and he asked me to go to dinner with him the following evening. I think I might have accepted too fast, as I certainly wasn’t playing hard to get.

The next morning when I awoke I was all wet around my crotch. I knew I had been having wet dreams about Bryan. He was so gorgeous even my mother would be jealous when she saw him. But there I was, getting ahead of myself again.

We had a wonderful time at dinner, and when Bryan drove me home I was tempted to ask him in for a coffee. But I refrained. At my door I could tell that Bryan wanted to kiss me, so I started to take my glasses off.

“No, its all right Amy, leave your glasses on. Val’s mom wore glasses, and I got pretty good at kissing her without smudging her glasses.” Bryan said.

So I left my glasses on, and he kissed me. I am sure we spent at least 5 minutes kissing and embracing.

“I have to leave now Amy. Val’s sitter can’t stay too late. Maybe we can continue this the next time.” Bryan said.

I watched him return to his car and drive away. I wanted him so badly.

The next morning he called. He and Val were taking a drive upstate to visit Val’s mother’s grave. Did I want to come with them? I told him that I thought that this was something that he and Val needed to do alone, but I would be willing to accompany them after we had spent more time together. Bryan seemed to agree that this would be wise.

I waited for a call Monday evening, again on Tuesday, and by Wednesday evening when the phone had not rang I wondered if I had made a mistake in not going with Bryan and Val the previous Sunday. I had just finished my shower, and I was using the blow dryer on my long honey blonde hair when the telephone rang. It was Bryan, and after we chatted for a while we agreed to go to a movie on Friday.

Again Friday night after the movie Bryan had to go home without coming in for a short visit after we got back from the movie. I was beginning to hate the fact that he had a daughter, although I realized that if I hadn’t been Val’s teacher we would never have met. All the following week at school I watched to see if Val was hanging around with any of the other girls. Hopefully she would soon have some friends, and maybe, just maybe there might be a sleepover – make that 2 sleep over’s. But, Val didn’t really seem to hang around with any of the other girls. She was friendly with everyone, and everyone was friendly towards Val, but she just didn’t seem to zone in on any particular girl to be close friends with.

The next Friday night was a repeat of the previous one, with Bryan dropping me off and running to get the sitter home. This week on the Sunday Bryan and Val and I went out for brunch. Then we spent the afternoon at the mall shopping for new clothes for Val. Val was a great kid, and I felt just awful about the fact that I wanted her to get lost. At this rate I wouldn’t get Bryan to myself for another one and a half years, when Val turned 12, and would no longer need a sitter.

I hadn’t counted on the fact that Bryan was also seriously interested in taking our friendly relationship a step further. We didn’t go out on the following Friday night, but we did go to a barbeque that his boss was having on Saturday. After the party, while we were on the way back to my place Bryan surprised me very much.

“Amy, would you consider grabbing your p.j.’s and whatever else you need, and stay overnight at my place with me?” Bryan asked.

“Hey, I think I’d like that. Just give me a minute and I will grab my things.” I replied.

Bryan took the sitter home and I snooped around their house. Val’s mother had her picture prominently displayed in a number of locations. She had been an exceptionally beautiful lady. In some of the pictures she wore no glasses, but in others I could see that her glasses were as strong as, or maybe even stronger than mine are. She definitely wore myodiscs, but unlike ordinary glasses it is harder to tell the prescription of a pair of myodiscs.

When Bryan returned we sat around for a while and talked. Then we went up to his bedroom together, where we made love. I wondered how I had done, because for me this had been the first time. I know I had enjoyed it very much, and I had also enjoyed the fact that Bryan had let me leave my glasses on. Afterwards we lay on the bed, holding each other.

“I think I am in love with you Amy.” Bryan said.

“I know I have fallen for you like a ton of bricks Bryan. You are the only man I have ever slept with. And I love the fact that you let me leave my glasses on while we made love. I guess your first wife trained you well.” I said.

“Actually Amy, I trained her. She wanted to wear her contacts when we had sex, but I am terribly attracted to girls who wear strong glasses, so I convinced her to wear her glasses for me. Once she started doing that, it was easier to convince her to wear her glasses more often.” Bryan told me.

“So, are you telling me that it was my glasses that attracted you to me?” I asked.

“Not completely, but they certainly made it hard for me to resist your charms.” Bryan said.

With that I said a thank you prayer to my sister Lisa in heaven, whose glasses that I wore when I didn’t need them allowed me to eventually wear strong glasses myself.


June 2006