by Specs4ever

Over the years I had managed to keep my love of ladies who wear glasses a pretty good secret. My first wife wore glasses that were a moderate minus but absolutely hated them, so most of the time she appeared in public wearing contact lenses. Our 25 year marriage ended when, at the age of 43 she got that new eximer laser surgery, and no longer required her glasses. There were other problems in our marriage, but for me the loss of glasses was the final straw. So, at aged 45 I was back looking for a lady to share my life with. Of course, one of the requirements was that she must be a glasses wearer, and the stronger minus correction she required, the better. I was fortunate to meet Betty, who was an attractive brunette in her late 30ís and needed a -13.50 D correction for her lenses. Betty wasnít completely comfortable wearing glasses all of the time, so special outings often found her wearing her contact lenses, but she did spend enough time wearing glasses that I was fairly happy.

And, for the first time in my life I was able to share parts of my fetish with another person. She didnít really like it, but she did manage to allow herself to be photographed in various pairs of glasses from my collection. And she knew I wrote fictional stories about ladies who wore glasses for an internet site that was devoted to glasses fetishists like me, although I doubt she ever read any of them. But that was all right with me. My secret was out in the open, and if I happened to spot a nice pair of glasses that I wanted to add to my collection on eBay, or if I chose to purchase a pair from an online optical store, I no longer had to figure out ways to take delivery of my purchases in secret.

This was how I managed to have a brand new pair of young girlís myodiscs with a -25D prescription in both eyes sitting on top of my office desk. I had purchased these glasses from a vendor on eBay, and they had arrived a few days earlier. Before I would have hidden these glasses immediately, and would have been able to only sneak glances at them when I was alone, but now I was able to leave them out in plain sight. I felt much better about this.

My daughter Jess, and my granddaughter Amber came over that morning. Jess and Betty were in the kitchen talking about a family dinner that they were planning for Sunday, and Amber and I were in the study. Amber was contentedly coloring in a coloring book, and I had just gotten off the phone with a friend. I wanted to tell Betty a couple of things from my conversation, so I went to the kitchen and talked with Jess and Betty for a while. Then I spent some time in the bathroom, and when I came out, I heard Jess speaking sharply to Amber in a fairly loud voice, so I headed straight to the study.

Amber was hiding under my desk, and was wearing the -25.00D girlís glasses that had been on top of my desk. Jess was trying to get her to come out, and to remove the glasses.

"What is going on here Jess?" I asked.

"I came to see how Amber was doing, and I found her wearing those glasses while she was coloring Dad. But now she wonít take them off. She says she can see better with them on." Jess told me.

"That canít be possible Jess. Those glasses are extremely strong. Amber shouldnít be able to see a thing wearing them." I replied.

"Well, she wonít let me take them off, and she runs away if I try to remove them forcibly." Jess replied.

"When you came in to the study what was she doing?" I asked.

"She was coloring in her book, wearing the glasses." Jess answered.

"How far away from the coloring book was she?" I asked.

"Oh, Iíd say a good foot or so. She usually gets pretty close to things." Jess replied.

"Even closer than that?" I asked.

"Yes, a lot of times she is within 8 to 10 inches, and I have to tell her to move her head away." Jess said.

"Holding her head so close without glasses indicates that she could have been myopic, but I canít see how she could have functioned otherwise if she is so nearsighted. These glasses are for an extremely nearsighted person, and a young child with good eyes might be able to make their eyes focus at a distance through them, but not up close. I have an idea though. Letís go up to Bettyís and my bedroom." I said.

I have an eye chart mounted on the wall, and I have the floor marked for the proper distance. Sometimes before we go to bed I have Betty stand and try to read the 20/20 line with her glasses on. Then I have her remove her glasses, and of course she canít even see the big E, but I have her move closer and closer until she can read the E, then I have her get close enough so that her face is almost at the wall, and she can read the 20/20 line. This little game excites me. Then I let Betty choose if she wants to wear her glasses while we make love, or if she wants to take them off. She chooses off much of the time, but will surprise me once in a while and leave her glasses on for me.

"Now Amber, tell me the letters that you can see." I said as I placed her in front of the eye chart at the proper distance.

Amber read all of the letters that I pointed out, even reading a few correct ones on the 20/15 line. I was dumbfounded. Then I had her take the glasses off and try to read the chart, but she claimed she couldnít see a thing. Then I had her repeat her previous performance with the glasses on, and the results were the same.

"Jess, I really donít understand this, but Amber sees perfectly with those glasses." I replied.

"What should we do Dad?" Jess asked.

"Betty goes to a pretty well known ophthalmologist. I will have her call him and see how soon he can look at Amberís eyes." I answered.

"What am I going to tell Mike?" Jess asked.

"I guess the truth will be the best. What shift is he on" I replied.

"He left this morning for his 4 days at the fire station." Jess answered.

"Letís see how soon we can get an appointment. If we are lucky we will have an expert opinion before he returns home." I replied.

So, Betty called Dr. Cook, and after telling the receptionist it was a bit of an emergency she got an appointment in 3 days time. We were all very curious, so Betty and I went with Amber and Jess. The doctor was surprised that Betty wasnít the patient this time, but he did a very thorough examination on Amberís eyes, and when he was finished he told us that the prescription she was wearing was still perfect for Amber, and asked us what the emergency was.

"A few days ago Amber took these -25.00D glasses she is wearing now from my desk, put them on and then refused to take them off." I told the doctor.

"I find that one very hard to believe. That is next to impossible." Doctor Cook replied.

"Believe it or not, it is true. Amber has only worn glasses for a few days now." I said.

"How many days have you worn glasses Amber?" Dr. Cook asked.

"Four days." Amber told him.

"Do you like wearing those glasses Amber?" Dr. Cook asked her.

Amber nodded her head yes, and then added, "I can see really good now."

"I see no reason for the child to lie to me, and really I see no reason for any of you to lie. I have no option but to believe you, as strange as this may be. I need to see Amber again in 3 months, and then every three months after that to make sure everything is all right with her eyes. This sudden onset of very high myopia is quite worrying." Dr. Cook added.

So, we left Dr. Cooks office with Amber still wearing the -25.00D myodisc glasses that had just been pronounced as perfect for her eyes. I asked Jess how Amber had been doing wearing glasses.

"She wonít take them off Dad. She even wants to sleep wearing them." Jess said.

"I guess I had better see about getting her some goggles for overnight wear and maybe I should also order a second pair of glasses in the same -25.00D prescription. She will definitely require a back up pair. Were you still planning to take her for swimming lessons next month?" I asked.

"I was, but I donít think she will take her glasses off. Even if she would remove her glasses to go into the pool I donít think she could see anything other than a blur, and I donít think they will allow regular glasses in the pool." Jess replied.

"I can probably have a special pair of swim goggles made for her. I had better do that." I replied.

I went back to the same web site where I purchased the first pair of -25.00D myodiscs, and the vendor was selling another pair with exactly the same prescription. I didnít really like the second pair, but they were fairly inexpensive, so I hit the buy it now button, and bought them. Then I found a place in San Diego that specialized in swim goggles, and ordered a pair of -25.00D swim goggles. The hardest ones to find were the overnight goggles, but I found a pair, and ordered them as well. The swim goggles and the overnight goggles cost me a small fortune.

My first wife and Jess had a falling out when Jess became pregnant with Amber at age 18, so after Jess and Mike got married and Amber was born Jess wasnít too happy with her mother. And when her mother saw Amber wearing the strong myodiscs, her nasty comments hurt Jess enough that Jess came crying to me. Fortunately I had supported Jess and Mike from the day that Jess told me she was pregnant and wanted to marry Mike. I did try to tell Jess that her mom would eventually come around, but Jess wanted nothing to do with her mom at this point.

After Amber had been wearing her myodiscs for 3 months I went back to Dr. Cookís with Jess. This time Mike came along as well. Dr. Cook examined Amberís eyes very thoroughly again, and reported that Amber had very healthy looking eyes, except for her having such a high degree of myopia. Fortunately her prescription had remained the same.

"I see from the records that Amber was a little premature. What was she Ė about 2 months early?" Dr. Cook asked.

"They are not really sure. Amber could have been anywhere from 7 weeks up to 9 weeks early. Why do you ask?í Jess replied.

"Never having seen a case of someone developing such a high degree of myopia before, her case was of great interest to me. I was at a conference a month after I first saw Amber, and I was discussing her myopia with some of my colleagues, wondering if any of them had a case like she had. At the time no one had, but a week later one of my friends called me. He had just seen a 3 and a half year old girl that required a -17D prescription for her first prescription. Then he called me just last week to tell me that he needed to increase this little girlís prescription by another -5D. It seemed that the minute she put her glasses on she adjusted to them, and needed the increase." Dr. Cook said.

"So you feel that Amber would have tested as being very nearsighted, and also might have had a large increase if we had come to you before she picked up, and put on those strong glasses?" I asked.

"It is very possible. And the clincher for me was that this other young lady was also 10 weeks premature." Dr. Cook added.

It was a good feeling for me to know that I hadnít ruined Amberís eyesight by leaving those glasses lying around. I wasnít happy that Amber had such poor uncorrected vision, but thick glasses are not the worst thing to have to put up with in life. And recently there has been a gradual change in attitude towards glasses.

Amber went through grade school without a change in prescription. And whenever we went anywhere we kidded Amber about having eagle eyes behind her thick lenses. She actually could see better than most of us could, so we often asked her to read something on a menu board in the food court in the mall. Because her eyes remained stable, Amber was fortunate. We bought Amber a new pair of glasses every year, and she loved having a selection of glasses to wear, depending on the occasion. Jess had offered to buy Amber contact lenses when she was 13, and again when she turned 14, but Amber was quite content to just wear glasses.

When Amber turned 14 she was a very lovely young lady. She was slim and trim, with long honey blond hair that cascaded down her back. The strong myodiscs that she had to wear to enable her to see anything more than an inch from the end of her nose didnít distract from her beauty, but instead gave her an air of approachability that some very beautiful girls donít have. She had many friends, and was the center of attention most of the time.

Dr. Cook was always concerned about the possibility of a retinal detachment, so Amber had an appointment every year to have her retinaís checked. They were in good shape, and Amber was allowed to be on the swim team and the volleyball team at school. The only thing that Amber wanted to do that Dr. Cook vetoed was horseback riding. The chance of a fall and a resulting retinal detachment was just too great.

And, wearing strong glasses didnít seem to hurt much in the boys department. Most of the guys at school wanted to major in Amber in the worst way. She was always able to pick and choose which boy she wanted to date.

When Amber was almost 15 she had her first prescription increase. Doctor Cook didnít worry too much of it, as it was only an increase of -0.75D, and when she got her new myodiscs her vision was as good as it was before. Then, a year later she required another -0.75D to enable her to get her learnerís permit. By the time she was 18, Amber had added another -1.50D to her prescription, and her newest myodiscs were -28.00D.

Amber is now 22, and she still has a -28.00D prescription. Her eyesight is no longer good enough to read anything on the 20/15 line, but she can see the 20/20 line perfectly. Her vision is even better than Bettyís, who is presently wearing bifocals with a +1.50D add in her now -14D distance prescription.

When I think back on the course of events, and the outcome that came from leaving those childís -25.00D myodiscs on the top of my desk, I still find it unbelievable.


Jan 2010.