Under 150, Over –15D

by Specs4ever

I had to quickly run into the drugstore to grab some cold medication for my mom. As usual, when you are running an errand for someone else, everything goes wrong. The medication Mom wanted was nowhere to be found. I went looking for someone to help me, and a really chubby blond girl was the only person I could find. She went back into the stockroom, and came out with the medication I had been sent to find. I thanked her very much, and I noticed that she wore an interesting pair of glasses. I don’t know why, but I like girls who wear glasses. This chubby little girl was wearing a pair of glasses that looked to be at least –7D or stronger. I knew that they couldn’t be much stronger, because the fronts still had a bit of curvature, but I knew that she was probably pretty close to flat fronts for her next glasses. And the way she was squinting, even though she had the glasses jammed tight to her face, I figured that it wouldn’t be too long before there was a next pair.

A few weeks later I made an excuse to go into the drugstore again. I was pleased to see that I had been correct. I spotted the chubby blond wearing a new pair of glasses, and sure enough, the fronts were as flat as they could be. I wondered how long it would be before there was another increase, because she didn’t seem to be allowed to work the registers, so I figured that she was probably still under 16 years of age, right at the prime age for myopic progression.

I went in a couple more times over the next few months, but didn’t spot her. I was afraid that she had quit, but one day I went in again, and spotted her working the cash register. And, from the way she brought the items close to her glasses, and from the way she leaned over the till, I figured that another increase in her prescription would soon be in order. So, I made a point of dropping by at least once a month. It only took a couple of months, and one day I went in to find her in the snack bar area with another girl. I wandered in, and spotted her at the soda fountain pouring herself a diet soda to eat with her potato chips.

“The diet soda doesn’t do much if you are going to eat chips.” I commented.

She turned towards my voice, and peered nearsightedly at me through her thick lenses, saying, “I suppose you are right. I really must go on a real diet, and then maybe I can find a boyfriend.”

“Well, I don’t know what you weigh now, but I think you are really a pretty lady, and if you were to loose a few pounds, I would take you out for a date.” I said.

I didn’t know if I had completely blown it, but she looked at me again, and pushed her glasses up closer to her nose. Then she said, “ What do you think I weigh?”

I figured roughly 225, but I said, “About 195 or so.”

“I wish. I am around 230. If I can get down to 150, would you really go out with me?” she asked.

If you get down to 150 or below, I would be happy to date you.” I replied.

So, that gave me the excuse I needed to keep dropping by the drugstore. I kept track of her progress over the next year, and she was doing quite well. She also had new glasses at least once, and I am sure that she had a couple of lens changes, because her glasses appeared thicker and stronger.

One afternoon I had not seen her in the store, but as I left with my purchases, she was walking out the door on her way home. I was about 3 years older than Monica and I had a job, and my own car, so I asked her if she needed a ride anywhere. I also told her that I liked her new glasses. I also could notice that with all the weight she had dropped she was looking pretty darned good.

“These aren’t new. I am off early today because I am on my way to the eye doctor again. I will probably get another increase today, and I am already as blind as a bat. Anyway, I can’t go anywhere with you until I am down below 150.” Monica said with a bit of a laugh in her voice.

“How strong is your prescription now?” I asked.

“These lenses are –14.25D for my right eye, and –14.00 for my left.” Monica said.

“Well,” I said, trying to sound as if I were joking, “If you get to over –15 before you get below 150, I will take you out on a date.”

The next couple of weeks were the longest I had ever spent. I wanted to go to the drugstore to see Monica so badly, but I wanted to give it some time for her to get her new glasses. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I walked in, and there was Monica at the register. She looked fabulous. I figured that she had managed to drop below the 150 for sure.

“Barry, I was waiting to see you.” Monica said.

She looked at me through her thick lenses, her eyes sparkling.

“I was just under 150lbs when I weighed myself today.” Monica said to me. “Now are you going to ask me out?”

“I was going to anyway. You look fantastic. I love your new glasses as well.” I told her.

“Well, I had an ace up my sleeve this time.” Monica said.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“My eye doctor wanted to stop me at –14.75D, but I convinced him that I could see better with –15.25D for my right eye, and –15.00D for my left, so I would be over –15D for you. Now I am under 150, and over –15D.” Monica said.

So, I married her, and she has dropped down to 140 lbs. She looks just fantastic at age 26, even after having 2 children. Her glasses prescription stabilized around –16.50D, and we are very much in love.

Specs4ever, Jan 2005