A Venture

by Specs4ever

Hannah's plane was late, and I paced back and forth in the waiting area of the airport. Finally, I tired of the walking, and sat down. I should have known that this would happen, as I was extremely anxious to see Hannah again. We are very close. She is my cousin, but since she is a whole 6 months older than I am, she is more like my older sister. Hannah's mother is my mom's twin sister, and her dad is my father's first cousin, so we are almost as close in bloodlines as real sisters would be. I really wanted to see Hannah again, as it had been 2 years since we had last been together. Hannah and her parents and her younger sister live in Germany, and when Hannah and I had entered the 8th grade, she had come to the Midwest to go to school with me. Then the following year, for our 9th grade year, we both went to Germany. For grade 10, it was back to the US, and grade 11 we again spent in Germany. Then, for our final year of high school, we both came back to the US. Hannah had returned to Germany for her first 2 years at university, and I had attended a prestigious university on the east coast. Because of our switching back and forth between Germany and the US, we were both fluent in German, Dutch, French, and English. Now, for our final 2 years, Hannah was coming to join me for special language studies at the university, and then we would both become translators, probably at the UN or for an embassy.

A major industrial company that was headquartered in Germany employed my uncle and my dad. They both had the chance to be posted to the US, but my aunt and my Mom had not wanted to leave their mother alone in Germany. So, before I was born, somehow a choice was made, and my parents headed for the US. My grandmother was very nearsighted, to the point where she was almost blind, even with very thick glasses that she wore. Both my mother and my aunt also wear relatively strong glasses for myopia, but my Dad and my Uncle had relatively good eyesight. But, with our grandmother's extreme myopia and very poor eyesight, and our mothers' high myopia in our genetic background, it probably was to be expected that Hannah and I both would be extremely nearsighted. Hannah is a little more myopic than I am; at least she was 2 years ago, when her myopia was in the 15 D range. My own myopia was close, around 14 D, and I seemed to have leveled out over the last 2 years. Hannah had not mentioned any large increases in her myopia, so I was thinking that she had likely leveled out as well.

Finally, the monitor board indicated that Hannah's flight had arrived. It was still going to take her some time to get through customs, and immigration, so I stayed in my seat, trying to read the book that I had had the foresight to bring with me. But finally, I couldn't concentrate on my book anymore, and I just had to get up and walk over to the arrival gates. It was hard to miss Hannah, as she is about 5'11" tall, has beautiful, long dark hair, and a model's figure. I spotted her towering above the crowd, and as I looked at her face as she drew closer, I gasped. Hannah has this thing about not wearing contact lenses actually I think most of the girls I met in Europe are more willing to be seen wearing glasses in public than the American girls are, and she was wearing glasses. The frames were the latest new old fashion large plastic drop temples. But her lenses were extremely thick I couldn't believe it. Her eyes must have gotten a whole lot worse over the past couple of years. Why hadn't she told me?

She came out from behind the glass partition, spotted me and started to stride my way. Hannah has a walk like a cheetah swift, sleek and slim. Her legs seem to go on forever, and finally they end in a nice tight butt. Every male in the airport was watching her, and I am sure that they wished that she would never stop walking.

With a "Hi little sis," she greeted me, and hugged me.

Now, only to Hannah am I little, as I myself am around 5'10". I am a little heavier than she is probably from too many burgers and fries. I am a bit bigger in the hips, the waist, and the breasts, and I too have long hair, but mine is honey blond, and I am no slouch in the looks department either. I'm sure we had every male in the airport gawking at us as we hugged.

"You are as thin as a rail, Hannah. We will have to get some good American food into you, and put some meat on your bones. And why have your glasses gotten so terribly thick? Have your eyes gotten a whole lot worse?" I asked.

"No, my eyes are about the same as they were when I left 2 years ago. What's the matter? Don't you like my new glasses? All the men seem crazy about them," she replied.

I was having a hard time figuring that one out. I myself had been wearing contact lenses as much as possible since Hannah left, and had only worn my glasses to the airport in her honor. I had been hoping beyond hope that none of the guys that I knew would see me wearing them. And my glasses were gold, small oval wire frames, with the thinnest lenses that I could possibly get. Looking at my glasses, and the ones Hannah had on, no one would have guessed that my quarter inch thick lenses, and her three quarter inch thick lenses were nearly the same prescription. But, I stifled my curiosity, and we walked to the car. School started the day after tomorrow, and we had to get Hannah settled in the apartment that my folks had rented for us.

"Can we stop by and pick up my mail?" she asked.

A couple of years ago, I had rented a mail box in Hannah's name in one of those mail boxes for rent places, so that she could have a US address for things that she wanted sent to her in private. And, I had used the box myself; if I wanted anything sent to me that I didn't want the other girls in residence to see. Over the last couple of years, I had only checked it infrequently, usually at the middle of the month, and there was seldom anything there. I had just checked it a couple of weeks ago, and I told her so, but she insisted we stop anyway. The box was brimming with mail, all addressed to Hannah. She collected it, and while I was curious to know what had caused the sudden influx of letters, I didn't ask. I figured that she would tell me soon enough.

Finally, we parked in the underground parking, and I helped Hannah bring her bags up to the apartment. Both bedrooms were so close to the same size that I had just gone ahead and set the one room up for myself. I told Hannah that if she wanted me to, I would switch rooms, but she seemed satisfied with the other bedroom. I couldn't keep my eyes off Hannah's glasses. They were so thick and the front of the lenses were concave and reflected light when she moved. Finally, I commented on the thickness and the reflections, and the fact that they must weigh a ton.

"You don't like my "bricks"? I have only had them for a few weeks, and I have met so many men that just love me wearing these thick glasses," she replied.

Then as an afterthought, she added "And, all that mail is from men who answered my ad that I placed in the newspaper."

"What ad?" I asked.

And, she took out a paper and showed me: Fun loving, very tall and attractive university student looking for that special man who likes girls that wear thick glasses. Please write me at....................

"Are you crazy Hannah?"

"Oh, no my little sister. I am very serious. Not really to make any dates with any of them, but I am going to sell them pictures of me and make some money. And, maybe, if you want to make some money too, we will sell pictures of you wearing your glasses as well. Then, we will find other girls that wear thick glasses, and we will hire them to pose for pictures, and we will make lots and lots of money," she replied.

"Get real Hannah."

"You don't believe me. Do you have you your computer set up?"

"Yes, but what do you want with it," came my response.

"We will find the Internet Sites that show all sorts of pictures of beautiful ladies that wear thick glasses, and I will show you. But these pictures are not of ladies that have to really wear glasses; these pictures are mostly all pictures of ladies posing in other ladies old, cast off thick glasses. And some of the pictures show women wearing glasses that have either been altered to show the women wearing thick glasses, or they have had the lenses in the glasses altered to look like myodiscs. The difference in our venture will be that we all need our glasses to see and we will not be make-believe glasses wearers. Many, many men will go crazy over our pictures. I got the idea from my friend, Andy, in Germany. He suggested that I make real pictures of real women that wear strong glasses with thick lenses, and sell these pictures. And, we also can make sales of our own old thick glasses to these men for their glasses collections."

So, we booted up my computer, went to the Internet, and Hannah showed me all sorts of sites devoted to people that have an eyeglasses fetish. She was right! She showed me pictures of many different women that were wearing so many different pairs of glasses, with lenses that ranged from quite thin, to myodisc lenses like our grandmother wore. It was obvious that these women were modeling, wearing the glasses. And, from what I could gather, from most of the sites, very nearsighted women were far more desirable to women that wore very strong plus lenses. Although, I must admit, there were a number of men that were interested in women wearing high positive lenses, as well. I had a weird feeling about this fetish. I considered my fairly severe myopia as a hindrance and handicap, not an asset, and it was going to take me some time to get used to using my myopia as a means to generate income. But, the more I thought about it, the more I figured that I might as well go along with Hannah and her plans.

"How are you going to get enough of these men who like thick glasses to buy the pictures? If you post them on the internet, they can just download them for free. And, if you sell one of them pictures, what will stop the one who bought the pictures from posting them on the internet, and then all his friends can download them for free?" I asked.

"Oh, we thought of that. My friend, Andy, is a professional photographer and computer expert, and he has helped me with my new digital camera. He has shown me how to take nice pictures, and he showed me how to make them very tiny, so that the picture is only a tease. All anyone has to do is hold down a button with the mouse pointer to enlarge the tease picture. But if you release the button, the picture becomes very tiny, and it can't be blown up, because it becomes very blurry. Then he has shown me how to burn encrypted pictures onto a CD. If you buy the CD, you can open all the pictures. But, you can't download the pictures from the CD to your computer, because the picture will come out scrambled on your computer. Maybe, if you have a good photo program you might be able to cut and past a picture back together, but it is tedious and you leave little white lines all through the picture, so it is not very nice," she told me.

Then Hannah opened her e-mail, and once she got in, she found she had over a hundred new e-mails. We read them together. They all were asking the same thing "Can we buy pictures of you wearing your glasses?" I thought fast. At a cost of about $ 2.00 for making the CD, and mailing it out, if we sold it for $ 10.00, we would have made about $800.00 pure profit for every hundred CD's of pictures that we sold. I didn't think that there was that many guys in the world that would buy our picture CD's, but what the heck, we could try it and see what happens.

I knew a couple of other girls from the dorms that were also very nearsighted, and Hannah and I met with them, explained what we were doing, and ended up with both of them consenting to join us in our little venture. We posted the small, tease pictures of the four of us on an Internet site that Hannah had set up with her friend, Andy, back in Germany, and soon the orders for CD's came rolling in to our post office box. Along with the money orders for the CD's, we also got a lot of offers of marriage, and requests for dates. With the money that came in from the sales of the first CD's, we all purchased a few new pairs of glasses. You should have seen the look on the optician's face when the four of us went in wanting glasses with the thickest possible lenses and at least one pair of glasses with myodisc lenses. But, we all got new glasses, much like Hannah's, with very thick lenses. Then, we made more CD's, and sold them to a lot of our original customers. Before long, the four of us were wearing glasses to all of our classes. It seemed a bit insincere to wear contact lenses when the thick glasses were bringing us so much money.

Soon, we had a few other, very nearsighted girls, clamoring to join our little venture. And, then we started offering our older glasses for sale in an auction type market. One pair of glasses that I had paid $ 250 for 2 pairs in a 2 for 1 offer, sold for $ 300. I couldn't believe it.

All this attention was beginning to take its toll on some of the other girls. There were so many offers of marriage coming in that a couple of the original high myopes did end up getting married. Of course their new husbands wanted them out of the picture selling business, and we were happy to comply for a nice lump sum payment. It was getting harder and harder for Hannah and me to keep up our studies, and our grades, but since university was very important to both of us, we managed to obtain passing grades. Of course, it didn't hurt our grades any, when we found out that one of our professors was one of our original picture CD customers.

By now, Hannah and I were about to graduate. We had increased our female high myopes to a group of 20, and the picture CD's, and the glasses sales were bringing in quite a large sum of money. We also had added a few highly myopic guys for the gay men, along with a couple of ladies that wore very high, plus lenses. So, we had all the bases covered. I was, I must admit, having a hard time believing that this could go on. Surely by now every male with a fetish for highly myopic females and females wearing strong glasses must have had enough pictures of us to last them for eternity.

But, every time any of us got new glasses, we took new pictures and posted them, and the orders would come pouring in. I think at one time I myself had over 20 new pairs of glasses on order. I found one of my mother's old pair of glasses from the 1950's. They were small cat's eye frames and I had glass lenses put in them with a 20D Rx. Even though the frames were small, the lenses were an inch thick on the edges and stuck out on both sides of the frame. I posed looking straight, to the left, to the right, looking up and looking down, with the glasses far down my nose, and then holding them in my hand with the earpiece in my mouth, looking pensive. We received over 1,000 orders for this CD. One of the girls that wore rather thick glasses with strong positive lenses was also somewhat cross-eyed and had strong prisms in her glasses. She had the prisms removed from her prescription for a couple of her glasses and when she had them on, her eyes would cross. There were pictures with her left eye turned inward, her right eye turned inward, both eyes turned inward, looking up with the left eye turned inward and almost not visible, and looking down with both eyes turned far inward. There was a picture of her without her glasses and her left eye half into her eye socket. We sold over 3,000 CD's of this girl's pictures. Hannah got the idea of videotaping her doing different things, wearing her glasses without the prisms and captured her eyes in various positions of crossing. For this, we sold over 5,000 CD's of the video. We were making lots of money and having a good time, although in a somewhat bizarre manner I must admit.

We had found an extremely nearsighted optician, a cute guy, who I could have gone for in a heartbeat, if only he hadn't been one of the gay models. But, he enabled us to easily get the very thick glasses, and the glasses with myodisc lenses that were in high demand by the collectors at very reasonable prices, so that we could be assured of making a lot of money from the auctions of our old glasses as well as the sales of the CD's. The longer we were in the business, the more frequently the same names came up. One man had bought over 20 pairs of our old glasses, and he had spent over a thousand dollars on our glasses and picture CD's.

After a while, I got tired of the business, but I didn't know how to tell Hannah that I wanted to stop. One day, a letter came addressed to me, and when I opened the letter, and read the contents, I had a feeling that, if I played my cards right, I might be able to be through with this business. The letter read as follows:

Dear Mandy:

I have been buying your pictures for the last 3 years. Every time you come out with a new pair of glasses, I ordered the picture CD. At first, I had a hard time justifying my infatuation with a pretty girl who wore thick glasses, as I thought that there must be something wrong with me. But, I have come to realize that you are the only one of the girls on your web site that attracts me in this way. So, obviously it is you, and not just your glasses that have attracted me.

I am sure that you have had many offers from a lot of other guys that think that you are very cute and very pretty wearing your glasses. But, since you are still on the web site, I have assumed that you have not settled for any one person yet. If you were willing, I would love to meet you, and take you out on a date.

He gave his name, and address, along with a phone number, and asked me to call him collect at any time. I thought about this for a long time before I decided to call. He had not sent me a picture of himself, but I thought that I would set up a date anyway, get a look at him, and if he was a loser in any department, I would walk away. So, I phoned, but not collect. I have more pride than that.

Jim had a pleasant voice, and I was surprised that he wasn't at a loss for words when he answered my call. We arranged to see a movie together the following night, and he asked me, if I could pick him up at the airport. So, I agreed.

When I arrived home from work to change my clothes, there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for me. I hadn't given him my address, only my phone number, and my last name. This struck me as strange, as if he might have known who I was all along. The card simply read " Thinking of you, Jim."

I drove to the airport, leaving myself enough time to be a bit early. I had wondered what was going on, when Jim told me not to worry about a flight number, but just to meet him at 6:15 PM in the restaurant near the arrivals section. I knew he would recognize me, but I couldn't hide some of my apprehension. I walked into the restaurant, glanced around, and saw a younger version of Robert Redford, sitting by himself. "Boy wouldn't it be great, if he looked like that," I thought to myself. I took another step, and the Robert Redford guy looked directly at me, and waved. He was tall, dark, and handsome! He stood up and walked over to meet me.

"Mandy, thank you so much for coming. I arrived a little late, so I haven't had dinner yet. Would you join me?" Jim asked.

Of course I agreed, as I had not had time to eat myself. Over dinner, Jim told me a bit about himself. The reason he didn't give me a flight number was that he had flown in on his private jet. And, he had given the head of his security division my name and phone number, and asked him to get my address, so he could send me flowers. Seems like I had been handed the chance to land a pretty wealthy and good-looking person.

In addition, I found that Jim was a pretty wonderful guy, and the more we saw of each other, the more I wanted to be with him all of my life. Finally, he asked me to marry him, and I accepted. Hannah was pleased for me, but was very disappointed that I was going to be leaving the business. After all my old glasses were auctioned off, Hannah and I split up our partnership. I was amazed at the amount of money I had made from the business.

Hannah carried on, selling pictures of girls with thick glasses, for a few more years. Jim and I settled down with two beautiful homes, one with an ocean view and the other in the mountains. We had 3 wonderful, mildly nearsighted children. I had wanted to get the surgery done on my eyes a couple of years ago, but Jim talked me out of it. Although I now wear contact lenses much of the time, I still have a nice collection of glasses with very thick lenses in my prescription and a couple with myodisc lenses, from which Jim selects a pair when we make love. This did prove to me that he was primarily attracted to girls that wear thick glasses, not just to me, but I never have mentioned it to him, as I am very happy, and I think he is too!

Specs4ever, with more than a little help from Aliena

Nov. 2001