The Venus Flytrap

by Specs4ever

I was looking at the eye care materials in the local Wall Mart, picking up some contact lens solution. A shopping cart rolled around the corner, and my jaw dropped in amazement. A young lady was pushing the cart and had the thickest, strongest pair of glasses I had ever seen.

I couldnít take my eyes off her. I pretended to read what it said on the box of solution, but I watched her every move out of the corner of my eye. She took a little eye-glass repair kit from the hooks on one of the shelves, and held it up very close to her glasses, peering at the contents.

"Sir, is this a flat screwdriver in here or is it one of those 4 pointy ones?" she asked.

Thankful for the chance, I took the package from her hand, and as I did I felt a surge through my whole body. I looked at the package and said, " Itís flat. Is that what you want?"

"I think this loose screw in my glasses needs a flat one. Would you mind checking for me?" as she whipped off her glasses and handed them to me.

I saw that the screw holding one of the temples was loose, so I opened the kit, and took the screwdriver out and tightened the screw for her. After I had finished, I reached in my pocket, took out a Kleenex, and lovingly caressed the lenses, cleaning them for her. Gosh, they were fantastic lenses. They were probably at least a Ė6D front base, and the rear curvature of the lens barely reached the edge of the lens. A little bit stronger power, and they would have had to be myodiscs. The thickness of the lenses was at least ¾", maybe 7/8". This was the absolute thickest lens a person could have. I looked at her and her eyes had that somewhat vacant look that showed she was very blind without her glasses. Regretfully, I handed them back to her, and she put them on.

"Boy, Iím very glad you could fix them. I am so nearsighted, I canít even see past the end of my nose without my coke-bottles. I would have had to get my spare glasses, just so I could see to tighten that screw," she laughingly said.

I took a closer look at her. She wasnít really pretty. She had a little too much baggage in the rear end and her breasts were massive, like 2 large melons or, as we used to say, her bra was Ďan over the shoulder boulder holderí. When she had her glasses off, I could see that her eyes bugged out, like the eyes of a severely nearsighted person often do. And, without her glasses, her nose looked rather large, and was crooked right where her glasses sat. But, the thick lenses of her glasses hid her buggy eyes, and her glasses hid her crooked nose, so all in all, she wasnít really ugly or anything. Unless you didnít like really strong glasses, and then she probably would be considered ugly, but I happen to find really strong glasses adorable on young gals, so that made this lady pretty darned attractive to me.

I didnít see a ring on her hand, so I asked her if she was attached. She replied that she wasnít, so I told her I was single right now myself. I boldly asked her if she would like to have dinner with me.

"Well, I got my dinner right here in the cart, but I guess I could put it back. My name is Melanie, whatís yours?" she asked.

"I am David," I replied.

Melanie returned the food she had in her cart to the grocery section, and we then went to a nearby restaurant. After we were seated, I watched Melanie as she read the menu. She held the page no more than about 5 inches away from her glasses, and I saw her narrow her eyes to see the selections clearly. I was totally aroused.

After we finished dinner, we talked for a while. My goal was to bring the conversation around to her vision problems, and finally she took the bait when I asked her if she had ever worn contact lenses.

"Tried them once, but my eyes are too big, and they popped off easily. I am so blind that I didnít like the feeling of being left helpless, so I quit wearing them after a short while. Anyway, my schnozzle is so big that I would have had to have a nose job along with my breast reductions, if I was going to wear contacts." Melanie said.

"Breast reduction?" I queried. She was still more than well endowed.

"Yep, they were even bigger before. But, they matched my butt then. I lost a lot of weight off my behind, and that is when I figured, I had better get my breasts reduced." Melanie said.

"I know that you could likely get thinner lenses for your prescription." I stated.

"Sure, if I wanted to spend the money. But these work pretty well for me. I am sort of used to the biconcave thing, and I donít have any problem with the distortion at the outer edges. I figure that I could pay a few hundred bucks to get thinner lenses, but I would still have Ė18D of myopia." Melanie said.

Dinner was over, and I was unable to wrangle an invite to drop by and see her etchings, or listen to her CDís, or even drop in for a coffee. So, I was forced to invite Melanie out again.

Our second date went well. We went to a movie, and I let Melanie choose how close she wanted to sit to the screen. I was surprised that she selected seats about midway. After the movie we went for coffee, and we talked for a while. I drove her back to her apartment and again didnít receive an invitation to come up. Too bad, as I had my toothbrush, and a fresh pack of condoms ready to go.

Thinking that maybe the third time might be a charm, I asked Melanie to go to dinner with me again. Once more, she really aroused me, when she held the menu right up to what seemed about an inch from her glasses to read the selections. I had picked her up at her apartment, so I could take her right to her doorstep. This time, she invited me up for coffee. I accepted, and surreptitiously put my toothbrush and my condoms in my jacket pocket.

The third time was the charm, and we had an enjoyable evening together. I ended up staying all night. She was a fantastic lover, and I had no problem staying up for more sex. Every time I felt myself start to go soft, she would look at me through those wonderfully thick glasses, and start to massage my privates, and I would jump to attention.

We lasted as a couple for around 6 months, and I could tell that Melanie was starting to become bored with me. I wasnít sure why, nor could I put my finger on any real reason. One night I was sitting at her writing desk, and I opened one of the drawers. Inside I discovered a bunch of eyeglass kits. I counted them, and found there were 25 of them. Did this mean, I was number 25?

"Hey Mel, I have the feeling that things are not going all that well with our relationship. Is it time for me to leave?" I asked.

"Why do you say that David?" Melanie asked in return.

"Well, it is just a feeling I have that maybe you are bored, and it might be time for you to head off to Wall Mart, and buy yourself another eyeglass repair kit." I said.

She laughed. "So, you found my stash, and figured it out."

"So it is true is it? You are bored with me, and it is time for new blood." I responded.

"David, believe me, I thought you might be the one for me. But, there are so many of you out there, and there is only one of me. I canít deprive all the rest of you." Melanie told me.

"What do you mean when you say so many of you out there." I said.

"Oh David, you know what I mean. There are so many guys that like very myopic women like me, and yet there are so few highly myopic girls that wear their thick glasses to attract you." Melanie said.

"How did you spot me?" I asked.

"You couldnít take your eyes off my glasses, and I saw your thing fill your pants like an overripe banana, when I asked you to help me repair my glasses. I knew that you were one of them, right away," Melanie said.

"Well, this is amazing Melanie. Here I thought that I had picked you up, but now I find out that you were playing me like a well tuned fiddle." I replied.

"Oh David, donít be upset. I have been with you at least twice as long as I have been with anyone else. Iím truly sorry that it isnít going to work out for us, but hopefully we can remain friends." Melanie said.

"Oh sure, the old remain friends, while you go out and do your myopic venus flytrap thing on all the other guys." I said, ruefully.

With that I left Melanieís apartment. I have returned to the Wall Mart many times since, but I havenít seen Melanie. I wonder which one of us is with her now?

Specs4ever: with a return to editing by Aliena