Won One, Lost One

by Specs4ever

The summer that I turned 8 a family moved into the house next door. I didnít pay too much attention to them, as all I could see was a little girl playing in the yard once in a while. Other than knowing that this little girl wore glasses, I didnít know anything else about them, and of course, an 8-year-old boy doesnít have much time for girls.

I met Ashlie for the first time when we were waiting for the school bus. I remember thinking when I first talked to her that her glasses were really thick, and her eyes looked very tiny behind the lenses. I suppose I also wondered if she could see anything at all without them. During the school year Ashlie and I usually sat together on the bus, and for a girl, I found her surprisingly easy to talk to. She was one year younger than I was, and she was a year behind me in school. I did notice that some of the other kids picked on her because she wore thick glasses, and I became her protector whenever I could. Soon I either found myself over at her house after school, or else Ashlie came to my house. We didnít do much, just played a few video games, and listened to music. And, once in a while we even did our homework together.

It was only natural that we would sometimes talk about Ashlieís poor eyesight. Ashlie told me that she was very nearsighted, and that without her glasses she could barely see past the end of her nose. She didnít like to ever take her glasses off, but one day she let me try them on. I could not see a thing, and I realized then that Ashlie was very dependant on her glasses.

It was very convenient to have a friendly girl around. Ashlie was quite pretty and she had long ash blond hair, and a smile that lit up her face. When I graduated from grade school, Ashlie came to the dance with me. And the following year when Ashlie graduated, I went with her. In Junior High Ashlie and I hung around together, much as we always had. But now we were labeled as a "couple", and I suppose I didnít really mind the boyfriend girlfriend designation.

When Ashlie turned 14, her parents bought her contact lenses. Looking back on it, I suppose that this was the beginning. For me, it was the beginning of the end. When Ashlie showed up without her glasses, she attracted a lot more attention from all the other guys. And, I noticed that Ashlie now was not quite as willing to spend all of her free time with me. Now she had other girlfriends at school, and they hung around together and giggled and whispered a lot amongst themselves.

Sure, when I looked at Ashlie, I could see that she was very pretty, almost beautiful. Her breasts had formed nicely, and her figure was by far the nicest of all her friends. And, without her glasses, her eyes were a deep shade of blue. But, I missed my Ashlie, and her thick glasses. I suppose that by now I had developed a fetish for a girl who wore glasses.

We were still going together, and now we were in the same grade. I had spent far more time on computers than I had on English and History, and, even though I had built a very powerful computer at my cost for my English teacher, he didnít give me a good enough grade to pass. I was a bit bummed out at this, and I resolved that this was the last time I would give any of my time away. However, I suppose my teachers were correct in failing me, as I really had not worked at my schoolwork. But now that Ashlie and I were in the same grade for our last year of Junior High, I could see how smart she was in class, and how popular and outgoing a girl she had become since she got contact lenses.

I still spent a lot of time over at Ashlieís house, but I never saw Ashlie wearing glasses again. The only way I could even see Ashlieís glasses was if I used the same bathroom, as she kept her glasses in a case on the bathroom shelf. One day I spotted a new case, and I slid the glasses out of the case. I couldnít see why Ashlie didnít want to wear these glasses to school. The frame was nice, and the lenses were much thinner than her old glasses. And, in the center of the lenses were 2 small circles that had the prescription power. But Ashlie hated the idea of wearing them.

This time I graduated, and Ashlie and I went to the graduation dance together. But, I had the feeling that it was not going to be long before Ashlie wanted to break up with me. I couldnít put my finger on any one thing, but I had vibes from a lot of different things. And, sure enough, over the summer, just prior to our going to Senior High School, Ashlie suggested that we should perhaps date other people to broaden our horizons. I had heard of this manner of breaking up before, and I knew that it would be futile to argue. So, we agreed to remain friends, and we went off to the new school no longer attached.

Ashlie didnít have any trouble finding a new boyfriend. And, I suppose I could have found a new girlfriend if I had been so inclined. But, I was spending all of my spare time building computers. I had a part time job at a computer store downtown, and I was pretty darned good at putting a system together. Money was rapidly becoming no problem, as I earned $50.00 for every system I put together, and loaded the software on. I could easily do 2 an evening, and another 4 on Saturday, so I was earning about $500.00 a week. As well, I had learned my lesson from having repeated a grade in school, so I was managing to maintain a decent grade average. The first year of senior high school passed, and I was driving a cute little Mustang convertible, which should have proven to be a chick magnet. But, while I had lots of opportunities, I had absolutely no interest. I think subconsciously I was looking for a girl who wore glasses, because I seemed to spend a lot of time focusing on my memories of Ashlie before she got contact lenses.

The second year of Senior High saw a few new kids move into the neighborhood. During the first couple of days of school I didnít spot anyone that interested me. However on the Friday one of the girls that had caught my eye as being kind of cute was wearing a pair of glasses. I managed to maneuver myself into a position where I could get a good look at the glasses she wore, and while Brendaís glasses were not as strong as Ashlieís, they were still reasonably thick, and had a fair number of power rings. Also there was a pretty good amount of cut in, so I figured that these glasses probably had hi index lenses. Brenda was the exact opposite of Ashlie. Ashlie had long ash blond hair, and Brenda had short black hair cut in a pageboy look. Ashlie had a great figure, and was nicely endowed in the chest department. Brenda had, shall we say, a boyish figure. But Brenda was slim and trim, and I was interested, so I asked her out.

Of course, for our date Brenda wore contact lenses. I didnít want to show too much interest in her glasses, because I had learned from Ashlie that most girls hate to wear glasses. But, I did manage to tell Brenda that she caught my eye because she wore glasses, and because of them she stood out in the crowd. She accepted that, and she asked if I minded if she wore glasses. Of course I told her that I didnít care if she wore glasses, or contact lenses, she was attractive either way. And that was the correct thing to say, because after that Brenda seemed to wear contact lenses for a couple of days, and then glasses for a day. She really didnít have a pattern, but she wore glasses just often enough to excite me. And sometimes if Brenda wore contacts to school on a Friday, she would wear her glasses Friday night for our date. That really pleased me, and I made sure I let her know that I found her very attractive wearing glasses.

After we had dated for a couple of months Brenda had an appointment for an eye exam. She asked me if I could drop her off at her doctorís office after school, but I suggested that I would wait for her and give her a ride home as well. She agreed, and as we drove to the doctorís office we had a nice conversation about her eyesight and discussed things I had been afraid to bring up before.

"So, do you think that you are going to need new glasses?" I asked.

"Yes, I know I need new glasses. And this year I need new contacts as well. I got new contacts last year, and they are definitely too weak for me now. My glasses are 2 years old, and I really canít wear them anymore. Dad doesnít have enough money to buy me both glasses and contacts every year, so if my eyes donít get too bad between changes I can get new glasses every second year and new contacts the year in between, so that every year either my glasses are the correct prescription, or my contacts are. But this year I know I need both new glasses and new contacts." Brenda replied.

"Would you rather have new glasses or new contacts?" I asked.

"My eyes are so bad that I really have to have both. I canít wear my contacts on some days, so I have to wear glasses. I have dry eyes and my contacts become very uncomfortable after about 10 hours. So, I wonít have any choice but to get new glasses, because my old glasses are next to useless in school now." Brenda replied.

"So what you are telling me is that you will be wearing glasses from now on." I replied.

"It looks that way. Will it bother you if I have to wear glasses for a while?" Brenda asked.

"I have told you before that I like you just as well either way. Maybe after you get your new prescription we can pick out a nice new frame for you that we both like, and you wonít mind wearing glasses." I answered.

"I know that you have told me that you like me in glasses a couple of times. But do you really mean that?" Brenda asked.

"I wouldnít have said it if I didnít mean it." I answered.

With that we pulled into the doctorís parking lot. We were a few minutes early for Brendaís appointment, but the receptionist took us right in as the previous patient had cancelled. Brenda asked if I could come in with her, and so I was allowed to come into the examining room. It was pretty interesting for me, and I enjoyed watching the doctor using all of his equipment. It was really exciting when the doctor put the big machine in front of Brendaís face and started to see what lenses Brenda now needed."

"This is your old prescription. What letters can you see on the wall?" He asked.

"I canít really make any of them out. They are all fuzzy." Brenda replied.

"Is this any better? A little? Ok, how is this? Can you read the bottom line? Not yet? All right, this should be better. Can you see it now?" the doctor asked as he clicked the lenses in front of Brendaís eyes.

"EZFPQLT" Brenda replied.

"How about this line? Can you read it? No? How about now?" the doctor asked.

Finally he was satisfied. I liked this doctor, as he seemed very thorough and careful. He checked Brendaís retinaís and said that they looked fine and he could see no evidence of any problems. After we were finished he escorted us out into the reception area, and handed Brenda a slip of paper.

"Well, according to the charts that your old doctor sent me you have had quite a jump this year young lady. I think we had better see you again next year at this time. Hopefully these increases wonít continue at this pace, but if you notice during the year that your vision is getting worse donít hesitate to call and change your appointment." Doctor Jones said.

We booked another appointment, and then we looked at some of the frames that the doctor had available. But nothing really jumped out at Brenda. I think she was still struggling over the idea that her eyesight had gotten so much worse in the past year. I did get a look at the new prescription slip, and it read OD -12.75 x -1.00 x 100 and OS -12.50 x -1.25 x 90. But of course the numbers didnít mean a thing to me All I knew was that Brendaís old glasses looked pretty darned good to me, and now her new ones were going to be even stronger.

Brenda and I then went to an optical store at the mall. We had better luck there, as Brenda found a frame that we both really liked. However, after all the bells and whistles were added on, and the price was totaled up they were going to cost over $400.00.

"I canít spend that for a pair of glasses Chuck. My dad would have a fit." Brenda said.

"I really like those glasses on you. Would you buy them if I offered to pay for them for you?" I asked.

ĎYou have only known me for a few months now. I canít let you buy me a pair of expensive glasses." Brenda responded.

"I donít know why not. You know I really like you. And I probably make more money after school and on weekends fixing computers than your dad does working at his job all week. And donít get me wrong, as it is not my intention to insult your dad as I know he is a hard working man." I replied.

"I suppose it is true that you could buy me my glasses and likely not even miss the money. But I just donít want to feel obligated to you." Brenda replied.

"What if I were to spend $400.00 on a ring for you to wear as my steady girlfriend? Would you take that?" I asked.

"That is different." Brenda replied.

"No, what is different is that you need glasses to function. You donít need a ring to be able to go to school, but you certainly need a new pair of glasses. Let me buy your glasses, and you can think of them as our going steady ring." I replied.

"If we broke up I could give you your ring back. Donít even think about getting your glasses back." Brenda replied with a smile.

I knew then I had worn her down. So I paid for the glasses and the optician placed the order. They were going to take at least a week, and possibly two before they would be ready. Brenda had been used to not seeing very well for the past few weeks, but now that she knew that her prescription was quite a bit too weak for her I knew it would be even harder for her to function. I had an idea though.

"How long would it take for you to get Brenda a new pair of contact lenses in her new prescription?" I asked.

"About two days if I order them now. You should be able to pick them up around this time the day after tomorrow," the optician replied.

"Chuck, you canít order me contacts as well." Brenda said.

"Donít worry. Your dad can pay me back for the contacts. He must be expecting to have to pay for something." I replied.

"That would work. Dad wouldnít have a problem paying for just the contacts. Did I ever tell you what a great guy you are Chuck?" Brenda asked.

ĎI am not such a great guy except to you, and I happen to like you a whole lot Brenda." I replied.

When her contacts came in I drove Brenda over to pick them up. She had been wearing her old contacts because her old contacts were stronger than her old glasses, so when we got there she took out her old contacts and threw them away. She put her new contacts in and she was very happy to be able to see everything clearly again. I wanted very badly to see her wearing her new glasses, and I realized that I had probably cut my own throat by suggesting that her dad could buy her new contacts. But, I also knew that a woman would feel better having the ability to choose between wearing contacts or glasses. All I could do now was hope that she liked her new glasses well enough to wear them.

Fortunately we had chosen well. Brendaís new glasses looked fantastic on her. The extra money we spent for the burgundy frame with the rectangular lens shapes and the wide temples was well worth it. Also, getting the most expensive hi index lenses with the anti reflective coating meant that her lenses looked very nice in the frame. Brenda wore them when we left the store, and I had a hard time keeping my eyes off her.

I ended up being very pleased that Brenda had gotten both contacts and glasses. She didnít have any set pattern as to when she would wear her glasses, but she wore them often enough that I felt that they had been money well spent. As well, by alternating between her glasses and her contacts she made sure that everyone was used to seeing her wearing glasses. Ashlie had been forced to wear her glasses to school for a few days because of an eye infection, and everyone but me had been shocked to see her wearing her myodiscs.

I have to tell you that when I saw Ashlie show up at school with her glasses with the myodiscs lenses on her pretty little face I fell right back in love with her again. But, after a few days when the glasses disappeared I knew that while I had lost Ashlie, I had won an even bigger and better prize in Brenda. This was one I wasnít ever going to loose.


July 2010