The web site is hosted by server and the space is paid every year.

May 2010:

All files incl. auxilliary files: > 2100
Folders: 56
Data 71.2 megabytes
Number of stories: > 470
Number of other texts: 22
Pictures 21 gwgs and some 30 auxiliary pix
Other files to use: 1 (the GOC chart in xls format)
Average number of visitors 300 a day.
Average number of visitors during 5 days after an update: 600

I really did not expect the website would become so large when I started it some years ago!

- - -

Data at 31st Dec 2008

Size of all the files: 55.54 MB

Number of files and folders: 958

People come usually between 15:00 and 19:00 CET (Central European Time).
Most of them come  during the 5 days after the update is announced.

In 2008 the average number of visitors was about 180 a day,
when an update is announced the number of visitors rise up to 300 a day for 3 - 4 days

In 2007, the highest traffic was in July,
when there were 250,485 accesses from 8,213 places, and 748 URLs,
the people downloaded 2,968,229 kilobytes.
Although the morphs are not updated very often, they are visited every day.
I often ask myself who the people are.

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