Morphs for Tortoise from EyeScene

Tortoise said he was totally in love with a girl from some Internet gallery and wanted somebody to make morphs of her.
Actually the girl does not wear glasses at all, she was just trying glasses of somebody else on the original picture .
First I did not think about engaging in the game at all, but later this evening I decided to take it as challenge ...
So here we go, guys!


4ootbigbrown.jpg (216385 bytes)

These are borrowed 
from Laetitia


4ootblended.jpg (213623 bytes)

These lenses are from Bobby's 
-20 dptr glasses


4ootlaet1.jpg (215429 bytes)

These are also 
from Laetitia


4ootlens2.jpg (213325 bytes)

another type 
of myodisc lenses   


4ootplus.jpg (212245 bytes)

What is I wore plus glasses?
Would you still love me Tortoise


4ootplusflash.jpg (212695 bytes)

Plus glasses without 
the antireflex coating

Click on the thumbnails to see the larger pictures.

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