Crazy morphs for those, who think Alain's models have still rather weak glasses-

este2456morphplus.jpg (96691 bytes)

Este in plus

este2489thicker.jpg (85447 bytes)

Her eyes were sunk

este2490thicker.jpg (107968 bytes)

Wow! I can see clearly!

este2493thicker.jpg (91897 bytes)

Thick and heavy

este2497thicker.jpg (98437 bytes)

They are difficult to wear

julieamandine2990morph2.jpg (82354 bytes)

Myodiscs carven in
strong plus carrier

julieamandine2990morph2a.jpg (82849 bytes)

with large bowls

julieamandine3000morph1.jpg (81917 bytes)
Her eyes are almost invisible,
but the smileis nice
laet2100thicker.jpg (73570 bytes)

3 cm of optical aid
to help her see

laet2151thicker.jpg (63921 bytes)

Laetitia with
prismatic lenses

laet2225sttronger1.jpg (88558 bytes)

My eyes are so bad 1

laet2225sttronger2.jpg (87753 bytes)

My eyes are so bad 2

laet2225sttronger3.jpg (88272 bytes)

My eyes are so bad 3

laet2229thicker1.jpg (79691 bytes)

Thick lenses

laet2229thicker2.jpg (79121 bytes)

Super thick
chunks of glass

These lenses look
like halves of glass balls

Thick and