Tom the Hungarian

What to say about Tom the Hungarian? He used to be a member of the Eye Scene community. He used to write regularly to the Eye Scene BBS when it was the colorful version and people needed to register to contribute. I liked him, because his writing was always clever and I like clever people.

After some time he stopped contributing. There were some arguments ... you know ... there was some evidence he had created some fakes. I wonder if he still reads the Eye Scene. Well, it has been a long time since that happened. What does it matter. He was a good author with great imagination. He knew perfectly what a fetishistic short story should look like. Thank you, Tomas, for your stories; they delighted many of us. 

Koszenem szepen Tamas.


These are all stories I have found so far, however I am sure Tom wrote more.
If you happen to have any of his other stories, please, contact me!