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I am an eye-glasses fetishist obsessed by everything that deals with glasses, frames, lenses, myopia and hyperopia. 
I am a fulltime GOC wearer and a fan of GWGs. This website was created for anybody who has the same or similar thoughts and feelings.
Making this collection of stories I co-operate with several regular authors, who kindly contribute sending me their works.
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Last update: 01-III-2013                                                             The next regular update is planned for March 2013 
(The updates are announced at Vision and Spex and Glasses_over_contacts Yahoo Group)

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What was new in 2011:

I had some hard times in 2010, so there were very few updates. I am not going to describe any of the troubles in detail.
I just hope, that they are over. The updates in 2011 should be regular monthly updates.
Thank you for your patience and for your frequent visits to this site.

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Dear browsers, lurkers and readers
All authors, although writing for the reason of the inner urge to tell stories that live in their minds, need a kind of feedback. In simple terms, they want their readers to tell them how they like the stories. I have not discussed the topic with all the authors who published their texts here, but I am sure each of them will be happy if you provide them with a kind of reaction. As you cannot mail them for the time being, post your reactions at the Eye Scene, the Glasses over contacts Yahoo! group or mail the reaction to me
Most of the authors will be really happy to get to know how much you like their works.
Yours Bobby


Contact: bobby.laurel@seznam.cz

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